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What is Veterans for Youth?


Academic year: 2021

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What is


Veterans for Youth

is a Program

designed to create opportunities

for young people to experience

life in the military and benefit

from the unique skills and

attributes of Australia’s

defence force veterans.

These skills have been broken down into core activities which are combined into a number

of courses. These courses will be delivered in the form of a camp for young people aged

between 12 and 17 years of age.

To find out more visit



or call

1300 874 034



Courses have been designed by

veterans based on their


military experiences

in order

to improve the social skills and

community relationships of the

young people they will teach.

The courses achieve this by helping young people develop a range of life skills to help them

successfully overcome the many challenges they will face in life.

These skills include:

These skills are further supported by a number of

physical activities that are included in the course to

help build self-confidence and character and stress

the importance of physical fitness. These activities

include anything from rock climbing and abseiling

to obstacle course navigation and bridge climbing,

and youths at the camp can complete a tandem

parachute jump at the end as an optional extra

if they wish.

Beyond their benefit to the youths, these courses

have been developed to create employment for

veterans who have left the defence force, and to

provide them an opportunity to pass on their unique

skills and experiences from their military service to

young people who may be in need of such guidance.

Early Bird (inc GST}

General Cost (inc GST}

To find out more visit

www.v4y.com.au or call 1300 874 034


Camp costs



Job interviews


and Values’

Listening &

Time Management

Public speaking






– Founder


– Personal Trainer

Daimien Patterson grew up the youngest of 4 children to a single mother in the Western Suburbs of Sydney. By age 13 he was ‘off the rails’. With his mother working full time, leaving the house each day at 7.30am and returning at 6.30pm, she could not pin him down. Frequently skipping school and getting into trouble, something had to be done.

Daimien was then put into a youth development group run by a few veterans, in a desperate attempt to sort him out. The leader of the organisation was a Vietnam veteran and another volunteer instructor was a serving soldier in the Army at the time. It was these two men that put Daimien on the straight and narrow. Daimien now owns two businesses that he built from scratch, that employs over 25 staff, and is the founder of a youth development group that has approximately 400 children and 50 volunteers involved over 8 locations.

Daimien realised that there was something special about veterans that makes them amazing mentors for youth, so he founded Veterans 4 Youth (V4Y), a program that employs veterans to run intense and effective mentoring and personal development programs for teenagers. Daimien sees V4Y as his way of paying forward the assistance that was given to him as a wayward teenager.

Having spent 17 years in the Australian Army, Michael Geurts has decided to put forward his military skills and formal qualifications to produce a professional fitness boot camp organisation.

For 2 years now, Michael’s focus has been on diversifying his fitness programs, to cater to all levels of fitness, body types and sizes. As a Military Instructor and Personal Trainer, Michael understands the fundamentals and importance of appropriate rehabilitation.

This has allowed him to understand the necessity of having a flexible approach to fitness. Michael is a unique trainer that takes his knowledge and professional experience serious and pushes people to their own pace, however allowing them to achieve their maximum potential with the importance of discipline, positive reinforcement and motivation.


– Camp Manager

Served for 16 years leaving the Australian Army as a Warrant Officer Class 2 in 2003. Since leaving the army Michael has worked in the security and intelligence industry at a range of locations in Queensland.

During Michael’s time since leaving the army he has become very passionate about the situations many young people find themselves in especially given the lack of opportunities they have and how a series of poor choices can lead to a life of unfortunate consequences.

Not surprisingly Michael’s passion in this area led him to an active involvement in Military Cadets. Michael remains passionate in his aim to help young people understand that there are many choices in life and to ultimately assist those young people who are going “off the rails” to achieve better outcomes through their decision making.



“If you want peace of mind about your child’s future, as well as

care, discipline, and pride-of-self instilled into your child, then

V4Y is for you. I have known Daimien Patterson for 4 years,

and his skills and leadership have helped my son and myself to

aspire to be better. There is no question that V4Y is a successful

program to bring change to your child.”


Jack Kyte

“Micheal takes the time to get to know each child individually. He

sets them tasks according to their ability but ensures that every

child has a valued role within the unit. Michael is approachable

to not only the children but also to the parents, and always has

time and a listening ear. He is a genuine down to earth man with

the best interest of the kids at the forefront of his mind at all

times. He is a fantastic role model to the children who may not

have that male role model in their own lives”


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