2014 LeadingAge Ohio / OHCA Salary and Benefits Survey Glossary

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Position Descriptions


Medical Director- Oversees care and quality, as well as the workings of the interdisciplinary team. An involved and informed medical director plays a key role in ensuring quality care for nursing facility patients. Include only if works as a salaried employee.

Director of Nursing- Plans, organizes, coordinates, directs, and supervises activities of nursing personnel in providing patient care. Responsible for evaluating nursing services to ensure patient care.

Assistant Director of Nursing- Reports to the Director of Nursing and is responsible for assisting with many functions in the nursing department.

RN Charge Nurse - The nurse (RN) in charge of a nursing unit. This would also include Head Nurse. LPN Charge Nurse – The nurse (LPN) in charge of a nursing unit

Registered Nurse - Provides a variety of nursing care duties for patients within an assigned unit.

Licensed Practical Nurse - Provides a variety of nursing care duties for patients as indicated by licensure. State Tested Nursing Aide- Assists patients with basic nursing procedures including activities of daily living and providing bedside care. Duties performed may not go beyond practice standards indicated by certification.

Non-Certified Nurse Aide - Assists patients with basic nursing procedures including activities of daily living and providing bedside care. This includes all aides that are not certified.

Medication Aide – trained and certified to administer medications in a long-term care setting. Feeding Assistant – provide feeding assistance to residents who are unable to feed themselves.

MDS Nurse (RN)- Is a RN who supervises the creation of a Minimum Data Set for patients and electronic transmission of required data by timeframe mandated by the State. Is the final signoff of the MDS. MDS Nurse (LPN)- Is a LPN in charge of the creation of a Minimum Data Set for patients and electronic transmission of required data by timeframe mandated by the State.

Resident Care Manager - Responsible for providing clinical and managerial support for the nursing department. Has 24-hour responsibility for maintaining the standards of quality for nursing care provided to all residents on a designated unit. Serves as a clinical resource to nursing staff.

Staff Development Coordinator- Responsible for managing the orientation program and developing staff according to the facility’s educational goals.

Restorative Coordinator- Designs and implements a program that restores or improves the resident’s functional level.


Unit Secretary - Provides clerical support for nurses and residents on a unit.

Quality Assurance Nurse- Responsible for developing and overseeing a resident care system that ensures compliance with quality initiatives and regulations. This would also include an Infection Control nurse or a Case Manager nurse.

Skilled Unit Admissions Nurse - Coordinates the care of patients requiring skilled care through assessments, admissions, discharges and communication with hospitals and insurance agencies.

Ancillary/Support Dietary

Registered Dietitian- This position is a registered dietician responsible for assessing the nutritional needs of residents and planning meals that will meet their defined nutritional needs.

Dietetic Technician – This position is responsible for assessing the nutritional needs of residents and planning meals that will meet their defined nutritional needs.

Director of Dining/Food Services- Directs the dining department in developing and maintaining policies and procedures in order to provide the residents with a high quality dining program. Supervises the food service staff.

Assistant Director of Dining/Food Services- Assists with the planning of the department by providing direction over menu and dietary planning and also the preparation and serving of meals. May also be responsible for ordering necessary supplies.

Dining Room Supervisor- Supervises the wait staff and dining staff in serving food, cleaning, and setting up of tables in the dining room. Ensures customer service as well as the proper sanitary conditions in which the food must be served.

Kitchen Manager- Oversees the kitchen staff. Ensures the quality of food served to residents and sees that it is prepared according to recipes and procedures.

Office Manager- Responsible for planning, organizing, and controlling the clerical aspect of the dietary department.

Chef- Supervises the cooking staff and helps prepare menu items. Also ensures quality and supervises the safe handling of food.

Sous Chef- Direct assistant of the chef. Responsible for preparing a selection of foods for residents, employees, and visitors.

Cook- Responsible for preparing menu items for residents. Oversees other cooking personnel in preparation of food.

Dietary Aide/Dishwasher- Performs many functions in order to keep food service areas clean and sanitary including but not limited to setting up meal trays, food carts, dining room, trayline and dishroom, etc., as instructed, and may include some food preparation.

Porter - Performs a variety of tasks including, general sanitation procedures, ensure proper food storage, operating kitchen equipment, handling chemicals and cleaning equipment.


Activities/Social Services

Activity Director- Responsible for planning, implementing, and supervising a facility activity programs in order to increase resident quality of life.

Activity Coordinator - In charge of planning, organizing and directing activity programs for residents on a floor. Will supervise the Activity Aide on that floor.

Activity Aide- Assists with planning, organizing, and directing activity programs for residents that may include sports, social activities, games, arts and crafts, etc.

