a move as individual as you are

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Moving home can be a daunting task. Moving internationally requires even more planning and care. Moving to a new home abroad can be a stressful experience for your family and a logistical nightmare for you.

At Pickfords, we understand that you’re not just moving your belongings from one place to another. Your life is changing before your very eyes. Moving is a very personal business and success, we believe, is based on the ability to see life through the eyes of our customers. That’s why we have developed a

comprehensive menu of international moving services, which enables us to personalise your entire move to suit your needs.

Our goal with every move we’ve ever made is to deliver complete peace of mind so you can focus on your new home.



a move as

individual as



Your Pickfords contact

Move co-ordinator:


A move as individual as you are 2

Door to door moving with Pickfords 4

step 1– Your move consultant 7

step 2– Essential preparation

– Planning 8

– Storage, insurance and inventory 9

– Your quotation 10

step 3– Your booking 11

step 4– Your insurance 12

step 5 – Your documentation 13

step 6 – Your move day 14

step 7 – Air, road or sea? 18

step 8 – Customs and delivery 19

Your peace of mind 21

Countdown checklist 22

Eight easy steps to

a successful move




37 offices in australia

14 offices in new zealand

352 agents in the usa

59 agents in canada


Pickfords has 60 locations across the UK and is part of the Allied International Moving Network, one of the largest moving organisations in the world

Why choose Pickfords?

Pickfords’ international network is one of the most respected providers of moving and storage services worldwide. With over 600 offices in 45 countries including; Australia, New Zealand, Canada , North America, Asia Pacific and Europe, Pickfords has the global resources to move you anywhere.

Local service and personal


We take complete responsibility through our local dedicated move Co-ordinator, who will personally control every aspect of your move.

Global quality

Pickfords and our international network operate to world class standards at every point of contact, underpinned by rigorous service level agreements to ensure the complete satisfaction of our customers – door to door.

Global visibility of information

Our state of the art IT systems allow global visibility of information as your effects move from one country to another to ensure total control of the move process.

Local knowledge

We have multi lingual experts in all major relocation markets – people with local experience and knowledge who understand your destination and the challenges that you might face during your move. At the heart of what they do is a commitment to ensure you have what you need most during this time of change – peace of mind.







introducing your personal move co-ordinator

Our passion for customer satisfaction and commitment to personal service is driven by knowing that every move is different and must meet individual needs.

The first step we take during your move is to assign your own personal Move Co-ordinator. This person is highly trained and experienced in the logistics of moving.

This person will:

Talk you through the move process, taking

care to understand your individual requirements.

Create a move which is right for you; As

a traffic specialist, your Move Co-ordinator will

create a solution to ensure that you are moved with the minimum of disruption to your personal timeline and within your relocation allowance or personal budget.

Logistically manage every aspect of your move from arranging

your survey and liaising with our operational departments to providing you with the guidance required to ensure a smooth clearance through customs.

Provide advice and guidance every step of the way. Our Move Co-ordinators are

skilled in understanding that moving is stressful for families, so your contact is available to answer any questions you or your family may have.

React quickly to changing situations and

resolve any issues that may arise during the course of your move.

Introduce you to our insurances designed

for international moving.





We understand the significance of an international move and we’ve learned that the best way to reduce the stress of this overwhelming task is to start with a carefully thought out plan.

What is a survey?

A Pickfords Move Consultant will carry out the pre-move survey. He/she will visit your home and view the household effects that you wish to take with you to your new home.

Estimating the size of your move, and therefore the price, takes place at this stage. Your quotation will be based on the volume of goods to be shipped and/or the volume and weight of goods to be airfreighted. Accurate estimating depends on the level of detail given to the Move Consultant during this process. The more accurate the details, the more accurate the estimate.

What can you do to help?

Ensure that all items are shown in detail, e.g. contents of drawers, cupboards, attics and garages. Items that are not currently at your home should be described accurately.

At this time you have the opportunity to ask any questions you may have about the moving process, customs regulations or destination information.

Are you planning to include new

purchases within your


If you are planning to purchase items to be included within your shipment, please prepare a list to give to your Move Consultant so these items can be included within the survey process.

Creating a tailored solution for


No two moves are exactly the same. There are usually several options that you could chose and your Move Consultant will help provide the best solution to meet your needs.




storage, insurance and inventory

You may decide to store some of your items in your origin country or at destination. Storage is a cost effective

solution, particularly if you have to limit your shipment size, are renting your home out while you are away, or are moving into a hotel prior to finding a permanent home.

