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Sponsorship Proposal 2011


Academic year: 2021

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VIT University SAE Mini Baja Team



Future Teammate,

Welcome to SAE Mini Baja, an intensely competitive motorsport in which technological innovation and advanced engineering analysis methods are used to build an all terrain vehicle with performance to rival all but the top echelon of ATVs. Welcome to the motorsport where a student can take his dream car from the computer to the road, with him in the driver’s seat. Welcome to the team that builds a new racecar completely from scratch every year, that designs and builds most of the vehicle’s components, and shows an unwavering commitment to performance. Welcome to Team Kshatriya.

At VIT University, we strive to be the best engineers and technological leaders of tomorrow. In addition to a gruelling academic schedule, Team Kshatriya works year‐round to design, finance, build, and race the best‐performing Mini Baja vehicle ever conceived.

Team Kshatriya has a tradition of forging top‐notch engineers and managers from the

already impressive student body. With your help, we want to be the number one team in India. The first step is in 2011 when Team Kshatriya will compete at the most prestigious Mini Baja event, SAE Mini Baja Asia India at NATRAX, Pithampur,Madhya Pradesh. Our goal is to win this competition.

Please continue reading to learn more about one of the most experienced Mini Baja teams in India and about the most recognized and competitive engineering competition in the world.


The Motivation

At almost every university around the world, there are a group of students who decide they want more out of their college education than just a degree. To Mini Baja team members their education goes beyond lab reports and homework problems to the world of innovation and application.

The SAE program

Since 2007, the purpose of Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) India has been to promote an exchange of ideas and expertise in the automobile industry. The focus has been on the development and advancement for the engineering of powered vehicles, including cars, boats and aircraft. SAE pays special attention to the development of international standards including measuring automobile power (SAE Net Horsepower), tool measurement sizes and the classification of motor oils.

The Mini Baja Competetion

Every year over 80 collegiate teams from across the nation design, build, and compete in the Mini Baja competition. These small off-road vehicles must be able to survive a multitude of terrain, including mud, large rocks, and water. All vehicles are restricted to using an eleven-horsepower engine, 340cc. Thus, the focus of the competition is on the chassis and suspension design.

The challenge for the student teams is not only to design and construct a reliable race vehicle that can maneuver a variety of off-road obstacles, but to keep costs to a minimum, as well as minimizing the maintenance and care. The cars are judged based on design and innovation, as well as events that test the real world functionality of these vehicles. While the functionality of the vehicles is critical, the vehicles must also follow strict safety and cost regulations further increasing the competitiveness of the events

“it combines first class handson

practical application with

students' academic studies and

is a fantastic training experience

for young engineers”


Ross Brawn Team Principal Mercedes F1 Racing


SAE-VIT Collegiate Club

Started with the objective of bringing together those brains which are diligently working on a myriad of inventive

technologies, and to provide them with a forum for free exchange of ideas and expose them to the latest innovations in terms of mobility engineering. With a strong foundation of 400 members (and still counting) SAE-VIT has propelled itself to become the 6th LARGEST COLLEGIATE CLUB under SAE-INDIA banner in the year 2007-2008. SAE VIT has been successfully organizing workshops and guest lectures by eminent personalities in the automotive sector. Industrial visits are conducted on regular basis.

Team Kshatritya

We at Team Kshatriya believe that we have the fighting spirit and strive to perform the best till the last, just as the team motto goes “ a soldier never quits till he is dead ”. The team was formed in the year 2006 by our seniors Manpreet Singh Chadha, Archit Singh, Prashant Sethi, Sunny Sapra, Anubhav Nanda, Piyush Soni & Ankit Singhal and there has been no looking back since then. With the team having already participated in 2 national as well as 2 international events , we are all set and raring to go for the Mini Baja Asia 2011.