Director of Pastoral Services- Coordinates religious services for the facility and provides religious counseling to residents, family members, and employees.

Director of Social Services- Plans and administers social service programs. Responsible for assisting in developing policies regarding participation in facility planning for health and welfare services. Also supervises the facility social workers.

Social Worker- Provides counseling and education to residents and also communicates the underlying social and emotional factors of their illnesses to the medical team.

Admissions Coordinator- Manages resident care by coordinating admissions, discharges, assessments, etc. with the residents, residents’ families, staff and administration.

Volunteer Coordinator- Responsible for placing and supervising those who volunteer for the facility. Also coordinates volunteer orientation, training, and appreciation events.

Administrative and General Services Executive Staff

Executive Director- Appointed by the Board of Directors. Responsible for all functions of the facility. Chief Financial Officer- Reports to the Executive Director and is responsible for coordinating and

preparing the annual budget. Also prepares and reports financial accounting of the facility to the board or other debt holders.

Nursing Home Administrator- Responsible for coordinating, directing, and administering all activities of the nursing home, to carry out its objectives in providing resident care.

Nursing Home Assistant Administrator- Assists with administrative duties and reports to the administrator. Administrative Staff

Controller- Responsible for the financial operation of the facility which includes keeping fiscal records and control of funds.

Business Office Manager- Responsible for general accounting including accounts payable, receivable, payroll, and bank reconciliations. Also prepares budgets and financial statements, and handles and records cash transactions.

Accounts Payable Clerk- Performs many duties regarding the confirmation and payment of invoices. Responsible for verifying goods received against packing slips, invoices, and purchase orders before payment.


Billing Specialist- Performs many duties regarding the billing of a variety of payers.

Payroll Clerk- Performs calculations of payrolls including withholding and deductions as well as other payroll functions.

Executive Assistant - Performs a variety of secretarial duties for the Director and/or other key executives that requires a vast knowledge of the organization.

Administrative Assistant- Responsible for routine secretarial duties such as arranging meetings, maintaining files, and screening phone calls.

Receptionist- Responsible for directing incoming phone calls as well as greeting and guiding visitors through the facility. May also perform other routine administrative tasks.

Director of Purchasing- Responsible for purchasing of supplies, equipment, service, inventory control, capital equipment accountability, and distribution services including: linens, sterile supplies and central stores.

Resident Services Coordinator- Supervises and evaluates the staff and services for the residents and all facility service programs. Also oversees residents’ transfers and moves within the facility.

Transporter- Performs a variety of activities related to the transfer of residents and equipment throughout the facility.

Human Resources

Director of Human Resources- Oversees employment, placement, compensation, benefits, training and development, and labor relations of the facility.

HR Generalist/Manager- Responsible for handling all aspects of human resources activity such as recruiting, hiring, compensation, and benefits.

HR Assistant- Provides clerical and technical support in areas such as recruiting, hiring, compensation, and benefits. Responsible for preparing employee reports and keeping updated personnel files.

Recruiter - Responsible for sourcing, screening, hiring, orientation and all other practices/reporting related to recruiting. Also assists with on-boarding new hires.


Security Services Staff- Monitors buildings and grounds in the prevention of fire, theft, vandalism, illegal entry, etc.

Laundry & Housekeeping

Director of Environmental Services- Plans, schedules, supervises, participates in, and inspects the work of employees in the operations, maintenance, and security departments of the facility.

Laundry/Housekeeping Supervisor- Supervises housekeeping and laundry activities in maintaining a clean, orderly, and sanitary facility and in processing linens and other washables through washing and drying cycles.


Laundry and Linen- Provide a variety of duties in the collection and laundering of linens and other washables.

Porter - Clean rooms using methods established by the Department. This includes but is not limited to buffing, stripping, and waxing of hard surface floors. Spot cleaning carpet and shampooing carpet. Also trash removal, window washing, make deliveries of packages throughout the facility, respond to

emergencies, handle various setups for functions, clean public areas, and general clean residents apartments. Maintain clean equipment at all times. Report any changes about resident's health and/or the condition of the apartment.

Floor Care Technician- Responsible for maintenance of flooring, including buffing, stripping and waxing hard surface floors; cleaning and shampooing carpets and providing assistance in other areas of the housekeeping department.

Information Technology

IT Director/Manager- Responsible for the assignment of computer hardware and software to employees and for the ongoing maintenance of facility computer systems.

IT Specialist- Installs, maintains, troubleshoots, and upgrades the facility computer system. Maintenance

Director of Plant Operations- Responsible for planning, organizing, directing, and coordinating all maintenance and grounds operations of the facility.

