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This College of Nursing handbook is intended as a supplement to, and not a replacement for, the Graduate Student Handbook published by the College of Graduate Studies and Research, which is available on the web ( It is strongly recommended that all graduate faculty and students make themselves familiar with the general information and general regulations within the Graduate Student Handbook. A thesis preparation guide entitled Guide for the Preparation of a Thesis is also available on the College of Graduate Studies and Research website (

The purpose of the College of Nursing Graduate Program Handbook is to acquaint you with the specific policies and procedures of the Master of Nursing Program and to assist students in the selection of thesis/project supervisor and committee by providing a brief review of faculty expertise and interest. If you have any questions, or require further information, please contact the Graduate Coordinator.

We hope that your graduate program in the College of Nursing will be as successful and stress-free as possible.

Gail Laing, RN, PhD

Graduate Program Coordinator


Table of Contents

Selection, Appointment, and Responsibilities of Supervisor and

Supervisory Committee ...4

Selection of a Supervisor ...4

Responsibilities of Supervisors...4

Thesis Committee ...5

Advisory Committee...5

Suggested Time Guidelines for Thesis ...6

Thesis Proposal Approval ...6

Ethical Approval for Thesis Research ...6

Thesis Defence...6

Publication from Thesis ...7

Nursing 990...7

Evaluation of Student Progress - Protocol for Dealing with Problems ...8

Potential Supervisors and Committee Members (Faculty Research and Clinical Interests) ...9


Selection, Appointment, and Responsibilities

of Supervisor and Supervisory Committee

Selection of a Supervisor

• Students entering the program are assigned to an interim advisor (Graduate Coordinator) for the first term. The advisor will guide students in program planning and selection of a supervisor. A potential supervisor has also been assigned by the Admissions Committee. • The selection of a supervisor should be by mutual agreement between the student and the

faculty member concerned, and must be recommended by the Graduate Coordinator, and approved by the College of Graduate Studies and Research.

• A supervisor must be selected by January of the first year of registration.

• Normally, only faculty of the College of Graduate Studies and Research are eligible to supervise graduate students. Such membership is designated by an asterisk (*) following the faculty names in the Potential Supervisors section of this handbook.

Responsibilities of Supervisors

• Every supervisor should be familiar with the chronological sequence of events and deadlines that occur at crucial stages throughout the student’s program. Supervisors and students should be fully informed about the academic schedule in current University Calendars; they should be aware of the specific dates of such deadlines, and they should know and use the various official forms which record the student’s progress, fulfillment of requirements, or changes in program, etc. Samples of official forms are supplied in the Graduate Student Handbook on-line, and are available from the Graduate Program secretary in room A061 Medical Research Building. Students and supervisors are jointly responsible for ensuring that the College of Graduate Studies and Research and College of Nursing regulations are observed, and that all requirements are met.

• Supervisors and their students have a shared responsibility to ensure that there is an adequate opportunity to meet on a regular basis. It is suggested that weekly meetings are appropriate. • Supervisors' responsibilities include guidance, instruction, and encouragement of progress

and productivity to ensure that a thesis is well composed and is produced in the prescribed form. Perhaps the most difficult balance and control that a supervisor is required to achieve and to exercise is to be critically helpful and encouraging without being dictatorial, and without insisting that the student's proposal or thesis match precisely with the supervisor's predilections. While refraining from imposing upon the subject matter of a student's research, the supervisor should, nevertheless, oblige the student to maintain a high academic standard


and use the best available research and scholarly techniques. It is essential, then, that the supervisor's responsibility is recognized as two-fold: first, to give assistance to students in their learning process; and second, to judge them in their performance.

• Supervisors have a responsibility to inform students about their academic progress on a regular basis (see section: Evaluation of Student Progress).

Thesis Committee

• The committee is constituted by the student and supervisor in consultation, and with mutual agreement of the proposed committee member. A thesis supervisory committee normally consists of the supervisor and two other members, one of whom must be a member of the faculty of nursing.

• The procedure for selection of thesis committee members is as follows: After discussion with the supervisor, the student informally approaches faculty to see if they will agree to serve. Names are then submitted to the Graduate Coordinator, normally before May of the first year.

• The supervisory committee names are part of the student's official program of studies and must be recommended to the College of Graduate Studies and Research by the Graduate Coordinator.

