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Greatest Spiritual Teachings From Avadhoota


Academic year: 2021

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Greatest Spiritual Teachings from Avadhoota

Friends this time I am sharing with you the knowledge I received from Avadhoot Baba Shivananda of Shiv Yog ™ in Rishikesh during ten (10) days interaction.

These ten (10) days were part of Prati Prasav Sadhna, where one releases the unwanted psychic impressions of this life and past lives.

I would like to tell you little bit about Baba Ji: …actually I have deleted this

paragraph 3-4 times… I am unable what to write about him, he is so resourceful and divine. Well, let me tell you in short: he can give you most powerful God’s energy that is golden in color and that is called Sanjivini Shakti, he can tell you about Siddha Dhayan, Shambhavi Dhyan (healing through third eye) and Sri Vidya Sadhna (Sadhna of Materialization and self realization)… more over he can tell you about how to make your dream come true with the help of Golden Book.

I tried to pen down most of the things I was able to and putting here in a formula. I pray to Baba Ji to give me the wisdom and I could convey the meaning exactly as Baba Ji meant to be.

Relax yourself and drink the divine nectar, here we go –

If you hate somebody or anything it means you are attached to it, forgive and be detached, be free and be happy.

Baba ji says without attachment how can you hate, the more you will hate the more you will be attached. And if you are detached you are unable to hate also. Hate is attachment driven and forgiveness detachment driven. If you forgive the person you hate the most, you will be detached and moreover you will save your energy which you were investing in hate syndrome. And of course you will feel free and happy as you have set free yourself from unnecessary Karma.

When you are free from abuse and praise, understand that you are rising in spirituality.


Baba Ji says in this physical plane everything exists in duality. The person who praises can also abuse, and who abuse can also praise. They are the two part of same coin, if one is there other is bound to occur sooner or later. When a person understand this and is unaffected by abuse and praise s/he rises in spirituality.

Whatever you want just feel, behave and act that way.

Don’t take it another sense, you can’t want to take away others freedom or the things you don’t deserve. This only comes true when you have hundred percent faith and belief behind your feeling, behaving and acting. Baba Ji says emotions are the source of energy, emotions regulate energy and when we use our emotions to get the things we truly deserve it comes to us, like magnet pulls the irons.

Time is not the reality time is just an idea.

When energy goes subtler or vibrates with higher rates it goes beyond the time. And can reach anywhere in no-time, that’s why distant healing works very well. Or the people who do astral-travel know how they can go any part of the world in no-time. While meditation or sadhana you must have felt sometimes that you have forgot time and it is actually 1 or 2 hours passed and you feel surprised! This is also the science of materialization, when you start wanting something, at the same moment it starts creating in astral world (which vibrate with higher rates) and later on transform in physical reality.

Ask yourself: who am I? From where I have come? What is my purpose of coming here?

They are three questions but I’m sure any single question will tell us our real

essence. Please, ask these three questions if you have never been asked to yourself … these questions are the true logical questions which indeed fail all the logical minds. Ask and Ask … Baba Ji says when real question arises answer always come, but have patience with your consistent efforts.

Love means non-duality.

But we say we love someone and hate someone. In-fact both are biased, isn’t it? Love isn’t dependent to particular thing or person, if it is then it is duality and in


every duality opposite is bound to come. Love is without discrimination, it is the essence of soul … it is the totality of the existence.

Infatuation is emptiness and become suffocation afterwards.

Infatuation is like eating too much food and later on feeling stomach is paining and vomiting all the eaten things. And later on feeling … it was scary!

The main cause of any physical /emotional problem is lack of giving and receiving unconditional love.

Just try to give unconditional love to everyone and feel and see the difference in your relations, success and prosperity. Unconditional love unleashes the divine energy where all the differences and hatreds vanish. And one feel comfortable and loving everywhere.

The more you think the less you will vibrate, only listen the language of silence. When one starts thinking and thinking, one’s connection from universal intelligence is cut, the beam … that flow of light that was coming from infinite, gets

disconnected and vibrations of thoughts starts taking place. Less thinking or no-thinking helps to get connected with infinite energy. And this infinite energy is Shiva, the God itself and the language of silence.

Everything is bhava (intentions) ….”BHAVA RE!”

