Networked gives you the tools you need to make your Personal Lines business grow!

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Networked gives you the tools you need to make your Personal Lines business grow!


Personal Lines Management


Scott Smith – Personal Lines Manager



Charna Eastin-Personal Lines Senior

Underwriter & Team Leader



Personal Lines Underwriters

Erin Cummings (530) 274-6932 Handles: TSVP Will Staffhorst

Ashley Hearing (530) 477-3905 Handles: TSVP Marcia Ruddick


Personal Lines Underwriters

Jeanine Haring (530) 477-3938 Handles: TSVP Randy Chambers

Gina Bajone (530) 274-6923 Handles: TSVP Patti Leonard


Personal Lines CSR’s

Sara Zahm (530) 274-6927 Handles: Hartford , Fireman’s Fund

Lisa Lines (530) 274-6970


Personal Lines CSR’s

Allison Coulston (530) 274-6909 Handles: Kemper, Encompass,

Foremost, Met Life

Carolyn Moses (530) 274-6985 Handles: Safeco, RLI


Personal Lines CSR’s

Amber Stone (530) 274-6978 Handles: Travelers



- We give you access to name brand, customer recognized, competitively priced Carriers!







Met Life






Fireman’s Fund




What can these Carriers do for you?

z Do your clients need a quality/competitively priced HO3, HO4, HO6? Networked recommends: z Travelers z Encompass z Hartford Met Life

z Do you have a “High End” home you need to place?

Networked recommends:

z Chubb

z Fireman’s Fund

z Fireman’s Fund Prestige Solutions

z Stand alone DP3’s?

Networked recommends:


How About Auto?

Once again, Networked has access to Name Brand

customer recognized, competitively priced Carriers










Fireman’s Fund*

Minimum pref. limits 50/100/50,000 * Need supporting home




Met Life


What other tools does Networked Personal Lines

have in it’s tool box that will help me be successful?


Mobile Home/Manufactured Home/Modular Home –



Stand Alone Excess –RLI


Stand Alone in Home Business – RLI


Stand Alone Motorcycles – Foremost


Stand Alone Watercraft – Travelers, Chubb,


So, tell me more…


Encompass Insurance Co

‰ Package Policies preferred

‰ A Package consists of the Auto & Primary Home (Homeowners, Condo Owners or Renters)

‰ Package policies can also include Boat, Dwelling Fire, Motorcycle, Recreational Vehicles, Motor Homes and Excess Liability

‰ All lines of business on one policy, one bill, one deductible, one installment fee.

‰ Offers three levels of coverage: Special, Deluxe & Elite.

‰ Aggregate Property Limits.

‰ Will entertain family risks including youthful operators. **Lower commission paid on the vehicle the youthful is assigned to.

‰ Credit for existing insurance.


Encompass Sales Tips

‰ Credit for existing insurance – Write the home or auto with current effective date and the remaining line with a future effective date

(must be submitted at the same time).

Underwriting is once and done: The package is underwritten at the time it is submitted and not again when the second policy is effective.

Gaps are covered: If the client has a claim that exceeds their primary policy prior to the Encompass policy taking effect, Encompass will cover the difference. (If a covered peril)

Locked in rates: If the rates change before the second policy is effective the insured will continue to get the rate that was



Travelers Property & Casualty


Currently writing HO3, HO4, HO6, Auto,

COC, Dwelling Fire, Watercraft & Excess


Subject to: CLUE, MVR’s,


Discounts: Account Credits for Auto and

Home .


Hartford Insurance Company


Currently writing Auto, HO3, HO4, HO6, Excess (with

Home and auto), and Dwelling Fire with supporting



Discounts: Account Credit Auto – Figured into the

quote – no percentage, Home 10%.


Domestic Partner Discount - married rate for

couples in committed relationship or single parent

with custody of children.


HO3,Sentinel, Sentinel Silver, HO5, Sentinel Gold,

Sentinel Platinum – You can choose 125% or 150%

Extended Replacement Cost.


Fireman’s Fund


Specializing in HV Property $500,000+, Auto,

Dwelling Fire, Watercraft & Excess


No Maximum Coverage A


200% Extended Replacement Cost


Need to Write Home to Write Auto


Send in Fireman’s Fund Location Approval




‰ Specializing in HV Property $500,000+. (Depending upon state and location, may go down as low as $300,000) .With primary home will also consider Auto, Dwelling Fire, Watercraft &


‰ Expert home appraisals and loss control evaluation upon issuing of the Homeowners policies.

‰ Deductible waived in the event of a loss exceeding $50,000

‰ Customers enjoy superior claims service with maximum control over how, when, where and by whom property is replaced or repaired.

‰ 200% Extended Replacement Cost


How do I bind a Personal Lines Account?


Our carriers do not allow us to extend binding authority to our affiliates.

In order to expedite binding of your submission please follow these instructions carefully.

To request binding fax or email a completed submission to Networked (please note we treat all applications as bind requests). Please do not send applications for pre-approval. Within 24 hours you will receive an acknowledgement letter


How do I bind a Personal Lines

Account Continued


Once the underwriter reviews the account you will then receive one of the following within 24 hours.

o A Confirmation of Coverage if the submission is complete

and the risk qualifies. **Please note coverage is not bound until you receive a confirmation of coverage from Networked.

o An Additional Information Memo if the submission is

incomplete. **Please note Networked will not bind coverage until all information is received and the effective date will be determined once submission is complete

o A Declination Letter if the risk is unacceptable. **Please note


How to complete an Auto submission:


Completed Accord Auto Application


Prior Dec Page –


Copy of Agent’s Quote

Supplemental Forms/Items


Signed UM Form – May be carrier specific


Proof for a not-at-fault accident (i.e. Police Report

or letter of experience)


Company Specific Supplemental


How to complete a Home submission


Completed Acord Application


Replacement Cost Estimator


Agents Copy of the quote

Supplemental Forms:


Older Home Questionnaire – Company Specific


Wood Stove Questionnaire – Company Specific


Escrow Closes

Networked understands the urgency of escrow closes. We have implemented the following for your convenience:

‰ Fax in a complete submission noting on the cover page that this is an escrow close. If you have scanning capabilities you can email the submission directly to the underwriter to help expedite the procedure.

‰ Once faxed, contact the underwriter who will be handling the account to let them know you have sent in an escrow close and give the clients name.

‰ The underwriter will work that account first and contact you immediately to advise if an EOI can be issued or if additional information is needed.

**Please note Networked does not require signatures to bind coverage for escrow closes**


Please mail all originals and down payment to our office within 7 days of receipt of the confirmation of coverage. Please note since Networked holds the carrier appointment

our affiliates are unable to contact the carriers directly. For any questions about a risk please contact



Inset Picture of PL group and a “thank you

for placing your biz with Networked !




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