• The committee is chaired by the supervisor.

• Thesis committee members are expected to provide support, advice, and evaluation of the student’s work. Students are expected to initiate contacts with committee members as the students judge necessary.

Advisory Committee

• The advisory committee for thesis students is comprised of members of the thesis committee and the Graduate Coordinator. For course-based students, the committee is consists of the graduate student, Associate Dean (Research) and one other College of Nursing faculty member who is also a member of the College of Graduate Studies.


Suggested Time Guidelines for Thesis

For Spring For Fall Convocation Convocation

Thesis Supervisor First week of January, first year April 1st, first year

Thesis Committee April 1st, first year June 1st, first year

Thesis Proposal Approval June 15th September 15th

Check calendar for defence deadlines.

Thesis Proposal Approval

A meeting of the thesis committee will be called and chaired by the Coordinator. The committee will decide whether the written proposal meets the standards of the College of Nursing and if the student appears competent to carry out the research. When these two criteria are judged to be satisfactorily met, committee members will sign the thesis approval form.

Ethical Approval for Thesis Research

All research on campus that uses human subjects must be submitted for ethical approval by the University. After the proposal has been approved by the thesis committee, ethical approval must be sought from either the University Advisory Committee on Ethics in Human Experimentation (Health Sciences), or the University Advisory Committee on Ethics in Behavioural Science Research. Procedures and forms are available online at

Following this University Ethical Approval there may be further approvals required by an individual agency.

Thesis Defence

• The thesis examining committee consists of the advisory committee, plus an external examiner. The defence consists of an open presentation by the student, plus questions from the examining committee.

• The external examiner must be from outside the College of Nursing. He/she is chosen by the Committee, student, and coordinator in consultation, and must be officially approved by the College of Graduate Studies and Research.


Publication From Thesis

It is expected that students will publish from their thesis work in collaboration with supervisors. Students are also encouraged to publish course work and project work in consultation with teachers/supervisors.

Nursing 990

Nursing 990 is the departmental seminar and is a College of Graduate Studies and Research requirement. Attendance is required for the duration of the student's program, although credit is granted for only one year of attendance. Students are required to present at one 990 seminar.


Evaluation of Student Progress

Protocol for Dealing With Problems

Step I Thesis Supervisor or principal teacher discusses problem with student.

If not resolved . . .

Step II Advisory Committee meets.

Advisory Committee is composed of:

Chairperson: Graduate Program Coordinator Members: Thesis Supervisor

Nursing Faculty Committee Member


Following this meeting a letter will be sent to the student by the Graduate Program Coordinator which will describe the problem and the remedial steps agreed upon. Copies of this letter will be retained in the student's file and sent to the Dean of the College of Graduate Studies and Research. This letter will constitute an official warning.

If not resolved . . .

Step III The Graduate Program Coordinator will take the problem to the College

of Nursing Graduate Studies Committee. (The student representatives will be given the option to withdraw.) The Graduate Studies Committee will consider options, including . . .

Step IV Recommendation to the Dean of the College of Graduate Studies and


Faculty Research and Clinical Interests (Potential Supervisors/Committee Members)

Katherine Ash* E-mail:

RN, BSN, MN Phone: 966-6243

Research Focus

- falls, especially elderly

- women's health services/policies, especially disabled and chronically ill women

- methodological background is qualitative

Clinical Interests

- rehabilitation & chronic illness - women's health services

- ethics and moral decision-making

- management and coordination of the above

Other Professional Interests

- quality improvement

Sandra Bassendowski E-mail:

RN, BEd, MEd, EdD Phone: (306) 798-2027

Research/Interest Focus

- transcultural nursing - history of nursing

- project/program evaluation

Other Professional Interests

- information technology and its relationship to adult learning - interface between humans and computers

- adult education

- international health education (Inner Mongolia, India, Nepal, Argentina, Panama, Chile)

Yvonne Brown* E-mail:

RN, BSN, BA, MCEd Phone: 966-6248

Research Focus

- perinatal crisis support

Clinical Interests

- maternal-child


RN, BSN, MPH, PhD Phone: 966-6233

Research Focus

- participatory action research methodology used with Aboriginal people and in developing countries, upcoming to focus on

transformatory teaching learning approaches

Clinical Interests

- community health and development - women and development

Other Professional Interests

- AIDS as a development issue - health determinants

- health promotion - primary health care

Liz Domm E-mail:

RN, MSN, PhD(c) Phone: (306) 798-1077

Research Focus

- health policy in end of life care

Clinical Interests

- health care management and utilization of resources - clinical care in acute care settings

Other Professional Interests

- leadership and management in health care settings

- rural and remote peoples access to health care (looking at end of life care)

- advance directives

Glenn Donnelly* E-mail:

RN, BScN, MN, PhD Phone: (306) 798-1083

Research Focus

- advanced practice role development - acute pain management

Clinical Interests

- emergency nursing - pain management

Other Professional Interests

- addictions - impaired nurses


- nursing telepractice - care delivery models - clinical practice guidelines

Wendy Duggleby* E-mail:

RN, BSN, MN, AOCN, DSN Phone: 966-6237 Research Focus - palliative care - gerontology - oncology Clinical Interests - palliative care - well seniors

- community health; home care

Other Professional Interests

- Cancer, Culture and Literacy Institute, University of South Florida

- Editorial Board, International Journal of Palliative Nursing - International Research Consortium on Health Care in the Elderly

Robin Evans E-mail:

RN, BSN, MSA, PhD(c) Phone: (306) 798-0734

Research Focus

- transitions within parenting families - transitions within the nursing profession - qualitative and quantitative genres

Clinical Interests

- maternal-child nursing

Other Professional Interests

- work environments

Linda Ferguson* E-mail:

RN, BSN, MN, PhD(c) Phone: 966-6264

Research Focus


- staff development and patient education issues - faculty development and teaching excellence - critical thinking and construction of knowledge

Clinical Interests

- obstetrical nursing - patient education

Dorothy Forbes* E-mail:

RN, BSN, MN, PhD Phone: 966-8239

Research Focus

- informal caregiving - home care

- determinants of health for young-old and old-old - management of symptoms of Alzheimer disease - rural nursing

Clinical Interests

- gerontology

- community nursing - home care

Other Professional Interests

- University of Saskatchewan, Site Co-Rep., Canadian Cochrane Network & Centre

Susan Fowler-Kerry* E-mail: fowlerkerry@

RN, BA, BSN, MN, PhD Phone: 966-6214

Research Focus

- pain management across the life span - special emphasis with infants and children - cancer pain and palliative care

- quantitative and qualitative methodologies - gender differences in health care delivery

Clinical Interests

- chronic and acute pain management

- pediatrics

- collaborative projects in pediatric palliative care (Poland, Hungary, Belarus)

Other Professional Interests

- president of Canadian Nurses Foundation - June 1996-98 - past-president of Canadian Pediatric Nurses Interest Group - past member of SRNA Investigation Committee


Jane Heaslip E-mail: RN, BA, MScN Phone: 966-6251

Research Focus and Clinical Interests

- critical care

Beth Horsburgh* E-mail:

RN, BSN, BA, MEd, Phone: 966-6223 MSN, PhD

Research Focus

- self care and caregiving in chronic illness - quality of nursing worklife

- health policy

Clinical Interests

- adult chronic illness

- nephrology and end stage renal disease, dialysis, and transplantation

Other Professional Interests

- research methodologies

Arlene Kent-Wilkinson* E-mail:

RN, BSN, MN, PhD(c) Phone: 966-6897 (w); 244-4117 (h)

Research Focus

- forensic online education

Clinical Interests

- forensic psychiatry/corrections

- addictions

Other Professional Interests

- aboriginal health

Gail Laing* E-mail:

RN, BSN, MScN, PhD Phone: 966-6229

Research Focus

- research methodologies

- statistics


- acute care

Other Professional Interests

- holistic nursing - women's health - alternative therapies

Geraldine Lasiuk E-mail:

RN, BSN, BA, MN, PhD(c) Phone: 966-6366

Research Focus

- women’s mental health, particularly the experience of living with the effects of interpersonal trauma

- the experience of recovery from bulimia nervosa

Clinical Interests

- women’s mental health, particularly as it relates to interpersonal trauma, depression, anxiety

- women’s experience of eating, body shape and size - feminist counseling and mental health/psychiatric nursing

