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Criminalistics Review Questions

Criminalistics Review Questions

1. There is fr

1. There is freehand invitation and is considered as eehand invitation and is considered as the most the most skilfulskilful class of forgery

class of forgery A.

A. simulated simulated or or copied copied forgeryforgery B.

B. simple simple forgeryforgery C.

C. traced traced forgeryforgery D.

D. carbon carbon tracingtracing

2. Condensed and compact set of authentic specimen which is 2. Condensed and compact set of authentic specimen which is

adeuate and proper! should contain a cross section adeuate and proper! should contain a cross section of the material from known sources.

of the material from known sources. A.

A. disguised disguised documentdocument B.

B. uestioned uestioned documentdocument C.

C. standard standard documentdocument D.

D. reuested reuested documentdocument

". #pecimens of hand

". #pecimens of hand writing or of typescript which is of knownwriting or of typescript which is of known origin. origin. A. A. $etters$etters B. B. #amples#amples C. C. %&emplars%&emplars D. D. DocumentsDocuments

'. A document which is being uestioned because of

'. A document which is being uestioned because of its origin! itsits origin! its contents or the circumstances or the stories of its production. contents or the circumstances or the stories of its production.


A. disputed disputed documentdocument B.

B. standard standard documentdocument C.

C. reuested reuested documentdocument D.

D. uestioned uestioned documentdocument

(. The art of beautiful writing is known as (. The art of beautiful writing is known as


A. DraftingDrafting B.

B. CalligraphyCalligraphy C.

C. Art Art appreciationappreciation D.

D. )othic)othic

*. Any written instrument by which a right or obligation is *. Any written instrument by which a right or obligation is

established. established. A. A. CertificateCertificate B. B. #ubpoena#ubpoena C. C. +a+arrantrrant D. D. DocumentDocument ,. A

,. A type of fingerprint pattern in which the slope type of fingerprint pattern in which the slope or downward flowor downward flow of t

of the innermost he innermost sufficient sufficient recurve is recurve is towards towards the tthe thumb of humb of radius radius bone of the bone of the hand of hand of origin.origin. A.

A. ulnar ulnar looploop B.

B. tented tented archarch C.

C. accidental accidental whorlwhorl D.

D. radial radial looploop

-. The forking or dividing of one

-. The forking or dividing of one line to two or more branches.line to two or more branches. A. A. idgeidge B. B. /sland/sland C. C. DeltaDelta



D. BifurcationBifurcation

0. The point on a ri

0. The point on a ridge at or in front of dge at or in front of and nearest the center and nearest the center ofof the divergence of the type lines.

the divergence of the type lines. A. A. DivergenceDivergence B. B. /sland/sland C. C. DeltaDelta D. D. BifurcationBifurcation 1.The following

1.The following are consideratiare considerations used ons used for tfor the identification he identification of aof a loop e&cept one

loop e&cept one A.

A. DeltaDelta B.

B. CoreCore C. a

C. a sufficient sufficient recurverecurve D.

D. a a ridge ridge count count across across a a looping looping bridgebridge

11.The process of recording fingerprint through the use of fingerprint 11.The process of recording fingerprint through the use of fingerprint

ink. ink. A. 3athology A. 3athology B. B. 4ingerprinting4ingerprinting C. C. DactyloscopyDactyloscopy D.

D. 3rinting 3rinting presspress

12.The fingerprint method of identification. 12.The fingerprint method of identification.

A. A. 3athology3athology B. B. 4ingerprinting4ingerprinting C. C. DactyloscopyDactyloscopy D.

D. 3rinting 3rinting presspress


1".Two o lines lines that that run run parallel parallel or or nearly nearly parallel! parallel! diverge diverge and and surround surround the the pattern pattern area.area. A. idges

A. idges B.

B. DeltaDelta C.

C. TyType pe lineline D.

D. BifurcationBifurcation

1'.A part of the whorl or loop in which appear the cores! deltas and 1'.A part of the whorl or loop in which appear the cores! deltas and

ridges. ridges. A.

A. type type lineline B.

B. bifurcationbifurcation C.

C. pattern pattern areaarea D.

D. furrowfurrow

1(.4ingerprints left on various surfaces at the

1(.4ingerprints left on various surfaces at the crime scenecrime scenewhich arewhich are not clearly visible.

not clearly visible. A.

A. plane plane impressionsimpressions B.

B. visible visible fingerprintsfingerprints C.

C. rolled rolled impressionsimpressions D.

D. latent latent fingerprintsfingerprints

1*.The impressions left by the patterns of ridges and depressions on 1*.The impressions left by the patterns of ridges and depressions on


various surfaces.surfaces. A.

A. kiss kiss marksmarks B.

B. finger finger rollsrolls C.

C. thumb thumb marksmarks D.

D. fingerprintsfingerprints



A. A. ArchArch B. B. AccidentalAccidental C. C. $oop$oop D. D. +horl+horl

1-.The minimum identical characteristics to 6ustify the identity 1-.The minimum identical characteristics to 6ustify the identity

 between two points.  between two points.

A. %ighteen A. %ighteen B. B. 4ifteen4ifteen C. C. TwelveTwelve D. D. 7ine7ine

10.A fingerprint pattern in which the ridges form a seuence of 10.A fingerprint pattern in which the ridges form a seuence of

spirals around core a&es. spirals around core a&es.


A. whorlwhorl B.

B. double double looploop C. central

C. central pocket pocket looploop D.

D. accidentalaccidental

2.A fingerprint pattern which one or more ridges enter on either side 2.A fingerprint pattern which one or more ridges enter on either side

of the impression by a recurve! and

of the impression by a recurve! and terminate on the same sideterminate on the same side where the ridge has entered.

where the ridge has entered. A. $oop

A. $oop B.

B. radial radial looploop C.

C. ulnar ulnar looploop D.

D. tented tented archarch

21.A person allowed who gives his8her opinion or conclusion on a 21.A person allowed who gives his8her opinion or conclusion on a

given scientific evidence is considered given scientific evidence is considered


A. interrogator interrogator  B.

B. e&pert e&pert witnesswitness C.

C. prosecutor prosecutor  D.

D. 6udge6udge

22.The application of scientific knowledge and techniues in the 22.The application of scientific knowledge and techniues in the

detection of crime and apprehension of criminals. detection of crime and apprehension of criminals.


A. $aw $aw %nforcement %nforcement AdministrationAdministration B.

B. 4orensic 4orensic AdministrationAdministration C.

C. Criminal Criminal 3sychology3sychology D.

D. CriminalisticsCriminalistics

2".$ens that is characteri9ed by a

2".$ens that is characteri9ed by a thicker center and thinner sides.thicker center and thinner sides. A.

A. concave concave lenslens B.

B. conve& conve& lenslens C.

C. negative negative lenslens D.

D. positive positive lenslens

2'.The normal developing time of a paper or film. 2'.The normal developing time of a paper or film.

A. A. ":* ":* minutesminutes B. B. 2:" 2:" minutesminutes C. C. (:1 (:1 minutesminutes D. 1: D. 1: 2 2 minutesminutes

2(.This part of a camera i

2(.This part of a camera is used to allow lis used to allow light to enter ght to enter the lens forthe lens for a

a predetermined predetermined time time interval.interval. A.

A. holder holder of of sensiti9ed sensiti9ed materialmaterial B.


C. shutter  D. view finder

2*.A lens with a focal length of less than the diagonal of its negative material.

