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Magnolia News. May Fort Gordon Spouses and Civilian s Club


Academic year: 2021

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Fort Gordon Spouses’ and Civilian’s Club

A Private Organization not affiliated with Fort Gordon or the US Army

Magnolia News

May 2015

Inside this issue:

“Come Sail Away With Us” Membership Appreciation Luncheon 2 Military Spouse Appreciation Week 3 June Birthdays 3 1st Saturday at the Thrift Shop 4

Volunteer of the Month 4

Banquet Photos 5

Scholarship and Grant

Recipients 6

Bunco Photos 7,8,9 Thank You’s 10 June & July Birthdays 10

“Thank You” to Our Advisors!

The Fort Gordon Spouses’ and Civilians’ Club would like to express its sincere gratitude and appreciation to our Advisors for the care & support shown to our organization this year. Thank you to Sharon Fogarty and Lori Pflieger for leading us to be the very best! We are grateful for your leadership and guidance!

The Thrift Shop will be open Saturday, May 2. The Thrift Shop will be closed the entire month of July! Happy Spring!

I wanted to thank you all for your contributions to the Club. It has been a fun year—full of lunches, events, and friendships. I hope that many of you will continue with FGSCC next year. We have several positions open on the board and would love to have the opportunity to see what you can bring to the table to make our FGSCC the best that it can be. I hope you all take the time to welcome the new FGSCC President, Melissa Ebbing, and your new Executive Board. As the 2014-2015 board year draws to an end and PCS season approaches, I have been trying to get ready to say “see you later” or “until our paths cross again” to many friends. I also have been looking back at the past year as I am getting ready to farewell the FGSCC membership as President. As I sit back and reflect on how quickly the past twelve months have gone, I find myself thinking about all the laughs and tears of the past year. It has been truly a journey. I can tell you that the 2014-2015 membership has made a positive impact on the Fort Gordon Community through our Community Outreach, Grants and Scholarships!

Even though we are looking ahead we still have a last luncheon. Our last event of the year is scheduled for 20 May. I hope you will come out and enjoy the fun filled day! It’s always a new and exciting time of year as we look back on the past year and get excited about the new year. I also want to take a moment to thank the 2014-2015 Board for their never-ending commitment to the FGSCC. It’s not always an easy commitment, but with a mission as great as ours, it’s worth it! In closing, I wish you all the best. Whether you’re leaving Fort Gordon, just joining us, or staying put for another year, I wish you all a safe summer full of fun and adventure!

Sincerely, Julie Maldonado

The 2014-2015 Board Members would like to thank Julie Maldonado, FGSCC President, for her dedication,

hard work and leadership this year. You will truly be missed! God’s speed

to you and your family in your next assignment!


“Come Sail Away with Us” is the theme for the Fort Gordon Spouses’ &

Civilians’ Club final event for the 2014-2015 board year. Join club

members for a nautical themed luncheon on Wednesday, May 20,

2015 from 11:00am to 1:00pm at 1 Boardman Lake Road, Fort

Gordon, GA 30905. The event is free and will feature a light lunch,

vendors and giveaways. Please RSVP by Friday, May 15, 2015 to:


Friends old and new are welcome to attend and anyone affiliated with

Fort Gordon can join the FGSCC. 2015-2016 membership dues are

$15 and can be paid the day of the event. For more information, visit:

www.fgscc.com or www.facebook.com/fgscc



Page 3 Magnolia News

We Appreciate our Military


May 8, 2015 is Military Spouse

Appreciation Day. This day recognizes

the important role military families play in

keeping our Armed Forces strong and our

country safe. Military spouses are a vital

part of communities across America and

around the world. Military Spouses

Appreciation Week at Fort Gordon will be

celebrated 4-8 May. Spouses of all

branches welcome. A series of events will

be held throughout the week. Check the

ACS website at www.gordon.army.mil/acs

for more information.

Memorial Day Take time to remember by doing something special on May 25.

Debbie Franco 1

JoEllen Windsor 1

Eva Proudfit 2

Jana Anderson 6

Tammy Bryant 8

Marti Zamarron 13

Jamie Jones 22

Afua Celestin 24

Jason Stewart 27

Stephanie Miller 29

Margaret Trimble 30

Jaime Custer 31


Fort Gordon Thrift Shop The Fort Gordon Thrift Shop returns to its “First Saturday” event May 2nd from 9:30 to 2:00. The thrift shop will feature its popular “50% OFF Sale” on all TSP summer clothing (*sale excludes military uniforms and boots, formals, etc.). Visit your local Fort Gordon Thrift Shop to stock up on great items for summer!

