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Product Overview


■ Industry Specifi c Experience. We support and sell to thousands of users in a very diverse trade market. Hardhat has a strong following within the following trade areas:

Oil & Gas Industry Mechanical Electrical Highway-Heavy Equipment General Contractors Home Builders Subcontractor

■ Multiple Years and Months Open at Once. With this feature you can post information to past, future years and months. This allows you to easily tie income and expenses to the month costs and income occurred. All reports can be run through any period end, so you know where you are now and where you were in the past.

■ User Defi ned fi elds. This allows you to keep custom information in your system tailored to your specifi c needs. All master fi les allow you to set up easily defi ned information. You can export information - sort, fi lter, print or send to popular PDF or spreadsheet programs.


■ Focusing. With this unique “drill down” feature you can focus just on information you need to see. Using the mouse or keyboard you can fi lter down to the most fi nite level of detail.

■ Document Tracking. File important documents electronically.

■ Easily transfer data from our program to other based products such as Word, Access and Excel. We also have the ability to link to other popular estimating products.

Ease of Use of Features

■ Help. Quick and accurate help is available on-line. ■ Logical and Intuitive. The system works the way you think it should!

■ Tasks. Our fl exible menu system provides easy to follow steps for processing. Even a novice can produce a payroll in a matter of minutes.

■ Organized Installation Game Plan. Easily implemented step-by-step plan to get you up and running quickly. ■ Add “on-the-fl y” anywhere in the system. No need to go to another screen to enter maintenance information. Simply point, click and add.

■ Improve job profi tability ■ Manage cash fl ow

■ Control costs during the job ■ Produce more accurate estimates ■ Control vendor and subcontractor costs

Why purchase Hardhat? Since 1983, we have been working with customers and dealing with their unique problems. Our extensive experience has produced the Hardhat Job Cost Accounting System, the most comprehensive, fully integrated, cost-effective management system on the market today!




■ Each piece of equipment can produce its own P&L statement. Discover quickly if a piece of equipment is paying for itself or if it is time to replace it.

■ Actual hourly equipment costs are compared to the estimated rate used to post to a job. True equipment costs are easily determined.

■ Cost to own, cost to operate and revenue types are tracked simultaneously, allowing you to easily see when maintenance costs are exceeding revenues.

■ Cost to own is separated from cost to operate. ■ Detailed repair costs are tracked automatically from Payroll, Accounts Payable and Inventory. Instantly view your repair costs. Employee names, invoice numbers, comments and parts used are kept on-line for future reference.

■ Equipment costs may be posted directly in this module or entered through payroll, Job Cost and General Ledger are automatically updated.

■ Vendor invoices and your own inventory may be charged directly to a piece of equipment. Complete costs are maintained.

■ Service schedules are tracked for each piece of equipment. You can inquire at any time into the service history and future service scheduling of your equipment. Specifi cation sheets for each piece of equipment are maintained to alert repair personnel what parts and check points to follow.

■ All licenses, serial number, model number and other pertinent equipment registration information are maintained by the system.

■ Full and detailed equipment cost and usage reports are available at any time.

Reports & Inquiries

The Equipment module contains eight main reports used to track equipment usage, service and costs. They are:

■ Equipment List

■ Equipment Trial Balance ■ Equipment Analysis Report ■ Depreciation Schedule ■ Equipment Detail Inquiry

■ Equipment Cross Reference Report/Hours Input Listing ■ Equipment Maintenance Scheduling Report

■ Income/Expense Equipment Codes ■ Equipment Maintenance/Inquiry

These reports combined with the reports from the General Ledger and Job Cost modules provide a complete and ac-curate refl ection of how much your equipment is costing, how much you are making on each piece of equipment and how often the equipment is being used. These reports will aid in making important management decisions regarding where, when and for how long a given piece of equipment will be used, be it a bulldozer or a pickup truck.

