We offer powerful choices for your Medical Practice. Practice Management with intelli-bill Billing Service. Practice Management and Billing System

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We offer powerful choices for your Medical Practice

• Practice Management with iNtelli-Bill Billing Service

o Our PREMIER offer for any practice serious about increased revenue. Internet-Cloud based Practice Management System for your office with our top rated Professional Medical Billing Service.

• Practice Management and Billing System

o For the practice that maintains a billing staff we provide very powerful tools that streamline your front office and fill all your billing needs. Internet-Cloud based Practice Management System and top rated Professional Medical Billing System.

• Medical Billing Service from iNtelli-Bill

o This is for the practice only interested in having a billing service. You focus on your patients – Let iNtelli-Bill Billing Service focus on the tedious and time consuming back office billing duties and get your practice PAID!

American Medical Systems, Inc (AMS) provides Practice Management and Billing solutions for physicians across the United States. AMS corporate, HorizonMIS™ software support and our billing services are all based in the USA.

HorizonMIS™ Practice Management and Billing software is a proprietary product of AMS and BRB Software. As software developers, any modifications or enhancements are performed as needed and at our discretion allowing us the freedom to update functions and features of the software and meet the ever evolving requirements in the medical industry including 5010 and ICD10.

It is our firm belief that you should not be forced to use an inferior practice management and/or billing system just because it is bundled with an EMR. Now the answer to your next question is “Yes, you can have it both ways”. HorizonMIS™ links nicely with most any EMR/EHR system you may have or are considering.


Practice Management & Billing Software

Our software is designed for physicians. provides support for multiple doctors and resources at multiple locations and keeps you informed as to how your practice is functioning. Features of the software (some optional) are as follows.

APPOINTMENT SCHEDULER – The appointment scheduler is like home base for front office personnel. It not only shows the schedule of individual doctors at different locations, but is integrated with the billing system to provide you with up to date financial information to include co-pays as well as real time insurance benefit verification. Your front office staff is automatically notified of invalid insurance policies.

ELECTRONIC CLAIMS – If you chose to do your own billing, your claims can be filed electronically to the clearing house and on to the insurance companies.

ELECTRONIC REMITTANCE ADVICE – This is an EOB processing system that automatically downloads, processes, and then applies the funds to your patient's file.

ELECRONIC STATEMENTS – Have professional statements mailed to your patients at the push of a button.

ELIGIBILITY VERIFICATION – Stop the phone calls and searching websites. For all participating payers this automated module scans ahead in the appointment scheduler and flags upcoming appointments with the appropriate verification of insurance benefits. The benefit detail returned will not only indicate invalid insurance but will store all benefit data received from the payer with the patient file for review at anytime. You will always know of Eligibility, Co-Pays, and Deductibles instantly.

EMR HL-7 INTERFACE – HL7 is a data exchange program for EMR, EHR and Labs systems. We are capable of sharing data with any EMR/EHR that utilizes this interface. HL7 is a standard and should be available from any vendor.

ESTHER – Is a proprietary "Artificial Intelligence" inside the HorizonMIS™ program that seeks out issues for medical and billing personnel. ESTHER will alert you if claims have not been paid and are in need further attention. ESTHER eliminates the need to run massive reports for follow up. This works for both patient and insurance company claims and is a powerful tool for increasing revenue. Bottom line, ESTHER looks out for you.


How are our systems deployed?

Everyone has heard the phrase “To the Cloud” on TV commercials, print, and radio. But what does it mean?

Explanation from Wikipedia:

“Cloud computing refers to the provision of computational resources on demand via a computer network. Users or clients can submit a task, such as word processing, to the service provider, without actually possessing the software or hardware. The consumer's computer may contain very little software or data (perhaps a minimal operating system and

web browser only), serving as little more than a display terminal connected to the Internet. Since the cloud is the underlying delivery mechanism, cloud based applications and services may support any type of software application or service in use today.”

We’ve used this type of technology with our Practice Management and Billing Software for many years—long before someone coined the catchy phrase “The Cloud”.

What does this mean for your Practice? – In short, it means there is no special equipment required. You will not need to purchase an expensive server that requires upgrades, maintenance, IT support, and of course space in your office.

To access our systems all you will need is a stable internet connection and your existing Windows PC. Take your office with you as you can access our service from multiple locations including different offices and even your home.

With the Practice Management System and iNtelli-Bill Billing Service our staff teams with your staff with direct and secure communications through the Practice Management system.


If I am looking for a billing service why choose iNtelli-Bill?

For more than 30 years AMS has gathered intricate information on submitting claims to each individual insurance company and I promise you we have gathered plenty of “Intel”. As you may know most payers have different requirements that must be met before they will even look at a claim. Some consider this a delay tactic by the insurance companies to keep billers constantly questioning their data and at times just giving up on refilling and ultimately getting the claim paid.

At iNtelli-Bill we rely on our many years of experience in the medical industry and utilize our proprietary software

to get it right the first time.

Our software is iNtelligent. It constantly searches for issues before the claim is submitted and this means fewer rejections. Fewer rejections; better odds for getting the claim paid.

◊ ◊ ◊

In a recent audit from one of our Clearing Houses we were rated #1 for least rejections on initial claims.

For 2010 they reported us having a low 1.41% rejection rate for all initial claims submitted. This compared to the 3% - 5% from other billing clients was considered phenomenal.

If we do receive a rejection, our highly trained and experienced billing staff works tirelessly to decipher why it was rejected, resubmit, and get it PAID!

We absolutely can improve your revenue. We excel at providing our clients with increased revenue!


Let’s discuss how we can help you.

We would like to hear from you and possibly setup a demonstration. It will only take a few minutes of your time to discuss your options with American Medical Systems, HorizonMIS™ and iNtelli-Bill.

Let us help get your practice on the path to higher revenue.


Phone (904) 737-5554

Toll Free (800) 769-5554

Email: sales@horizonmis.com

Visit us on the web: www.horizonmis.com or www.intelli-bill.com

HorizonMIS™ and iNtelli-Bill are divisions of American Medical Systems, Inc - Jacksonville, FL




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