Baba Ji says “Bhava Re!” more frequently; Bhava is the word for intentions. And they matter a lot, they create Karma; good intentions will produce good Karma and wrong intentions will produce bad Karma.

“Karma + Bhava = Karmayog” this is the proper meaning of Karmyog, our Karmas are decided by our Bhava. So, dear friends Bhava needs to be pure and positive.

Negative emotions create darker energy and darker energy only created chaos and destruction.

Emotions are energy itself, and negative emotions are bound to create darker energy and this energy only brings all sorts of unwanted things in life and problems in success, prosperity and realization.


Vak siddhi depends upon pure intentions.

Vak means speech, Vak siddhi means whatever one speaks turn to be true. Yes, God only gives power to those who have pure intentions and the feelings of harmlessness to everyone.

Live in the body but remain in your identity.

Baba Ji says this body is not our identity, Baba Ji often sing a song in Hindi that means “one day I’ll leave the body and will not return back” but truth is that, there is no death and a siddha exists everywhere even after leaving the body. The

message Baba Ji wants to convey through that song is: nobody knows when to leave the body they why not to give unconditional love to each other.

Whatever you create inside you project outside or world is what you create inside. This world is the reflection of our memories. Baba Ji says even our each cell has its own mind and intelligence, and whatever we think and feel gets stored in every cell. And the world is just the projection of our memories. If memories are good world will be good and if memories are bad world will be bad. Even these unwanted memories are the cause of unwanted mental or physical diseases.

We can create better feelings and thoughts and can replace our unwanted memories with the newer ones and can create the world we want. For healing (before replacing) the unwanted memories Baba Ji tells to each of his disciples how to use God’s healing energy.

Learn to communicate with yourself.

This is the reality check … this is the check of our emotions and feeling, this is the check how much pure and impure we are. This is the check of ‘who am I?’ this is the check of divinity that exists in each of us. Until one learns to communicate oneself, one can’t be a genuine person.


Ignorance has less alternates and options in life and more over it takes away the understanding and intelligence. And an ignorant person can be manipulated, used and thrown away. To put away ignorance the best and fast option is to raise the consciousness by consistent meditation or sadhana.

Feeling of guilt is the worst emotion.

Yes it is, and it kills life but there are methods and techniques to keep the learning from the guilt but to remove its effects on life. The Sadhna and teaching Baba Ji tells have the solution of everything.

We are spiritual being come here to have human body experience.

This body is not the reality, this is just the matter and when a consciousness (soul) desires to get some experience then this body is formed. And a soul will keep on coming in the physical plane until it experiences all the desired things.

Jisko tumse lena ya dena hoga wahi tuahre jiwan mai aayega (People come in life due to debit and credit of Karmas)

Here the cycle of karma moves and it will keep on rotating until it gets balanced. And to make this balance the ways are of unconditional love, gratitude and


Day and night are just symbolic.

The sun moves and a day and night take place. But in real there is no day and no night, if one goes to certain height above the sun and earth then the feeling of day and night just get lost. Moreover when one gets higher and higher consciousness the feeling of day and night also get lost. That’s why in Gita Krishna says to Arjuna that Yogi never sleeps, because a consciousness never gets tired and that Yogi remains awake 24×7.

Reaction is according to stored psychic impressions.

Reactions are memory based, the type of memory we will be having that type of reactions we will give. So when a person gives bad reaction, that poor fellow is driven by his memory.


Everything magnifies after death in thousand folds, if you are blissful you will feel it in thousand folds…or if you are in pain you will also feel it in thousand folds.

After death we live in astral body, and whatever good or bad we think start creating at the same moment. If one thinks negative then real looking negative projection will manifest, and if one thinks positive then good looking positive projection will manifest.

Have pure Bhava(intentions) and your chakra granthi (knot) will open automatically. Baba Ji says pure intentions are very necessary to grow in spirituality. All the

chakras open itself once you get pure intentions.

Accept the way everyone is and accept the way you are.

‘Accept the way everyone is’ means not to disturb in other’s soul-agenda, for what they come to experience in this earth plane. And ‘accept the way you are’ means before taking birth a soul decides each and everything, e.g., which type of body, which type of location, parents, type of experience etc., now to regard and live up to that choices a soul has made convey ‘accept the way you are’.

