Taking your desk phone to its logical extension. Cox Business VoiceManager SM

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Taking your desk phone to its

logical extension.



Your desk phone on your desktop.

Cut the cord to your desk phone. Introducing Cox Business VoiceManager.SM

It places your desk phone right on your desktop, so you can enjoy complete control and customization.

Simply log on and activate your voice service with a mouse click. Cox Business VoiceManager begins with a simple user interface accessible from any Internet connection. This platform provides features at your fingertips, intuitively organized so you can use any feature on any phone. Personalized service that you design.

This fully hosted communications solution includes all maintenance and upkeep, while your administrator retains business-level control. You get all of the real-time functionality you want and none of the day-to-day management you don’t. It’s time to teach your old phone new tricks.


Anywhere. Anytime. Every time. Cox Business VoiceManager is packed with advanced features that enable you to focus on what you do best. Make and update your personal call management preferences in real time. Receive calls from your customers no matter where you are. You can use your features on any phone, whether you’re in the office, at home or on the go.

Enhanced Productivity

Traditional and never-before-available features make voice communication more effective so you can take your productivity to the next level.

Key Features:

Find Me/Follow Me forwards your calls instantly to the

phone nearest you. If you like, you can route all but your most important callers to voice mail.

Auto Attendant answers calls automatically on the first

ring. Use one or more voice menus to direct callers to the right extension.

Personal Status Manager maintains dynamic control over

incoming calls as you move in, out and around the office. Includes preferential treatment for important callers.

Where is it written your

desk phone has to tie you to a desk?


Complete Mobility

Road warrior? Your ally has arrived. Retain full access to a robust range of features. Working from home or a temporary office has never seemed so, well, professional.

Key Features:

Remote Office streamlines your desk phone, cell phone

and home phone (or any other temporary phone) into one telephone number.

Sequential Ring sets up to five phones to ring in sequence if

you don’t answer your primary business telephone. All voice mails route to your primary inbox only.

Call Notification sets up your mobile phone to receive alerts

with the number, date and time of incoming calls and voice mails the moment you receive them.

Modern Messaging

Lights flashing. Icons jumping. Until now. Cox Business VoiceManager messaging features put you in control of your voice mail and your e-mail.

Key Features:

Unified Messaging places your voice mails and e-mails in

one window. Log on. View. Sort. Listen. Respond in order of priority and simplify your workday.

Personal Call Manager puts your call history on your

desktop. Your call logs display numbers in three categories: incoming calls, outgoing calls and missed calls.

Distinctive Alert/Ringing sets specific ring and call waiting

tones. You can decide whether to accept a call without looking at Caller ID.

Arrange up to five phones to ring in the sequence you choose.


Cox Business VoiceManager is a fully hosted communications solution including all system maintenance and upkeep. Yet your system administrator retains business-level control from any Internet connection. The result? All of the real-time functionality you want and none of the day-to-day management you don’t.

Streamlined Administration

Out of sight and off your mind. The Cox Business VoiceManager platform links employees in all locations with the same system to enhance productivity and customer experience.

Key Benefits:

System Management connects every employee to a

remote hub over a private hosted network owned and fully maintained by Cox.

Virtual Attendant gives your system administrator on-screen

control and management of all lines, making it possible to change preferences or view individual employee status anytime. • Total Cost of Ownership remains stable because your

service advances automatically as technology does.

The new voice service you can manage


nine fingers tied behind your back.


System-Wide Reliability

Full redundancy enables your business to continue daily operations even if your office becomes inaccessible. Redirect all calls and retain full control through any Internet connection or ordinary telephone.

Key Benefits:

Business Continuity ensures your lines of communication

remain open even when your office may be closed, whether you’re moving to a new location or your office is physically unusable.

Disaster Recovery keeps full operation in motion through

disruptive events because your system is hosted off-site and managed through easy online controls.

Always Up-To-Date ensures your leading-edge service

Leading-Edge Technology

Expand your business beyond bricks and mortar. Cox Business VoiceManager unites your entire business under a single communications platform delivered over our private, fiber-based network.

Key Benefits:

One System unifies communications for all employees, whether

they’re in branch offices, home offices or on the road.

No Equipment to purchase or maintain. You can even retain

your current phone numbers and equipment!

Fully Maintained service means you can rest easy with the

backing of a national IP backbone and 24/7 technical support.

Cox maintains and updates your service so you don’t have to.


Alternate Numbers Anonymous Call Rejection Auto Callback

Barge-In Exempt Call Forwarding Always Call Forwarding Busy Call Forwarding No Answer Call Forwarding Remote Access Call Forwarding Selective Call Hold

Call Return

Call Screening By Digit Pattern Call Trace

Call Transfer With 3-Way Consultation

Call Waiting

Cancel Call Waiting Per Call Cancel Call Waiting All Calls Calling Line ID Blocking Per Call Calling Line ID Blocking Per Line Calling Line ID Name & Number Delivery (Internal)

Click To Dial Directed Call Pickup Distinctive Alert/Ringing Do Not Disturb

Extension Dialing Find Me/Follow Me Last Number Redial Outlook Integration Personal Call Manager Personal Status Manager

Personal Web Portal Toolbar Phone List (Group)

Phone List (Personal) Phone List (Call Log) Priority Alert/Ringing Remote Office Ring Splash

Selective Call Acceptance Selective Call Rejection Simultaneous Ring Speed Dial 8 Speed Dial 100 Three-Way Calling/ Consultation Hold Voice Portal Calling

Personal Features

Advanced features.

Easy one-click control.

Group Features

Auto Attendant

Calling Group ID Delivery Call Intercept

Call Park Call Pickup

Calling Plan (Incoming) Calling Plan (Outgoing) Configurable Calling Line ID

Configurable Extension Dialing Configurable Feature Codes Directed Call Park

Directed Call Pickup Group Ringtones

Group Web Portal Toolbar Instant Group Call Music On Hold

Remote Office Sequential Ring Series Hunt

(Directory Number Hunt) Simultaneous Ring Unified Messaging Voice Portal




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