A. telephoto lens B. long lens C. normal lens D. wide angle lens

2,.Chemical used as an accelerator in a developer solution. A. 3otassium Bromide

B. #odium Carbonate C. #odium #ulfite D. ;ydrouinone

2-.A part of a camera used in focusing the light from the sub6ect A. view finder 

B. lens C. shutter 

D. light tight bo&

20.A component of the polygraph instrument which records the  breathing of the sub6ect.

A. Cardiosphygmograph B. 3neumograph

C. )alvanograph D. <ymograph

".A component of the polygraph instrument which records the  blood pressure and the pulse rate of the sub6ect.

A. Cardiosphygmograph B. 3neumograph

C. )alvanograph D. <ymograph

"1.A component of the polygraph instrument which is a motor that drives or pulls the chart paper under the recording pen

simultaneously at the rate of * or 12 inches per minute. A. Cardiosphygmograph

B. 3neumograph C. )alvanograph D. <ymograph

"2.The following are specific rules to be followed in the formulation of the uestions in a polygraph test e&cept one.

A. =uestions must be clear and phrased in a language the sub6ect can easily understand.

B. =uestions must be answerable by yes or no. C. =uestions must be as short as possible.

D. =uestions must all be in the form of accusations

"". /n > polygraph e&amination?! the term > e&amination? means a detection of 

A. 4orgery B. %motion C. the mind


D. deception

"'. /t refers to an emotional response to a specific danger! which appears to go beyond a person@s defensive power.

A. 4ear  B. #timuli C. esponse D. eaction

"(. The primary purpose of pre:test interview. A. 3repare sub6ect for  polygraph test B. btain confession

C. ake the sub6ect calm

D. %&plain the polygraph test procedures

"*. The deviation from normal tracing of the sub6ect in the relevant uestion.

A. positive response B. specific response C. normal response D. reaction

",. The study of the effect of the impact of a pro6ectile on the target.

A. Terminal Ballistics B. /nternal Ballistics C. %&ternal Ballistics D. 4orensic Ballistics

"-. The unstable rotating motion of the bullet is called A. Tra6ectory

B. aw C. elocity

D. )yroscopic action

"0. The part of the mechanism of a firearm that withdraws the shell or cartridge from the chamber.

A. %&tractor  B. %6ector  C. #triker  D. Trigger

'. The pattern or curved path of the bullet in flight. A. aw

B. ange C. elocity D. Tra6ectory

'1. This refers to the deflection of the bullet from its normal path after striking a resistant surface.

A. isfire B. ushroom C. icochet D. <ey hole shot

'2. A type of primer with two vents or flash holes. A. Bordan primer 


B. Berdan 3rimer  C. Baterry 3rimer  D. Bo&er 3rimer

'". This refers to the helical grooves cut in the interior surface of the bore.

A. swaging B. ogive C. rifling D. breaching

''. /t refers to the unstable rotating motion of the bullet. A. Tra6ectory

B. aw C. elocity

D. )yproscopic action

'(. /t is the measurement of the bore diameter from land to land. A. Calibre

B. ean diameter  C. )auge

D. ifling

'*. ;e is known as the 4ather of Ballistics. A. ;ans )ross

B. Charles +aite C. Albert sborne D. Calvin )oddard

',. A document in which some issues have been raised or is under scrutiny.

A. oid Document B. /llegal Document C. 4orged Document D. =uestioned Document

'-. The following are characteristics of forgery e&cept one A. 3resence of 7atural ariation

B. ultiple 3en $ifts

C. #how bad uality of ink lines D. 3atchwork Appearance

'0. #tandards which are prepared upon the reuest of the investigator and for the purpose of comparison with the uestioned document.

A. relative standards B. collected standards C. e&tended standards D. reuested standards

(. Any stroke which goes back over another writing stroke. A. natural variation

B. rhythm C. retracing A. shading


of acknowledgement. A. pinion

B. Document C. #ignature

D. ;andwriting Answer C

(2. A kind of document which is e&ecuted by a private person without the intervention of a notary public! or of

competent public official! by which some disposition of agreement is proved.

A. commercial document B. official document C. public document

D. private document Answer D

(". An instrument that can be legally used in comparison with a uestioned document! its origin is known and can be proven.

A. simulated document B. forged document C. standard document

D. compared document Answer C

('. The process of making out what is illegible or what has been effaced.

A. Comparison B. Collation C. bliteration

D. Decipherment Answer D

((. A document which contains some changes either as an addition or deletion.

A. inserted document B. altered document C. disputed document

D. obliterated document Answer B

(*. A kind of erasure by using a rubber eraser! sharp knife! ra9or  blade or picking instrument.

A. mechanical erasure B. electronic erasure C. magnetic erasure

D. chemical erasure Answer A

(,. /t is the periodic increase in pressure! characteri9ed by widening of the ink stroke. A. #hading

B. pen lift

C. pen emphasis

D. pen pressure Answer D

(-. A kind of document e&ecuted by a person in authority and by  private parties but notari9ed by competent officials.

A. private document B. commercial document C. public document

D. official document Answer C


A. Bacteriology B. 3osology C. To&icology

D. Chemistry Answer C

*. The specimen that is preferably used in the determination of abused drugs in the body.

A. blood B. saliva C. body fluid

D. urine Answer D

*1. A forensic chemist is tasked to e&amine the chemical nature and composition of the following e&cept one A. 4ingerprint

B. %&plosives C. Blood

D. Body fluids Answer A

*2. +ho ualifies a forensic chemist as e&pert5 A. defense lawyer

B. 6udge

C. prosecutor 

D. the chemist himself8herself Answer B

*". ethamphetamine hydrochloride is commonly known as A. Coke

B. $#D C. ;eroin

D. >shabu? Answer D

*'. An area surrounding the place where the crime occurred. A. crime scene

B. police line

C. area of operation

D. area of responsibility Answer A

*(. The body of the crime. A. %vidence

B. body of the victim C. criminology

D. corpus delicti Answer D

**. ne of the following is a derivative of the opium poppy. A. Demerol

B. Caffeine C. orphine

D. nicotine Answer C

*,. 7umber restoration is necessary in determining whether there is tampering of serial number  in

A. Typewriter  B. 4irearm C. 3risoners

D. Bank notes Answer B

*-. /n forensic e&amination! a tip of the hair is e&amined to determine if it was


A. Bend B. 4olded C. #tretched

D. Cut Answer D

*0. All of the following are accurate tests for the presence of alcohol in the human body e&cept one A. #aliva test

B. ;arger Breath Test C. 4ecal test

D. Blood test Answer C

,. The application of chemical principles and processes in the e&amination of evidence.

A. 4orensic edicine B. 4orensic %vidence C. Criminalistics

D. 4orensic Chemistry Answer D

,1. olatile poisons may be isolated by means of this process. A. Dialysis

B. Dilution C. Distillation

D. %&traction Answer C

,2. The process in reproducing physical evidence by plaster moulds. A. Casting

B. Cementing C. oulage

D. #ticking Answer C

,". The test used to determine the presence of semen particularly in stained clothing.

A. 4lorence Test B. Barberio@s Test C. icroscopic Test

D. Eltra:iolet Test Answer A

,'. The test used to determine the presence of blood in stained material.

