The bidder shall have the following minimum qualifications:

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Request for Proposal: BACK OFFICE SYSTEM Introduction to ECO:

The Economic Cooperation Organization (ECO) is an intergovernmental regional organization comprising 10 member states, namely, the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, Republic of Azerbaijan, the Islamic Republic of Iran, Republic of Kazakhstan, Kyrgyz Republic, the Islamic Republic of Pakistan, Republic of Tajikistan, Republic of Turkey, Turkmenistan and Republic of Uzbekistan. The overall objective of the Organization is to promote sustainable economic development and to upgrade the standards of living in its Member States and the Region as a whole. The ECO Secretariat is located in Tehran. Tender:

The ECO Secretariat in Tehran invites eligible IT firms to quote their interest in providing the services as contained in the following Terms of Reference and submit their technical as well as financial proposals. Interested companies should provide information demonstrating that they have the required skills, qualifications, resources and relevant experience to perform the Services.

Qualifications of IT Firms:

The bidder shall have the following minimum qualifications: • Shall have relevant experience of Eight (08) years.

• Shall have in its current office all the necessary equipment and facilities with experienced and professionally trained staff to handle requirements of the above mentioned application.

• Shall maintain a good track record in serving firms and organizations. List of corporate clients should be provided.

• Shall ensure competency of existing and proposed personnel - this shall require submission of résumé of the personnel who will be assigned to conduct the assignment.


Instructions for submitting the proposals:

The proposals shall be received by 31 October 2015, 4 p.m. (Tehran time). The proposals shall be submitted in a sealed envelope and clearly marked in the lower left-hand corner "RFP BACK OFFICE SYSTEM" to the following address:

Post Address:

ECO Secretariat

No. 1, Golbou Alley, Kamranieh St., Tehran, Iran. Postal code: 1951933114

Proposals shall be provide concise description of the company's ability to provide the required service based on the 'Terms of the Reference" below. The Financial Offer must contain the overall offer in a single currency, either in US Dollars or Iranian Rials.

The Economic Cooperation Organization reserves the right to reject any and all Proposals, and to waive minor irregularities in any proposals.

The ECO Secretariat reserves the right to request clarification on information submitted, and to request additional information with respect to proposals.

The ECO Secretariat will notify the selected bidder by 5 November 2015.

Further Information

Requests for further information should be addressed via e-mail to Mr. Waqar Siddique on .



Project Vision:

"To ensure transparent, easy, efficient, secure and accurate availability of information and facilitation of transactions”

In order to streamline business processes and to increase efficiency and effectiveness of services, ECO has undertaken a comprehensive exercise to implement ICT based back office system across all the directorates, departments and units of its Secretariat. The ICT based system is also aimed to bring in transparency and sustainability of the processes which should be simple and standardized.

Objectives, Outputs and Activities:

The key objectives of this Back Office System (BOS) initiative are:

 To design, implement processes and applications that help ECO Secretariat achieve its vision;

 To simplify the business processes;

 To improve the efficiency, productivity and smart administration;  To facilitate effective decision making;

 To develop a single and integrated view of ECO’s information system across all directorates, departments and units ;

 To provide virtual access to/by the Member States enabling communications and interactions in a secure and cordial way.

The followings are key components which would constitute the scope of the envisioned Back Office Automation System i.e. BOS:

 Smooth and simple electronic communications  Optimization of business processes

 Personal and Directorate level profiling  Centralized Data Hub


Technical Specifications:

The technical details of the proposal are as follow:

Tiers Based

 Presentation tier (User Interface)

 Application/business tier to do function and handle events coming from interfaces  Security layer

 Data tier (Data access layer to retrieve data from databases)

Silent Features

 Easy shift from existing back office system (both manual and digital) to new system;

 State of the art System business flow, which should be scalable and embrace new technologies (mobile devices, tablets, smart phones, Optical Character Recognition, barcode) with advanced reporting and search mechanism;

 Facilitate in smart decision making;

 Profile System from individual to directorate level;

 Support Performance Management System with data mining facility;  User dashboard system;

 Secured web-enabled and optimized for low-speed network connection;  Ability to integrate with other systems;

 Integrated Digital Signature capabilities;  Content versioning;

 Smart tracking (Numbering/ids) for all incoming and outgoing letters;  Unique ID formation system for all correspondence;

 Easily defining the users and roles with all associated properties;

 Ability to support the document confidential level and document priority level;  Easily making and uploading different document template.

 Easily storing of and working with multiple document types such as .doc, .xlsx, .pdf, email, images, photos, etc.;


 Ability to import or attach documents via multiple means such as drag and drop, import, scan, print-to, save-as, Optical Character Recognition, barcode and bulk import;

 Audit documents;

 Ability to integrate with Microsoft Office;

 Scheduling the items for actions on specific dates at the level of common users;  Prioritizing activities at the level of common users, and setting certain criteria for

activities like automatic forwarding;

 Sending a given document to different users simultaneously with separate public/private paragraph/notes;

 Delegating activities with time period definition and keeping the history of old delegations;

 State of the art Archival System with advanced search mechanism;  User friendly customizable reporting system at all levels

 Real-time combined search results based on documents types, and all of structural items of a document comprising document content, date, keyword, author, sender, receiver, etc., as well as metadata, full text search and super search;

 Encrypted local and remote access;

 Efficient and risk free backup system as it also covers the disaster recovery plan;  Provision of training at all levels of system along with user manuals.




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