Transforming the Network to Seize Business Advantage. Don Clark Director of Business Development & Strategy NEC Corporation of America







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Transforming the Network to Seize

Business Advantage

Don Clark

Director of Business Development & Strategy


Focus Today

Network Challenges for Data Centers and

Distribution Networks

Automation, configuration management,

integration with other IT systems, and

maintenance are roadblocks to agile

service delivery.

Software Defined Networking is

fundamentally changing networking

New model solves biggest network challenges

SDN is driving real business value

NEC customers reduced time to new services by 75%, saved dollars

ProgrammableFlow Product Line

Simplified, open infrastructure for data center and cloud networks,

dramatically automates while driving down operational costs and time

to deliver business services


NEC Corporation at a Glance

Established: 1899

Sales: $37 Billion

Employees: 100,000+ worldwide

Sales by segments

IT Services 27% Platform 12% Carrier Network 21% Personal Solutions 22% Others 7% Social Infrastructure 11%


Cloud Infrastructure from NEC








Express Cluster


Highly scalable

Highly available

Intel based





Fibre Channel

and Ethernet



Feature rich





High availability

High throughput


Realtime Applications


Enterprise Network Challenges

Enterprise WAN Backbone Campus A Campus B Campus C Building C-1 Building C-2 Campus C Backbone Core Layer Distribution Layer Access Layer Performance/Security Visibility


Virtualized DC


Scaling Security Services


Virtual Circuits



Challenges of Managing a Data Center Network

Source: IDC Corporation, 2012

Has your organization experienced any of the following

network operations problems?

Percent of respondents (N=280, multiple responses accepted) Too many manual processes

Difficulties/delays associated with change and/or configuration management Integration and cooperation between network operations and other IT domains Inability to implement new technology in a timely manner due to lack of maintenance windows Difficulties and/or delays in provisioning network devices such as servers, switches, and security appliances Inability to implement new technology due to poor coordination between IT administration teams Manual IP address management using tools like spreadsheets We have a heterogeneous network where different technical elements need their own network operations Limited skills in the networking team Too many tools We have not experienced any network operations problems

40% 36% 34% 29% 28% 26% 26% 23% 20% 17% 7% ▌






Software Defined Networking and OpenFlow

The Biggest Thing Since Ethernet: OpenFlow

“New technology could disrupt the networking market, which for decades has relied on Ethernet and TCP/IP standards--and stalwart vendors like Cisco.”

―There are things that can be done with OpenFlow that cannot be done with current protocols.

OpenFlow will make it easier to implement

customized functionality.”

– Ivan Pepelnjak CTO – NIL Data Communications

Customers that re-architect their networks to take full

advantage of OpenFlow can achieve the many benefits associated with

virtualization and cloud computing, including increased flexibility in their

networks, simplified

management, and faster deployment


- Rohit Mehra - IDC

SDN is a major change in the paradigm -- logically centralized control function. This is

the beginning of the software era of networking. Scott Shenker, UC Berkeley Pretty Sweet! -Jason Edelman,


SDN Industry Momentum

2H2011 1H2012 2H2012 1H2013 Jan 2010 1H2011 2006 – 2011 IDC: SDN a $2B Market by 2016 Brocade Releases OpenFlow

Cisco Invests $100M in Insieme with Option to Buy Open Networking Summit 2012 Plays to a Packed House IBM Announces Support for OpenFlow in Data Switch Line

NEC Co-Founds Clean Slate Lab at Stanford OpenFlow Standard Created Nicira Lands $9M for Software to Virtualize Networks

Tech Titans Back OpenFlow Standard Interop 2011 – ―the OpenFlow Show‖

NEC announces first enterprise-class OpenFlow SDN: ProgrammableFlow NEC ProgrammableFlow wins Grand Prize at 2012 Interop


Open Networking Foundation:

OpenFlow Protocol Standardization


API API API Infrastructure Layer Control Layer Application Layer SDN Control Software Network Applications

Network Device Network Device Network Device

Network Services

Network Device Network Device

Control Data Plane Interface (e.g., OpenFlow)


The NEC SDN solution is completely compatible with Hyper-V Network Virtualization and allows for easy

configuration of virtual appliances such as load balancers, intrusion detection systems, and network monitoring solutions.

