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The Value of Business Analytics. Identifying the Path to Profitability. Wiley and SAS Business Series


Academic year: 2021

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The Value of Business Analytics. Identifying the Path to Profitability. Wiley

and SAS Business Series


This groundbreaking resource defines what business analytics is, the immense value it brings to an organization, and how to harness its power to gain a competitive edge in the marketplace. Author Evan Stubbs provides managers with the tools, knowledge, and strategies to get the organizational commitment you need to get business analytics up and running in your company.

Drawing from numerous practical examples, The Value of Business Analytics provides an overview of how business analytics maps to organizational strategy and through examining the mistakes teams commonly make that prevent their success, author Evan Stubbs uncovers a four-step framework which helps improve the odds of success.

Built on field-tested experience, The Value of Business Analytics explains the importance of and how to: - Define the Value: Link analytics outcomes to business value, thereby helping build a sense of urgency and a need for change.

- Communicate the Value: Persuade the right people by understanding what motivates them. - Deliver the Value: Link tactical outcomes to long-term strategic differentiation.

- Measure the Value: Validate wins and deliver continuous improvement to help drive ongoing transformation.

Translating massive amounts of data into real insight is beyond magic—it’s competitive advantage distilled. Nothing else offers an equivalent level of agility, productivity improvement, or renewable value. Whether you’re looking to quantify the value of your work or generate organizational support, learn how to leverage advanced business analytics with the hands-on guidance found in The Value of Business Analytics.

Drawing on the successes and failures of countless organizations, author Evan Stubbs provides a reference rich in content that spans everything from hiring the right people, understanding technical maturity, assessing culture, and structuring strategic planning. A must-read for any business analytics leader and an essential reference in shifting the perspective of business analytics away from algorithms towards


Learn how to increase the odds of successful value creation with The Value of Business Analytics.

Contents: Preface ix

Acknowledgments xiii

Chapter 1 Introduction and Background 1 The Power of Information 1

Modern-Day Magicians 3 The Secret of Success 5 Notes 7

Chapter 2 The Importance of Business Analytics 9 Introduction 9


Business Analytics: A Definition 10 Role of the Organization 13

Reasons behind Strategic Planning 17

Business Analytics and the Traditional View 25 Business Analytics and the External View 28 Business Analytics and the Internal View 35 Business Analytics and the Customer View 39 Fostering Innovation and Invention 44

Delivering Value through Renewable Return 46 Summary 51

Note 51

Chapter 3 The Challenges of Tactical Delivery 53 Introduction 53

Core Vocabulary 54

Common Team Structures 66 Roles and Responsibilities 68

Challenges of Applying Business Analytics 83 Finding the Path to Profitability 85

Selling the Value of Analytics 86

Meeting and Overcoming These Challenges 90 The Four-Step Framework 97

Note 97

Chapter 4 Defining the Value of Business Analytics 99 Introduction 99

Why You Need to Define the Value 100 Different Types of Value 103

Role of the Business Case 108 Identifying Tangible Value 115 Identifying Intangible Value 131 Simulating Business Cases 134

Practical Example: Reducing Churn in Telecommunications 140 Summary 143


Chapter 5 Communicating the Value Proposition 147 Introduction 147

Why You Need to Plan Your Communication Strategy 148 Need for a Communication Strategy 154

Awareness and Information Relevancy 158

Organizational and Societal Cultural Considerations 163 Conceptual Relevancy 172

The Path to Persuasion 178

Practical Example: A Forecasting Model for Planning 182 Summary 185

Note 187

Chapter 6 Creating the Execution Plan and Delivering Value 189 Introduction 189

Why You Need an Execution Plan 190 Role of the Execution Plan 194 Establishing Direction 195 Delivering to the Plan 215

Dealing with Resource Constraints 216 Planning for Success 220

Practical Example: Social Network Analysis 229 Summary 231

Chapter 7 Delivering the Measurement Framework 235 Introduction 235

Why a Measurement Framework Is Essential 236 Role of the Measurement Framework 241 Measuring What Is Important 247

Establishing a Measurement Framework 260 Delivering the Measurement Framework 263 Advanced Measurement Concepts 268

Practical Example: The Ongoing Growth of an Analytics Team 278 Summary 281


Chapter 8 Bringing It All Together 285 Introduction 285

Sarah’s Challenges 286 The Light-Bulb Moment 288 Transforming the Organization 292 Summary 296

Glossary 299

About the Author 317 Index

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