Chapter 19. Frozen Desserts






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Chapter 19. Frozen Desserts

Multiple Choice

1. Until recently, few restaurants have made their own ice cream because of the _____. a. labor involved

b. equipment required

c. sanitation regulations and health codes

d. convenience and high quality of commercially made ice creams e. all of the above

2. The base for French-style ice cream is _____. a. pastry cream

b. crème anglaise c. cream pudding d. none of the above

3. An ice cream or sherbet that was not churned while it was frozen would _____. a. never freeze

b. develop very small ice crystals c. freeze into a solid block of ice d. contain too much air

4. Which of the following products contain no egg yolks? a. French-style ice cream

b. Philadelphia-style ice cream c. sherbets and ices

d. both b and c 5. Gelato is _____.

a. Italian ice cream

b. made without dairy products c. the same as sorbetto

d. granité with egg whites added

6. Which one of the following is quality factor of ice cream? a. smoothness

b. overrun c. mouth feel d. all of the above


7. One reason an ice cream might lack smoothness is that it _____. a. has been frozen too rapidly

b. contains too much egg

c. has been stored at a temperature that is not low enough d. all of the above

8. An ice cream with 50% overrun _____.

a. requires 50% more room to store than it did before it was churned b. requires 50% less room to store than it did before it was churned c. will be too airy and foamy

d. both a and c

9. Overrun can be controlled by _____.

a. the type of freezing equipment used b. the fat content of the mix

c. the percentage of solids in the mix d. how full the freezer is

e. all of the above

10. Which of the following qualities of ice cream is at least partially dependent upon the other two?

a. smoothness b. overrun c. mouth feel

11. Ice cream parfaits are usual ly named after _____. a. the flavor of ice cream they contain

b. their syrup or topping

c. the type of mold in which they are frozen d. the chef who originally created them 12. Soufflé Surprise is also known as ____.

a. Bombe Tutti Frutti b. Cassata Napoletana c. Dulce de Leche d. Baked Alaska

13. If an ice cream or sorbet mix contains too much sugar, it will _____. a. not freeze enough to become firm

b. not be as smooth as one with the correct amount of sugar c. both a and b


14. For basic vanilla ice cream mix, the weight of the sugar should be approximately _____ of the total mix. a. 5-10% b. 10-16% c. 16-20% d. 20-25% 15. A still-frozen dessert _____.

a. has not been allowed to thaw to its appropriate serving temperature b. was frozen in a container without being mixed

c. must be stirred for it to achieve the proper serving consistency d. contains no whipped cream or whipped egg whites

e. both b and d

16. A frozen dessert that is _____ would freeze the hardest. a. high in alcohol and high in sugar

b. high in alcohol and low in sugar c. low in alcohol and high in sugar d. low in alcohol and low in sugar

17. Which of the following is not a basic element of a still-frozen parfait? a. ice cream or sherbet

b. whipped cream

c. a thick, sweet egg-yolk foam d. flavorings

18. A frozen mousse always contains _____. a. meringue

b. crème anglaise c. whipped cream d. none of the above

19. A frozen mousse can have one of three bases. Which of the following is not one of these? a. Italian meringue

b. syrup and fruit c. gelato

d. custard

20. Frozen yogurt is a churn-frozen dessert that contains yogurt a. and fruit juice.

b. in addition to egg whites and flavorings.

c. in addition to the normal ingredients in ice cream. d. in addition to the normal ingredients


21. The smoothness of ice cream is determined by the a. amount of cream in the mix.

b. size of the ice crystals in the product. c. amount of air churned into the product. d. size of the fruit or nuts mixed in.

22. The percentage of air incorporated in ice cream as it freezes is called a. overage.

b. extraction. c. expansion. d. overrun.

23. If ice cream containing alcohol does not freeze hard enough, this ingredient should be added to raise the freezing point.

a. Sugar

b. Whipped cream

c. Alcohol

d. No ingredient will raise the freezing point.

24. Vanilla ice cream is basically a custard sauce with a. vanilla beans.

b. extra eggs. c. heavy cream. d. dessert syrup.

25. Still-frozen desserts get their lightness and volume by a. adding whipped eggs or cream

before freezing. b. adding extra sugar.

c. freezing the mixture slowly.

d. topping with whipped cream after removal from the mold.

26. When making a bombe, the mold is first lined with a. vegetable oil.

b. bombe mold mix. c. sponge cake strips. d. ice cream.

27. Frozen soufflés are made by

a. freezing baked soufflés quickly. b. freezing ice cream in a soufflé dish.

c. freezing a mousse or bombe mixture in a soufflé dish. d. freezing baked pudding in a soufflé dish.


28. To remove a bombe from a mold:

a. set out the mold a few minutes before decorating. b. dip mold in warm water for a few seconds. c. slide a serrated-edge knife around

the rim.

d. place in a refrigerator overnight.

29. The traditional parfait consists of three elements: flavoring, egg-yolk foam, and a. fresh fruit.

b. ice cream. c. whipped cream. d. chocolate shavings.





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