Satoguni ego is most dangerous.

On a spiritual path a Sadhak also gets divine powers and knowledge which an ordinary people do not have. The Ego for those powers and knowledge is dangerous because it stops the spiritual progress and later on those powers and knowledge are also gone.

Do nishkam seva and you will not be entangled in karmic connections.

Nishkam seva means service without any expectation of give and take, it means do and forget. It helps a lot in not to making new karmic connection as well as solving old karmic connections.

If you do Dev (divine) karma in morning and sakam (fruitful) karma in daytime… then you will sleep in peace at night.


Dev karma means karma for spiritual progress, let it be meditation, healing others, helping others or doing any sorts of work which makes you blissful. Sakam karma means karma for livelihood, like doing jobs/service to earn money.

Whatever you do in daytime that conscious remains in nighttime also, so choose whatever you want to do in daytime.

If you do good things in day time, you will sleep with satisfaction. Otherwise, wrong acts of daytime turns in nightmares or insomnia. Here good things means, which gives you positive energy and wrong acts means which give you negative energy.

Bad karmas decay vital force.

Bad karma creates negative energy and this energy ruins our vital force or say prana, that is essential for both spiritual and materialistic success. A study of most successful people shows that they learn to maintain and develop their vital force.

Go in self (Nirgun) and you can create anything…but in Sagun u can’t create anything.

Nirgun is the formless state and Sagun is the form. When we do sadhna/meditation and merged with God consciousness that time we make our Nirgun state and from that Nirgun state we can create anything due to having access in ether element. But in Sagun we vibrate with less frequency and can’t create as we can in Nirgun state.

Sagun is duality, Nirgun is non-duality.

Sagun that is a form and a form always represent to duality. And formless that is Nirgun always represent to non-duality. A soul is called to be Nirgun and the body is called to be Sagun but during Sadhna when we merged into God consciousness at that time Sagun also becomes Nirgun. There are siddhas who completely turn their body into light (formless).

Duality contains pain

Because in duality the opposite is bound to come, somebody is my friend,

somebody is my enemy, I love somebody, I hate somebody, I am beautiful & I am ugly – are the sign of duality. When we accept the way things or people are without any judgments, duality ends.


Changes only come by sadhna.

Because Sadhana is only the way to get higher consciousness and from that higher consciousness anything could be created or changed easily, and until consciousness improves no good changes will occur.

Real test come among people.

If you go to mountains and live alone, you will never know what kind of things you still need to overcome and when you come among public you are being pulled and pushed in different ways, then you better know how much you have improved or still needs to be improved.

Do practice of silence, remain in state of silence, then you will be in tune with spiritual guides.

Baba Ji says everyone is born with spiritual guides but when we are not in silence we do not maintain the needed vibrations to get tuned with spiritual guides. And when we are silent, we vibrate with higher rates and can get tuned with spiritual guides. In-fact our spiritual guides are always with us vibrating with higher frequency, but due to not having same frequency we hardly acknowledges them.

Just learn to react in happiness.

Happiness is very powerful positive force and when you react with happiness you can make other person cool down immediately. As well as, it can help you and other person not to create unnecessary Karmas.

Refuse to believe what you do not want in your life …erase that and project what you want.

Yes this is miracle mantra, Baba Ji says ‘you are the creator of your own destiny’ and ‘just think what you want in your life’. Whatever we think it starts creating, if we think good we get good; if we think bad we get bad.

Early morning, when you wake up just open anahata (heart) chakra and send ‘unconditional love’ to everybody including incidents of your life.


Unconditional love is the energy and feeling which can make anything better and in-front of this energy everything turns to be friendly and favorable. And it gives a rocket speed in spiritual progress.

The person who is not doing sadhana, then everyday s/he is wasting time in doing outside projection.

The people who left doing sadhana know this fact, if we do not use our mind in good work the mind will find anything … no matter of what kind it is. Mind needs to be busy in good things otherwise it may keep you busy in unwanted projections and sufferings later on.


Well, this is not the end of Baba Ji’s teachings. I had to cut short this article a lot and skipped few statements I wanted to share with you. But soon will share with you in my coming articles.

If you found this article helpful, please share it on Facebook, Twitter and Stumbleupon. Thank you very much! =)


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