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Global solutions

for global and local business

EnhancE your sEcurity, EfficiEncy and

compliancE whilst also dElivEring cost savings!


2 | security solutions for financial institutions

Providing solutions for all your

security-related needs

Banks and financial institutions’ reputations depend upon the protection they provide for customers’

hard-earned assets and investments.

so, how can your organisation meet the challenges that lie ahead? these might include:

•  More effective compliance reporting and auditing in light of increasing regulation

•  Flexible building security so that you can adapt to changing industry dynamics

•  Dependable protection of your assets

Whatever your security challenge, Honeywell can help. our solutions provide the security you

need at every level – from the branch right through to global integrated enterprises - and solutions

that meet your current requirements and anticipate your future needs.

we provide a single point of contact for all your security needs. The result is peace of mind for

your business and greater trust and confidence from your customers.

Security solutions for financial institutions

• Any size: we can meet the security need of any financial institutions, irrespective of size - from

individual branches through to headquarters and data centres.


Any type: our solutions range from scalable intruder, video and access systems through to

enterprise-wide systems that integrate with other business systems.


Any time: we can meet your current and future needs, giving you a single global supplier for all

your security requirements and one system across all of your sites. this provides you with:

– increased efficiencies across your building management.

– improved security and control over high risk areas.


Solutions that increase your security

honeywell can meet all of your security needs, including:

Visitor and employee security

our integrated visitor management systems enable you to: – track individuals; limit access to authorised areas; prevent

tailgating through doors.

– alert security personnel to suspicious behaviour. – respond to health and safety emergencies (e.g. fire

alarm roll-calls; rapid identification of potential attacks on employees; the protection of lone workers).

Four key areas in which our solutions

could transform your organisation are:



Cost Savings


Continuous protection

honeywell’s security systems can be designed with

automatic fail-over, giving complete back- up in the event of a catastrophic failure (even a natural disaster or terrorist attack).

Total data protection

our software development Kits can provide logical integration with your it and hr systems, protecting your critical data from cyber theft, physical theft and tampering. we also provide system reports on data security and never-fail back-up (if required).


4 | security solutions for financial institutions

Solutions that boost your efficiency


Efficient management of your security estate

our security solutions enable you to:

– control staff and visitor movements and limit access to restricted areas.

– have open, customer-friendly branches whilst protecting your personnel and assets. – rapidly reconfigure areas for differing levels of risk, whilst minimising inconvenience.


A highly flexible system

our systems can be adapted to meet constantly changing building security demands. they can be integrated with your payroll, hr and it systems to provide a single database (multiple systems can increase the risk of security breaches and the duplication of data entry).

Solutions that provide cost savings


Versatile security programming

our highly flexible solutions enable you to respond rapidly to changing needs, and include:

– the use of macros for rapid reconfiguration.

– the use of video analytics, the latest ip controllers and wireless lock technology to provide temporary security without massive disruption or cost.


Cost savings and centralised security management

we can maximise the cost-effectiveness of your system, even across international boundaries, by:

– managing your global security needs and the complexities of multiple suppliers and employees.

– using our network of approved integrators to deliver consistent, high quality solutions. – Boosting efficiency by providing a single point of contact for multiple installations at

different sites and in different countries.

– taking care of project management, ongoing maintenance and system training. – the remote management and monitoring of multiple sites from a single central location.

Solutions that help with compliance


Managing risk and staying abreast of the latest regulatory changes

whether you need risk management reporting for Basel ii and iii or preparing for sarbanes oxley audits, we can help by:

– providing the necessary reports and data at the press of a button. – setting up automated security reporting to make compliance reporting


In summary, we can meet all of your key needs:

Security – through the protection of your employees and assets.

Efficiency – by process automation, remote monitoring and intelligent security.

Compliance – through report automation and integration with other systems.

Cost savings – by reducing theft, integration with third party systems, easier migration to new solutions, and centralisation of security.

these are challenging times –

but honeywell can help you to

turn challenges into opportunities


6 | security solutions for financial institutions

Case study: Nomura

international bank nomura invested in the pro-watch®

Enterprise Edition access control system for its london office enabling it to centrally control access to an unlimited amount of doors and areas in offices around the world, including its remote data centres. it consists of one enterprise server that provides global management of a number of independent regional servers. the enterprise server acts as central storage area for system configurations and stores cardholder information and transaction history. the regional servers function independently as local databases while sharing information with the enterprise server.

the system takes the term `user-friendly’ to a higher level and has made it simple to enforce nomura’s access policy via built-in wizards and shortcuts. the windows®-based graphical

user interface minimises operator training and the built-in software wizards enhance system uniformity across sites. this contributed to a reduced installation time and a shorter overall learning curve for new users. reporting is straight-forward and access control logs can be quickly and simply accessed. should a fire alarm occur, a report can be generated quickly to show the details of all personnel within the building at that point in time.

the honeywell pro-watch solution is fantastic! it’s a robust, resilient and flexible security

management system capable of integration. integrating it with our own peoplesoft



resource system and intranet saves us significant administrative time by eliminating repetitive data

entry associated with managing and aligning cardholder information and access rights.

Andy Williams

Head of Security EMEA



Why choose Honeywell?

•  Professional and personal: we have a strong track record of working with financial organisations, including many blue-chip clients. we build a close working relationship with our customers to ensure that their systems evolve to meet changing industry needs. •  Established and experienced: our extensive expertise has been built up over many years, so we can offer financial customers a

long-term, lasting partnership.

•  Local and global: honeywell has a powerful local presence but our strong global integrator network provides the continuity and consistency needed for cross-border installations with multiple sites.

What does this mean in practice?

•   One point of contact: we provide financial organisations with a ‘one-stop shop’ for all their security needs. our solutions are designed to meet widely varying needs: from standalone branches to multi-site organisations.

•   Seamless integration: By integrating our security systems with it, hr and building management systems, you can benefit from cost savings, improved people management and greater efficiency.

•   In summary: our expertise, combined with the quality and reliability of our integrated security systems, allows financial institutions to meet all of their existing and emerging security challenges.

Honeywell Security Group

•   Honeywell Security Group has over 7,100 employees in over 100 countries. We are present in over 16 countries in Europe, the Middle  East & africa, and our headquarters is located in mougins, france.

•   We have over 40 years’ experience in the security business, and we have the people, the skills and the resources needed to deliver  unparalleled levels of support.

•   We strive for operational excellence in everything we do: we believe that we can make a real difference by delivering the highest  quality solutions in the best possible way for our customers.


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