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Accredited by the Chartered Management Institute. Masters in High Performance Leadership


Academic year: 2021

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BCS International Ltd t +44 (0)1243 551311 www.bcsinternational.net BCS Nordic t +45 70 224 724 www.bcsnordic.com

Masters in HigH

PerforMance LeadersHiP



2011 & 2012

Accredited by the Chartered Management Institute Accredited by



Leadership Masters that offers executives the opportunity to follow an

intense, groundbreaking training programme.

This results-focused programme will make clear links between emotional

intelligence, human high performance and bottom line business results


The amygdala is an almond-shaped group of nuclei located deep within the medial temporal lobes of the brain in complex vertebrates, including humans.

Shown in research to perform a primary role in the processing and memory of emotional reactions, the amygdala is considered the emotional driver underlying human behaviour.

tHe first Masters PrograMMe to focUs on HigH

PerforMance LeadersHiP

• A unique, action focused training experience

• Training at an Academic Masters level

• Leadership training from some of Europe’s leading international trainers

• A chance to discover and fulfil your own HIGH PERFORMANCE potential

• Improved leadership knowledge, skills and attitudes

• One to one coaching from qualified, experienced executive coaches

• Access to a network of international leaders

• An understanding of how to use emotional intelligence to improve the way you lead yourself and others

• Tools and techniques for linking emotional intelligence to strategy, performance and bottom line


JuST SoME aDVanTagES oF DEVEloPing

YouR EMoTional inTElligEnCE:

• Improved leadership • Improved performance

• Improved communication with others • Acting with integrity

• Managing change more confidently • Acting with authenticity

• Reduced stress levels • Increased motivation

Over recent years, Emotional Intelligence (EI) has been recognised

and acknowledged as a key component of leadership success,

happiness and good health. Based on clear scientific evidence,

developing your EI will lead to lasting behaviour changes that will

improve the way you manage yourself and lead others.


eMotionaL inteLLigence and PerforMance

“High Performance leaders

are emotionally intelligent”

Dan Iversen

“Simply brilliant, thank you”

Niels Thorslund, Director Nordea



aiMed at tHose WHo cHoose to Be great Leaders

Between each module there will be a six week period – this is not by coincidence.

iMPLeMenting KnoWLedge and creating resULts

froM daY one of tHe Masters in HigH PerforMance LeadersHiP

Two weeks after each module you will have a one-to-one coaching session (so 5 coaching sessions during the Masters Programme). The coaching will be used to challenge you in your personal leadership development.

The sessions will also explore the knowledge gained from the course and how to create results by using this knowledge. You will then have four weeks to implement your personal and organisational changes before the next module.

Engaging YouR PEoPlE (2 days)

Dealing with conflict Trust

Interdependence – 1 + 1 = 4 Expressing and controlling emotions Leading teams

Teams vs. Groups The 7 areas of EI in teams

Motivation and commitment in teams Team climate

Setting and using practical team values

STRaTEgY, BuSinESS Planning, ViSion (2 days)

Developing your business and team Linking EI to strategy and vision ROL = Return on leadership Human High Performance

Linking EI into Change Management

Business planning with Emotional Intelligence Linking EI to measurable results

aPPliCaTionS anD lEaDERSHiP STYlES (2 days)

Leadership Styles

Personality Types in Leadership Coaching to release potential Leadership or Followship?

Personal presentations – your journey

The bigger picture – wider applications of Limbic Learning Case studies and measuring the impact of High

Performance Leadership

inTRoDuCTion To lEaDERSHiP anD Ei (2 days)

What is leadership and what makes a great leader? The difference between leadership and management What is EI and how is it linked to human high performance?

EI profiles

Self regard and regard for others - the foundation of great leadership

Personal values






SElF lEaDERSHiP(2 days)

Goals and values Flexibility Trustworthiness

Authenticity and openness – being real Emotional resilience – dealing with setbacks Personal power – taking responsibility

Nutrition, energy management and performance Energy and work/life balance

Authenticity Giving to others

ESSEnTial lEaDERSHiP SKillS (2 days)


Rapport and relationship building Empathy

Self awareness Awareness of others

The coaching style of leadership


You will gET:

• 5 x 1 to 1 coaching sessions

• Experienced, qualified executive coaches • Clear, focused action planning to improve

performance • Results from day 1

• A chance to develop your skills, knowledge and emotional competencies

oVerVieW of tHe ModULes

inTRoDuCTion To lEaDERSHiP anD Ei ESSEnTial lEaDERSHiP SKillS SElF lEaDERSHiP Engaging YouR PEoPlE STRaTEgY, BuSinESS Planning, ViSion aPPliCaTionS anD lEaDERSHiP STYlES

9 Months

1 to 1

coaching coaching1 to 1 coaching1 to 1 coaching1 to 1 coaching1 to 1


ASSESSMENT Graduation Event

“Great teachers, High energy

and enthusiasm”

Torben Vilsgaard, Director Erhverv Silkeborg

“This is what I have been looking for”

Brian Thordal, Director

“It just felt good and right”

Henrik Olsen, Director 4circle



Managing Director, BCS international

Psychologist, Diploma in Executive Coaching, Certificate as EI Practitioner, Diploma in Hypnotherapy, Associate Professor.

