2021 Board of Directors

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HYGIENE ASSOCIATION American Industrial Hygiene Association

2021 Board of Directors President

Scott Brehmer, CIH, CSP president@ocaiha.com

President-Elect Scott Bourdon, CIH, CSP, ARM

preselect@ocaiha.com Past President Yi Tian, CIH, CSP, QEP

ytian@ramboll.com Secretary

Tuan Nguyen, CIH, CSP, ARM, MBA, FAIHA secretary@ocaiha.com Secretary-Elect / Membership Abilene Emerson membership@ocaiha.com Treasurer Rebecca Lally, CIH

treasurer@ocaiha.com Treasurer-Elect Jinmo (Jay) Seong Website / Newsletter

Tom Jordan jobs@ocaiha.com Government Relations Eric Brown, Dr. PH, CIH, CSP

ga@ocaiha.com Professional Development

Bill Bohning, CAC, CAIH CIHC Representatives Joel Berman, CIH, CSP, SMS, CAC,

CIAQM, CDPH I/A, PM jberman@healthscience.com Howard Spielman CIH, CSP, CAC,



Meeting minutes From: 1 PM -2:00 PM


Scott Brehmer welcomed everybody

Board Members Present:

Abilene Emerson, Yi Tian, Scott Brehmer, Tuan Nguyen, Rebec-ca Lally, Jinmo (Jay) Seong, Bill Bohning, Tom Jordan, Scott Bourdon

Absent: Howard Spielman, Eric Brown, Joel Berman

Guest(s): Teresa Howe?????


Yi motioned, Tuan seconded, approved.


President Elect report: (Scott Bourdon)

Scott reports that his duties or roles are to help with scheduling and do the logistics for meetings.

Scott needs to get a list of what we have upcoming and get that together for next time.

Scott plans to go over the bylaws starting next meeting by reviewing a section of the bylaws at a time during the officer report.

President report (Scott Brehmer)

Scott commented on the first open forum event and asked for feedback. The material was really informative.

It's nice to make new connections and see a couple new faces It was nice to get a chance to chat with some people on one-on-one. For the next forum, we can get some of those COVID related topics up in the air so we can hear more about it. Don't know how long future fo-rums would be. But if we followed a similar format, maybe make it a 90 minutes long event.


Ask attendees to submit questions in advance so we can get more questions and we can just focus on their questions a little more.

Regarding the recording, Scott will work with Azza on the post production and make the video availa-ble on our website, on Vimeo or YouTube. Will figure out how to make that accessiavaila-ble to people.

Treasurer : (Becky Lally)

Our ending balance is $40,148.66, both in the Union Bank and PayPal. We have an income that came in from SGS Galson of $291, which we will split three ways. So next month, or we should be gaining $91 more in our account.

An expense that will be reflected in next month statement is a check wrote to CIHC dues of $950. We're doing well with at least $40,140.

We had a meeting with Union Bank to setup online banking so we can access the account and manage finances. We also worked to get PayPal set up so now we have the ability to collect payment on our website and receive income from others through PayPal.

We paid PayPal fee when we took the $300 scholarship sponsorship money from JTS, we divided that up, and paid the fees and gave the other associations $97 each instead of $100.

Next month, I will contact the CPA that they used last year to file our 501 C. We paid a small amount of tax and we have to pay state tax too. That will be an additional expense coming up within the next month when our do our taxes in April or March.

Secretary (Tuan Nguyen) (See details under committee report).

Tuan was tasked to lead our mentoring program. Our goal in 2021 is simply to offer up mentoring to the OCAIHA community.

Secretary Elect report (Abilene Emerson)

Abilene takes the lead on social media and serves as membership director. Right now we're taking small steps to get some contents out. By the end of the year, we should start posting video content or graphics with some movements or something that goes beyond just words or even just static images.

COMMITTEE AND DIRECTOR REPORTS Professional development (Bill Bohning)

The JTS is canceled again for this year. Steve is interested in starting to plan for JTS in 2022. If Bill is on the list for the committee, He'll report back to the board on what's transpiring there. Bill usually signs up as a moderator. a national perspective. Mark Ames is our AIHA national lobbyist and Government Relations Director. As a local section we should be paying attention to what's important to him. And also paying attention to the issues and pushing that message out at a local level. One thing is focused on right now is getting OEHS professionals at to-ward the front of the line in the vaccine distribution. Will monitor what Mark Ames puts out on LinkedIn. And if we can, like and share, his stuff, on OCAIHA and our LinkedIn site.


Government relations

Scott Brehmer: From a government relations standpoint, we want to monitor what marketing is putting out from a national perspective. Mark Ames is our AIHA national lobbyist and Government Relations Director. As a local section we should be paying attention to what's important to him. And also paying attention to the issues and pushing that message out at a local level. One thing is focused on right now is getting OEHS professionals at toward the front of the line in the vaccine distribution. Will monitor what Mark Ames puts out on LinkedIn. And if we can, like and share, his stuff, on OCAIHA and our LinkedIn site.

Covid19 vaccination

We should try to get ourselves on, as phase 1 A, through the orange county health care agency, that public health field staff are listed as phase 1-A priority. When you travel with others, it is hard trying to keep six feet in masks, when you're with your technicians, let alone with customers that again, you're kind of subject to their behaviors.

Scott Brehmer said he was curious and registered for the vaccination through the Orange County Athena site, which said that public health field staffs were in Phase-1. But it didn't give the option to set an appoint-ment. He thinks they still look at his file, and they'll contact him, when the time is right. That's always an op-tion for anyone in Orange County to register through Athena as a public health field staff, if that's what you do. Yi will circulate a letter from her company certifying her as a public health professional.