Consignments can be brought in from 9:30-12:00 and the thrift shop will be accepting clothing items to include tank tops, short sleeve shirts, shorts, jeans, etc. Consignor documents can be accessed from www.fgscc.com, “Thrift Shop” tab. For more information, visit:

www.facebook.com/ftgordon.thri ft or call (706) 791-2779.

Our March volunteer of the month is none other than Debbie Franco. Deb currently serves as the Grants Chairperson on the Governing Board. For

the past few months she has been working diligently to contact many members of the community who have requested grants. As leader of the Grants committee she presented, documented, and extended heartfelt thank you’s,

as well as notified recipients of their approvals. Deb has also been a major contributor

to the 2nd VP committee. She has dedicated many hours to helping execute plans to make sure

luncheons go off without a hitch. Deb is also a spirited volunteer who donates many hours at the

Thrift Shop. She is a humble servant in our community whom we could not do without. Thank

you so much for your helping hands and heart Deb…you truly are an asset and we

appreciate you!

March Volunteer of the

Month: Debbie Franco


CONGRATULATIONS Grants and Scholarship Recipients!!

At our Welfare and Services and Scholarship Award and Recognition Dinner on April 23, we proudly awarded scholarships to 13 local high school graduating seniors and one military spouse! In addition, funds were awarded to Grants recipients both on Fort Gordon and off post. A special “Thank You” to Meredith Poldrack-Segrist, Scholarship Chairperson, and Debbie Franco, Grants Chairperson, for your dedication to making the banquet such a wonderful night for the students and organizational representatives! Also, thank you to our membership for making the above disbursements possible!

The Scholarship Committee received many applications this year. All the applicants were exceptional students in the Fort Gordon area who have worked incredibly hard to achieve their academic goals, held a job and/or volunteered in their communities. The following students received scholarships:

De Aisha Brown, Cross Creek HS Ciaran Carlile, Evans HS

Stephanie Casnave, Cross Creek HS Alexandra Doxey, Greenbrier HS Savannah Finley, Lakeside HS

Christian Guthrie, Augusta Preparatory Day School Asia Haywood, Grovetown HS

Joseph Long, Greenbrier HS Sean Maloney, Grovetown HS Anika Mumford, Evans HS India Persaud, Grovetown HS Kendra Sands, Grovetown HS

Samantha Stewart, Oxford Christian Academy

Continuing Education Scholarship for a Military Spouse: Kiu Travis, University of Phoenix

The Grants committee received many requests for funds also. Grants were awarded to the following groups/organizations/schools:

Fort Gordon Fisher House National Military Family Association Freedom Park School PTA Academy of Richmond

Fort Gordon Youth Challenge Academy County (ARC) Cross Country Living Word Christian Center Food Pantry Southeastern Paralyzed Veterans N. Augusta High Robotics Team American Red Cross, Augusta Chapter Project Lifting Spirits Semper Fi – America’s Fund

Rape Crisis & Sexual Assault Services To The Top Youth Center

She S.E.R.V.E.D. Amvets Ladies Auxiliary 5

Glenn Hills H. S. NJROTC Child Enrichment Inc.

Westside H. S. NJROTC Hope House

Hephzibah H. S. JROTC Golden Harvest Food Bank

Evans H. S. JROTC Augusta Rescue Mission

Greenbrier H. S. NJROTC Downtown Cooperative Food Pantry Cross Creek H. S. NJROTC The Lydia Project

ARC JROTC Civil Air Patrol

ARC Physics Department Augusta Warrior Project

ARC Soccer Safe Homes of Augusta

ARC Student 2 Student Sigma Beta

Georgia Regents Univ. ROTC When Help Can’t Wait Lucy Laney H. S. JROTC Restart Augusta, Inc. Southeastern Paralyzed Vets Family Promise of Augusta


Julie Maldonado 1 Shelly Harris 4 Mellin Oglesby 4 Jane Miller 5 Stephanie Teague 10 Laura Lamoureux 15 Matthew Daniels 16 Julie Price 1 Ellen Edmonson 3 Tracey Sammons 3 Uriah Fedak 5 Tara Johnson 5 Madeline Nogueras 13 Carolyne Kasprzak-Borzain 15 Kim Young 20 Debbie McCarthy 22 Sabrina Waters 22 Opal Collins 26 Diane Davies 28

Page 10 Magnolia News

Debra Lang 17 Lindsay Bennett 19 Gara Long 20 Stephanie Garwold 24 Kashleen Averill 25 Stephanie Winter 26 Anne Turner 27


Fort Gordon Spouses’ and Civilians’ Club

A Private Organization not affiliated with Fort Gordon or the US Army P.O. Box 7289

Fort Gordon, GA 30905


Thank you to our

sponsor, The Fort

Gordon and

Community Credit


Have a safe Summer!

See you at our Fall Membership Kickoff Event!

om www.fgscc.com www.facebook.com/ftgordon.thrift


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