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2021 Trustee Seats Up for Election

» Statute C.R.S. § 24-51-202 and 203 creates the PERA Board of Trustees, governs the composition of the PERA Board of Trustees and allows Trustees to serve an unlimited number of four-year terms

» The following elected seats have terms expiring on June 30, 2021:

» Active Seats:

• State Division (1)

• School Division (2)

» Retiree Seat:


Board of Trustees’ Position Term Expirations


Board Member Division 2021 2022 2023 2024

Ramon Alvarado State (Higher Ed) x

David Hall State x

Suzanne E. Kubec State x

Guillermo Barriga School x

Nathan Geroche School x

Tina Mueh School x

Marcus Pennell School x

Cheryl Pattelli Local Government x

Hon. Rebecca R. Freyre Judicial x

Amy Grant DPS Ex Officio x

Julie Friedemann Retiree (School) x

Timothy M. O’Brien Retiree (State) x

Thomas J. Barrett Appointed x

Susan G. Murphy Appointed x


Evaluation of Current Election Processes

» The COVID-19 pandemic and the resulting remote work environment prompted PERA to evaluate the current Trustee election processes

» PERA worked with the Board’s Election Vendor, Survey and Ballot Systems (SBS), to evaluate the current process and identify opportunities to maximize technology for improved efficiencies, including:

• Eliminating reliance on paper forms for candidacy application and petition signature collection

• Providing a safer and socially distant methodology for candidates to collect petition signatures


Board Election Services Vendor – Current Services

» The Board selected Survey and Ballot Systems (SBS) as the election services vendor in 2017

» For the 2017 through 2020 elections, SBS services provided services related to:

• Creating and disseminating election ballots;

• Providing the platform for members to vote by telephone, internet, or mail-in ballots; and

• Tabulating votes and producing a final election report


Board Election Services Vendor – New Services

» For the 2021 election, PERA is contracting with SBS to provide additional services for candidates, including:

» All current and new services provided by SBS will operate under the guidance of PERA elections rules and procedures

Candidate Web Portals Collect all candidate application information, candidate biographies

and candidate responses to supplemental questions

Online Petition Collection For candidates to use to request

petition signatures and collect signatures electronically


Overview of Trustee Election Process for 2021

» Candidate Application:

• PERA will communicate to all members and retirees information on how to become a candidate for an open position

• Interested candidates will contact PERA’s Internal Audit Division to begin the

candidacy application process

• Internal Audit will vet interested individuals to ensure they qualify for one of the open seats

» Candidate Profile Set-up at SBS:

Once vetted, prospective candidates will be emailed a link to SBS web portal where candidates will:

• Create their own accounts

• Enter biographical information and answers to candidate questions


Overview of Trustee Election Process for 2021


Candidates Gather Petition Signatures Electronically:

» Candidates will obtain an electronic link from the SBS platform that the candidate will email members/retirees to request that they sign a petition in support of their candidacy

» Petition signors will use the link to complete the required petition information electronically and the information will be compiled by SBS and provided to PERA

• The SBS platform allows candidates to view how many petition signatures have come in, but not information on who has submitted a petition

PERA will no longer accept paper petition signatures » PERA will validate petition signatures

• All petitions must be signed by someone who is a member or retiree from the Division the candidate is seeking to represent


Overview of Trustee Election Process for 2021



Candidates are presented to the Board for approval:

» If the race has more than one candidate, the Board approves moving ahead with an election

» Any seats with only one qualified candidate are considered “uncontested”. The candidate is presented to the Board to determine if the candidates should be appointed to the Board without an election

PERA Notifies Candidates that they were approved by the Board:

» If the race has more than one candidate, and the Board approves an election, the candidates are notified of the election

» If the Board approved appointment of a uncontested seat, that candidate is notified of their appointment to the Board


» SBS creates and mails the ballots to all members of Division with a seat that will undergo an election SBS Tallies Results:

» SBS compiles all votes and tallies results

» SBS prepares a report of the certified election results

» Certified election results are presented to the Board for approval and candidates are notified of certified results after Board approval


2021 Board of Trustees’ Candidate Election Calendar

» Jan 4 Candidacy application begins

» Feb 26 Last day to apply for candidacy*

» Mar 1 Deadline for petitions and biographical sketch to be submitted to SBS** » Mar 15 Candidate will receive letter of petition validation from PERA

» Mar 17 Deadline for a candidate to withdraw

» Mar 19 Board waives election of any uncontested positions

» Mar 19 Candidate list available from PERA (after March Board meeting) » Mar 19 Candidate receive his/her edited biographical sketches from PERA

» Mar 30 Deadline for candidates to return edited biographical sketches and additional candidate information for posting on PERA website

» May 3 Additional candidate information posted on PERA website » May 3 – 7 Ballots mailed

» May 21 Deadline for requesting a duplicate or special ballot

» May 31 Deadline for ballots to be postmarked; Internet and phone voting closes at midnight (MST) » Mid June Winning candidates will receive notification of preliminary election results





» Seeking a motion to approve the 2020 Board Election Calendar as it appears in Tab J of the meeting materials






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