Maintenance Supervisor- Supervises maintenance activities of physical plant and grounds of the facility. Responsible for proper conditions of light, heat, and service facilities for all buildings and physical plant. Maintenance Skilled Staff- Performs a variety of non-routine and skilled maintenance and repair activities on the facility buildings and equipment.

Maintenance General Staff- Provides a variety of routine tasks in the maintenance and repair of facility and facility grounds.

Grounds Supervisor- Performs skilled and semi-skilled work and supervises grounds personnel involved in the maintenance of facility grounds, roads, and walkways.

Groundskeeper- Responsible for the operation, maintenance, and utilization of the facility grounds. Transportation Coordinator- In charge of resident transit. Plans, develops, and coordinates transportation schedules and supervises drivers.

Driver - Provides professional, courteous and efficient transportation for residents and/or clients via bus, car or limousine.


Physical Therapist- A therapist who designs prescribed programs that help condition and restore movement. Responsible for evaluating, recording, and reporting patient progress.

Physical Therapy Assistant – Works under the direction of physical therapists and assists the physical therapist with administering physical therapy treatments to patients.


Speech Therapist/Language Pathologist- Identify and treat speech and language disorders by

determining causes and evaluating test results. Plans and administers a program designed to improve or restore the patient’s ability to communicate properly.

Health and Wellness

Director of Health and Wellness- Responsible for developing and implementing a broad-based health and wellness program that promotes wellness and healthy living among residents as well as employees. Health and Wellness Aide/Staff- Administers and evaluates the health and wellness programs of the facility.


Director of Marketing & PR- Responsible for preparing marketing plans that will generate new business and maintain current business, as well as explore new business opportunities.

Marketing Coordinator- Coordinates and manages the admission process for residents by giving tours and handling applications and waitlists.

Director of Development- Responsible for planning and implementing fund raising programs, special events, and other facility activities that are necessary for business development.


Universal/Versatile Worker – Performs a wide array of duties within the household model including providing personal care to the residents, housekeeping, laundry, cooking and activities.

Household Nurse Leader – Functions similar to an Assistant DON, responsible for overall clinical care and quality to residents and rehab guests in the household.

Nurses (RNs/LPNs) – Pass and manage medications, assist with dining, personal care and activities. Perform treatments and assess conditions and needs of the residents.

STNA / Care Specialist – Provides personal care to the residents and develops and/or leads planned and spontaneous activities.

Trained Medication Assistant – Pass medications, communicate conditions and needs, and assist with dining, personal care and activities.

Homemaker – Provides housekeeping, laundry and cooking services to residents; participates in household activities.



Resident Assistant - Assists residents with activities of daily living and bedside care in an Assisted Living setting. Is not state tested or certified.

Administrative and General

Director of Assisted Living – Responsible for the daily operations of assisted living. Directs and

supervises the work of staff in providing for the care and needs of the residents. Includes scheduling of staff work.

Assisted Living Administrator - Responsible for coordinating, directing, and administering all activities of assisted living, to carry out its objectives in providing resident care.

Resident Services Coordinator - The primary function of the resident services coordinator (RSC) is to effectively assist resident family members that have requested support in enhancing the quality of their daily lives and in more fully and successfully participating in the educational and economic mainstream. Independent Living (Senior Living)

Director of Resident Services- Responsible for the coordination of care for all residents, including case management, and managing the staff and services for the residents and all facility service programs. Housing Administrator- Responsible for planning, organizing, and controlling all aspects of housing activity.

Housing Manager- Oversees housing staff and is responsible for all housing programs and services related to placing appropriate candidates into housing units.

Assistant Housing Manager- Responsible for managing properties, making sure maintenance/repairs are completed, allocating housing to tenants, etc.

Service Coordinator- Supervises and evaluates independent living services in order to ensure that the elderly and those with disabilities are not prematurely institutionalized.

Independent Living (HUD Housing)

Regional Manager – Oversees multiple HUD communities in a given region, responsible for housing managers in the communities, along with the programs and services provided.

Office Staff – Perform clerical duties such as filing, copying, and helping with application process for residents.

Home & Community Based Services Home Health Director- Manages staff, care delivery, and care coordination of home health services.

Home Health RN- Registered Nurse who provides at-home care for a variety of patients.

Home Health LPN- Licensed Practical Nurse who provides at-home care for a variety of patients.


Home Health LSW- Enhance the quality of life of the elderly that live at home by addressing and resolving their social issues.

Companion Care Provider – A companion or sitter who provides personal care to the patient. Hospice Nurse – Provides a variety of care for individuals who are terminally ill.





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