The Great American Trucking Story

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Trucking Division


The Great American Trucking Story

In recent years, a number of top motor carriers—leaders in the trucking industry—have chosen to

offer Great American’s insurance products to the independent Owner-Operators they hire. They

recognize that driving under Great American’s care and protection is a very smart business decision,

but what motivated them to pick an insurer who’s neither the price nor the volume leader in the

trucking marketplace?

Clearly, they looked deeper. Perhaps they better understood what really mattered to the men and

women who drove across America on their behalf. Perhaps they better understood the impact of a

quality insurance program to their bottom line. Perhaps, as they saw other insurance providers come

and go, they placed more value on the stability and the consistent presence of a company with a long

history of profitable performance. Perhaps they appreciated the focused expertise of a business unit

dedicated to nothing but them.

This brochure will enable you to explore Great American Insurance Group on your own and decide for

yourself why the coverages offered by our Trucking Division are in such demand; why Great American

is one of the fastest growing insurers of the Owner-Operator segment in the industry today.

Trucking Division


NoN-TruckiNg LiabiLiTy

Non-Trucking Liability

Non-Trucking Liability offers liability coverage for property damage or bodily injury to a third

party while you are using your truck for non-business purposes.

Non-Trucking Liability offers:

• Bodily Injury and Property Damage Liability

• Medical Payments/Personal Injury Protection (if required by state law)

• Uninsured/Underinsured Motorist coverage (if required by state law)

• Limits up to 2 million available for additional premium.

Trucking Division


Physical Damage

Great American’s Physical Damage coverage offers 24-hour protection from damages to your tractor or trailer. This coverage is offered nationwide, so no matter where you travel from sea to shining sea, your rig is protected. Coverages include:

• Specified Perils ( fire or explosion, theft, windstorm, hail, earthquake, flood, vandalism, and more)

• Comprehensive

• Collision

• Deductible options

• Towing and labor expenses

• Storage charges

• GAP Coverage

• Federal Excise Tax on new vehicles

PhysicaL Damage

Trucking Division




TruXpro® provides coverages designed to address the extra needs of an Owner-Operator. Supplemental Coverage Basics:

• Diminishing Deductible—Now an insured can get credit for NOT having a loss. An insured’s original deductible will decrease by 25% for every loss-free year until the deductible reaches $0. If the insured has a loss during the policy term, the deductible is reset to the original amount after the loss. At the end of 4 consecutive loss-free years, the insured’s deductible is zero!

• Single Deductible Clause—When a tractor and trailer are insured under the same policy with TruXpro® and damages result from the same covered loss, only a Single Deductible applies.

• Downtime/Rental Reimbursement—Benefits pay up to $5,000 with a $150/day and $750/week limit, subject to a short waiting period.

• Personal Effects Coverage—Covers insured’s personal belongings inside a covered truck up to $5,000, subject to a $250 deductible.

• Electronic Equipment Coverage—Covers insured’s electronic equipment inside a covered truck up to $5,000, subject to a $250 deductible.

• Tarps, Chains and Binders—Limit of $500, subject to a deductible of $100.



Trucking Division


Deductible Buyback Endorsement

Our Deductible Buyback Endorsement can protect Owner-Operators from paying multiple deductibles after an accident. Lease contracts with Motor Carriers often require the Owner-Operator to assume responsibility for policy deductibles on the carrier’s trailer and cargo as well as accident-related property damage. This contractual liability can climb into the thousands of dollars. This affordable endorsement will reimburse an Owner-Operator for the amount of the motor carrier’s deductible that the Owner-Operator is required to pay during the settlement of an accident claim.

DeDucTibLe buyback eNDorsemeNT

Trucking Division


Rig Ready


When your rig is down, we’re ready to help. When your rig is ready, you can roll! Participating professional body shops all across the country will release your rig as soon as repairs are complete – even if they haven’t received payment from Great American yet! They know we’re good for it; we’ve been protecting America’s small businesses since 1872 and have built our reputation on prompt and fair claims settlement.