Our Previous Events And Standings:

Mini Baja USA 2007 -112 out of 130( Due to some very unfortunate customs clearance issues)

Baja Sae India 2007 -17th out of 29

Baja Sae India 2009 -19th out of 60( Inspite of an unforeseen collision) Acceleration : 7th Position [ 7.10 sec (6.91 sec)]

Hill climb : 10th Position [21.34 sec (19 sec)] Manurvability : 9th Postiton [33.4 sec(31 sec)] Mini Baja South Africa 2009 -14th out of 28


“the amount of effort and

talent is mind‐boggling.

From presentation skills to



they’re unbelievable”

-Asst. Prof. M. Anthony Xavier Team Kshatriya Faculty Advisor Team Kshatriya

One Year.

One Racecar


Development follows a jam‐packed timeline that spans around one year, from basic research and design to the final results at competition. At the end of the final day of Mini Baja, we immediately begin the process again, planning and beginning designs for the next year’s vehicle. During the summer, new designs are tested through computer simulation and experiments. In the fall, designs are packaged in a CAD environment and a new vehicle begins to take shape. During those months and into the new year, countless hours are spent manufacturing each component, until the new Kshatriya vehicle is carefully assembled for the first time. Between that moment and competition, the vehicle undergoes exhaustive testing and tuning. When the car is unveiled in January, it has already been through all type of terrains and is ready to take on the competition.


Dynamic Events Acceleration : 50 Max Speed : 50 Hill Climb : 100 Manoeuvrability : 100 Total : 300 Endurance Durability : 400


: 1000 pts

Month s JAN ’11 SEP ’09

Gantt Chart Showing the team’s time management

Static Events Cost Report : 50 Presentation : 50 Design Report : 100 Design Eval. : 100 Total : 300

SAE MINI BAJA ASIA is scheduled to take place in Pithampur, Madhya Pradesh, India between 28TH JAN to 31ST JAN 2011. Keeping the deadline in mind the team management has et some goals and timeline to follow:

The team has finalised its roll cage design, and has also shortlisted on certain parameters, specifications based on certain calculations, and last year’s experience. However these specifications are subject to change depending upon the performance characteristics and market availability in case of standard parts.


Car Specifications

Wheel Base 64 Inches

Overall Length 75 Inches

Track Front : 51.5 Inches

Rear : 55 Inches

Overall Weight 300 Kgs.

Engine Lombardini LGA-340 11hp

Gearbox Mahindra Alfa Champion

Transmission Chain Sprocket With Reduction Ratio Of 1.4

Front Suspension Double Wishbone With 2 Bike Shocks

(Travel : 5 Inches)

Rear Suspension Semi-Trailing Arm With 2 Hh Passion Shocks (Tarvel : 5


Steering Rack And Pinion With Turning Radius 3 M.


Front: Independent Disc Brakes Rear: Single Disc Brake On Axle Brake Biasing – Front : Rear :: 30 : 70

Top Speed 60 Kmph

Gradability Greater Than 30 Degrees

Roll Cage Sae 1020 Grade Steel Alloy With Tig Welding


Innovative Changes for Baja ‘11

From past racing experience of SAE INDIA BAJA ’07 & ’09 we found out that to compliment a good vehicle, good driving is highly essential to win the race. Since the driving conditions are harsh, maintaining control of vehicle and changing gears requires a lot of time. In order to ease change of gears, we have decided to go for electronic paddle shifting of gears. This greatly reduces gear changing time and hence gives the driver adequate control on other aspects of the vehicle.

Paddle shifters will be incorporated below steering wheel, so that the driver can operate it with his fingers, it will operate on the gearbox electronically. Apart from the paddle shifter, an option for switching to manual gear change shall also be incorporated in the vehicle in case something undesirable happens. The team is also working on incorporating tachometer along with proper gear change indicators (such that driver changes the gears at a particular rpm , giving him the max acceleration ). The team also plans to improve the ergonomics as well as the aesthetic

beauty of the vehicle when compared to its former counterparts.

Cost Analysis

10% 17% 5% 7% 10% 2% 2% 8% 13% 13% 13% Frame Power Train Suspension Electronics Wheels and Tires Steering Braking Body Safety Equipment Registration Travel


Detailed Cost Analysis

*This is an approximated cost analysis inclusive of the parts required for testing and analysis. We constantly seek to improve our products and therefore reserve the right to alter specification. In case of any changes the concerned authority will be regularly updated and notified.



