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Product Sheet

PPC advertising


About the service

Sklik is a Czech PPC service operated by, which displays ad texts in the search engine and also graphic and text adson the most visited pages offered by the Czech Internet.


Where Sklik is displayed

Sklik ads are displayed on the following pages:

Seznam search engine –

Encyklopedie – Obrázky – In content network: –– – ProŽ –

Other examples of the most interesting and partner web pages may be found in the Sklik help section.


Sklik ad displays in search


Ads on RHS of page Displays up to 3 ads


Advanced Sklik features

Link to a company record at

The client may connect his ads with a company record at If you choose this connection, the ad is extended with an address of the relevant company and if the ad is displayed on the TOP position, the service will also display the company logo, its location on the map, address and link to the company record.


Advanced Sklik features

Regional targeting

The client may target its campaign on a selected region or area.

Time scheduling

The Sklik ad service allows you to set a specific interval during which ads in your ad campaign are displayed.


Advanced Sklik features

Graphic display of statistics

As a new feature, the Sklik ad service displays all statistics in a diagram, which helps you better visualize the level of your campaign.


lacement targeting

The Sklik ad service allows you to select from a content network a web page, sub-domain or a particular web page where you want your ad to be displayed.


Advanced Sklik features

Sklik Links

Additional links to other web pages, usually other web pages or online shopping categories or business profiles on social networks, etc. Sklik Links are part of the ads that are displayed in the TOP

positions in the search.

The links are displayed below the ad, meaning below the text of the ad and the visible URL, and above the information from

Option to display 2-3 links in one line


Ads in Sklik content network

The Sklik ad service not only displays your ads in the search network but also in the form of graphic and text ads in the content network on partner web pages.

The service allows you to display context-relevant ads or

to target particular web pages.

It is a very efficient method of advertising, focused on thematically oriented web pages. At the present time, there are more than 5,000 partner web pages.



Retargeting is a Sklik feature used to reach users who have already visited

your web page. This tool enables you to focus your ad campaign on users who:

• Have browsed through your web page, products or services, but did not make any purchase or did not complete a purchase

• Have already purchased a product or service but you want to offer additional accessories for this product or other post-sale

services - for example games for an already purchased gaming


Will most likely repeat their purchase - for example pet owners who

buy feed on a regular basis or contact lens users, etc.

• Have already visited your information web and you want to offer them a product or service

• Have used a time-restricted free version of your product/service and you want to offer them a full and paid version of the relevant


Graphic ads in Sklik

In addition to text ads you may also place graphic ads within the content network It is a visual ad method focusing on

performance and brand-name strengthening.

Where are graphic ads displayed?

Graphic ads are displayed in the content network on selected web pages.

These include for example,,,, and many others.


Your own ad on Sklik?

It’s simple!

• Register with Sklik

• Charge your electronic wallet

• Create your campaign


Sklik services

You may create and administer Sklik campaigns by yourself. We have prepared a manual for you called "How to use Sklik for advertising campaigns" and detailed samples of ad groups, keywords and ads.

If you decide to manage Sklik by yourself, you may use Sklik for free and pay only for the credit you invest in Sklik.

However, if you are not familiar with Sklik or you do not have time to manage your campaign you may also use services offered by professional Seznam optimization technicians who will make sure that your campaign is as efficient as possible.

Prices for setting up a new campaign and


Prices are shown exclusive of VAT Valid from 1st September 2013

Service Standard

Set up + Start management* CZK 3,000

Campaign management price / 1 month CZK 1,000

*Set up + Start management – Setting up a campaign and management for 2 months

Service Profi

Price for setting up a campaign CZK 10,000 Campaign management price / 1 month CZK 5,000


Sklik Standard

Who will benefit most from Sklik Standard services?

• Small and medium-sized companies which offer Internet presentation with investment of up to CZK 30,000 exclusive of VAT per month

What may a client expect from Sklik Standard?

• Set up a Sklik campaign based on websites and client requirements • Flexible response by optimization technician to modifications or changes in your campaign

• Regular campaign supervision performed by optimization technician • Campaign management – working with keywords and ad texts, campaign success monitoring and evaluation

• Individual and professional approach to clients • Client has continuous access to his account


Sklik Standard

Working with clients in Standard management

• Fourteen days after the set up of the campaign, each client is placed into a relevant category based on the investment, see the table below • Transfer between 1st, 2nd or 3rd category fully depends on the

current investments. When investments are lowered or increased the client will be transferred to the relevant category automatically

Setting up a Sklik campaign is done as a standard feature.

The client will be placed into category 1 - 3 fourteen days after setting up a campaign and initial campaign modifications


IN SKLIK (WITHOUT VAT) CZK 0 - CZK 1,000 CZK 1,001 - CZK 4,000 CZK 4,001 -CZK 30,000


CZK 1,000 CZK 1,000 CZK 1,000

1 2 3

Administration frequency once every 3 weeks once every 2 weeks once every week

Reporting in Sklik interface in Sklik interface in Sklik interface / to be sent once a month *

Request solution within 5 business

days within 3 business days within 2 business days

Product campaign** - - YES

Set up = as a standard feature, 14 days after set up you may use monitoring of credit use, Sklik account debugging and placement on

a scale of 1 to 3.

• If the client is interested, statistics may be sent via email once a month.

** Campaign based on data for example data from XML feed (hundreds or thousands of products).


Sklik Profi

Who will benefit most from Sklik Profi services?

• Clients offering a wide range of products or services (thousands of keywords)

• Clients who offer measurable events or services and their websites (conversions - purchasing, buying requests etc.)

What may a client expect from Sklik Profi?

• An individual and professional approach to clients • Personal negotiation

• Detailed set up of a web campaign and client priorities

• Fast responses to urgent changes in the campaign (sales events, new goods, etc.)

• Supervision services performed by an optimization technician who monitors the campaign during each business day

• Regular optimization based on analysis of the campaign progress and testing of the success level of ad texts, while taking into account the targets and objectives of the campaign

• Consultation services focusing on advanced service functions • Consultation focusing on third party analytical tools

• Reporting - weekly statistics + detailed monthly statistics • Client has continuous access to his account

Under what conditions may you use Sklik Profi services?


Important information


If you are interested in any of our optimization products, please contact us by phone: 234 694 200, or use one of the following contacts:

Technical specifications and assistance

Current technical specifications and assistance may be found here:

Ad rules

Current rules for placing an ad in the Sklik service may be found here:

Interface access

Interface and statistics of your account may be found here:





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