Other Professional Interests

- women’s psychological development

- the phenomenology of healing and transcendence - feminist theory as it relates to nursing practice - nursing theory development

- phenomenology

- narrative inquiry - human sexuality

Mary MacDonald* E-mail:

RN, BSN, MCEd Phone: 966-6250

Research Focus

Collaborative research (intra/inter/multidisciplinary) focusing on:

- lifestyle modification and the role of stress in hypertension; white coat hypertension

- health promotion and the well-being of senior rural women

- health promotion and illness prevention in seniors and student nurses

Clinical Interests

- community health nursing

- cardiovascular nursing, particularly in respect to health promotion and illness prevention

Other Professional Interests

- primary health care - ethics and nursing


- health reform, especially regarding how it is affecting the health, well-being, and coping of nurses

Peggy MacLeod* E-mail:

RN, BSN, MN Phone: 966-8749

Research Focus

- exercise participation in seniors living in the community - falls in hospital setting

Clinical Interests

- community health nursing with a special interest in gerontology - long standing relationship with the Saskatoon Council on

Aging, served on an Advisory Board for an Isolation Project and an Advisory Board for an Informal Caregiver Project

- coordinate, with another faculty member, a day program for isolated seniors in a downtown seniors residence.

- work experience in my nursing career has included time in Ontario, Alberta and Saskatchewan in both acute and community settings

Other Professional Interests

- program evaluation, teaching, and the influence of feminism on the nursing profession

Muriel Montbriand* E-mail:

RN, BSN, MN, PhD Phone: 966-8748 or 966-8771

Research Focus

- qualitative research, including life history, grounded, theory, phenomenology, ethnography, and use of mixed qualitative and quantitative methods

Clinical Interests

- seniors’ perceptions about life experiences and illnesses

Other Professional Interests

- social context surrounding use of alternative therapies, especially herbs used by patients with cancer

- as a member of Health Canada Committee for Medicinal Use of Marijuana, extremely interested in research that examines issues for nurses when their patients use medicinal marijuana

Lee Murray E-mail:

RN, BSN, MN, PhD(c) Phone: 966-6239

Research Focus

- adolescent children of alcoholics


- adolescent and family perceptions of therapy approach/models

Clinical Interests

- adolescent mental health

- adolescent suicide risk assessment and intervention - family therapy

- trauma and loss - adolescent addictions

- women's health - chemical dependency and co-dependency - experience in rural health settings - acute care, long-term care, palliative care and home care

Other Professional Interests

- member - SRNA Discipline Committee

Cindy Peternelj-Taylor* E-mail:

RN, BScN, MSc, PhD(c) Phone: 966-6238

Research Focus

- role development for correctional/forensic psychiatric nurses - Sexual Abuse Comfort Scale: Educational Needs of Nurses Working with Psychiatric Clients with a History of Sexual Abuse

Clinical Interests

- forensic Psychiatric Nursing - general psychiatric nursing (adult) - impact of mental illness on the family

- boundary issues in professional nursing practice

Other Professional Interests

- Assistant Editor for the Americas - Journal of Psychiatric and Mental Health Nursing

- Editorial Board Member, Journal of Psychosocial Nursing and Mental Health Services

Pammla Petrucka E-mail:

RN, BSN, MN Phone: (306) 798-1082

Research Focus

- rural women

- health policy (health system restructuring) - aboriginal peoples (international and domestic)

Clinical Interests


Other Professional Interests

- professional competency

Dale Quest* E-mail:

RN, BSN, PhD Phone: 966-6304

Research Focus

- drug therapy

- clinical and basic pharmacology

Clinical Interests

- mental health

Other Professional Interests

- advisory role on prescription drug policy (provincial and federal)

- advisory role on human research ethics (national)

Donna Rennie* E-mail:

RN, BN, MN, PhD(Epid.) Phone: 966-6234

Research Focus

- respiratory epidemiology (asthma, related respiratory problems); pediatrics, primarily family-centered - data linkage, injury surveillance in children

- objective measurement of environmental exposures - rural nursing

- exercise tolerance in children - rural health - respiratory - population based research

Clinical Interests

- patient education (asthma) - community health

- rural health

Rose Roberts E-mail:

RN, BSN, MSc, PhD(c) Phone: 6232

Research Focus and Interests

- aboriginal health - breast cancer

Joan Sawatzky* E-mail:

RN, BSN, MCEd Phone: 966-6256

Research Focus

- change and decision-making (their inter-relationships and application in professional nursing practice).