Membership recruitment

We need to extend a very personal invitation to others to come join us. We also market and promote various activities on social media and especially LinkedIn.

Student/emerging professional mentoring

Tuan was tasked to lead our mentoring program. Our goal in 2021 is simply to offer up mentoring to the OCAIHA community. Tuan said he didn't develop any formal procedures but one of the students from Michigan university contacted him, actually she is now attending UC Berkeley, so he took on that job to mentor her by sending her different information, helped her to look for an internship position at different associations that he belongs to. So that's what he's been up to so far on that. One of the ways to do is to contact different companies in the area and ask them for potential internship posi-tions, some guidance from them on what they look for in a potential worker.

Scott Bourdon said AIHA has some sort of a National mentoring program. They may have resources or guidance, their program is super robust. And I don't think we want to have on the formality barri-er of that program. But thbarri-ere is cbarri-ertainly some things we could levbarri-erage thbarri-ere. That would be a great place to look and start to get some ideas that would help


Abilene had a question about this mentorship program for OCAIHA, whether it just involves the board or all our members, because obviously, that's going to change how much effort we have to put into it. “When I was at Michigan we would always have applied to be mentors in the second year, and then have the new incoming apply to be mentees. And then they would match them up based on the interests and such. That's simple enough as doing like a survey and just getting inter-ested participants. Then those two people can just kind of develop whatever kind of mentorship they want on their own. We can have some guidance and get some questions and structure to it by saying all these are things that mentors and mentees commonly talk about. Again, it could be as sim-ple as sending a survey to our group in the newsletter to see what the interest is and then match people up. If it's just the board or if it's going to be all members because if we just started at the board, we could get a small group but if we want to invite the whole AIHA Southern California, Or-ange County, we can make this program a little bit larger.”


Last month Scott Brehmer met with Zach Islam as the current president of Southern California, talked about the scholarship and needed the application. Essentially, it's similar to what we did last year, we're contributing $2,000. They're contributing $2,000. And we're seeking to get applicants that are current students in our pro-gram. Last time around, we only had one applicant and one winner. That is just not good enough. We have to close applications by March 31, and it takes some time for these folks to put the application together. It I s $4,000 total and what we agreed on is that we would split it among multiple winners if folks were qualified. It's for public health, occupational, environmental, health and safety, industrial hygiene, occupational safety, occu-pational health, and anything that kind of remotely within our discipline.

Scott Brehmer will provide the details on a JPG marketing image with bullet point details to Tuan to come up with a design to post on social media.

Scott Brehmer issued a save the date meeting invitation for April 15. That's the date that Southern California wants to do the announcement of the winners with us. And during that same meeting, the idea is that the win-ner will give a short presentation of 10 to 15 minutes on an OEHS related topic.

OCAIHA LinkedIn site

Abilene has created a new OCAIHA LinkedIn site and Abilene created a logo. OCAIHA LinkedIn is up and run-ning. Scott Brehmer has been inviting his network of people to follow us on OCAIHA and we're up to 89 follow-ers as of this morning.

Need to let Jamie know to discontinue the old site so we can drive traffic to the new site that we're run-ning. Abilene and Scott Brehmer are admins for the new LinkedIn site.


Abilene asks everyone to start their own posts, in line with our strategy and what we're trying to get the mes-sage out there. If anyone else wants to be an admin and passionate about social media and wants to put out content on behalf of the local section, let Abilene and Scott Brehmer know and they can make you an admin. You can always work through them as well. Let them know what you want to send out on behalf of the local sec-tion.

What materials we want to push through our LinkedIn site? We might want to send a digest periodically to our members. If there are multiple webinars, we can organize and combine the announcements and let people know about these available webinars to increase their education and awareness.

OCAIHA website (Tom Jordan)

1. To reported a few things about the newsletter and website already.

2. We need to update some sections on the website to make sure they are current like the careers page. 3. The newsletter should go out by the end of the week.

4. Added the button in on the events page so people could pay their dues online, or to put an RSVP on

there We have been relied on OCASSP to handle all the registration and their system is really good for that. But in future events, we're going to be on our own for this. So we must figure out the best way to get folks registered using our website. It's got to be done within the next month.

5. Need to figure out how to get paid through PayPal for other stuff a sponsorship or golden for now. Registra-tion done soon.

6. The webpage is completely updated on the list of officers for the board. There are some people that don't have emails listed. I'll be happy to have added on. But I don't want to put out public events without their permission kind of thing.

Open forum topic

There is not a lot we need to do from a content perspective to participate in April, we need to start planning the next open forum.


Action items to follow up on from the last meeting.

One is we need to report the new board members to AIHA national probably through Thursa. Tuan will send a list that I put in the minute to her.

Our Microsoft Teams site repository is up and running. If anyone unable to get into the repository should send Scott Brehmer your personal email to get it set up. There's a lot of great information there, and anything that is important should be saved in the repository.



Mailing/distribution list

We need to figure out how to add new people to our email distribution list. Currently, we use a list of names that came from AIHA national for Southern California to send out surveys or newslet-ters. We need to figure out how to add emails of people visited our website and want to be plugged in to OCAIHA. Including the folks that attended today, we had 115 people registered for this event; we should maintain that list so that when we send out email blasts, we're touching the same people over and over again.

Tom will put a link on the website to add the emails and maintain the list.






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