City of Dubuque, Iowa Request for Proposals for Software & Implementation of ADA Compliance & Transition Plan Management

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City of Dubuque, Iowa

Request for Proposals for

Software & Implementation of

ADA Compliance & Transition

Plan Management

Request Summary

The City of Dubuque, IA is requesting detailed proposals from professional firms, developers and

software providers for ADA Compliance and Transition Plan Management. The City is seeking to manage its ADA Transition Plan through GIS.

Background Information

The City of Dubuque is a community of nearly 60,000 people located on the eastern edge of Iowa along the Mississippi River. Despite the general assumption that Iowa is a flat state, Dubuque is quite hilly with beautiful limestone bluffs towering nearly 300 feet above the Mississippi River below. The City is nearly 32 square miles in area and boasts a diversified economy. Tourism is also an important

component of our City’s character, with nearly 2 million people visiting us every year.

GIS is mission critical to the City’s daily operations. Dubuque’s GIS software is Esri ArcGIS, and the City participates in Esri’s Enterprise License Agreement for Government. Currently, there are over 600 layers in the City’s enterprise database and hundreds more in project-specific folders and databases. There are over 250 unique GIS users and all City departments are utilizing GIS in some capacity. The City is using ArcMap 10.3.1. The City also utilizes published services through ArcGIS Online to provide mobile mapping and data collection for many users. It is necessary this project include a mobile mapping component, as inspections will be performed on-site using iPads or similar devices.

ADA Compliance and the City of Dubuque

Title II of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) requires local governments to make their programs, services, activities, facilities, and public rights-of-way accessible to individuals with disabilities.

The City does not have an electronic ADA Transition Plan. All information related to ADA compliance and transition in City-owned buildings is maintained in various states of documentation in many departments with little or no cross-referencing. The City’s inspections are based upon the Americans with Disabilities Act Checklist for Readily Achievable Barrier Removal. The City is in the process of installing ADA-complaint curb ramps into all sidewalks. This inventory is being maintained in GIS. The City is looking to perform Priorities 1-4 from the aforementioned checklist in a single inspection, which will minimize the labor required to inspect each site. GIS is the ideal platform for managing and executing the ADA compliance strategy because access to the system is universal within the


organization, allowing for collaboration between departments and use of existing assets in the system. Inspectors will be able to visually and accurately identify and inspect each item, and the project

managers will be able to follow the progress based on what appears on the maps. The software needs to be mobile in that it can be utilized on an iPad or similar device, working seamlessly with versioned, published GIS services through the City’s ArcGIS applications. Inspections will be completed by City of Dubuque staff.

Standalone software or software that stores the information in a non-GIS compatible format will not be considered.

Requirements for Proposals

All proposals shall be submitted digitally to the City of Dubuque via the City’s Sharefile FTP site. In order to submit your qualifications, you must request a username and access to Sharefile no later than 5 PM on Thursday, October 1, 2015. Please email your name, company name, and email address to to receive submittal instructions and access. Qualifications are due by 5 PM Central Time on Thursday October 8, 2015. Please allow ample time for your document to upload to the site. Any submittals received after the due date and time will be disqualified. Time and date stamps from Sharefile will be used to verify document receipt. To be considered a qualified vendor for this project, the following must be included in the submitted proposal summary:

• Cover letter serving as an executive summary of your firm and intent to submit your firm’s qualifications and understanding of what the City of Dubuque is requesting as a part of this document;

• Firm profile including a description of the firm, number of professional personnel, years in business, office location(s), organizational structure (i.e., corporation, partnership, sole practitioner, etc), and areas of expertise. If you are an Esri business partner, please identify so and the level at which your partnership exists;

• Key personnel who will be involved in this project, including project manager and trainers, and their experience in similar past projects;

• A description of the recommended software/application. Please provide an in-depth description of how the software/application works, including screen shots if necessary, to inform the

selection committee on how the software/application will work;

• A description of the types of reports/analyses able to be created by the recommended software/application;

• The minimum number and description of GIS data and services, provided by the City of Dubuque, required to make the deployment of the software/application successful;


• The recommended type of supplementary hardware/software required to make the

deployment of the software/application successful, including server/cloud storage space and devices used to deploy the application or software;