A. 4lorence Test B. Barberio@s Test C. Takayama Test

D. 3henolphtalein Test Answer C

,(. /t is the ma6or component of a glass. A. $ime

B. #oda C. #ilica

D. )el Answer C

,*. 3oisons which produce stupor and less feeling. A. 7arcotics

B. /rritants C. Depressants


,,. A supercooled liuid which possess high viscosity and rigidity. A. dry ice

B. cartridge case C. gel

D. glass Answer D

,-. The study and identification of body fluids. A. 3harmacology

B. #erology C. 3osology

D. /mmunology Answer B

,0. The test to determine whether blood is of human origin or not. A. Blood typing

B. 3recipitin Test C. Confirmatory Test

D. 3reliminary Test Answer B

-. The circulating tissue of the body. A. Blood

B. Cells C. uscles

D. $iver Answer A

-1. The complete! continuous! persistent cessation of respiration! circulation and almost all brain function of an organism.

A. Apparent death B. olecular death C. Cellular Death

  D. #omatic death Answer D

-2. The appro&imate time for the completion of one case for D7A Testing.

A. minimum of eight weeks B. minimum of si& weeks C. minimum of four weeks

D. minimum of two weeks Answer C

-". D7A stands for 

A. Deonatural Acid

B. Deo&yribonucleic Acid C. Denaturali9ed Acid

D. Deo&y 7ucleic Acid Answer B

-'. The )eneticist from )reat Britain who pioneered D7A testing and fingerprinting. A. Alec Feffries

B. $owell C. an Berkom C. +illiam eynolds

D. ;enry an Dyke Answer A

-(. The cause of death of a person who immediately died because of lack of o&ygen for around " to five minutes.

A. #troke B. Asphy&ia C. #tupor 


-*. The most serious burn involving skin! nerves! muscles and bones! causing death due to loss of fluids and electrolytes in

the body and massive infection. A. 4irst Degree Burn

B. #econd Degree Burn C. Third Degree Burn

D. #unburn Answer C

-,. A discoloration of the body after death when the blood tends to  pool in the blood vessels of the most dependent portions

of the body and starts 2 to " minutes after death and is completed by 12 hours.

A. livor mortis

B. primary flaccidity C. maceration

D. rigor mortis Answer A

--. A wound which if inflicted in the body so serious that it will endanger one@s life.

A. mortal wound B. trauma

C. coup in6ury

D. superficial wound Answer A

-0. A wound produced by a blunt instrument such as club and stone. A. incised wound

B. hack wound C. lacerated wound

D. punctured wound Answer C

0. A displacement of the articular surface of the bone without e&ternal wounds.

A. ;ematoma B. 4racture C. #prain

D. Dislocation Answer D

01. A condition of e&posure to cold temperature of certain parts of the body which produces mechanical disruption of cell structure characteri9ed by cold stiffening and diminished body.

A. immersion foot B. trench foot C. frostbite

D. gangrene Answer C

02. A condition of women who have had one or more se&ual e&perience but not had conceived a child.

A. virgo:intacts B. demi:virginity C. moral virginity


0". 4i&ed discoloration of the blood clothed inside the blood vessels or has diffused to different parts of the body.

A. hypostatic lividity B. diffusion lividity C. hyper lividity

D. rigor mortis Answer B

0'. Things used by a person in the commission of a crime! or ob6ects left in a crime scene which are the sub6ects of criminalistics.

A. testimonial evidence B. hearsay evidence

C. circumstantial evidence

D. physical evidence Answer D

0(. The science dealing with the motion of a pro6ectile and the conditions governing that motion.

A. Ballistics

B. 4orensic Ballistics C. Terminal Ballistics

D. %&ternal Ballistics Answer A

0*. The application of medical knowledge in the solution of crimes. A. 4orensic #cience

B. 4orensic Chemistry C. 4orensic Ballistics

D. 4orensic edicine Answer D

0,. The science or art of obtaining images in scientific materials by the action of electro magnetic radiation rays.

A. 3olygraphy B. Dactyloscopy C. 3hotography

D. Chemistry Answer C

0-. /nstrument used in the measurement of temperature. A. %ndometer 

B. Barometer  C. Thermometer 

D. ananometer Answer C

00. The scientific detection of deception. A. 3olygraphy

B. Dactyloscopy C. To&icology

D. Chemistry Answer A

1. The test conducted to determine the presence of gunpowder  residue in the hands of a suspect.

A. diphenylamine test B. ultra violet test C. paraffin test D. #imon@s Test

Answer C


Answers: Criminalistics Review Questions 1. A 2. C ". C '. D (. B *. D ,. D -. D 0. C 1. B 11. B 12. C 1". C 1'. C 1(. D 1*. D 1,. B 1-. D 10. A 2. C 21. B 22. D 2". A 2'. C 2(. C 2*. A 2,. B 2-. B 20. B ". A "1. D "2. D "". D "'. A "(. A "*. A ",. A "-. B "0. B '. D '1. C '2. D '". D ''. B '(. A '*. D ',. D '-. A '0. D (. C


Law Enforcement Administration Review Questions

1. The amount and nature of the demands of the police service   A.Clientele

  B.3urpose   C.Time

D. 3rocess Answer C

2. The 373 has a program which ensures the deployment of  policemen in busy and crime prone areas. This is called

A. patrol deployment program B. roving patrol program

C. patrol and visibility program

D. police patrol program Answer C

". All regional appointments of commissioned officers commence with the rank of

A. #enior 3olice fficer / B. /nspector 

C. 3olice fficer ///

D. #enior /nspector Answer B

'. /n busy and thickly populated commercial streets like those in Divisoria! police patrol is very necessary. #ince there are several types of patrol! which of the following will you   recommend

A. ;orse patrol B. obile patrol C. 4oot patrol

D. ;elicopter patrol Answer C

(. /t is the product resulting from the collection! evaluation! analysis! and interpretation of all available information which concerns one or more aspects of criminal activity and which is immediately or potentially significant to police planning.

A. /nvestigation B. /nformation C. Data

D. intelligence Answer D *. These are work programs of line divisions which related to

the nature and e&tent of the workload and the availability of resources.

A. administrative plan B. operational plan C. strategic plan

D. tactical plan Answer B ,. /t is the premier educational institution for the police!

fire and 6ail personnel.

A. 3hilippine ilitary Academy

B. Development Academy of the 3hilippines C. 3hilippine College of Criminology

D. 3hilippine 3ublic #afety College Answer D

-. A crew which is assigned to a mobile car usually consist of A. a driver and intelligence agent

B. a driver and traffic man C. a driver and a recorder 


D. a driver! recorder and supervisor Answer D

0. An industrial comple& must establish its first line of  physical defense. /t must have

A. the building itself B. perimeter barriers

C. communication barriers

D. window barriers AnswerB

1. All of the following are members of the 3eople@s $aw %nforcement Board G3$%BH! %IC%3T

A. Three G"H members chosen by the 3eace and rder Council from among the respected members of the community.

B. Any barangay Captain of the city8municipality concerned chosen by the association of the Barangay Captains.

C. Any member of the #angguniang 3anglungsod83ambayan

D. A bar member chosen by the /ntegrated bar of the 3hilippines G/B3H Answer D

11. /t is the circumspect inspection of a place to determine its suitability for a particular operational purpose.