The Equipment module has been designed to track equipment usage and provides valuable, detailed information about services performed on the equipment. The module includes multiple reports to supply data about the operating costs for any particular piece of equipment as well as future service schedules and special servicing instructions. Equipment Costing interfaces with Payroll, Inventory Control and Accounts Payable. Equipment usage may be entered directly during timesheet entry in Payroll. From Accounts Payable, purchases may be posted directly to a piece of equipment. A requi-sition from Inventory can be charged to a piece of equipment.

ice ent. e


Accounts Receivable


■ User defi ned fi elds allow additional customer information to be maintained for sorting, reporting, and quick and easy transfer to tools for customized uses.

■ Progress billings are posted to bid items for cost versus billing analysis. Over and under billings are highlighted. ■ Cash receipts entry designed for special contractor requirements.

■ Posting direct to Job Cost - keeps your billings versus costs up to date.

■ Posting to General Ledger. Provides for a correctly balanced General Ledger, providing an accurate picture of your fi nancial status.

■ Complete customer history kept on-line for as long as you desire - enabling you to track customers’ purchasing habits. ■ Invoices may be posted to previous and future accounting periods.

■ Many types of invoices may be stored and posted at later dates particularly important for AIA and contract billings where the payment and billing are not always the same. ■ Full retention tracking is maintained.

■ Sales tax is tracked with any combination of local and state sales tax authorities.

■ Finance charges may be computed at any time during the month, helping to insure accurate customer billing - even at mid-month.

■ Labels of any size may be quickly confi gured and printed for customer mailings.

Reports & Inquiries

The Accounts Receivable module contains a variety of reports to assist you in managing your customer and job billing information. These reports are designed to help you keep on top of your incoming cash and invoicing. Reports can be printed or displayed to the screen. Job and/or job ranges may be specifi ed. Some of these reports are:

Reports can be printed or displayed on the screen. In all applicable cases, ranges may be specifi ed for vendor, invoice, dates or job.

Managing Accounts Receivable directly impacts cash flow. Having total control means collecting money when due and getting invoices out on time. The system produces time and material, unit price, contract, cost-plus and AIA invoices. Billing information is easily posted to Job Cost for up-to-the-minute cost versus billing reports. Accounts Receivable is fully integrated with all the other Hardhat modules, and will even pull in information automatically when creating invoices.

■ All Routes Usage Report ■ A/R Sales Tax Report ■ A/R Invoice Inquiry ■ A/R Aging Report ■ A/R Customer Report ■ A/R Customer History Report ■ A/R Customer Sales Report ■ A/R Billing Report

■ A/R Invoice Register ■ A/R Sales Register ■ A/R Cash Receipts Report ■ A/R Check History Report ■ A/R Tax Exempt Report ■ A/R Paid Invoice Report ■ A/R Paid Invoice Inquiry ■ A/R Invoice History Report




■ User defi ned fi elds allow you the fl exibility to attach custom information fi elds to inventory items.

■ Posting to Job Costing and Equipment Cost modules keeps inventory, job costing and equipment cost up-to-date. The system allows you to transfer inventory from job to job or item return from the job to inventory.

■ Flexible pricing and formats. Pricing and quantities may be displayed and printed in a variety of formats and styles. Six prices are maintained in Inventory Control which are linked to the customer fi les.

■ Global cost and price adjustments. If the entire line of a product goes up in price, in cost or by a certain percentage, the item or group of items may be easily adjusted. This also adjusts the price that customers will pay.

■ Multi-location inventory. Keep track of items in multiple warehouses, trucks, etc.

■ Inventory may be viewed for quantity and costs on hand, on order and what has been used to date.

■ All inventory items are available in the Accounts Receivable free form invoicing. This in turn will reduce inventory and increase the quantity sold.

■ Bin numbers may be assigned and reports printed in bin number order, allowing for easy counting of physical inventories. ■ Physical inventory count sheets may be printed on a cycle basis, providing tracking of inventory on trucks and in the warehouse.

■ Purchase Orders that contains the facilities for entering purchase orders, printing them and receiving the inventory. ■ Interfaces directly to Accounts Payable. The complete purchase order is available for viewing or changing during invoice entry. This permits the operator to review quoted prices, determined if items have been received, or see if the invoice exceeds the purchase order amount.

■ Enter a single purchase order to several different jobs or to several bid items on the same job.