• Recommended software or application must work seamlessly with Esri GIS software. The City prefers data captured as a part of subsequent inspections by City staff be maintained in Esri enterprise feature classes and related tables. Please describe in detail how data is collected in the recommended software. If your software/application is not able to capture data in this format, please describe, in detail, how the data is stored and how the data is accessed via GIS; • Submit a minimum of three (3) ADA Transition Plan projects utilizing your software/application

and the types of features being inspected. Please include entity name, address, phone number, email, and contact person for each project;

• If necessary, the number of licenses required to run a minimum of two (2) mobile applications concurrently and two (2) desktop applications concurrently;

• Type of training provided, if any, related to the recommended software/application. Please indicate the type of training (on-site, remote, etc), the number of staff to be trained, and the anticipated length of training. Also, please identify what types of materials will be needed for training (mobile devices such as iPads, computers, etc);

• The anticipated time and description of work performed to fully implement the software/application;

• Any follow-up/maintenance/help desk support provided by your firm;

• Any additional information, exceptions, or suggestions that will aid in the City’s selection process.

Project Timeline



Issue Request for Proposals (RFP) September 11, 2015 Questions related to RFQ to be received by GIS

Coordinator/Analyst Begin September 11, 2015 End October 1, 2015 5 PM CST Supplementary information provided to interested

vendors regarding clarifications/questions to RFQ Begin September 11, 2015 End October 2, 2015 Last day for Vendors to request Sharefile FTP


Qualification Statements due (no allowances or exceptions will be made for late proposals – please allow ample time for file upload)

October 8, 2015 5 PM CST Presentations by vendors (if deemed necessary by

selection committee) October 19-23, 2015

Recommendation of selected vendor to City

Council November 2, 2015

Additional Information

Questions and Inquiries

All questions and inquiries regarding this RFQ must be submitted in writing. Please submit all inquiries to Inquiries and questions will be answered and posted on Please visit this page and sign up for “Notify Me,” which will send you an email or text every time new information is added to this page. As identified above, questions and inquiries will be received through October 2, 2015. It is the responsibility of the vendor to watch this page for updated and supplementary information.

Vendor Presentation

One or more of the submitting professional firms, developers or software providers may be requested by the City of Dubuque to give a software/application demonstration. This will be arranged to be either in person or via a web application such as GoToMeeting.


Any exceptions related to any part of the requirements listed above must be clearly identified as exceptions in the submitted proposal.

Confidentiality of Information

Any submitted information considered a trade secret or confidential to the vendor or its subsidiaries, or rendered via a non-disclosure agreement with the City, must be labeled as such.

The vendor, City of Dubuque and their agents will hold the submitted proposals and any related materials in confidence if so requested by the vendor. Throughout the evaluation process any

information therein will not be made available to any other parties unless precluded by Iowa State Code. No debriefings or scoring sheets will be released before final recommendation.


All proposal material supplied, including supporting material and information disclosed during the evaluation process, will become property of the City of Dubuque and will be retained for internal use. The City of Dubuque reserves the right to retain all proposals submitted and use any ideas in a proposal regardless of whether that submitting vendor was selected. Submission of a proposal indicates

acceptance by the vendor of the conditions contained in this request for proposal, unless clearly and specifically noted in the submitted proposal and confirmed in the contract between the City of Dubuque and the selected vendor.


The City’s attorney has indicated insurance is not necessary for this type of project. Incurring Costs

The City of Dubuque is not liable for any costs incurred with replying to this request for proposals. Caution to Vendors

The City of Dubuque is not responsible for locating or securing any information which has not been identified in the request for proposals and reasonably available to the City of Dubuque. Vendors are encouraged to ask questions to clarify items in this request for proposals that may need clarification. Proposal Withdrawals

All requests to withdraw or resubmit a proposal must be made in writing to the attention of the GIS Coordinator/Analyst ( prior to the proposal deadline. No vendor may withdraw a proposal within 60 days after the request deadline of October 8, 2015.

Project Award

Upon selection of the desired qualifications for this project, the City will enter into negotiations for cost and contracted services. Initial contract documents shall be developed by the successful vendor and partnering with the City of Dubuque, a process will be developed to ensure a successful contract favoring both parties is reached. This contract will then be submitted to the City Manager and

subsequently, the Dubuque City Council, for approval. This approval must be obtained prior to any work beginning.