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Web Hosting Features. Small Office Premium. Small Office. Basic Premium. Enterprise. Basic. General


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Basic Premium

Small Office

Small Office

Premium Enterprise

Enterprise Premium General

RAID Web Storage 200 MB 1.5 MB 3 GB 6 GB 12 GB 42 GB

Web Transfer Limit 36 GB 192 GB 288 GB 480 GB 960 GB 1200 GB

Mail boxes 0 23 30 45 60 90

Creation and Promotion Applications

Appointment Scheduler X X X X X X

EasyBlogBuilder X X X X X X

Website Creation Wizard X X X X X X

Website Promotion Wizard X X X X X X

Website Checker X X X X X X

Frontpage 2002 Extensions X X X X

FormMail X X X X

Hit Counter X X X X

Ad Server X X X

File Management

Database manager X X X X

Disk Usage Meter X X X X X X

DNS Manager X X X X

File Manager X X X X X

File Restore X X X X

Access to Log Files X X X X

Web Stats X X X X X

Log Management X X X X

FTP Manager X X X X X

Website Security X X X X

E-commerce Applications

EasyStoreMaker (Free Shopping Cart) X X X X

EasyStoreMaker PRO X X X

Support for Real-time Credit Card Processing X X X X

Secure Server (SSL) X X X X

Kurant Storesense (additional charge; see below) X X X

Supported Applications



Perl X X X X

ASP (Active Server Pages) X X X X

ColdFusion Support X X X

JSP Support (additional charge; see below) X X X

RealAudio/Video (additional charge; see below) X X X


MS Access X X X

MS SQL Support (additional charge; see below) X X X

Additional Hosting Options

Feature Cost per month

Domain Forwarding $1.50

Additional RAID Storage per 50 MB $1.50 Additional Bandwidth transferred per GB of data $1.50 Additional Mailbox (100 MB business class) $2.00

JSP Support $24.95

Real Audio/Video Streams 5 streams

10 streams




MS SQL 2000 Database Support Standard (100 MB)

Advanced (240 MB) Professional (600 MB) Professional Plus (2000 MB)




$299.95 Kurant Storesense E-Commerce

Starter Standard Pro Pro Plus





Hosting Features Definitions

Access to Log Files Log Files are statistics that track the pages and areas of your site that users are visiting. Using Web Stats and the Log Manager you can download, view, manage and delete your log files.

Ad Server An ad server allows you to place advertisements on your website. It also helps manage your advertising clients and collects statistics on banner views (how many times a particular ad was displayed) and "click throughs" (how many times someone actually clicked on the advertisement to go to the advertiser's site).

Appointment Scheduler The Appointment Scheduler is your centralized online location for your or your customers to schedule appointments. Features include a list of your previously scheduled appointments, your company information, customizable booking hours, and a Messages section for Introduction, Booking and Confirmation messages. You can even change the design of your Appointment Scheduler.

ASP (Active Server Pages) Microsoft Active Server Page (ASP) is a server-side scripting technology that can be used to create dynamic and interactive Web applications. An ASP page is an HTML page that contains server-side scripts that are processed by a web server before being sent to the user's browser.

You can combine ASP with Extensible Markup Language (XML) and Hypertext Markup Language (HTML) to create powerful interactive Web sites.

ASP is a feature of the Microsoft Internet Information Server. Since the server-side script is building a regular HTML page, it can be served to almost any browser. An ASP file can be created by including a script written in VBScript or JScript in an HTML file.

CGI-BIN Abbreviation for "Common Gateway Interface". A protocol that allows a Web page to run a program on a Web server, CGI scripts define how the Web server and programs send information back and forth. Forms, counters, and guest books are common examples of CGI programs. CGI programs are special applications that allow a web site to have specific functions programmed.

For a Small or Medium Size Business an online enquiry form that emails a visitor's request to them is a valuable automated tool (i.e. the Form Mail cgi program). There are thousands of free and commercially available CGIs on the internet that a web developer can make use of for a more specialized business requirement. The availability of a CGI-BIN allows them to implement these on the shared hosting system.

Cold Fusion Support A scripting language for interfacing databases and advanced web development. Cold Fusion supports databases such as Microsoft Access, FoxPro, dBASE, and Paradox.

Database Manager Database Manager is a web-based MySQL client that allows you to create and manipulate a maximum of two MySQL databases. It is designed for advanced users. Knowledge of relational databases and SQL is required in order to use this Database Manager efficiently. Database Manager is usually used on a website in conjunction with a script and forms to collect information from visitors. The most common use for a database is to store purchasing information for use with an online store.