A. /nspection B. #urveillance C. #urvey

D. Casing Answer C

12. /n the civil service system! merit and fitness are the primary considerations in the

A. two:party system B. evaluation system C. promotional system

D. spoils system Answer C

1". /n the de:briefing! the intelligence agent is asked to discuss which of the following

A. his educational profile and schools attended

B. his personal circumstances such as his age! religious affiliation! address! etc.

C. his political inclination and8or party affiliation D. his observations and e&periences in the intelligence

Answer D

1'. /t is a natural or man:made structure or physical device which is capable of restricting! determine! or delaying illegal access to an installation.

A. alarm B. wall C. barrier 


1(. +hat form of intelligence is involved when information is obtained without the knowledge of the person against whom the information or documents may be used! or if the

information is clandestinely acuired5 A. covert

B. overt C. active

D. underground Answer A

1*. The provincial )overnor shall choose the provincial Director from a list of JJJJJJJJJJJ eligible recommended by the egional Director! preferable from the same province! city! municipality.

A. three G"H B. five G(H C. four G'H

D. Two G2H Answer A

1,. epublic Act *0,( provides that on the average nationwide! the manning levels of the 373 shall be appro&imately in accordance with a police:to:population ratio of

A. one G1H policeman for every seven hundred G,H inhabitants.

B. one G1H policeman for every one thousand five hundred G1!(H C.inhabitants.

C. one G1H policeman for every five hundred G(H inhabitants.

D. one G1H policeman for every one thousand G1!H inhabitants. Answer C

1-. /n disaster control operations! there is a need to establish a  JJJJJJwhere telephones or any means of communication shall

A.ensure open lines of communication. B.command post

C.operations center 

D.field room AnswerB

10. egistration of a security agency must be done at theJJJJJJ. A.#ecurities and %&change Commission

B.7ational 3olice Commission C.Department of 7ational Defense

D.373 Criminal /nvestigation )roup AnswerD

2. The cheapest form of police patrol. A. Bicycle 3atrol

B. 4oot 3atrol

C. otorcycle 3atrol

  D. ;elicopter 3atrol Answer B 21. The budget is a JJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJ in terms of e&penditure

reuirements. A.tactical plan B.financial plan C.work plan


22. The term used for the ob6ect of surveillance is a sub6ect while the investigator conducting the surveillance is

  A.rabbit B.surveillant

C.traffic enforcement

D.patrol Answer A

2". /t is a police function which serves as the backbone of the  police service. /n all types of police stations! there is a specific

unit assigned to undertake this function in view of its importance.

A.vice control

B.criminal investigation C.traffic management

D.patrol Answer D

2'. /t is the weakest link in security chain.   A.managers

B.Barriers   C.3ersonnel

D.inspections Answer C

2(. +hich of the following is considered as the most important factor in formulating an effective patrol strategy5

A.training of station commander 

B.adeuacy of resources of the police station C.rank of the patrol commander 

D.salary rates of police personnel Answer B

2*. +ho among the following have summary disciplinary powers over errant police members5

A.District Director B.3rovincial Director  C.Chief of 3olice

D.Chief! 373 Answer D

2,. ou are the 3atrol #upervisor for the morning shift. ou don@t have enough men to cover all the patrol beats. +hich of the following will you implement5

A. assign roving mobile patrol with no foot patrol B. assign mobile patrols only in strategic places

C. maintain your patrolmen at the station and 6ust wait for calls for police assistance

D. assign foot patrol in congested and busy patrol beats  but assign a roving mobile patrol to cover beats which

are not covered by foot patrol Answer B

2-. The father of organi9ed military espionage was A. Akbar

B. Ale&ander the )reat C. )enghis <han

D. 4rederick the )reat Answer B

20. +hich of the following is the most common reason why informer can give information to the police5

A.wants to be known to the policeman B.monetary reward


C.as a good citi9en

D.revenge Answer B

". To improve delegation! the following must be done! %IC%3T A. establish ob6ectives and standards

B. count the number of supervisor  C. reuire completed work 

D. define authority and responsibility Answer C

"1. +hat administrative support unit conducts identification and evaluation of physical evidences related to crimes! with emphasis on their medical! chemical! biological and physical nature.

A. $ogistics #ervice B. Crime $aboratory

C. Communication and %lectronic service

D. 4inance Center Answer B

"2. Those who are charged with the actual fulfillment of the agency@s mission are JJJJJJJJ.

A. staff

B. supervision C. management

D. line Answer D

"". +hen the sub6ect identifies or obtains knowledge that the investigation is conducting surveillance on him! the latter is

A. cut out B. sold out C. burnt out

D. get out Answer C

"'. #mall alley like those in the suatters area of Tondo can be  best penetrated by the police through

A. foot patrol B. mobile patrol C. highway patrol

D. helicopter patrol Answer A

"(. #ome of the instructions in foot surveillance are th e following! %IC%3T

A. stop uickly! look behind

B. drop paper! never mind what happens to the paper  C. window shop! watch reflection

D. retrace steps Answer B

"*. n many occasions! the bulk of the most valuable information comes from

A. business world B. newspaper clippings C. an underworld informant

D. communications media Answer B

",. ;ighly ualified police applicants such as engineers! nurses and graduates of forensic sciences can enter the police service as officers through


B. commissionship C. lateral entry

D. attrition Answer C

"-. 3olice /nspector Fuan Dela Cru9 is the Chief of 3olice of a municipality. ;e wants his subordinates to be drawn closer to the people in the different barangays. ;e should adopt which of the following pro6ects5

A. C3# on the blocks B. plan Bakal

C. plan #andugo

D. Complan 3agbabago Answer A

"0. +hat should be undertaken by a #ecurity fficer before he can  prepare a comprehensive security program for his industrial  plan5

A. security conference B. security check C. security survey

D. security education Answer C

'. This patrol method utili9es disguise! deception and lying in wait rather than upon high:visibility patrol techniues.

A. low:visibility patrol B. directed deterrent patrol C. decoy patrol

D. high:visibility patrol Answer A

'1. /t enforces all traffic laws and regulations to ensure the safety of motorists and pedestrians and attain an orderly traffic.

A. Civil elations Enit

B. Traffic perations Center  C. Traffic anagement Command

D. Aviation #ecurity Command Answer C

'2. A method of collecting information wherein the investigator merely uses his different senses.

A. observation B. casing C. research

D. interrogation Answer A

'". /n stationary surveillance! the following must be observed! %IC%3T

A. never meet sub6ect face to face B. avoid eye contact

C. recogni9e fellow agent

D. if burnt out! drop sub6ect Answer C

''. 3edro is a thief who is eying at the handbag of aria. 31 #antos eyes is standing a few meters from aria.The thief@s desire to steal is not diminished by the presence of the police officer but the JJJJJJJJJJJJJJJ for successful theft is.

A. ambition B. feeling C. intention


'(. )raduates of the 3hilippine 7ational 3olice Academy G373AH are automatically appointed to the rank of

A. #enior #uperintendent B. /nspector 

C. #enior 3olice fficer 1

D. #uperintendent Answer C

'*. 373 in:service training programs are under the responsibility of the

A. 373 Directorate for 3lans

B. 373 Directorate for ;uman esource and Doctrine Development

C. 373 Directorate for 3ersonnel and ecords anagement

D. 373 Directorate for Comptrollership Answer C

',. ne way of e&tending the power of police observation is to get information from persons within the vicinity./n the police work! this is called

A. data gathering B. field inuiry C. interrogation

D. interview Answer B

'-. Dogs have an acute sense of JJJJJJJJJJJJJJJ thus! their utili9ation in tracking down lost persons or illegal drugs.