Reports & Inquiries

The Inventory Control module contains an array of reports de-signed to help manage the fl ow of inventory and purchasing. Some of these reports are:

■ Inventory Inquiry ■ Price List ■ Product History Report ■ Inventory List

■ Customer Product Report ■ Inventory History Report ■ Product Stock Status Report

Many of the above reports can be printed or sorted by item, class, vendor, date, purchase order, job, location or due date. In all applicable cases, item, vendor and purchase order number ranges may be specifi ed.

The Inventory Control module includes all the components necessary to track the costs of material sold to a customer, a job, or even a piece of equipment. This module interfaces with all of the other Hardhat modules. The Purchase Order Control module is fully linked to Invento-ry Control, Accounts Payable and Job Costing modules. This module furnishes a view of what has been ordered but not yet received. Just an easy click will determine which purchase orders are still outstand-ing on a job, or determine the cost of an item purchased in the past. This system allows owners and managers to obtain detailed informa-tion about past and future purchases, quickly and easily.


Service Management


■ During work order entry, information on credit history, prior and current work orders; equipment and contract information is readily available.

■ You may search for a customer site by Customer, Name or Service Order Number and phone number.

■ Service work orders may be optionally attached to a Job. This allows for a complete profi t and loss record, and the printing of all job cost reports within the Job Cost module. ■ Each customer may have multiple sites or locations, and each site can have its own labor, material and sales tax pricing codes.

■ Multiple units/pieces of equipment may be maintained and tracked at each site.

■ Date and time requested and promised can be maintained within the system.

■ Comments allow for a log of information about a site. ■ Work order tickets can be printed and given to the technician to take on the call.

■ Work orders are easily moved from one technician to another or up or down within one column to indicate scheduling priorities.

■ With a click of the mouse, you can scroll through the schedule board to review all technician calls for one day, one week or longer.

■ Complete work order history is maintained for each unit/piece of equipment at each site.

■ Unit/Equipment master fi le maintains model numbers, serial numbers, warranty information (with notes), service schedules and other pertinent information.

■ The system will automatically generate work orders based on pre-determined service instructions and preventative nance schedules and place them on the scheduling board. ■ Invoices may be printed immediately, or printed at a later time in batch processing mode.

■ Service Contracts can be maintained for a customer and site, and may be assigned to a unit/piece of equipment. ■ The system will track contract renewals, automatic billings, history and other pertinent information.

■ Profi tability by contract can be achieved by assigning the contract a job number.

■ Contract billing cycles can be set to monthly, quarterly or yearly, and will automatically create the invoices for the contract.

Reports & Inquiries

The Service Order module contains an array of reports and inquiries to assist in managing the fl ow of service orders and service contracts. The reports are designed to help manage the service order schedule, service mans time, and service contracts. Some of these reports are:

■ Work Order Proof Listing ■ Contract Billing Proof Listing ■ Unscheduled Work Order List ■ Site History

■ Work Schedules ■ Work Order List ■ Contract Expiration ■ Scheduled Services ■ Contract Master List ■ Open Work Tickets Reports can be printed or displayed on the screen. In all applicable cases, ranges may be specifi ed.

The Hardhat Service Management module is an easy to use, intuitive system designed for use by the contractor with a service department. It provides a dispatch board, and tracks work orders and call history by customer and site. The various schedule board formats assist you in better managing your service load and planning for peak periods, preventive maintenance calls, vacations, etc. The system maintains information on equipment, contracts, and service technicians, and is fully integrated with the Accounts Receivable module.




■ Full integration with the General Ledger, Job Cost, and Equipment Costing modules.

■ Capability to enter time against jobs, equipment or non-job time.

■ Full tracking and reporting of workers’ compensation. Allows for an employee to work on jobs with multiple workers’ compensation codes based on the employee’s task or on a constant classifi cation.

■ Payroll checks with a comprehensive check stub, keeping the employee fully informed of pay calculations. The check can show all pay rates, special earnings and deductions for an employee.

■ The same checks may be used for both Accounts Payable checks and Payroll checks, saving the expense of ing multiple forms.

■ Production of W-2 forms and magnetic media at the end of the year is as simple as requesting that they be printed or created.