Disk Usage Meter This function shows how much space the files on your website are taking up on the hosting server. It provides a listing of each directory and the amount of space used. The report is in plain text and can be cut and pasted for printing.

DNS Manager DNS (Domain Name Server) Manager allows you to edit your domain's zone file, including A (address) records, CNAME (canonical name) records and MX (mail exchange) records. This is a powerful application that should only be used by advanced users and with extreme care because it directly affects how your website is located on the Internet.

EasyBlogBuilder A blog (or a Web Log), lets you create journal entries online, and then allows visitors to comment on the entries. Blogs are different from message boards in that they are controlled by one person (or a very small group of people) and comments are optional. The EasyBlogBuilder helps you set up a place on your website for a blog.


EasyStoreMaker (Free Shopping Cart)

If you have a simple online store in mind, EasyStoreMaker can get you started with a secure on- line store in just minutes. **NOTE: EasyStoreMaker does not support real-time credit card processing. The EasyStoreMaker PRO edition does support real-time credit card processing; see below.

EasyStoreMaker PRO EasyStoreMaker Pro is your choice for creating an SSL-secure online store, which processes credit card transactions in real time. If offers an easy step-by-step e-store building process using a wizard style interface. Customers can make payments by credit card, COD or check. Features include: ability to organize products by catalog, online credit card authentication and billing, which will support the E-xact payment gateway.

File Management The File Manager tool is generally used by more experienced users. It gives you full control of your website files. You can copy, move, delete, rename and edit files, create and remove directories, change file permissions, and upload files from your local computer to the server. File Manager is a site maintenance tool, best used to manipulate files that have been previously uploaded to your website. To upload more than one file at a time, an FTP client is generally more efficient.

File Restore File Restore allows you to restore your website's content from a series of time based periods (one hour, one day, etc.). While we highly recommend that you always keep local copies of your website.s content, File Restore offers a convenient method for restoring it without having to use your local backups.

FormMail The FormMail script is a universal form to an email gateway. You can create a form to accept user input that can be sent to one of your email addresses. For example, you could set up a form called "Request More Information" that allows a site visitor to input their name, contact

information, and any questions or comments, which are then sent to your email address for followup.

Frontpage 2002 Extensions Microsoft FrontPage is a computer application that many non-programmers use to develop their websites. Because it is designed for use by a non-programmer, it has many built-in functions that the non-programmer is not aware of (this functionality is controlled by FrontPage extensions). In order to work on the web properly, Access Point's hosting system must support the FP extensions.

FTP Manager FTP Manager is a client software (i.e. resides on your computer) that provides a graphical interface for sending and receiving files from your computer to your web hosting server via FTP (File Transfer Protocol). This is the most efficient way of transmitting large numbers of files.

Hit Counter A "hit" is any request made to the web server for a file from your site. Many people use it a gauge for the number of pages people have viewed, but that is misleading since a file could be a web page, a graphic, or a script. Since each web page can contain graphics or scripts (or even audio files), there will always be more "hits" than actual pages visited. The Hit Counter at least shows the number of requests made to your site.

JSP Support Java Server Page (JSP) is a technology for controlling the content or appearance of web pages through the use of servlets, small programs that are specified in the web page and run on the Web server to modify the web page before it is sent to the user who requested it.

Kurant Storesense Kurant StoreSense is an industry leading, award winning, dynamic browser based storefront development and management system that allows merchants to create and administrate online stores in minutes.

Kurant Storesense Pro

Manage inventory and price items by attributes

Advanced Merchandising and promotions

Advanced business reporting and order management

Kurant Storesense Pro Plus

Advanced supplier integration

Affiliate program

Sales lead tracking

Ability to create buyer groups that show special pricing after login

Kurant Storesense Standard

Unlimited number of customizable pages, products, and categories

Daily submission to online shopping engines

Accept multiple forms of payment


Powerful search options

Kurant Storesense Starter

Basic web storefront with 2 customizable pages

Shopping cart

Up to 10 items

Secure PayPal payments

Easy Set Up and Design Wizards

Log Management The Log Manager gives you access to raw server logs about your site activity and traffic. You can view and/or delete, print, download, and date your log files. You may disable logging altogether to conserve your disk space. Your server logs can also be downloaded for use with other statistics packages. You can use the Web Stats function to analyze and view your log files in an easy-to- read, graphical display. While Log Manager allows you to manage your log files and view them in their raw state, Web Stats makes them readable.

Mailboxes One mailbox equals one email address (yourname@yourdomainname.com) plus storage for email that is received or sent from that address.