A. smell B. hearing C. eating

D. drinking Answer A

'0. /ntelligence on JJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJ makes heavy use of

geographic information because law enforcement officials must know e&act locations to interdict the flow of drugs.

A. $ogistics

B. ;uman Cargo Trafficking C. 7arcotics Trafficking

D. %conomic resources Answer C

(. +hich of the following is most ideally suited to evacuation and search:and:rescue duties5

A. motorcycle B. helicopter C. patrol car 

D. bicycle Answer B

(1. A method of collection of information wherein the investigator tails or follows the person or vehicle.

A. research

B. undercover operation C. casing

D. surveillance Answer C

(2. This is a person who does detective work for hire! reward or commission! other than members of the A43! BF3! provincial guards! 373 or any law enforcement agency of the



A. #ecret Agent B. >Tiktik?

C. 3rivate detective

D. Endercover Answer C

(". The uprightness in character! soundness of moral principles! honesty and freedom from moral delinuencies is referred to as

A. integrity B. loyalty C. discretion

D. moral Answer A

('. )oing east while foot patrolling and turning right after reaching the end of your beat and turning right after reaching the other end of the road and again turning right until you completed the cycle by reaching back to your origin of patrolling.+hat  patrol pattern have you applied5

A. clockwise B. straightway

C. counter clockwise

D. free:wheeling Answer A

((. +hich theory of patrol state that police visibility increases the opportunity to apprehend criminals by soothing them and letting them believe that their crimes will not be detected5

A. low profile theory B. high visibility

C. theory of omnipresence

D. team policing Answer A

(*. +ithout air force capability! patrol operation that covers large  park areas! grassy fields or wooded areas reuires the use of

A. bike patrol B. horse patrol C. marine patrol

  D. helicopter patrol Answer B

(,. +hich of the following refers to the long range planning5 A. /ntermediate

B. #trategic C. edium

D. short Answer B

(-. The operational plan which is designed to met everyday or year round needs is called

A. meeting unusual needs B. e&tra office

C. regular operating programs

D. special operating programs Answer C

(0. +hich of the following is the oldest type of patrol5 A. horse

B. foot C. canine


*. The act of e&pelling a suatter by the legal process is called A. demolition

B. suadron C. eviction

D. tear down Answer C

*1. +hich of the following is not a commissioned officer5 A. /nspector

B. senior superintendent C. asst. chief 

  D. chief superintend Answer C

*2. +hich of the following words has the same meaning as the word credibility5

A. ability B. capacity C. believability

D. vulnerability Answer C

*". +hich of the following best defines the word self:reliant5 A. observation

B. crime prevention C. called for service

D. criminal apprehension Answer C

*'. All but one are the primarily line operation in police organi9ation A. patrol

B. records C. investigation

D. traffic Answer C

*(. Criminals can hear the sound of the helicopter coming and so element of surprise is lost which is one of the JJJJJ JJJ  of air patrol

A. advantages B. features

C. disadvantages

D. import Answer C

**. +hat is the patrol used to locate prowlers! burglars hiding in large buildings or stores! and the control of unruly crowds and

riots5 A. foot B. horse C. bicycle

D. dog . Answer D

*,. +hich of the following laws established the 3olice rgani9ation under the D/$)5

A. .A. ('-, B. .A. -((1 C. .A. 11,'

D. .A. *0,( Answer D

*-. +ho is the most important officer in the police organi9ation5 A. investigator 


C. traffic officer 

D. The Chief of 3olice Answer B

*0. +hich of the following is the oldest warning device5 A. trumpet

B. horn C. radio

D. siren Answer A

,. +hat type of cover uses actual or true background5 A. artificial

B. multiple cover C. natural

D. cover within a cover Answer C

,1. +hat is the principle of organi9ation suggesting that

communication should ordinarily go upward and downward through establish channels in the hierarchy5

A. Chain of Command B. #pan of Control C. Enity of Command

D. Delegation of Authority Answer A

,2. +hat is the optional retirement for officers and new officers of the police service5

A. 1( years B. 2( years C. " years

D. 2 years Answer D

,". )overnors and mayors! upon having been elected and having ualified as such!are automatically deputi9ed as representatives of the

A. 7A3$C B. D7D

C. 3$%B

D. none of these Answer A

,'. /t is constitutionally and legally mandated to ad minister and control the 3hilippine 7ational 3olice.

A. D/$) B. D7D

C. 7A3$C

D. D4A Answer C

,(. /t is the central receiving entity for any citi9en@s complaint against the members and officers of the 373.

A. D/$)

B. 7A3$C C. 3$%B

D. /A# Answer C

,*. +hen we say that a commander is directly responsible for any act or omission of his subordinates in relation to the

 performance of their official duties! we are referring to A. chain of command


C. Command responsibility

D. span of control Answer C

,,. A police strategy which aims to directly involve members of the community in the maintenance of peace and order by police officers.

A. /ntegrated 3olice #ystem B. Comparative 3olice #ystem C. 3olice isibility

D. Community riented 3olicing #ystem GC3#H Answer D

,-. 7o person in an organi9ation can do all the tasks necessary for accomplishing group ob6ective. Also! no one should e&ercise all the authority for making decisions.This refers to

A. chain of command B. command responsibility C. unity of command

D. delegation of authority Answer D

,0. Ender A *0,(! a police officer is entitled to a longevity pa y euivalent to how many percent GKH of his monthly basic salary for every five years of service! to be reckoned from the date of his original appointment in the police! fire! 6ail or o ther allied services5

A. 2 percent B. ( percent C. 1 percent

D. 1( percent Answer C

-. This term refers to the period when a police officer is actively engaged in the performance of his duty.

A. off duty B. off limits C. on call

D. on duty Answer D

-1. The act of temporarily denying an officer the privilege of  performing his police duties in conseuence of an offense and

violation of rules and regulations. A. dismissal

B. restriction C. suspension

D. reprimand Answer C

-2. The credential e&tended by the Civil #ervice

Commission87ational 3olice Commission for the purpose of conferring status for permanent appointment in the police service.

A. police credibility B. police visibility

C. Criminology Board %&amination D. police patrol e&amination

%. police eligibility Answer %

-". /n the history of our police force! who was the first Director )eneral of the 3hilippine 7ational 3olice G373H5


B. )en. aul /mperial

C. )en. Emberto odriue9

D. )en. ecaredo #armiento Answer A

-'. The premier educational institution for the training! human resource development and continuing education of all the  personnel of BF3! B43 and 373.

A. 373A B. 3CC C. 37TC

D. 33#C Answer D

-(. Ender the law!the city8municipal 6ail warden should have a rank of JJ.

A. /nspector B. Chef /nspector C. #enior /nspector 

D. #uperintendent Answer C

-*. The reuired rank for the Chief of Fail Bureau. A. Chief #uperintendent

B. Director )eneral C. Director 

D. Deputy Director )eneral Answer C

-,. /t e&ercise supervision and control over the provincial 6ails. A. BF3

B. Bureau of 3risons C. Department of Fustice

D. 3rovincial )overnment Answer D

--. The reuired rank for the head of the 4ire Bureau. A. Chief #uperintendent

B. Director )eneral C. Director 

D. Deputy Director )eneral Answer C

-0. /t e&ercise supervision and control over all city and municipal  6ails.