Category Cost (Rs.)


Steel Tubing Sheet Metal Welding Supplies


Power Train

Engine, Gearbox, Rear Axle, Joints, Chain, Sprocket &





Pedal shifters, tachometer,

ECU etc.



Shocks, Springs, A-Arms, Uprights, Hubs/Spindles


Wheels and Tires

Tires (4 + 2 spares) Wheels



Rack & Pinion, Steering Arm, Steering Wheel, Steering

Column etc.



Callipers Pedal + Lever Cylinders + Cables



Mounting Hardware Fibreglass


Safety Equipment

Driver Suit, fire extinguisher Seat belt, goggles,

Helmet etc.



Travel, transportation, accommodation etc.


Registration Rs. 50,000

TOTAL Rs. 400,000


Sponsorship Benefits

Being a student-managed design project, it relies on private and corporate sponsorship to fund the design and production of the cars. The team needs to raise approximately Rs. 400,000 over the course of the design process in order to complete the project and compete at the national level.

Support a project that provides real world experience for students- This experience is

not available in the classroom environment to further the education of future engineers. Students becoming future employees will be able to take initiative and apply theories and ideas to real, open-ended problems.

Sponsor a project that teaches communication and problem solving- Students learn to

design and manufacture a race vehicle and all of its components, considering cost, weight, performance, and reliability, in a team environment.

Contact between sponsors and team members bridges the gap between industry and students- Sponsors are informed quarterly on the progress of the team through

newsletters published by the Mini Baja Team. Sponsors are also invited to come out and drive each year's new car.

Your company and your products are advertised at all such exhibitions and college fests-

We get a chance to display our ATV at all the national and international exhibitions organized by SAE, leading educational institutes, government and the industrial sector. Banners and stalls of your company can also be put up during the cultural as well as technical fests of the university.

TITLE SPONSOR Largest Total Donation (Rs 4 Lakh)

Receives PLATINUM and: Most prominently displayed and promoted sponsor.

Priority access to the car and team members

PLATINUM > Rs 2 Lakh

Receives GOLD and: Invitation to drive an MRacing Racecar. Car available for display at industryevents or corporate office.

GOLD > Rs 1 Lakh

Receives SILVER and: “Race Day” Newsletters, Sponsor Highlights on website.

Preferred recruitingaccess to team members. Car available for on-campus recruiting events.

SILVER > Rs 50,000

Receives BRONZE and: MRacing apparel/merchandise. Recruiting access to team members.

BRONZE > Rs 25,000

Receives: Your name/logo displayed on racecar,


From the Team Captain:

Thank you for taking the time to learn about Team Kshatriya.

Nothing better prepares a student for the exciting opportunities that lie ahead than SAE Mini Baja. It presents students the opportunity to challenge themselves outside of the classroom and apply what they have learned. They are not only challenged with the task of designing and manufacturing an ATV, but must deal with teammates, budgets, and deadlines, things that still challenge the best businesses and engineers today.

I am confident that 2011 will be an exciting and prosperous year for our team. The immense support we have been getting from sponsors like TVS and Mahindra has driven us to build our car to a caliber we only dreamed of a few short years ago. As the team manager, I like what I see in the next team. The balance of young enthusiastic members and skilled veterans provides the necessary atmosphere for a successful season.

If you have any further questions or would like to learn more about the opportunities available to support Team Kshatriya, please contact me at team.kshatriya@gmail.com. We welcome you to become part of our dedicated team as we work to continue our tradition of excellence at VIT University.

Vivek Agarwal

2011 Team Kshatriya Manager Go Kshatriyas!


The 2009 Team Kshatriya

Mr. M.Anthony Xavier (Faculty Advisor, Team Kshatriya) Assistant Professor

School of Mechanical and Building Sciences Vellore Institute of Technology

Vellore – 632014.

Vivek Agarwal (Project Leader) Team Kshatriya

Ph: +919655278706

Email: team.kshatriya@gmai.com


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