Steve is a passionate, experienced trainer and coach. Over the last few years he has trained and coached more than 5,000 leaders from a wide range of international organisations. He is the co-author of the international best selling leadership book, “Emotional Intelligence Coaching”


aDMiSSion CRiTERia

To maintain our high quality standards, admission is subject to successful admission process.

To gain admission participants must: • Have experience of leadership

• Understand and communicate at a good level of english

• Have an open mind and be hungry to learn


Please send your CV and reasons for applying to: Dan Iversen BCS Nordic Sabroesvej 16, 8600 Silkeborg Denmark Tel: +45 70 224 724 Email: dan@bcsinternational.net aCCoMMoDaTion

Accommodation for all modules will be reserved for 1 night

TuiTion FEE anD DaTES

Please go to www.bcsinternational.net for dates and fees in different countries or write to info@bcsinternational.net

CanCEllaTion PoliCY

Must be in writing and sent to


Cancellation charges are as follows:

Cancellation after booking : 20% of the tuition fees. 29 to 15 days notice: 50% of the tuition fees. 14 days or less notice: 100% of the tuition fees Please note that places are transferable for a small administration fee.


12 days of training

9 months of leadership development 17 ECTS points and 510 hours study time 5 x one to one coaching sessions

2 facilitators on all modules Maximum 12 participants

Start and end emotional intelligence profiles All materials included

Personal feedback

Alumni Network of top international leaders Certificate


Managing Director, BCS nordic

Diploma in Management, EMBA, Masters in Executive Negotiation, Specialist in High Performance Development and Emotional Intelligence, Chairman CASEZ

Dan is a passionate facilitator and speaker. With many years experience as a top level leader working internationally, Dan brings both valuable knowledge and expertise to the subject of High Performance Leadership.

liSa SPEnCER-aRnEll

Senior Consultant, BCS international

MBA, CMI Diploma in Coaching, Certificate in Mentoring, EI Practitioner

One of Europe’s leading experts in Executive Coaching, Lisa has extensive experience in working with international organisations. Her fields of expertise include Work-Life Balance, Personal and Team Values and Emotional Intelligence.


oUtstanding gUest sPeaKers

We HaVe aLreadY WorKed WitH soMe of tHe Best

On each Masters there will be exciting and insightful talks from a range of international guest speakers. These top leaders will share the secrets of their

success, with examples of how an emotionally intelligent approach to leadership has proved productive, fruitful and effective in their organisations.

Andersen Consulting Baltic Management Institute Boehringer Ingelheim Bluebridge

BRF Kredit

Capita People Development Carlsberg

Codan Forsikring

Colas Danmark Coloplast Cornwall County Council Danfoss COWI Kelco Danisco Danske Bank Deloitte DONG

East Sussex County Council Ernst & Young

EFTA Eurocom Industries FLS Industries Folketinget (Danmark) Haldor Topsoe GSK HK Danmark

Johnson and Johnson IKEA

JT International Kent County Council Lundbeck


Maersk Olie og Gas Maersk Data Man B&W Diesel National Health Service Nordea Navision NCC Road Holding Novo Nordisk Novozymes Pfizer Pricewaterhouse Coopers Radiometer Medical Ramboll

RISØ National Laboratory SAS Hotels

Sonion Statoil SEB

Sussex University

Swindon Borough Council Toyota Danmark

Vilnius Stock Exchange VELUX

Volvo Sweden Western shipyard


12 days of training

9 months of leadership development 17 ECTS points and 510 hours study time 5 x one to one coaching sessions

2 facilitators on all modules Maximum 12 participants

Start and end emotional intelligence profiles All materials included

Personal feedback

Alumni Network of top international leaders Certificate

in addition to our Core Masters Team, there will be additional

trainers and guest speakers covering topics including:

• The vital role nutritional intelligence plays in high performance • How emotional intelligence links to strategy and bottom line

• Real life case studies of how the Limbic Learning System™ has been used to boost individual, team and organisational performance

• Inspirational examples of how the tools you will be given have been applied outside the business world

Experience and use the

Limbic Performance Indicator™ -

the latest, evidence-based profiling

tools for measuring individual, team

and organisational performance.


BCS International Ltd

t +44 (0)1243 551311 www.bcsinternational.net BCS Nordic

t +45 70 224 724 www.bcsnordic.com

“You can’t truly lead

others, until you have

learned to lead yourself”

Steve Neale



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