A. BF3

B. Bureau of 3risons C. Department of Fustice

D. $ocal )overnment Answer A

 0. The annual reservation percentage uota for women in the 373

A. 2(K B. (K C. 1K

D. 2K Answer C

01. +hich of the following administers and attends to cases involving crimes against chastity5

A. C/D) B. D#+D

C. +omen@s Desk 


02. They are automatically deputi9ed as 7A3$C

representatives to e&ercise supervision and control over 373 units.

A. Chief of 3olice B. Fudges

C. $ocal )overnment %&ecutives

D. 4iscals Answer C

0". They have the authority to recommend to the 3rovincial Director the transfer! reassignment of 373 members outside of their town residences.

A. egional Directors B. 3riests

C. Chiefs of 3olice

D. ayors Answer D

0'. The head of a local peace and order council is the JJ. A. 6udge

B. chief of police C. mayor 

D. governor Answer C

0(. The utili9ation of units or elements! of the 373 for the

 purpose of protection of lives and properties! enforcement of  laws and maintenance of peace and order.

A. employment B. deployment C. assignment

D. designation Answer A

0*. The orderly and organi9ed physical movement of elements or units of the 373.

A. employment B. deployment C. assignment

D. designation Answer B

0,. ne of the following e&ercises control and supervision over the 373 units during elections.

A. 7B/

B. mbusdman C. C%$%C

D. D/$) Answer C

0-. The number of eligible for which the egional Director may recommend for 3rovincial Director to the governor is JJ.

A. 2 B. " C. (

D. ' Answer B

00. +ho is the current Chief of the 3735 A. 7icanor Bartome

B. 7icanor Bartomeo C. 7ick Bartolome


1. The current 373 deputy director )eneral for Administration is A. Arturo Cacdac Fr.

B. %milito #armiento C. ommel ;eredia

D. Ale&ander oldan Answer A

11. egistration of a security agency as a corporation must be  processed at what particular government agency.

A. 373 #A)#D B. 7A3$C C. D7D

D. #%C Answer D

12. inimum age reuirement for security manager or operator of a security agency.

A. 2( years old B. " years old C. "( years old

D. ' years old Answer A

1". ;e e&ercises the power to revoke for cause licenses issued to security guards.

A. Chief 373 B. D/$) Esec

C. 7A3$C chairman

D. D/$) #ecretary Answer A

1'. efers to a natural or man made structure which is capable of delaying illegal access to facility.

A. +all B. 4ence C. Barriers

D. Beach fronts Answer C

1(. /t refers to means and ways that personnel and employees making them security conscious.

A. #ecurity 3romotion B. #ecurity %ducation C. #ecurity /nvestigation

D. #ecurity #eminar Answer B

1*. /ndustrial management must establish the first line of physical defense!it refers to

A. 3erimeter barriers B. The building itself 

C. Door!$ocks!+indow barriers

D. %ntry points where security guards are located Answer A

1,. 3hysical security is a system of barriers placed between the  potential intruder and the ob6ect matter to be protected.As

criminologists!this is simply a denial of  A. pportunity to commit the offense B. pportunity to the ob6ect of protection C. Access to the ob6ect of protection


1-. +eakest link in the security chain. A. #ecurity )uards

B. anager  C. Barriers

D. 3ersonnel Answer D

10. 3erimeter barriers!protective lighting and JJJJJJ system are known in industrial security as physical security.

A. )uarding B. eporting C. elieving

D. Accounting Answer A

11. This is an additional outward inclined fi&ed structure usually  barbed wires placed above a vertical fence to increase

 physical protection from intruders of a certain area!this is known as

A. Cellar )uard B. Tower )uard C. Top )uard

D. Top Tower Answer C

111. The e&terior and interior parallel area near the perimeter  barrier of an industrial compound to afford better observation

and patrol movement is known as A. 3rotective 9one

B. Clear 9one C. Twilight 9one

D. 3atrol lane 9one Answer B

112. 3rotective guarding in a compound can be done by the use of electronic hardware!human guards and even animals./n

%ngland!an owner to protect his compound used this and they are not only effective but also the cheapest to maintain.This man is using

A. Doberman B. Tame Tigers C. )eese

D. Duck Answer C

11". The government agency that issues licenses for private and government security guard is

A. 373 ##/A B. ayors office C. 373 4%

D. 373 #A)#D Answer D

11'. /f access is limited only to unauthori9ed personnel!this  particular place is referred to as

A. Compromise area B. estricted area C. Danger area

D. %&clusive area Answer B

11(. 4irst measure undertaking before a comprehensive security  program for an industrial plan could be developed.


B. #ecurity check  C. #ecurity survey

D. #ecurity /nspection Answer C

11*. A security of a plant or industrial fim is also known by other terms e&cept

A. obbery evaluation B. ulnerability

C. isk Assessment

D. #ecurity Audit Answer B

11,. Today there are " categories of security guards belonging to the blue army.

A. )overnment security guards B. Company guards

C. Agency guards

D. Body guards Answer D

11-. +hether to put up its own security guard organic to the firm or hire contractual agency guards have their individual merits and disadvantages.To determine which type of guarding

system an industrial firm will reuire management must consult A. A security consultant not connected to or owning a

security agency

B. A military intelligence officer  C. A police officer 

D. A security agency owner Answer A

110. As a security officer!you can not prevent nor protect natural ha9ards like storm!earthuakes!floods and the like./n order to reduce the disastrous effects of these natural ha9ards you will

A. Call 3A)A#A and inuire when the ne&t storm is coming B. Alert your guards when ha9ards occur 

C. 7ot take any concern of such ha9ards D. 3repare a disaster or emergency plan

for these ha9ards for the firm Answer D

12. 3ractical e&ercise or test of a plan or activity to determine its effectiveness is called

A. #ham drill B. 4ire drill C. Dry run

D. %vacuation plan Answer C

121. The main reason for a personnel security investigation is A. To weed out undesirable employees

B. To check loyalty of employees to the organi9ation C. To determine the character and reputation of certain

employees secretly tagged as risks.

D. 3reclude assignment to sensitive positions for those who are security risks. Answer D 122. /n an industrial firm there is a need for document security.As

security officer!you can advice management on this aspect although this is not totally your assigned work.Document security is not a protection of vital records from


B. Theft or loss

C. Compromise or destruction

D. Enauthori9ed access Answer A

12". As a security chief of an industrial firm!inventory shows that  pilferage is rampant in the warehouses.+hat will be your

choice of action

A. To resign if you have failed your 6ob

B. Deploy intelligence men in pilferage prone areas to catch the culprit

C. 3repare your protective plans and confer with management for their immediate implementation D. Tighten checking at e&ists of vehicles of the


Answer B

12'. There are many types of electronic and electric protective devices available for security buildings!storehouses and compounds.ne of the ff is true

A. %lectronics8electrical devices provide total protection for the place to be safeguarded

B. Types of alarms needed can best be given by the dealers of said devices

C. %ach building or compound reuires particular electronic8electrical protective devices

D. %lectronic8electrical devices eliminate human guards Answer C

12(. The management of keys used in plant office or business organi9ation to prevent unauthori9ed access is referred to as

A. #ecurity key control B. $ock control

C. key control

D. <ey management Answer C

12*. /t is defined as system of barriers placed between the matters  protected and the potential intruder 

A. Computer security B. 3ersonnel security C. Document security

D. 3hysical security Answer D

12,. This type of alarm system utili9es a station located outside the compound

A. Au&iliary system B. 3roprietary system C. Central alarm system

D. $ocal alarm system Answer C

12-. /t is installed as part of the building which holds up to 1! cubic meters of essential items.At least 12 ft. in height with enough ventilation and fire proof of at least one hour.