Jeffrey Snover

Windows Server

This collaboration reflects the reality that the data center network is vital to business, driving new ways for users to control the functionality of networks to meet application requirements, for cloud, Big Data/analytics and high performance computing, more simply, flexibly and intelligently.

Vikram Mehta

VP System Networking

"Cloud in a Vault is a proven solution that has already been successfully deployed across several organizations within the financial, healthcare and legal verticals. Its capabilities are highly flexible and attractive to any enterprise that values security, scalability, reliability and control."

Jack Pressman

Managing Director of Cyber Innovation Labs, LLC

“It’ s been six months since

ProgrammableFlow was installed, and we’ re very satisfied with the functionality and quality of the product.

Shinji Fujibayashi

Nippon Express

This global scale ICT infrastructure is flexibly controlled and takes only a few minutes to remotely complete connections between data centers that conventionally took several days.

“The NEC PF5820 met all of our evaluation objectives and the initial deployment with ProgrammableFlow has gone well – completely as expected.”

Matt Davy

Co-director of the Internet2 NDDI program and Chief Architect for Indiana University

ProgrammableFlow: Driving SDN Innovation


Data Center Network Challenges

Optimized within the Silos

• Inefficient • Complex • Slow to respond • Static WEB AP DB WEB AP DB WEB AP DB WEB AP DB IP NW

Total IT+NW Optimization

• Optimized • Simple • Agile • Dynamic WEB AP DB WEB AP DB WEB AP DB WEB AP DB IP NW


VTN2 vRouter vBridge vBridge

FW SLB VM Storage VTN1

Load balancer

Virtual Network Pool Virtual Server Pool Virtual Storage Pool

Network virtualization Server virtualization Storage virtualization PFS Server Storage Firewall vBridge vRouter vBridge vBridge Firewall SLB VM Storage vRouter NaaS Cloud Management

Cloud: Comprehensive Virtualization

Virtual Tenant Networks

Virtual Resources Physical Resources Virtualization IaaS VM Management System Virtual Storage Management SDN Network Controller



Enterprise: Departmental Isolation/Mobility

▌ Each department has own proprietary network

▌ Many firewalls required to align network policies

▌ Existing networks integrated by ProgrammableFlow

▌ Networks become visible (physical/logical configurations)

Conventional Network

Software Defined Network





Department A Department B Department C

Department A VTN Department B VTN Department C VTN

Logical Configuration

Department A Department B Department C

Network Appliance Pool Network Pool Server Pool PFC Switch Physical Configuration PFS FW


Network Service Insertion

OpenFlow Network

Controller DoS Detector

Attack Mitigation WAN Internet Enterprise Network Servers M onit or C ont rol Traffic Statistics

Network Path Control




Traffic Visibility for Security Monitoring

and Management for Big Data

Create Custom Flow Filter Rules Monitor Traffic Aggregate Mirror Traffic Analytics Challenges

▐ Traditional Monitoring breaks down at 10G speeds

▐ Data Analytics requirements for security and performance monitoring continuously


▐ Purpose built monitoring tools expensive Solution

▐ ProgrammableFlow Controller

▐ ProgrammableFlow PF5240 and PF5820

Switches Results

▐ Aggregate mirror/span traffic from multiple sources

▐ Create filters through easy to use interface

▐ Customize flow filters on Source Port/ MAC/IP/TCP Port/VLAN

▐ Visualize Traffic Flows


SDN and Cloud Connections

Today we live in the Quantum era of so much data

growth and interconnectivity.


