Senior Accountant Position Description Housing Resources Group (HRG)

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Senior Accountant

Position Description

Housing Resources Group (HRG)

Position Type: 40 hours per week, exempt Reports to: Controller

Basic Responsibilities:

Initiate, manage and assist with and complete processing of all accounting transactions and routine closing processes for complete, timely and reliable monthly, quarterly and year-end reporting. Initiate and manage the publishing of monthly, quarterly and annual financial reporting for HRG buildings and administration. Supervise Accounts Payable Specialist and Property Accountant in all aspects of their jobs.

Produce reliable and timely internal management reports for HRG administration and Board of Directors, partners and clients we serve. Perform all accounting functions for projects under construction from gathering transactions to cost certifications.

Coordinate annual budget preparation revisions. Assist Controller in reconciling, analyzing, correcting accounts and preparing schedules and documentation for year-end partnership tax, GAAP accounting and annual HRG & Affiliates audit. Oversee all accounts receivable functions including property residents, donations and grants.

Key Objective:

Initiate and complete processing of complex accounting transactions and routine closing processes for timely and reliable monthly, quarterly and year-end reporting

 Directly supervise Property Accountant and Accounts Payable Specialist.  Initiate, coordinate and execute routine processing of accounting transactions

including but not limited to: overseeing, adjusting and inputting allocations of indirect costs; setting up, adjusting and posting recurring entries for depreciation and amortization, insurance expenses, prepaid costs and deferred revenues and expenses for administrative departments and assigned properties

 Manage debt servicing for timely payment, accurate recording of ACH transfers and debt amortization

 Ensure timely payment of property tax returns for all buildings

 Perform accounting for predevelopment costs and use of the development fund  Account for donations, contributions under GAAP. Reconcile books to fund-raising


 Reconcile Sound Families related accounts and activities and make recommendations to Controller regarding the accounts

 Allocate administrative costs monthly to complete financial statements timely  Gather, reconcile, and assist Property Management in preparing

monthly/quarterly/annual requirements for condominium associations  Prepare the annual personal property tax returns for HRG

 Prepare and submit B&O and quarterly City tax reports and payments timely

Minimum Performance Standards:  Monthly and quarterly closing is

accomplished 10 out of 12 months  Financial reports are meaningful and

appropriate for the users

 Transaction processing “error rate” less than 15%

 Tax reporting deadlines are met 100% of the time

 Debt service payments are on time 100%  Tax reporting and payment submission


Key Objective:

Produce reliable and timely internal management reports for HRG administration and Board of Directors, partners and clients we serve

Publish administrative financial statements, make notations and assist department managers in understanding the administrative statements

Analyze financial statements for variance analyses and errors for assigned properties and oversee analysis of Property Accountant.

Oversee and at times execute corrections which resolve the issue at hand

Ensure draft financial reports are published on a timely basis including: building

income & cash flow statements, building balance sheet and income statements and other reports as needed for assigned properties owned by HRG, our partners and third parties

Oversee the distribution of reliable and timely reports to property managers via the Excel “Index” or other media as technology changes

Prepare entries, reconcile, review, correct and publish monthly, quarterly and annual financial statements for clients for which we are fiscal managers

Coordinate and communicate with clients and accounting staff to resolve issues in a timely manner

Minimum Performance Standards:

 Monthly, quarterly and annual financial reports for buildings administration are completed and approved for release by 4:00 p.m. 10 out of 12 months of the time  Historic Seattle clients receive reliable

statements within 3 days after receiving their data over 75% of the time

Key Objective:

For projects under construction or just completed, gather, coordinate booking and special tracking of transactions, initiate construction draws, retrieve documents and report to partners on actual vs. budget, as well as complete information for cost certification reports in a timely and accurate manner so as to minimize HRG cash outflows

 Maintain tracking and accounting for all costs projects under construction

 Provide construction coding to accounting staff for construction-related invoices and pre-development-related invoices

 Work with Controller to prepare monthly bank/lender draw requests and manage cash, pay contractor and HRG invoices for fees and reimbursement

 Reconcile general ledger accounts for construction to bank budget and development tracking on a monthly basis

 Keep supporting files for projects under construction

 Work with Controller, Director of Finance, and auditors to finish cost certification

Minimum Performance Standards:

 Agreed upon cost certification submission deadlines are met 80% of the time


Key Objective:

Supervise accounts payable

 Oversee timely accurate processing of accounts payable

 Maintain the check stock on log, checking in new checks and checking out stock for check runs.

 Ensure timely mailing and distribution of payments  Assist AP clerk in printing checks on check run day.

 Oversee accounts payable specialists’ maintenance of files and storage files in neat, orderly and retrievable fashion including AR and journal vouchers.

