5. You will need to confirm your registration, by entering a unique code displayed on the page and click Confirm Signup

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1. Go to www.mailchimp.com

2. Click Sign Up Free on the top right hand corner of the page (you will need to remember these details and next time you can click the Log In button)

3. Fill in the details to set up an account and click Create My Account

4. You will be sent an activation email to the email address you registered. To finish signing up for Mail Chimp click the Activate Account button in the email

5. You will need to confirm your registration, by entering a unique code displayed on the page and click Confirm Signup

6. Fill in your personal details and scroll down to click Save and Get Started to access your Mail Chimp account. You can also choose to upload a profile photo at this point.

7. Once you have finished signing up or logging in, you can proceed to create a newsletter and add people to your list. Scroll down below for specific instructions in this area.


1. To add people to your database you can either, have them fill in a form embedded on your website (or through a link you provide), or you can manually upload them to Mail Chimp. This section will show you how to add you current database manually to Mail Chimp.

2. Click Lists on the left hand side of your screen

3. On the top right hand corner of the screen, click the Create List button 4. Fill in the list details and click Save when you have finished.

5. Click the Import Subscribers button to import. At this point you can also set up a sign up form.

For instruction on how to do this, scroll below.

6. Choose the format that you current database list is in (most likely Excel). Each new person must begin on a new line. You can also include details such as name. The email address must be the first thing on each line.

7. Alternatively you can upload a file, and Mail Chimp will help to decipher what each column pertains to. To do this click the Upload File Instead button

8. Click the Upload List button

9. To upload future people manually, repeat process by clicking on Lists on the left hand side, click on the list you wish to add people too, click on Add Subscribers and then chose Add a


1. To set up a Sign Up form, click on Lists on the left hand side

2. Select the list you wish to set up a sign up form from. 3. Click on Signup Form

4. Select General Forms

5. Scroll down, and on the right hand side, double click on any new fields you would like people to fill in when subscribing

6. To adjust the new field, click in it and the field setting tab should pop up. Here you can adjust the name of the field, and indicate whether it is a required field

7. You can add different types of new fields, text, numbers, drop down boxes. To edit any field, click the mouse in the field and then follow the cues on the right hand side of the page under Field Settings

8. When you have finished creating your form, you can also make design changes by clicking on the Design It tab above the form


9. Once your Signup Form is complete, you can then send people the link, add it to your website or put it on your facebook page. The URL is above the form

10. You can also easily embed the form into your website to do this, click on Signup Form on the top of the screen again

11. You then need to click on Embedded Forms

12. Scroll down to the Copy/Paste onto your site panel. You must select all of the text in this box (if you miss out even one character, it will not work) to do this, put the curser in the panel amongst the text

13. Right click and select copy

14. Enter your website (must be editing site) and paste information onto the page/section you want it. You can paste by right clicking and selecting paste.


1. To create a newsletter, click on Campaign on the left hand side of the screen

2. Then click on Create Campaign on the top right of the screen

3. Select Regular Ol Campaign (you can use the others if you want to explore)

4. You can then choose to send it to the entire list, a saved segment or a new segment. Click Next on the bottom right hand corner of the screen

5. Complete the required Campaign Info. Then click Next on the bottom right hand corner of the screen.

6. You can then select a template for the newsletter basic (recommended), theme, saved template (if you have made one) or recently sent

7. Once you have selected the type of template you would like, you are able to edit your newsletter to suit your needs.

8. To edit text or pictures, click on the appropriate box, and use the guide on the right hand side of the screen to make the appropriate changes. You can use the top three boxes to edit text as well clicking the drop down arrow on the bottom right to get more options. Click Save and Close when you are finished with that section.

9. Using the right side of the screen again, you can also add extra images, text boxes, dividers etc. To do this, click on the option you want, and drag it onto the main screen and drop it where you want it to be.

10. Once you have finsihed editing your newsletter, click Next in the bottom right corner of the screen. You can also save and exit (top right of screen) if you wish to come back to finish another day.

11. Double check all the information is correct, and then click Send. You may also wish to schedule your newsletter to be released at a predetermined time.




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