■ Unlimited number of unions, locals and worker classifi tions. This includes complete tracking of fringes and deductions for each worker-by-worker class, local, and/or union.

■ Deductions and fringes are handled for both union and non-union companies - with full reporting.

■ Full state and federal unemployment tracking and reporting.

■ Certifi ed (prevailing wage) entry, tracking and reporting is as simple as setting up the pay rates in your job - the system automatically pays the correct prevailing wages and will produce a certifi ed report that may be submitted directly to the state.

■ Full support of reciprocating localities and states - local tax calculations are completely automated.

■ EEOC minority utilization reports.

■ Payroll Screens which will walk user step by step through the payroll process.

■ Support for up to 67 states and provinces and 99 on the number of locals supported for tax withholding. One employee can work in multi-states in one pay period.

Reports & Inquiries

The Payroll module contains a variety of reports to aid in man-aging payroll and producing error-free payroll checks as well as accurate Job Cost, General Ledger and Equipment Costing postings. Below is a list of just some of these reports:

■ Employee Ledgers

■ Employee Master List (Name, Address, Phone Number) ■ Quarterly Unemployment Reports

■ Workers’ Compensation Report ■ Union Report

■ Federal Unemployment Report - 940 ■ Federal Payroll Tax Report - 941

■ Deduction Report (Taxes, Union and Non-union) ■ W-2s with Magnetic Media

■ Payroll Checks / Payroll Register ■ Certifi ed Payroll Report

■ Payroll Input Report

Employee, account, union and/or job ranges may be specifi ed. The Payroll module handles a variety of needs- from simple, small

crew situations to payrolls with hundreds of employees working on numerous jobs in several unions across multiple states. With direct access to all the other Hardhat modules, the system will automatical-ly update transaction information to Job Costing, General Ledger, Equipment Costing and Time and Material Billing in the Accounts Receivable module.


Job Costing


■ Complete quantity costing entry, tracking and reporting, for both labor and units.

■ Comparison of estimate unit price to actual unit price. ■ Income and billings tracked for each bid item for cash fl ow purposes.

■ Track labor costs; compare labor hours and dollars with estimate.

■ Display cost of each job in overtime hours and dollars. ■ Labor burden cost reporting for “invisible” costs (those costs associated with doing business, but not always directly applicable to the job).

■ Track labor burden one of three ways - actual, age, or actual plus a percent changeable from job to job. ■ Complete change order control for both contracts and budgets. Allows for tracking of original, change orders and current budgets

■ Reporting broken down into multiple levels of detail. Reports can be accessed to show all detail, summarize by category, by phase, or the complete job.

■ Cost codes can be customized to your needs and preferences. Different code structures can be set up for each job, or can be easily copied from job to job.

Reports & Inquiries

The Equipment module contains eight main reports used to Below is a list of just some of the reports available within the Job Costing Module:

Category ranges may be specifi ed in almost all cases. Most reports can be run from date to date or as of a period-end date.

The Job Costing module is the heart of the Hardhat system, tracking the status of current jobs and their profi tability. The Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, Payroll, Equipment Costing, Purchase Order and Inventory Control modules all post information into Job Costing. Information grouped by cost type, categories, phases, and jobs can be used to print complete reports displaying items such as job cost to date, projected job cost, percentage complete and other details vital to the contractor.

■ Job Master List ■ Job Statement Report ■ Job Cost Phase Totals ■ Job Cost Summary ■ Unit Cost

■ Unit Cost With Detail


■ Percent Completed ■ Work in Progress

■ Time and Material


■ Time and Material


■ Committed Cost ■ Progress Reports ■ Labor Analysis ■ Job Status Summary ■ Contract Billing Report


Accounts Payable


■ Post directly to Job Cost, Equipment Cost and General Ledger. This helps to ensure that your job cost and ment cost is always current and that each month the General Ledger will be in balance, providing you an accurate view of your fi nancial status.

■ Supports partial pay, automatic retention, automatic workers’ compensation deduction for subcontractors, special descriptions for job cost and easy-to-use manual check processing.

■ Recurring invoice handling. No need to enter invoices every month.