A. 3rotective cabinet B. 4ile room

C. ault


120. /t is the susceptibility of a plant or establishment to damage!loss or disruption of operations due to various ha9ards.

A. isk analysis B. isk assessment C. elative vulnerability

D. elative criticality Answer C

1". /t refers to the importance of the establishment with reference to the national economy and security.

A. isk analysis

B. elative vulnerability C. isk assessment

D. elative criticality Answer D

1"1. The association of all licensed security agencies operators A. 3A3AD

B. 3AD3A C. 3D3A

D. 3A3AD Answer B

1"2.+ho among below can own or operate security agency5 A. A 4ilipino citi9en

B. Anyone provided he knows the 6ob C. An alien but living in the 3hilippines

D. All of them Answer A

1"". A licensed issued to operate security agency or company forces.

A. Business license

B. $icense to engage in business C. $icense to operate

D. All of them Answer C

1"'. .A. 7o. ('-, governs the operation of  A. 3rivate detective

B. Company security

C. 3rivate security forces8agencies

D. All of them Answer D

1"(. A fact:finding prove to determine a plant adeuacy and deficiency all aspects of security with the corresponding recommendation.

A. #ecurity audit B. #ecurity survey C. #ecurity inuiry

D. #ecurity operations Answer B

1"*. Barrier which includes but not limited to wall!fences!grill etc. A. #tructural barriers

B. an made barriers C. 3hysicalo barriers

D. 7atural barriers Answer B

1",. ne who steals due to his inability to resist the une&pected opportunity and has little fear of detection.


B. utsider  C. Casual

D. /nsider Answer C

1"-. A barrier which includes but not limited to mountains! cliffs! ravines! cliffs! etc.

A. %nergy B. ;uman C. 7atural

D. Animals Answer C

1"0. /ssued by the security guard for personnel to be admitted to the company.

A. Duress code B. 3ass system C. /D

D. Access list Answer B

1'. /n a close:in security formations! a one man security covers A. "* degrees

B. 1- degrees C. '( degrees

D. 0 degrees Answer A

1'1. A mechanical device of supplying water which can be manual or motor driven.

A. #tand pipe

B. 4ire e&tinguisher  C. 4ire hydrant

D. 4ire pump Answer A

1'2./ntrusion alarm devices are designed to JJJJJJ and not

 prevent criminals from trespassing and should be used normally as an independent ad6unct and not a replacement of the

human guard forces. A. Detect

B. Deterred C. 3rovide

D. /mpeded Answer A

1'". An authenticated list of personnel given to security allowing entry to compound or installation or part thereof.

A. 3ass system B. /D

C. Access list

D. Duress code Answer C

1''. The act or condition affecting the safe operation o f the facility caused by human action!accidental or intentional./t includes sabotage!espionage!pilferage and

theft!disloyalty!disaffection and subversive activities. A. %lectronic ha9ard

B. natural ha9ard C. Artificial ha9ard


1'(. %&ample of the #ecurity Communication system. A. Telephone

B. 3aging system C. adio

D. All of them Answer D

1'*. The revised rules and regulations governing the organi9ation and operation of private detective and private security

agencies and company security forces throughout the country.

A. 3rivate security law B. /nternational law C. 3rivate law

D. #ecurity law Answer A

1',. A metallic container used for the safekeeping of documents or small items in an office or installation.

A. #teel cabinet B. Drawer  C. Basket

D. #afe Answer D

1'-. A heavily constructed fire and burglar resistant container usually a part of the building structure used to keep and  protect cash!document and negotiable instruments.

A. Basket B. ault

C. #teel cabinet

D. Concrete coffin Answer B

1'0. #teal or plastic pipes located in the building from the lowest to the top floor with water under pressure for use in case of fire.

A. $owering pipe B. +et pipe

C. Top pipe

D. #tand pipe Answer D

1(. +ho among below are e&empted from pre:licensing training5 A. A43 and 373 retirees

B. )raduate of TC basic or advance C. A43 and 373 veterans

D. All of the above Answer D

1(1. Tenure of security personnel is based on A. Can be e&tended by the client

B. The service contract between the agency and the client

C. $abor only contracting between the agency and the guard

D. Tenure provided by the labor code Answer B

1(2. Before private security agencies render security services to its clients!there must be a contract that must bind them!it is called

A. Contract service B. #ervice contract


C. #ecurity contract

D. #ecurity service contract Answer D

1(". +hich below is a ualification for the operator o r manager of security agency.

A. Commissioned officer of A43 or 373!inactive or retirees B. At least 2( years of age

C. 4ilipino citi9en

D. All of them Answer D

1('. A security force maintained and operated by any private company for its own security reuirements only.

A. /nsular security force B. Company security force C. )overnment security unit

D. 3rivate security unit Answer B

1((. A person who offers or renders personal services to watch or secure a residence or business establishment or both is

A. +atchman B. #ecurity guard C. B only

D. B and A Answer D

1(*. /nclude all the security measures designed to prevent unsuitable individuals or persons of doubtful loyalty to the government from gaining access to classified matter or to any security facility and to prevent appointment or retention as employees of such individuals.

A. #ecurity personnel B. %mployee security C. 3ersonnel security

D. Both A and C Answer C

1(,. /t is an inuiry into the character!reputation!discretion and loyalty of individual in order to determine a persons suitability to be given security clearance.

A. B/ B. $AC C. 7AC

D. 3#/ Answer D

1(-. Consist of the investigation of the background of an individual  but limited only to some of the circumstances of his personal

life which are deemed pertinent to the investigation. A. 3#/

B. 3B/ C. CB/

D. B/ Answer B

1(0. A thorough and complete investigation of all or some of the circumstances or aspect of a persons life is conducted.

A. 3#/ B. 3B/ C. CB/


1*. Among the following!which is the least e&pensive and least secure personnel control identification system5

A. ultiple pass system

B. )roup pass and badge system

C. #pot magneti9ed identification pass

D. #ingle pass or badge system Answer D

1*1. 4actors considered in background investigation e&cept A. /ntegrity

B. Character 

C. 3ersonal prestige

D. $oyalty Answer C

1*2. otives that cause people to be disloyal A. Character 

B. evenge C. oral

D. eputation Answer B

1*". +eakness that makes people susceptible to pressure A. Fealousy

B. +eakness of character 

C. Close relative in foreign land

D. All of them Answer D

1*'. A security unit maintained and operated by any government entity.

A. /nsular security force B. Company security force C. )overnment security unit

D. 3rivate security agency Answer C

1*(. Cosnsist of the investigation of the background of a person  particularly all the circumstances of his personal life

A. 3#/ B. 3B/ C. CB/

D. B/ Answer C

1**. Any person!association!partnership!firm or private

corporation!who contracts recruits!trains!furnishes or post any security guards to do its functions.

A. /nsular security force B. Company security force C. )overnment security unit

D. 3rivate security agency Answer D

1*,. #hall be responsible to the detachment commander as far as his shift is concerned.

