MNGT 305- Principles of Management Online COURSE OBJECTIVES. 1) Understand basic management principles and concepts and their application

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MNGT 305- Principles of Management Online


Dr.Erika N. Williams


BE 2077


Office Hours

: Office hours will be held virtually, by appointment. Please send me an email to request a date and time.

A note regarding course communication: All email communication must be conducted via official USI email accounts. I will make every effort to return email within 24 hours Monday through Friday. Write your email in a professional manner with complete sentences and punctuation. Be coherent and comprehensive as well as concise in outlining your question, concern, or suggestion such that I can readily recognize the intent of your email and be able to respond accordingly. 

Any meeting request will require a note in advance indicating the reason for the meeting, including any questions or concerns that need to be addressed. This policy is in an effort to provide information and assistance to you in an efficient manner.

*Note: As a courtesy to me and your fellow students, please make every effort to refer to the syllabus and Blackboard prior to sending an email. I receive many email messages requesting information that I have already made available; this creates a delay in response to other emails.


Per the USI Bulletin: A study of the principles of management theory and practice in

organizations, with emphasis placed on the challenges of management in a diverse and complex environment.


1) Understand basic management principles and concepts and their application 2) Demonstrate written communication skills in written assignments

3) Demonstrate critical thinking skills


Required materials:


ISBN: 978-1-259-73266-9

Harvard Business Publishing Course Pack- budget approximately $20 for access (I will email the link)

I realize that purchasing textbooks can become quite expensive each semester. Please feel free to access textbooks in the manner most cost effective for your circumstances; however, I do encourage you to have your own copy in order to prevent any issues with class preparation. Texts are available at the USI bookstore and online through Amazon (purchase or rent) and other retailers. Also, feel free to look into textbook rental services.


The University of Florida created a nice outline for etiquette in online courses. I have provided a pdf of the document on Blackboard. Please review the document as you are responsible for knowing and following the content.

Attendance & Participation

Successful online learning requires active participation and conscientiousness. It can be challenging to manage the requirements of an online course however, I am confident that you can do it. You are responsible for submitting all assignments, participating in discussions, and other requirements on time. Please create a system that works for you so that you can keep track of what is due and the specific dates.

Guidelines for Discussion Board Participation:

• Maintain professionalism at all times and adhere to the expectations for online communication

• Students are expected to read all discussion area postings. The quality of the student responses will be graded. Students should expect to contribute at least two substantive

postings each week, unless otherwise specified. Students will earn weekly participation grades based upon the quality of their responses to weekly assignments, including discussion


• Substantive participation includes responses to discussion questions or classmates (simply stating “I agree” or a similar statement is not considered substantive.

• Responses should be based on course content, personal experiences, etc. – not merely opinion unless the discussion question specifically states that opinion is appropriate

• Posting of assignments, emails to students, and/or discussion with a faculty outside of the classroom threads do not count as participation.


• The classroom is a place of expression and discussion and everyone's comments are important. The diversity of experience among members of the class will enhance learning. • Communication will be respectful. Inappropriate language will not be tolerated, and I have the right to determine what is inappropriate. Disrespectful students are subject to discipline or dismissal from the online learning platform for this course.

• For absence due to prolonged serious illness or personal emergency, the student is expected to contact me as soon as possible.

• If you experience technical difficulty, contact me and USI technical support the same day the issue occurs and work out a plan to make up missed assignments. If the technical difficulties will not be fixed for a prolonged period, it is the student's responsibility to find another option to complete coursework.

Late Work

Late work is not accepted for this course. Special Concerns

I am happy to assist students who require accommodations. Please provide appropriate documentation from the Office of Disability Services during the first two weeks of class.

Academic Integrity

All assignments that are submitted for grading must consist of work based on your own individual effort. Any academic dishonesty will be handled according to the University of Southern Indiana policy.


Make sure you check Blackboard regularly; stay aware of the announcements for updates/changes to the schedule.

Discussion Board (points will vary)

Please note that some discussions will receive ‘participation points’, others will be graded based on the quality of your work. This will be at my discretion so I encourage you to always do your best work.

Quizzes (5 points each)

We will have weekly quizzes to create accountability for the required readings.

Case Studies (25 points each)

Case studies will be assigned throughout the semester to assess your ability to think critically about issues in the workplace and apply the concepts from the course. Please see Blackboard for details.

Grading Scale: A- 90-100% B- 80-89%


C- 70-79% D- 60-69% F- 59% and below



Schedule is subject to change at instructor’s discretion

*Remember, you will not see the week’s lecture, assignments, etc. until you complete the reading quiz. Be mindful of due dates!

Topic Reading Assignment/Activity

Due Wk. 1 8/24 Introductions Wk. 2 8/31 The Big 5 & Organizational Culture Ch. 3

Reading Quiz due 9/4 by 5:00 PM Assignment: see Blackboard Discussion Board Due 9/7 at 5:00 PM

Wk. 3 9/7

Reading Quiz due 9/11 by 5:00 PM Assignment: see Blackboard

Ethics Ch. 4

Wk. 4

9/14 Decisions, Creativity & Entrepreneurship Ch. 7


Assignment: see Blackboard Discussion Board Due 9/21 by 5:00 PM Wk. 5

9/21 Planning & Strategy Ch. 8

Reading Quiz due 9/25 by 5:00 PM Analyst Case Study due by 9/28 at 11:59 PM Wk. 6

9/28 Competitive Advantage Ch. 9 No new assignment or discussion.

Wk. 7

10/5 Change Management Ch. 11

Reading Quiz due 10/9 at 5:00 PM Discussion Board Due 10/12 by 5:00PM Perils and Pitfalls of Leading Change Case Study due

by 10/26 at 11:59PM Wk. 8

10/12 Human Resource Management Ch. 12 Discussion Board Due 10/19 by 5:00PM Wk. 9


Wk. 10

10/26 Motivation & Performance Ch. 13

Reading Quiz due 10/30 by 5:00 PM Discussion Board Due 11/2 by 5:00PM

Wk. 11

11/2 Leadership Ch. 14

Reading Quiz Due 11/6 by 5:00 PM No new assignment. There is an extra credit

discussion board available this week.

Wk. 12

11/9 Teams Ch. 15

Reading Quiz Due 11/13 by 5:00 PM Assignment: see Blackboard

Wk. 13

11/16 Communication Ch. 16 See Blackboard

Wk. 14 11/23

Conflict Management

& Negotiation Ch. 17 See Blackboard

Wk. 15 11/30

Video & Discussion Board