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Andalucia. Spatial Plan of Andalusia (POTA) Form and content


Academic year: 2021

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http://www.juntadeandal ucia.es/organismos/medi oambienteyordenacionde lterritorio.html

Spatial Plan of

Andalusia (POTA)

The Spatial Plan of Andalusia (POTA) is a tool for planning and integrated management that provides the basic elements for the organization and

structure of Andalusia. It is also the territorial reference framework for subregional plans and actions affecting land use and for public action in general.

The Ayuntamiento de Sevilla and the Ayuntamiento de Granada have been Members of METREX in the past. The

Ayuntamiento de Granada Centro

Internacional de Estudios Urbanos Is currently an Observer in METREX.

The Spatial Plan of Andalusia is presented to citizens as a useful tool in the service of the project of transformation and modernization of our society by establishing the requirements and guidance, from a territorial point of view, they guide the future development of the region

development that is balanced, fair and sustainable.  Goals

 Preparation and approval  Transaction

 Territorial Development Strategy  System Strategies for Cities  Plan document

 Regulations Goals

The great objective of POTA is to contribute to sustainable, cohesive and competitive territorial development of Andalusia.

In this sense, the clearest example of POTA commitment to sustainable development is its commitment to a model of compact, functional and economically diverse city. This model means generating proximity and mobility assured by high endowments of infrastructure, equipment and

services of public transport, urban growth linked to the availability and adequacy of water and energy resources and adapt the pace of this growth to effective

implementation endowments and basic equipment, the general systems of open spaces and public transport. The POTA also aims to enable the development potential and improve the competitiveness of each and every one of the parts of the territory of Andalusia metropolitan areas, the coast, the average inner cities and rural and mountain areas. For this, the Plan includes determinations to mobilize the large potential urban centers in Andalusia to promote and support its territorial spheres of influence processes of regional, rural and local economic


Also it bets from the POTA for territorial cooperation, one of the guiding principles of the territorial model of Andalusia that develops more intensely for Networks Medium-sized Cities. This is undertaken in the whole of Andalusia joint actions in the form of cooperation networks to take advantage of complementarities, economies of scale and synergies.


Goals continued In short, the POTA will encourage Andalusia could

develop in the future in line with the requirements of competitiveness, cohesion and sustainability. Therefore, the POTA is a key tool for convergence, in terms of quality of life, Andalusia with the most advanced European regions. Preparation and approval

The Spatial Plan of Andalusia (POTA) was approved by the Decree 206/2006, of November 28 and was published in BOJA of December 29, 2006.

Their preparation and approval was performed as established in the Planning Act of Andalusia , the Decree 83/1995, of March 28 , by which its formulation and agreed Decree 103/1999, of May 4 , by the foundation and

Strategies of Spatial Plan of Andalusia is approved. The POTA is therefore the result of extensive public and institutional participation and democratic consensus is that the Andalusian society has made over the desired

collectively to Andalusia in the future territorial order. ( see Title 3 of POTA: Territorial Development Strategies ) Territorial Development Strategy

The POTA brings to the Andalusian territorial strategic framework, long-term, direct its plans and policies and to this effect, it sets the Territorial Model of Andalusia and a set of territorial development strategies.

These strategies relate to:  The system of cities.

 The system of regional coordination (with the subsystems of transport, telecommunications, energy and hydrologic-hydraulic).

 The regional land protection system (risk

prevention, natural, cultural and landscape) of the territory.

 The external integration of Andalusia, both at national and continental level, through the axes of European development and strengthening the Euro-Mediterranean dimension and the role of Andalusia.

Plan de Ordenación del Territorio de Andalucía


Content in orange illustrated in this Abstract


System Strategies for Cities

As for territorial cohesion, System Strategies for Cities focus on a key to the quality of life of the Andalusian question: create in different areas of Andalusia equivalent conditions for access of citizens to health facilities and services , education, healthcare, sports and cultural and housing, implemented for through regional centers, medium-sized cities and towns the corresponding basic amenities.

Plan document

The documentation presented below corresponds to the Spatial Plan of Andalusia approved by Decree 206/2006, of November 28 and published in the Official Gazette of the Andalusian day December 29, 2006.

General index

Title I. Basis of Management, Application and Development Title II. Andalusia territorial model

Title III. Territorial development strategies Chapter 1. System Cities

Section 1. Regional Centers

Section 2. Medium-sized Cities Networks Section 3. Settlement Networks in Rural Areas Section 4. Orientation and process control urbanization and urban quality

Chapter 2. Regional Joint Systems

Section 1. Intermodal Transport System Section 2. Telecommunications System Section 3. Energy System

Section 4. Hydrological-Hydraulic System Chapter 3. Regional Land Protection System

Section 1. Risk Prevention System Section 2. Territorial Heritage System Chapter 4. External Integration of Andalusia Title IV. Zoning


Title II. Andalusia territorial model

Basic Scheme of Territorial Planning for Andalusia


Chapter 1. System


Section 1. Regional Centers


Chapter 1. System


Section 2. Medium-sized Cities Networks


Section 3. Settlement Networks in Rural Areas


Chapter 2. Regional

Joint Systems

Section 2.



Chapter 2. Regional

Joint Systems

Section 4. Hydrologica


Chapter 3. Regional

Land Protection


Section 2. Territorial Heritage System


Chapter 4. External

Integration of



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