A. fficer in charge B. #hift in charge

C. #ecurity guard on duty

D. Assistant detachment commander Answer B

1*-. Before a security guard can practice his profession!he shall  possess a valid security license!+hat is this license5


B. $icense to operate C. Drivers license

D. #ecurity guard license Answer D

1*0. ;ow many firearms issued for every two guards employed by the security agency is allowed by law5

A. ' B. " C. 2

D. 1 Answer D

1,. 4irearms of security agency should be covered with firearms license issued by the 373 through its 4irearm %&plosive Division under the civil security group renewable every

A. ' years B. " years C. 2 years

  D. 1 year Answer D

1,1. The aspect of security which involves the application of security measures 4or the protection and safeguarding of classified information

A. Top secret

B. /nformation security C. 3ersonnel security

D. Documents security Answer D

1,2. efers to assigned information by one of the four classification categories

A. eclassify B. Classified C. Declassify

D. #ecurity clearance Answer B

1,". efers to the administrative determination that an individual is eligible for access to classified matter.

A. eclassify B. Classified C. Declassify

D. #ecurity clearance Answer D

1,'. eans loss of security which results from an unauthori9ed  persons obtaining knowledge of classified matter.

A. ulnerability B. Criticality C. probability

D. Compromise Answer D

1,(. These are information and material!the unauthori9ed disclosure of which would cause e&ceptional grave damage to the

nation!politically!economically or from a security aspect!this category is reserved for the nations closest secret and is to  be used with great reserve.

A. estricted matters B. #ecret matters

C. Confidential matters


1,*. These information and material!the authori9ed disclosure of which would endanger national security!cause serious in6ury to the interest or prestige of the nation or of any governmental activity or would be of great advantage to a foreign nation.

A. estricted matters B. #ecret matters

C. Confidential matters

D. Top secret matters Answer B

1,,. These information and material!the unauthori9ed disclosure of which while not endangering the national security would be  pre6udicial to the interest or prestige of the nation or any

government activity or would cause administrative

embarrassment or unwarranted in6ury to an individual or would be of the advantage to a foreign nation.

A. estricted matters B. #ecret matters

C. Confidential matters

D. Top secret matters Answer C

1,-. /t is information that in some special way relates to the status or activities of the possessor and over which the possessor asserts ownership.

A. Transmission security B. Trade secret

C. 3atents

D. 3roprietary information Answer D

1,0. /t maybe a formula for a chemical compound!a process of manufacturing!treating or preserving materials!a pattern for machine or device or a list of customers.

A. Transmission security B. Trade secret

C. 3atents

D. 3roprietary information Answer B

1-. /t is the protection resulting from the application of various measures which prevent or delay the enemy or unauthori9ed  persons in gaining information through communication.

A. Transmission security B. Cryptographic security C. Communication security

D. All of the above Answer C

1-1. That component of communication security which results from the provisions of technically sound crypto system and their  proper use.

A. Transmission security B. Cryptographic security C. Communication security

D. All of the above Answer B

1-2. A system which uses words as the smallest element. A. Transposition system

B. Code


D. Cipher Answer B

1-". A system that manipulate 1!2 or " characters at a time. A. Transposition system

B. Code

C. Concealment

D. Cipher Answer D

1-'. /t is the potential damage or loss of an asset. A. Adversary

B. isk 

C. #ecurity ha9ard

D. Criticality Answer B

1-(. /t is the impact of a loss as measured in financial terms. A. Adversary

B. isk 

C. #ecurity ha9ard

D. Criticality Answer D

1-*. %liminating or removing the risk totally from the

 business!government or industrial environment for which the risk manager has responsibility.

A. isk self:assumption B. isk spreading

C. isk avoidance

D. isk avoidance Answer C

1-,. /t is an act of spying. A. #aboteur  B. %spionage C. pilferer 

D. #abotage Answer B

1--. /t is one of the most annoying and common human ha9ards which security has to deal with.

A. Casual pilferage B. #ystematic pilferage C. 3ilferage

D. 7one of the above Answer C

1-0. ne who steals with pre conceived plans and takes always any or all types of items or supplies for economic gain.

A. Casual pilferage B. #ystematic pilferage C. 3ilferage

D. 7one of the above Answer B

10. +hat date is the epublic Act 7o. ('-, or the private security agency law passed5

A. Fune 1"! 1000 B. Fune 1"! 10*0 C. Fune ,! 20

D. Fune "1! 10*0 Answer B

101. A natural ha9ards or acts of god. A. Calamity


B. 3henomenon C. Disaster 

D. 4orce ma6eure Answer D

102. A restricted area where visitors are limited in movement and are usually escorted.

A. %&clusive area B. $imited area C. estricted area

D. 3rotected area Answer B

10". A structure placed above a vertical fence to increase  protection from intruder.

A. )uard house B. Clear 9one C. Tower guard

D. Top guard Answer D

10'.A conference similar to entrance conference!this is only done after the completion of security survey.

A. %ntrance conference B. Briefing

C. Debriefing

D. %&it conference Answer D

10(. /t is the lost that would be sustained if a given target or combination of target where totally removed!destroyed or  both.

A. isk reduction

B. 3robable ma&imum loss C. isk transfer 

D. 3ossible ma&imum loss Answer D

10*. efers to the amount of loss a target would be likely to sustain through theft and robbery.

A. isk reduction

B. 3robable ma&imum loss C. isk transfer 

D. 3ossible ma&imum loss Answer B

10,. A term used in %ngland for lock pickers!safe crackers and  penetrators of restricted rooms or area.

A. #uperman B. 3eterpan C. Batman

D. 3eterman Answer D

10-. The badge or pass coded for authori9ation to enter specific areas is issued to an employee who keeps it in his possession until his authori9ation terminates.

A. 3ass system

B. 3ass e&change system C. #ingle pass system


100. Company owned alarm system with a unit in the nearest police station so that in case of need! direct call is possible.

A. Au&iliary alarm B. 3roprietary system C. $ocal alarm system

D. Central station station system Answer A

2. The system consists of ringing up a visual or audible alarm system near the ob6ect to be protected.

A. Au&iliary alarm B. 3roprietary system C. $ocal alarm system

D. Central station system Answer C

Criminal Jurisprudence Review Questions

1. Berto! with evident premeditation and treachery killed his father. +hat was the crime committed5

A. urder  B. 3arricide C. ;omicide

D. =ualified ;omicide Answer B

2. 3" Bagsik entered the dwelling of Totoy against the latter@s will on suspicion that Bitoy keep unlicensed firearms

in his home. +hat was the crime committed by 3" Bagsik5 A. Trespass to Dwelling

B. iolation of Domicile C. Esurpation f Authority

D. 4orcible Trespassing Answer B

". Charlie and $ea had been married for more than * months.They live together with the children of $ea from her first husband. Charlie had se&ual relation with Fane! the 1' year old daughter of $ea.Fane loves Charlie very much.+hat was the crime committed  by Charlie5 A. #imple #eduction B. =ualified #eduction C. Consented Abduction D. ape Answer B

'. 3rof. Fose gave a failing grade to one of his students! $ito. +hen the two met the following day! $ito slapped

3rof. Fose on the face. +hat was the crime committed by $ito5 A. Corruption of 3ublic fficials

B. Direct Assault

C. #light 3hysical /n6uries

D. )rave Coercion Answer B

(. A warrant of arrest was issued against 4red for the killing of his  parents. +hen 32 Tapang tried to arrest him!4red gave him 1 million pesos to set him free. 32 Tapang refrained in arresting 4red. +hat was the crime committed by 32 Tapang5

A. /ndirect Bribery B. Direct Bribery





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