Examples of Research Projects:

a) (Master's Thesis) - Job related learning in role change from student to practitioner

b) Hypertensive Clients' Lifestyle Change

Clinical Interests

- impact of health reforms on clients and caregivers Examples of Research Projects:

a) patient and caregiver perceptions of an outpatient surgical experience b) effect of caregiving on health of informal caregivers

Other Professional Interests

- Nursing Education

- competencies, curriculum change, academic ethics, learner characteristics, and needs assessment

- Role and Relationships of Professional Associations and Unions

- leadership, membership, accountability Examples of Research Projects:

a) Baccalaureate education for Saskatchewan nurses: A needs assessment

b) Member knowledge of SRNA

Bonnie Schoenfeld* E-mail:

RN, BSN, MS Phone: 966-6253

Research Focus

- adolescent health

- health promotion in schools - asset mapping

Clinical Interests

- teen pregnancy; teen parenting - smoking cessation

- sexual health

- health promotion in schools - asset mapping

Other Professional Interests

- teen pregnancy; teen parents

Karen Semchuk* E-mail:

RN, BSN, MSc, PhD Phone: 966-8279

Research Focus

- population based epidemiologic research

- environmental and occupational exposures and health outcomes, risk estimation


- chemical and other toxicant exposures: exposure estimation and risk assessment

- qualitative research - grounded theory

- health research - program planning (e.g., needs assessment) and evaluation research

- record Linkage Research

Clinical Interests

- community based approaches

- etiology and treatment of Parkinson’s disease - health protection

- occupational epidemiology

At present:

- agricultural health and safety issues - rural health delivery

Other Professional Interests

- member, Science Advisory Board, Health Protection Branch, Health Canada

- co-principal Investigator, Prairie Ecosystem Study, Eco-Research Program, Canada

Marlene Smadu* E-mail:

RN, BSN, MEd, EdD Phone: (306) 798-1084

Research Focus

- health human resources planning and development - quality health systems and work places

- primary health care - health policy - knowledge transfer

- nursing and health outcomes

Clinical Interests

- adult education - policy development - knowledge transfer - primary health care - aboriginal health

Other Professional Interests

- Sask. Health Quality Council Vice-Chair - Bolivia Project - CIDA

Barbara Smith* E-mail:

RN, BSN, MCEd Phone: 966-6261


- nursing education, needs assessment, nursing education, sexual and reproductive health

Clinical Interests

- women's health, community, sexual, and reproductive health

Other Professional Interests

- continuing nursing education - curriculum development - program planning

Norma Stewart* E-mail:

RN, BSN, MS, MA, PhD Phone: 966-6254 Medial Research Council


Research Focus

- optimal dementia care environments - rural health services for dementia care

- instrument development for clinical research (e.g., pain assessment for elderly with communication impairment)

Clinical Interests

- assessment of behaviour change of cognitively impaired elderly in relation to environmental context

- rural outreach in geriatric mental health nursing - psychiatric nursing of adults

- evidence-based practice

Other Professional Interests

- Consortium for Health Research

- associate member, Department of Psychology

P. Susan Wagner* E-mail:

RN, BSN, MS Phone: 966-6244

Research Focus

- program evaluation - community health and home care

services, e.g., case management, palliative care, seniors' wellness programs

- participatory methods of research and evaluation

Clinical Interests

- case management practice, including competencies, context, and impact

- impact of chronic illness or disability on client and family - quality management

Other Professional Interests


- influence of health policy on quality of care

- member of Saskatoon District Health Board since 1992

Karen Wright* E-mail:

RN, BSN, MEd, PhD Phone: 966-6228

Research Focus

- counselling intervention and therapy - loss, grief and bereavement

- child and adolescent bereavement - family coping

- palliative care

Clinical Interests

- counselling and psychotherapy - community/family health, oncology - loss, grief and bereavement counselling - oncology/palliative care

Other Professional Interests

- president - Canadian Guidance and Counselling Association, 1997-99

- camps for children with cancer




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