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TRACKER appreciates how

important it is for businesses

to save time and money.

Our market leading fleet tracking product provides real time fleet information, enabling you to keep control of your assets and make informed decisions. With 18 years’ experience in the telematics industry and the security that comes with being owned by RBS Insurance, TRACKER provides the knowledge and confidence you would expect from an industry leading telematics provider. Taking advantage of the highly resilient back office system requirements of the financial services sector, you can be sure that your data is in safe hands.

With TRACKER Fleet, you can enjoy total visibility of your fleet, allowing you to:

Minimise fuel costs by eliminating unnecessary journeys

Reduce CO2 emissions and your carbon footprint

Increase workforce utilisation and boost profits Build customer satisfaction by keeping your

customers informed and up to date with any unforeseen events

Count on TRACKER to provide

an end to end solution to your

tracking needs.

Dedicated to providing our customers with the best tracking products in the market, TRACKER draws on the knowledge and experience of our:

In house developers

Qualified TRACKER technicians

Over 250 staff based at our Uxbridge HQ Our ISO 9001 accreditation

Make the right decision

based on facts

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Giving your business

the competitive advantage

Working alongside our customers and drawing on the requirements of today’s telematics user, TRACKER has developed a suite of products that overcome the diverse fleet management needs of organisations of all sizes. Integration with business systems such as routing or scheduling software packages is straightforward and TRACKER’s state of the art website can be viewed on all modern web browsers and platforms such as tablets and smartphones.

Journey Playback

Journey Playback gives a historic view of the route taken by a vehicle and can be combined with Google Street View to give an actual representation of the journey taken.

Driving Patterns

Driving Patterns allow a fleet operator to rapidly review the areas covered by their fleet as a visual overview and, therefore, support the development of efficient vehicle routing.


TRACKER Fleet’s Dashboard provides users with the ability to create a customised single view of their fleet’s activity. The Dashboard can include information on KPIs, maps and reports.

Traffic Cameras

TRACKER Fleet provides users with the ability to view the UK’s traffic conditions at a glance, allowing vehicles to be re-routed to avoid congestion.


Fleet managers can create a Geofence of any shape, directly on the map. Alerts can be generated based upon the vehicle/s entry and/or exit of the Geofenced area.

TRACKER Fleet uses many advanced Google Maps API Premier features, such as: layering, clustering, the overlaying of journey data and 3D Streetview to provide TRACKER Fleet users with the most innovative and intuitive mapping facilities available.

Fleet managers rely on mapping systems to determine strategic information regarding driver habits and vehicle usage, which are critical to enhancing customer service levels. TRACKER Fleet is designed to make this information easily accessible and insightful.

TRACKER’s patented technology – true idling TRACKER’s innovative Transient Voltage Detection technology provides a true measure of engine idling time by sensing the electrical noise created when the vehicle’s engine is running.



A comprehensive selection of reports are available to help you make informed business decisions. Using the flexible reporting suite, standard reports can be easily customised in order to deliver data exactly as required. Reports, such as the examples below, can be generated on screen, in real time, or to a schedule of your choice.

TRACKER Fleet informs users of exceptions to company policy.

TRACKER provides insight and solutions…

…whatever your needs

Battery Powered TRACKER Fleet is a cost effective and convenient solution for managing short term fleet contracts e.g. replacement vehicles or for tracking non powered assets such as trailers and portable buildings.

Eliminates costs against lost assets

Aids utilisation and provides control of your fleet Rugged and weatherproof design, rated to

IP67 standards

Portable and quick and easy to install Long life back-up battery

No need to connect to the asset’s electrical system and may be fitted to assets without a power supply Alerts

Alerts can be generated when there is an exception to a predefined business rule. For example, rules may be based on location or driver behaviours. Alerts can be delivered on screen, by email or by text.

The Fleet Working Time Summary report can be used to identify trends in late starts or early finishes, as well as highlighting any anomalies in overall working times.


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Sophisticated reporting allows fleet managers to monitor a vehicle’s individual CO2 output as well as monitoring the output

of their entire fleet.







“Ten years ago, we chose TRACKER because we needed a top class, market-leading product that offered us a consistent level of service and support. TRACKER is the biggest and most trusted name in the fleet telematics business and remains our first choice in vehicle tracking and fleet solutions. Our partnership has enabled us to white label TRACKER with the greatest confidence. TRACKER provides a fantastic, comprehensive service, tailoring solutions to meet the needs of individual customers.

Our customers have been crying out for enhanced vehicle and driver behaviour information and TRACKER Fleet provides just that and more, invaluable information to both Northgate and our customers.”

Stuart Fairbrother,

Head of Non-Rental Sales at Northgate

“I need to be able to manage a fleet that is spread across Europe and stay in control of what is happening throughout the day without compromising the efficiency of the fleet. TRACKER’s fleet telematics solution provides a detailed view of driver behaviour, allowing us to monitor speeds, journey routes and the general whereabouts of the fleet team.

Crucially, TRACKER’s reporting system provides evidence of turn-around times for collections from suppliers, as we are under pressure to deliver components for the cars within tight timeframes. But it is also my responsibility to ensure that our drivers are operating safely and the TRACKER system supports our overall duty of care policies.”

Ed Porter,

Transport Manager for Red Bull Technology


Leading the way in

fleet tracking

TRACKER Fleet brings

next-generation fleet telematics to

today’s advanced fleet operators.

TRACKER Network (UK) Ltd, Otter House, Cowley Business Park, Uxbridge, Middlesex UB8 2AD TRACKER reserves the right to alter product specifications and pricing without prior notice.


In 2000, TRACKER was among the first companies to launch a fleet telematics product, bringing a range of benefits to fleet operators from reduced fuel consumption to improved vehicle utilisation. In addition to its fleet offering, TRACKER also provides a market leading stolen vehicle recovery system which was launched in 1993.

So far, TRACKER and the police have been responsible for recovering over 20,900 stolen vehicles in the UK, worth over £452m.

With a range of products available, TRACKER stolen vehicle recovery can be fitted to a host of vehicles including cars, LCVs, HGVs and items of plant.

0845 604 6091





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