Simply ask your Move Co-ordinator to provide a cost for you – costs vary globally but are generally based on how much you want to store and how long you want to store it for. Your Move Co-ordinator will liaise with our sister company at destination and will make the necessary arrangements. Pickfords will create a separate inventory for items that will go into store. You can arrange to have your goods delivered at a mutually convenient date.


Your Move Co-ordinator will discuss insurance with you to ensure that your consignment is protected during its journey. For your own peace of mind Pickfords can settle claims quickly and easily through our in-house claims department.

The inventory

If you are moving overseas, your Move Co-ordinator will create an Inventory of the goods that you want to take with you. This is a very important part of the process. The inventory is the formal agreement of what you expect Pickfords to move and your special requirements.

If there are changes to this list throughout the process – you must ensure that your Move Co-ordinator knows these details.

Remember to keep a copy!

It will help you to compare quotations from other moving companies.






It is important to note that if you have asked more than one moving company to provide a quotation, it is unlikely that the price is going to be the same

No two quotations are the same

Moving companies base their price on an estimate of the volume of goods you expect to take with you. Other factors will influence the price – the transit options, your

timescales, recommended packing materials, insurance rates and the buying power of the company will all have a bearing on the price that is offered to you.

It is important to consider a number of factors when comparing quotations:

Compare estimated volume.

Check the insurance cover provided for your goods. Is it insurance?

Check if additional services are included.

Check what is excluded.

Check the number of days to complete the pack.

Compare the recommended packing materials.

Remember that as in any product or service comparison, there is usually a relationship between the price and quality. Pickfords offers a high quality service and invests in people, training, materials and process but can negotiate advantageous rates with shipping companies and airlines.



your quotation

You may have been offered ‘extended liability’ or ‘standard liability’ which is not insurance. In the event that your goods are lost or damaged, the moving company may not compensate you


Once you are happy with the quotation it is important to book your move with us as soon as possible as availability can change by the day and sometimes by the hour

When you are ready to book your move, you must telephone your Move

Co-ordinator to give a verbal acceptance.

At this point you should discuss firmer packing and move dates.

You should now consider insurance and complete the necessary insurance form. See step 4 for more information.

You will be asked to complete a formal acceptance of our local terms and conditions and send the paperwork back to Pickfords with your insurance form.

Your Move Co-ordinator will book your move with your nearest Pickfords office and will send you a letter confirming your pack, load and move date.



secure your preferred date

Remember to keep a copy!

The acceptance form represents the formal booking of your move.


Remember to keep a copy!

If you have purchased insurance you will be sent a certificate – keep it for your records






comprehensive Insurance for your peace of mind

You can be confident that your

belongings will arrive at your new home safe and sound – but every move involves an element of risk, particularly when it’s across the globe

Pickfords’ comprehensive insurance options offer you a range of policies to give you complete peace of mind.


Pickfords’ marine insurance offers a range of options including; pairs and sets insurance, mechanical and electrical derangement, mould and mildew and packing and shipping insurance. This means you can choose the insurance to meet your personal requirements.

In-house claims handling

If you need to make a claim, Pickfords provides you with a quick and efficient in -house claims management service. We will look after all the paperwork and deal with the insurance company on your behalf.

No excess to pay

Pickfords’ marine insurance policies have no excess to pay, so in the event of acclaim there are no surprises for our customers. Claims, if they occur, must be advised within 14 days.




making sure the paperwork is in order

Documentation and customs formalities are increasingly important due to heightened security, but you can rely on the expertise of your Move Co-ordinator to guide you through

There are certain documents required to arrange the transit of your goods. This documentation varies by destination so ensure that you confirm these requirements with your Move Co-ordinator when verbally accepting your quotation.

Your customs documentation is supplied by the Network office at origin or destination, depending on your destination country. Your Move Co-ordinator will advise you.

The following documents should be forwarded to your Move Co-ordinator.

Copy of your passport

Insurance form

Customs forms if applicable

Don’t delay!

Documentation is an important part of the moving process. Late receipt of your

documentation may delay your shipment.

Remember to keep a copy!

Keep copies of your

documentation in your Personal Moving Guide folder.


Pickfords’ experienced crews will do everything they can to make sure your move is a complete success

What can you do to prepare?

