Software as a Service (SaaS) Escrow Escrow Deposit Form:

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Software as a Service (SaaS) Escrow

Escrow Deposit Form:



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2. General Information ... 4

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1. Introduction

The fundamental requirement for an escrow deposit is that a suitably qualified resource should be able to continue use and maintenance of the software application for continuity purposes. To this end the escrow deposit should contain:

• All relevant technical specifications and documentation for the hosting and infrastructural architecture and environment required to host and make the software available online.

• the actual executable version of the application software that comprises the operational material, in compiled binary code format as installable programs (installation programs, executable code, libraries etc.), as implemented to provide the service to user, specifically including all database access and database administrator credentials such as login details, passwords etc., as the case may be.

• Complete source code of the software application.

• The technical documentation relevant and necessary for the use, maintenance, correction, compilation, installation, operation etc. of the software application.

• A separate index, as content information regarding the library – this escrow SaaS Deposit Specification Form (SDSF), duly completed by the SaaS Provider.

As the SDSF must be included with each escrow deposit - we advise you to use the digital version available at Should you need further information, please do not hesitate to contact us at or via telephone: +27 (0)21 852 9365.


2. General Information

SaaS Provider Information

Company Name: ___________________________________________________________________________ Technical Contact: ___________________________________________________________________________ Email: ___________________________________________________________________________ Telephone: ___________________________________________________________________________ Product Information Product Name: ___________________________________________________________________________ Version: ___________________________________________________________________________ Escrow Beneficiary: ___________________________________________________________________________ Encryption

You are strongly advised to encrypt (PGP) your material before you provide (upload) it to Escrow Europe. Please be aware that nothing online is secure and that unless encryption is used theft of your material remains a

possibility. For more information on how to use encryption before providing your material please check:


Please include any other information below; for example if any special procedures are required to access material provided.



The overall idea behind the particular escrow arrangement for which escrow material is provided is that, should an escrow release be required, the Escrow Beneficiary (user) will be able to use the escrow material and a data backup to recreate the environment at a hosting provider of its choice.

To this end a substantial amount of documentation may have to be provided. Depending on the size/type of software application a single document containing all requirements mentioned below might suffice (for example a PHP application hosted in Azure is often relatively easy to create/document).

Hosting architecture/environment

Please list location of documentation on hosting

architecture/environment: ________________________________________________

Such a document should contain information on hosting provider, contact, type of hosting (VPS, colocation etc), bandwidth requirements if any, load balancing etc.

Infrastructure architecture/environment

Please list location of documentation on infrastructure

architecture/environment: ________________________________________________

Such a document should contain information on overview of architecture, OS used, database software used, other third party software etc.


Please provide any passwords which would be required to recreate the environment in case an escrow release is required (for example the data backup mentioned below – is DBA access required?)


Source Code

Source code of the software is required in order to continue maintenance of the software in the event of an escrow release.

Please list location of source code: ________________________________________________

Compilation/Installation Guide

This guide should be complete enough to go from source code to a working environment.

Please list location of the Compilation/Installation Guide:


Technical Documentation

Technical Documentation to assist in continued development of the source code. Functional Designs, Technical Designs and database architecture are examples of Technical Documentation to be provided.

Please list location of Technical Documentation: ________________________________________________

Maintenance Documentation

Any documentation that is used in-house to help keep the software product online (for example if daily activities are required and these have been documented).


We recommend that the following items are taken into consideration when creating the guide:

• Hardware used; • OS used; • Compiler used;

• Third party used (including any components downloaded from the Internet); • Stored/wrapped procedures;

• Special installation routines;

• Any connections/interfaces required for compilation/production use; • License key software;

• How clients connect (requires VPN, Citrix etc.);

• Any other service provided by hosting party that is essential; • Is data backup provided to user complete;




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