MS Access A Microsoft database-like program. Compatible with ASP scripting, Microsoft Access is not a true database, it is closer to a spreadsheet application (i.e. it is a flat file implementation whereas a database is dynamic). Microsoft Access does not support database standards like multiple connections (multiple visitors querying it at the same time). Microsoft Access would be suitable for basic requirements like a small directory, and in situations where there is not an expectation of numerous requests to the Microsoft Access file.

MS SQL Support Microsoft SQL is an extensive database program built on Web standards. It is built to store and retrieve data in XML format easily with built-in stored procedures. You can also use XML updategrams to insert, update and delete data easily.

MySQL MySQL is an open source (non-proprietary) database program and a popular language for adding, accessing, and processing data in a database. MySQL is noted mainly for its speed, reliability, and flexibility. Because it's open source, MySQL is free, equivalent in speed and functionality to Microsoft SQL (without the licensing costs). A database is a powerful solution for building a dynamic web solution (i.e. information can be stored in a database and referenced easily rather than programming the data line by line in HTML). A common database application would be an online catalog.

Perl Practical Extraction and Report Language, Perl is a programming language designed for processing text. It allows for the submission and retrieval of data to and from a database that can be used on both a UNIX and NT platform. PERL files commonly end with a ".pl" extension. Perl is a powerful scripting language used by web developers to control and implement functionality on a web site. Web developers often look for this capability in a hosting service (most commonly for working with databases).

PHP A server-side scripting language. The PHP commands, which are embedded in the web page's HTML, are executed on the web server to generate dynamic HTML pages. PHP is a powerful and popular scripting language used by developers to create web sites that have increased

functionality. PHP is commonly used with databases to deliver data to web pages and store data from the web site.

RAID Web Storage RAID (redundant array of independent disks) is a way of storing the same data in different places (thus, redundantly) on multiple hard disks. By placing data on multiple disks, operations can overlap in a balanced way, improving performance. Storing data redundantly also decreased the risk of lost data in the event of a disk failure.

RealAudio/Video A proprietary system for streaming audio and video over the internet. Before RealAudio and RealVideo, users had to download an entire audio or video file before they could listen to it.

Secure Server (SSL) Abbreviation for "Secure Sockets Layer". SSL is a transaction security standard that provides data encryption, server authentication, and message integrity. SSL is usually used on sites that accept credit card numbers or other private information. The SSL Manager application will help you set up SSL security for your web site.

A URL that begins with "https" indicates that an SSL connection will be used. SSL enables secure communications between a server and a browser. Its main use is to provide privacy and authentication. Most commonly, SSL connections are found involving credit card transactions.


There are two options in using SSL:

Use the free secure certificate (under the name of

"secure9.securewebexchange.com"): In this instance, when users access the secure portion of your website, they would see the name


Purchase a private certificate (commonly referred to as a "digital certificate"): In this instance when users access the secure portion of your website, they would see the name https://www.securewebexchange.com/your_company_name.com

Support for Real-time Credit Card Processing

Real-time means right now, with the click of a button. Real-time credit card processing means that customers to your online store can input their credit card information at the time of purchase, click a button, and authentication and processing of the credit card happens instantly.

Web Stats Provides web site statistics generated in HTML page format. Web stats are generated from log files available through the Log Manager. They are a graphical representation of raw data. Web Stats provide numerical statistics and graphical charting of the activity on the web site, thus helping you determine visitor activity. i.e. when visitors most commonly visit, what pages interest visitors the most, how many visitors, where the visitors are coming from.

Web Transfer Limit The web transfer refers to the amount of data that can be transmitted to visitors of your site. An average web page is 15k to 20k in file size. The bigger your website is and the amount of visitors you plan to have to your site will determine how much data is transferred, and therefore the package you'd choose.

Website Checker This site maintenance tool helps you troubleshoot and pinpoint problems with your site. It provides an overall view of your website, and checks your pages for broken links, lists links pointing to external sites, displays your website images, provides a list of problems, locates pages that may be slow to download, shows new and old pages, lists pages that have no title and shows bad links.

Website Creation Wizard EasySiteWizard is an application that guides you through setting up a customized, multi-page website--without HTML knowledge. You can choose from hundreds of templates and more than 10,000 graphics to create a website in your company's image.

Website Promotion Wizard If you want search engines like Google and Yahoo to find your site, you'll need the Promotion Wizard. You can quickly send information to many of the most popular search engines to help visitors find your site.

Website Security If certain areas of your website need to be restricted to certain people, the Website Security function allows you to set up an authorization list. This list will restrict browser access to specific website directories based on a username and password combination that you can assign to certain users.


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