• Trained technicians at participating shops work directly with Great American’s Rig Ready® Team, eliminating the need for an appraiser to view the equipment before repairs can begin.

• Most participating shops are full-service dealers, you can count on experienced body, frame, alignment, and paint technicians that work on a variety of makes and models.

• Participating shops may offer a variety of services and courtesies. Some shops may waive costly storage fees, if your rig is a total loss. Some shops may even offer free towing. These shops may also be able to assist you with truck rentals or help you make arrangements for overnight accommodations. Check to see what services are available at the shop handling your repairs.

How does Rig Ready® work?

1. Call our toll-free Claims line at 800 297 1971 or visit for the nearest participating repair shop. 2. Qualified personnel will inspect your truck and prepare an estimate for repairs. We’ll approve the repair estimate, often times

within a few hours! Then, with your authorization, the shop can get started.

3. Once repairs are completed to your satisfaction, you’re free to hit the road. All you pay is your deductible and applicable charges. Great American will take care of the rest.

rig reaDy


Trucking Division


Primary Package

Primary Package bundles four basic coverages into a single, solid program of insurance protection: Primary Liability, Physical Damage, Motor Truck Cargo, and General Liability. Coverages are also available alone.

Owner-Operators have long been a special concern of Great American’s Trucking Division. When these skilled truckers are not under a contractual relationship with a motor carrier, but instead are working independently using their own equipment and maintaining their own name and reputation, they need strong insurance protection. With Great American’s Primary Package, independent Owner-Operators can drive with confidence.

Coverage Summary:

Primary Package

Trucking Division Primary Liability

• Personal Injury Protection

• Uninsured and Underinsured Motorists (UM/UIM) Physical Damage

• Comprehensive or optional Specified Perils

• Collision

• Supplemental Payments—Towing and Storage, Federal Excise Tax


• Non-Owned Trailer—optional endorsement

• TruXpro® Endorsement—optional endorsement: Downtime and rental reimbursement, Personal effects, Tarps/Chains/Binders, Electronic equipment, Single deductible, Diminishing deductible

• Rig Ready preferred repair program Motor Truck Cargo (Carrier’s Liability)

• Shippers endorsement available for higher limits

General Liability

• Up to a $2,000,000 aggregate limit

• Premises/Operations

• Fire Legal Liability

• Premises Medical Expense

• Advertising Optional Endorsements

• Refrigeration Breakdown

• Hired and Non-owned Liability

• Hired Cargo

• Combined Deductible—Tractor and Trailer

• Basket Deductible—Tractor, Trailer and Cargo

• Hired Physical Damage

• Pollution Liability


Occupational Accident Plans, Coverages & Services

Occupational Accident covers the Owner-Operator for injuries that occur on the job. It includes medical, disability, death and dismemberment benefits. Our policies offer a wide range of limits. We also offer Passenger Accident and Non-Occupational coverages on select plans.

Great American’s Occupational Accident coverage offers two distinct advantages for Truckers. First, the underwriting and issuance is simplified by the ability to bundle Occupational Accident with other coverages. Secondly, we offer this product for accounts of all sizes, ranging from an individual driver to a large Owner- Operator program.

Additional coverages are available to riders for occupational disease, hernia, occupational cumulative trauma and hemorrhoids.

As a policyholder, our Truckers have access to the following services:

Medical Provider Referrals—Great American offers “Best of States” assistance in designing a customized PPO network to support the medical care needs of our Truckers and their families. Through partnership with various national, regional and local networks, we can provide access to credentialed medical providers to help our policyholders optimize the quality of their medical care and minimize its cost.