You can help your removal crew by setting aside items that need to go into store, or need to be packed last, or those items which will remain in your home.

Remember to pack all the personal items which will be travelling with you. Your insurance will not cover you for money or jewellery and it is an idea to pack your passport and important paperwork so that it does not ‘get caught up’ in Move Day.

Your Move Team

An international move requires experienced, highly trained international packers to ensure that packing and loading takes place correctly.

Using skill, care and attention, our packers have been trained to use specific international packing materials that will protect your possessions during each phase of the move.

The first person you will meet will be the Crew Supervisor. He will run through the paperwork with you to verify the details. Feel free to communicate your expectations for Move Day with the Supervisor as well as any special instructions.

The Supervisor will walk around your home and plan the packing process in the most

your move day








your move day

packing and protection

Great care and skill are needed to wrap, pack and load your possessions safely and to protect them throughout your move

Your household effects will be individually wrapped, according to their needs and packed in cartons or crates which have been purpose designed.

Our expert packing teams have been trained in modern wrapping, packing and handling techniques and will load and secure your belongings with care.

Pickfords is committed to lessening the impact of its business on the environment. Wherever possible we use materials that are environmentally friendly, use sustainable resources and can be re-cycled and re-used.


Protecting your home

Pickfords will ensure that your home is protected during the moving process. Special care will be taken to protect your carpets and floors, banisters, doors and vulnerable areas to prevent damage during the move.

Pickfords has spent years researching, testing and developing the most efficient packing materials and packing techniques. Every Pickfords office is committed to providing the best quality materials to ensure maximum protection of your consignment and your own peace of mind in accordance with our global service charter.

Important – your inventory

It is important to remember to check that everything that you want to include in the packing has been packed.

Pickfords will create an inventory during the packing process. The inventory will contain brief details of the contents of each carton as well as the wrapped furniture. You will be asked to sign the inventory after the packing has been completed.

A copy of the inventory will be forwarded to our sister company at destination to arrange customs clearance and delivery.

Remember to keep a copy! Your inventory is an important document!






air, road



forwarding and transportation

Loading your effects will depend on the mode of transport that you have selected as the best option for your move

At this point your Move Co-ordinator will be forwarding your paperwork.

The paperwork will include all or some of the following:

A consignment note defining the details of your move

Your inventory or packing list*

Customs documentation*

Insurance documents*

Copy of your passport*

Your travel itinerary*

If you have chosen air or sea transit options, your paperwork will be sent to our network partner at destination.

Our Shipping Services department will liaise with the shipping line or airline to ensure that the consignment is booked and forwarded by the chosen method.

If you are moving within Europe, your Move Co-ordinator will manage your move through to your delivery.

Shipping advice details

After packing and loading is completed you will be sent shipping advice details which will confirm your vessel or flight number, the estimated time of arrival at port or airport and the name of the Pickfords contact at destination who will clear your consignment through customs and arrange delivery.

*if appropriate

Remember to keep a copy!

Keep a copy of the shipping advice details.





guiding you through the minefield

Customs clearance can be a minefield of process and documentation so its good to know you can rely on our colleagues at the Allied network office at your destination to guide you through.

Allied at destination

Wherever possible, we will be passing your consignment into the hands of an Allied office at destination. The Allied moving company or preferred agent will provide the highest level of service in line with Allied’s global service charter.

Customs clearance

If you have chosen air or sea transit options or are moving outside of the EU, our network partner at destination will receive the paperwork forwarded to them by your Move Co-ordinator to verify the details and will contact you to arrange a mutually convenient time for delivery. If you are moving within the EU, no customs formalities are required.

Demurrage/airline storage

Failure to make contact with our Allied office at destination may result in delays and additional costs. ‘Demurrage’ or port rent is an additional expense incurred if we are unable to clear your consignment on time. For this reason, it is vital to make contact with your Allied office at destination as soon as you arrive. Similar penalties are applied by airports if airfreight consignments are delayed.


Your consignment will be unpacked, unwrapped or uncrated and placed in your new home to

Out turn report

If you have chosen air or sea transit options, you will be asked to sign and date a packing list. This is confirmation that all items have been delivered. You will also be asked to sign a delivery report or ‘Out turn report’. This report will clearly state the condition of your consignment when unpacked. Your crew will return your delivery report and packing list to your Move Co-ordinator to confirm that your consignment has been delivered completely to your satisfaction.


our highest priority

We’re committed to ensuring that you have a smooth transition to your new home

At Pickfords we have been moving families overseas for generations.