Minimum Performance Standards:

 AP check cutting deadlines are met 100 % of the time including debt payments  AP entry invoice coding error rate is less

than 5 % when covering this position  AP checks released without proper

manager approval or documented blanket-approvals less than 5 % of the time

 Correcting journal entries are made within 24-hours of error discovery 70% of the time

Key Objective:

Record administrative accounts receivable transactions, provide reliable reports and oversee property accounts receivable accounting activity

 Gather backup, create and mail approved billings for consulting and construction management income

 Prepare entry for billings in the MIP accounts receivable system

 Prepare deposits of non-rent cash receipts in a timely manner ensuring deposits are ready for the bank delivery intact daily

 Code miscellaneous administrative receipts and enter into MIP ledgers correctly and timely and communicate receipt of items to appropriate administrative staff

 Advise Controller of overdue consulting AR

 Ensure proper coding and application of AR receipts for administrative revenues including consulting and fundraising

 Ensure that generally accepted accounting principles and HRG accounting

procedures are followed in the assignment of consistent, accurate accounting codes to each invoice and that costs are entered to the appropriate accounting period  Supervise Property Accountant in the reconciling and resolving of tenant account

receivable issues

Minimum Performance Standards:

 Non-rent cash deposits received from throughout the office by Accounting Specialist are prepared for same-day deposit 90 % of the time. Journal and accounts receivable entries for non-cash receipts are prepared and posted weekly 70% of the time and by the last day of the month 100% of the time

 Ensure Property Accountant AR performance standards are met


Key Objective:

Assist month-end and year-end closing processes including analyzing, correcting accounts, preparing schedules, documenting for year-end partnership tax and GAAP accounting as well as the annual HRG & Affiliates audit

 Assist with and participate in the annual audit and closing process for the

partnerships, HRG buildings, third party buildings and HRG’s administrative income and expenses

 Ensure procedures and policies are followed in processing the above transactions  Maintain allocation bases and distribution codes in MIP and relevant spreadsheets

as from time to time changed by the Controller

 Ensure that generally accepted accounting principles and HRG accounting

procedures are followed in the assignment of consistent, accurate accounting codes to each invoice and that costs are entered to the appropriate accounting period  Interface with audit and tax personnel as needed

 Prepare year-end schedules as assigned

Draft tax returns for Condominium Associations

Minimum Performance Standards:

 Transaction processing “error rate” less than 15%

 Auditors bring to our attention schedules that do not tie to financial statement numbers less than 5% of the time  Tax reporting and payment submission

deadlines are met 100% of the time

Key Objective:

Assist with annual budgeting process to assure timely and accurate reporting of actual versus budget.

 Coordinate the preparation and monitoring of assigned properties and property capital budgets with Property Management, ensure accounting estimates for depreciation, amortization, deferred interest and other fixed costs are input for budget preparation, oversee corrections to iterations of the budget to ensure final results are as intended

 Assist Managers in obtaining information for assembling their budgets and answering questions related to their budgets throughout the year

 Coordinate and participate in input of accounting-initiated budget entries to budget templates including property taxes, depreciation, interest and deferred interest, accounting and WSHFC fees, in short fixed costs

 Coordinate input of Board-approved budgets and revisions for administrative departments, assigned buildings and building capital budgets

Minimum Performance Standards:

 Annual operating budget input “error rate” is less than 15%.

 Budget input deadlines for initial budgets are met 90% of the time.

Key Objective: Self and Team Development


 Ensure expenditure authorization procedures are followed

 Work together with other employees to learn effectively from and with each other, and to incorporate the lessons learned

 Conduct at least one self-development project annually

 Embody HRG ethics in your own work, and in the work you manage  Participate in Accounting Department meetings

Key Objective: In General

 Follow HRG principles, policies and procedures

 Work together with co-workers to learn effectively from and with each other, and incorporate the lessons learned

 Embody HRG values in your own work

 Bring to the attention of Director of Finance or Controller accounting policies and procedures which need revision or enforcement

Undertake other duties as assigned by the Controller

Minimum Performance Standards:

 100% compliance with HRG policies and ethical standards

Minimum Qualifications:

 Bachelor’s degree in accounting and 5+ years of general ledger accounting experience

 Minimum two years supervisory experience. Proven ability to direct multiple departmental activities; lead by example; formulate and execute departmental goals and objectives and assess achievement

 Strong experience performing accounting transactions for all major accounting cycles  Experience with general ledger analysis & reconciliation

 Strong oral and written communication skills

 Working knowledge of generally accepted accounting principles  Proven ability to organize multiple projects

 Advanced Excel skills and data file uploads/downloads

Desired Qualifications:

 Accounting experience with a real estate organization that constructs and manages properties  Prior experience working MIP accounting software and property management software, SQL queries  Ability to read and understand legal documents

 Experience with cost allocations

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