Pharmacy Benefits —Great American offers access to the largest pharmacy drug discount network in the country to reduce the cost of prescription drugs for program participants and their families. This network includes major pharmacy chains as well as mail order companies to enable the most convenient and cost-effective drug purchases.

occuPaTioNaL acciDeNT

Trucking Division


Contingent Liability Insurance

Motor Carriers may be at financial risk if an Independent Contractor is deemed an employee and eligible for Workers’ Compensation benefits. Great American’s Trucking Division offers a Contingent Liability Insurance policy to Motor Carriers who sponsor one or more qualified Occupational Accident programs for their Owner-Operators and Contract Drivers. The Contingent Liability policy provides the following key coverage solutions for our Insured Motor Carrier when a driver listed as Insured under the sponsored Occupational Accident seeks to be deemed an employee:

• We have the Right and Duty to provide Legal Defense of the Motor Carrier(s) listed as Named Insured against these claims, and

• Should the driver be deemed an employee, we will pay benefits equivalent to the benefits payable under the Workers’ Compensation and Employers Liability law that would apply to the Named Insured if the Policy was a policy of Workers’ Compensation.

Contingent Liability Insurance is not a substitute for Workers’ Compensation insurance and will not satisfy compliance requirements for an employer to purchase a Workers’ Compensation policy. Contingent Liability is not offered to Motor Carriers that do not sponsor a qualified Group Occupational Accident program.

Contingent Liability is underwritten by Great American E&S Insurance Company, a member company of the Great American Insurance Group. Contingent Liability Insurance is not available for distribution to risks or agents domiciled in DE. All coverage provided is subject to certain policy exclusions, limitations and conditions. Only those agents with the appropriate Excess and Surplus Lines licenses may distribute Contingent Liability.

coNTiNgeNT LiabiLiTy

Trucking Division


Workers’ Compensation

Workers’ Compensation for Fleet Owners—Fleet Owners who lease on to Motor Carriers often need to provide Workers’ Compensation coverage for their drivers. When a Motor Carrier sponsors a Great American Occupational Accident program for their leased Fleet Owners, Great American can provide Workers’ Compensation for the Fleet Owners’ employee drivers.

Workers’ Compensation for Motor Carriers—Motor Carriers sponsoring a Great American Occupational Accident with the Contingent Liability program can purchase Workers’ Compensation coverage for their employee drivers as well as their clerical employees. This enhancement provides convenience of “one stop shopping” for Motor Carriers with Owner-Operator teams.

Workers’ Compensation for Owner-Operators—Certain states require that all truckers (regardless of Owner- Operator status) be covered by Workers’ Compensation. Great American offers Workers’ Compensation for Owner- Operators in those jurisdictions.

Workers’ Compensation for Primary Insureds—Small Fleet Owners can purchase Workers’ Compensation coverage with their Primary Package policy. The policies can be placed on one account that can be billed together on monthly installments.

Great American’s Trucking Division does not currently provide any mono-line Workers’ Compensation coverage.

Workers’ comPeNsaTioN

Trucking Division


Great American Insurance Company is the owner of the Great American eagle logo and the word marks

“Great American” and “Great American Insurance Group.” ©2012 Great American Insurance Company. All rights reserved. 1812-TRU (7/12) 301 E Fourth Street, Cincinnati, OH 45202

Trucking Division

Great American Insurance Group

301 E Fourth Street, Cincinnati, OH 45202

Phone: 800 643 7882

Fax: 513 333 6998


Great American’s Trucking Division knows

the most important place for you, the Trucker,

is on the road...truckin’.

Independent owner-operators and motor carriers alike know that risks come with this coast-to-coast territory: collision, injury, disability, theft. Truckers search carefully for reliable and affordable protection against road hazards like these.

We have designed our program and services to keep you there. In fact, Great American Insurance has a tradition of developing special products for specific industries. These special programs require the underwriters and claims adjusters to have expertise that is industry specific. The trucking industry requires no less than this.

Great American Insurance Group is one of the most respected property and casualty insurance groups in the country. We have been insuring commercial risks since the founding of our lead insurer, Great American Insurance Company, in 1872.

Our strong premium-to-surplus position and long tradition of financial strength and stability make Great American the choice of thousands of independent agents and customers who know they can count on us for excellent insurance products and services.

For more information about Great American Insurance Group, visit us at




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