Challenges Without SDN

Remaining high costs (financial and

administration overhead) maintaining

current network

Legacy IT has become a bottleneck to

change, and the inability to address

change affects business agility

―One Size Fits All‖ simply won’t

address all requirements

Significant complexities arise with

legacy networks in traditional and

cloud computing environments


SDN Breaks Down Barriers

SDN breaks down barriers to offer:

Centralized control with network abstraction and vendor neutrality

Virtual Networks with creation and configuration in minutes, not days

Enhanced security and multi-tenancy

Extensible service insertion


Reduces Time to Deliver Applications

Conventional Network SDN/ ProgrammableFlow 3 days 5 minutes T im e to De liv er a 3 -T ier A pp lic ati on


SDN Enables Business Opportunities

Remote research facilitated

Entire cloud ecosystem built

Provisioning automated and


Automatic creation of isolated


Hyper-V SDN in action

Edgenet is committed to being the highest quality provider of product content

management, selling and advertising

solutions in the world. Through the Edgenet Network, our customers access a product information ecosystem that ensures the highest quality, most complete set of product content available. Product content is

managed by suppliers and distributed from our network to retailers, distributors and media channels.

2010, 2011, 2012, 2013

“The NEC Programmable Flow Switch and Controller for Hyper-V allows Edgenet to not only improve network service delivery by having a single control plane across the entire physical and virtual Microsoft environment, it allows us to increase our network utilization

levels without concern of service level disruption and realize a truly converged network infrastructure affordably.”

Mike Steineke VP of IT, Edgenet



Assuring Service Levels in unified network

Network constraints of VM Migration

Real time network visibility



Software Defined Physical and Virtual Network



QoS assured for high priority storage traffic

VM mobility without network reconfiguration

Improved network utilization


Genesis Hosting: Public Cloud


▐ Network complexity - needed strategy for mass scale

▐ Focused on delivering 99.999% availability at a value price—a key competitive differentiator

▐ Diminishing number of IP addresses available Solution

▐ Software Defined Cloud Network


▐ Simplified, manageable network enables mass scale-up

▐ ProgrammableFlow self-repair supports availability goals of 99.999%

▐ Reduced network administration by 100 hours weekly with automated network management

▐ Reduced IP address usage up to 60%

▐ Grew revenue with service offering of secure multi-tenant virtual networks Genesis Hosting Solutions provides one of the most flexible

hosted computing service available today. Genesis ―build-your-own cloud environments‖ enables customers to build and

provision customized, highly available virtual machine clusters.

Genesis looked at other, competitive network offerings, seeking a solution to their challenges.

“We wanted the same level of reliability at the edge as at the core,” says Miller, “We saw OpenFlow, and preferred the open architecture,

and with NEC offering ProgrammableFlow, it was a no-brainer.”


Nippon Express: Data Center Consolidation

Multi-tenant Network OpenFlow network reduces complexity and increases flexibility


▐ Move to private cloud by 2014

▐ Silo network infrastructure

▐ Limited flexibility for virtual environments

▐ Reduce costs and increase IT efficiency


▐ OpenFlow based Software Defined Cloud Network for Primary and backup Center


▐ 32% Annual ROI

▐ Increased agility—Network ticket turn around time reduced

from 2 months to 10 days

▐ New level of flexibility and network control

▐ Full control eliminates need for vendor involvement, saving over $75K annually

▐ Improved reliability and availability, equipment faults take less than one second with no interruption

▐ Equipment footprint halved, power consumption cut significantly

“It’ s been six months since ProgrammableFlow was installed, and

we’ re very satisfied with the functionality and quality of the product. Previously, the system centered on two chassis core switches to future-proof the

system, but the new system doesn’t require a big capital investment right away. Switches can be added easily when they are required, allowing us to

cut housing costs through lower initial space requirements and reduced power



Nippon Express Benefits from SDN

0 10 20 30 40 50 Unit Space Outsourcing Fee Power Consumption Reconfiguration Time 32 10 35 30 25 20 15 10 5 0 Alternative SDN

(core switch rack space)

70% 15 10 5 0 KW U Alternative SDN 80% 14 8 Weeks 2.5 10 Days 75% 120 75 50 25 0 $K 75K 0 100% Alternative SDN Alternative SDN


The New Era of Programmable Networks


Deploy Multi-Tenant Virtual Networks as easily as deploying VMs

Integrate network and application policy

Centralized network management and control

Eliminates need for spanning tree or other distributed protocols


Scales from single switch to entire data center fabric

Policy-based appliance integration


Integrated Multitenant Access Control







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