We’ve built our promise on the key platforms of local knowledge, global resources, new technology and unwavering quality service worldwide.

At the heart of all that we do is a commitment, shared throughout our organisation, to take every measure at our disposal to ease the transition for families on the move internationally. We will strive to provide you

with an extra measure of what you need most during a time of change: peace of mind.

We hope this guide has given you all the information that you require to guide you through the moving process.


Mark your moving day on your calendar!

Photocopy all your key documents; birth certificates, marriage certificates, stocks, shares, deeds, customs documentation, in order to keep them with you during the move.

Gas – contact you gas supplier and notify them of the date of your move. Arrange to have the gas read up to the day you leave and the bill finalised. Water – at least 48 hours notice is required by your existing authority to arrange disconnection of your water supply.





a useful guide for complete peace of mind

Check Passports and work permits if necessary.

Check the health requirements of your destination and arrange for any vaccinations you may require.

Notify your children’s schools and any organisation to which you or they belong.

Arrange to have your post re-directed. The Royal Mail needs 7 days’ notice. Application forms are available at all Post Offices or you can telephone for one to be sent on 08457 777888.

Notify banks and credit card companies of your new address and close any unnecessary bank accounts.

Credit card/store cards – fill in the change of address section of your statement when returning it with your payment and also notify any card protection insurers that you may have.

Standing orders/direct debits – give your new address to companies to which you pay standing orders, or with which you have a hire purchase agreement or loan.

Gather together your family’s medical and dental records. Inform your doctor and dentist of your imminent departure.

Ensure all consular documents and visas are approved and in your possession.

Contact your new destination’s Tourism Board or Chamber of Commerce for material that may be helpful to you.

Contact your accountant for information on what moving expenses may be tax deductible.

Doctor/dentist/optician – de-register if you are moving away and research alternatives nearer to your new address. Liaise with hospital if undergoing regular treatment.

Private healthcare – advise change of address and/or research new schemes. Pension – advise your local Post Office or private scheme of your change of address.

If you need hotel accommodation during the removal, book your hotel well in advance, especially if the move occurs during the summer months. Lofts /attics – check the contents and dispose of any unwanted items. Pets – ask your moving company about the process for moving your pet overseas

Arrange for an international driver’s licence if you need one.

Contact your motor insurers and cancel your insurance from the date of your departure. Obtain a refund for the rest of the insurance period. Ask your insurance company for confirmation of your no-claims record to present to your new insurer.

Contact your local authority and arrange to retain your right to vote in your own country.

Settle any outstanding hire purchase agreements.

four to six weeks


two weeks


It’s never too soon to begin planning for a move and a checklist is one of the best strategies to ensure a smooth relocation. Tick each item off as you complete it to help to put your mind at rest that nothing has been overlooked, or omitted from your planning. That alone will go a long way towards relieving some of the anxiety that the countdown to moving day inevitably brings.


Withdraw the contents of your safe deposit box if intending to take with you. If possible, prepare specific directions to your new home.

Drain petrol and oil from any power equipment you may be taking with you e.g. lawn mowers.

Pack your suitcases for the trip. Remember to pack enough belongings to meet your needs while you are in transit.

Separate and label items that you want to keep with you while travelling to your new home including medicines, valuables, jewellery, travel clothes etc. If you know the layout of your new home, plan to unpack your possessions on a room by room basis and mark up the new rooms in a plan for the deliverymen to follow.

Arrange parking permits if required. Cancel TV rental and arrange for collection of the set before moving day. Don’t

forget to return any videos that you have on rental.

Return items on loan – don’t forget to return items borrowed from friends. Back up your computer files before the packing of your computer equipment.

Notify your Telecom supplier of the exact date from which you want your telephone disconnected and arrange to have the bill forwarded to your new address.

Settle outstanding bills with local merchants.

Remove all bedding, and ensure that when packed, these are clearly labelled for immediate unpacking for the first night at your new home.

Defrost freezer.

Show the team leader around the house. He will already have instructions that relate to your personal requirements. Point out items for storage or those items that are particularly fragile.

one day

to go

Washing machine – empty, disconnect and drain pipes. Secure the drum of the washing machine with the manufacturers transit brackets.

one week



Telephone: 0800 289 229 Email: intl-enquiries@pickfords.com Web: www.pickfords.com

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a move as individual as you


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