Medical Transportation System Development

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Medical Transportation

System Development


Why do we need a Medical

Transportation System?

Organizes your data better

Saves all your work for easier review Avoids doing duplicate work

Prints all reports on demand

Updates the Program when needed


Evolution of

Medical Transportation Systems

in Manitoba

1995 - A Travel System was created.

2009 - Redesigned and upgraded to FNIH requirements and reporting

standards as well as the FN Health Center needs…


Requirements of

Medical Transportation

Travel Authorizations (TA)

Patient and Escort. Appointments.


Accommodation and Meals.


Structure of a Medical Trans System

Regional level (Central)

Tribal Council level

Community (Remote) level


Central System for Tribal Council and FNIH

Community (Remote) for each Health Center


Community (Remote).

  Server Tribal Council / FNIH.


Community System

7 Group Training sessions from Oct 2009 – Feb 2011

Each health centre had their own reporting processes The training offered one new single solution.

Training was a video plus keying sample trips and Appointments.

many user had their own methods and reports for their own health centre.

At the end of the day we captured feedback from the users.


Community System

features needed:

Data on their local computer.

Record local appointments & trips.

Send Travel Requests to FNIH via the internet. Collect all trip expenses.


Community System

Additional data and additional reports were added to the system based on comments heard during


These new data/reports are instantly available for all users via updates.

Users no longer have to do additional tracking and reporting. It’s all self-contained in the program.


Community System

As the training progressed, the installations were

established in each community -

49 sites so far.

Currently in these communities.


First, create a new Travel Authorization for the client.

Then select an escort and fill in accommodation & meals details if required.

Community System

some of the

changes we made according to


Second, create an appointment (s) for the trip.

Fill in trip information.

Community System

some of changes we made

according to


All travel information is printed as

the Travel Request form and faxed to FNIH

If a Travel Authorization is required:

Community System

Or emailed as an attachment.


You can view the status of Travel Requests submitted.

Community System


Finally, create and print out all travel documents.

Community System


You can schedule the Medical Van trips for each day…

Community System


The quarterly Report for FNIH can be run when needed.

Community System


Booked Appointments

Confirmed Appointments

Unconfirmed Appointments

These reports were the basic reports

Community System


Appointment summary

Appointments trips detailed

Appointment notification report

Client appointment History report

These reports were added from training sessions

Community System


Community System

These reports were added from training sessions

Local/non local trips

Private Vehicle Trips

Private Vehicle Expenses

Travel Accommodation


Travel Requests

Travel Warrants and vouchers.


Confirmation slips.

Accommodation voucher.

Gas vouchers

These reports were requested and added…


– Cheque Requisitions

– Cheques.

Community System

These features were requested and added…


Central System on the Server

 


Central System

Designed for managing records for all 3 groups:

Community level

Tribal Council level Regional level


Main advantages:

More powerful

Better user interface More understandable More secure


Navigation panel at the left side provides advanced filters to easy find:


T.A.s & Vouchers

Doctors / Health Facilities Service Providers



Appointments Trips


Cost lines Multiple clients can be opened in a tabbed style window (used in modern web browsers).

All client information is shown as a tree view grouped by:


User can Navigate through tree nodes to view/edit all the detailed travel info.


Once trip or accommodation has been created, a voucher can be printed out at any time.


Here is an example of a Voucher in the System…


Transportation clerk can plan and manage daily appointment trips using Appointment Attendance and Trip Planner forms and reports


Once York office is Online – When a trip requires authorization, the requesting clerk will be able to submit the Online request to Central, and if approved, the TA number is created on both



Custom reports can be created and embedded into the system in a highly organized manner.

Central System

All reports can be exported in various file formats: as PDF file, as an Excel spread- sheet, as Word document, as Text file

And sent via E-mail right away


Create new, edit and find existing Doctors and Health facilities


Create new, edit and find existing Service Providers


The Administration section provides features to setup and configure the System and helps the administrator to track all daily activities…


How are travel activities being organized at your office?

Are you required to have Travel Authorizations?

What kind of reports are you currently using?

What features do you need to help you with transportation? What additional reports would be helpful?


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