■ Fully integrated to both the Purchase Order and Inventory Control modules. All purchase orders may be viewed on the screen while entering an invoice. Warnings are displayed if the invoice amount exceeds the budgeted cost for the job.

■ 1099s may be produced. The information is accumulated as a natural process of paying invoices.

■ Subcontractor costs are maintained, including contract information, change orders, invoices received and payments made on contracts.

■ Retention is tracked and withheld from payments. ■ Vendor payment history is maintained, enabling review of past bills and payments.

■ Invoices may be edited - even after they have been posted to Job Cost and General Ledger.

■ Easy payment selection. Invoices may be selected by job, vendor, due date, etc.

■ Special hold status for invoices you are not ready to pay, but requiring the cost refl ection in Job Costing and General Ledger.

■ Vendors can be set-up “on-the-fl y” for more effi cient data input.

Reports & Inquiries

The Accounts Payable module contains an array of reports and inquiries to assist in managing the fl ow of vendor and subcontractor payments. The reports are designed to help keep you on top of your outgoing cash and your bills. Some of these reports are:

Reports can be printed or displayed on the screen.

In all applicable cases, ranges may be specifi ed for vendor, voucher, check and job.

The Accounts Payable module contains many timesaving tools used to manage out-going cash and the costs to your jobs. It is designed for easy input, allowing you to quickly track vendor and subcontractor payments. A single entry into the system will instantly produce 1099’s, and checks. Accounts Payable has a seamless interface with the other Hardhat modules. Actual costs are easily generated and posted into Job Costing, General Ledger and Equipment Costing. Entering invoices and issuing checks has never been easier. Even reoccurring payments such as rent and loan payments are a snap.

■ Manual Check Register ■ Invoice Register by Job

or Vendor

■ Open Invoice Report by

Job or Vendor

■ Invoice History Report by

Job or Vendor

■ Cash Flow Work In

Progress Report

■ Invoice Inquiry ■ 1099 Report

■ Insurance Certifi cates


■ Open Balance on

Purchase Orders

■ Aged Payable

■ Purchase Order Report ■ Purchase Order by

Job Report

■ Purchase Order Summary ■ Purchase Order Inquiry


General Ledger


■ Full integration with Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, Payroll and Inventory Control modules. ■ The ability to post previous and future months and years without the need to close the current period. ■ Allows for separate tracking of multiple companies simultaneously.

■ Comprehensive audit trails, including the ability to track a posting to an individual report based on computer-generated control numbers.

■ The timesaving ability to create general ledger accounts “on-the-fl y” - no need to leave the posting program to add new accounts.

■ Simple “T account” style of General Ledger detail information.

■ Easy lookup function means the capacity to fi nd a single general ledger account amid hundreds - by the name of the account or by the account number. ■ Standard journal entries may be made and then reversed automatically when a new month is started. ■ Reference description for each posting enables you to determine the origination of each posting. ■ Supports departmental fi nancial statements.

■ Balancing to Job Cost, Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, Inventory and Equipment Costing is rigorously checked throughout the system.

■ Design your own fi nancial statements. Our easy-to-use statement designer allows fi nancial information to be viewed in various formats. Ability to design multiple Financial Reports

Reports & Inquiries

Below is a list of some of the reports available in the General Ledger module:

■ Chart of Accounts ■ Account Inquiry ■ Trial Balance ■ Balance Sheet

■ Profi t And Loss Statement - Detail or Summary ■ User Application Log

■ GL Status Testing

■ Departmental Profi t and Loss ■ Variance Report- Detail or Summary

■ General Ledger Transaction- Monthly or Yearly ■ Customized Profi t And Loss Statements

■ Customized Balance Sheets

■ Customized Comparative and Variance Reports In most cases, account ranges may be specifi ed. The General Ledger is where all the fi nancial data of your company

is processed and maintained. The system provides a variety of reports to aid in tracking your fi nancial position. These include many month-end and year-end fi nancial reports, including profi t and loss and balance sheet statements. In addition to the standard reports, customized reports are easily created. All of the Hardhat modules interface with the General Ledger in a one-step posting process.