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Marketing & Communications Webinar Social Media Best Practices and Helpful Tips. November 26 th, 2015


Academic year: 2022

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Marketing & Communications Webinar Social Media Best Practices and Helpful Tips

November 26 th , 2015



• Introductions

• Purpose of Social Media

• Different Platforms

• How to Use Social Media

• Twitter

• Facebook

• Instagram

• LinkedIn

• How to plan and organize social media

• Reminder about brand guidelines for creative

• Q & A





Canada Marketing & Communications Team

Julie Fiorini, Marketing & Communications Director

*(Replacing Elissa Schmidt during maternity leave)

• Develops and oversees national marketing and communications strategy and programs (brand, print, media, advertising, digital, social, etc.)

Deborah Waines-Bauer, Marketing & Communications Officer

• Manages and executes media relations, print communications/collateral, advertising, chapter support, and overall brand management

Simone Castello, Online Marketing & Communications Officer

• Manages and executes online, digital, design and social strategy for organization, including website, P2P fundraising platform, analytics and, chapter support

Megan Van Woezik, Marketing & Communications Assistant

• Manages social media channels, SWAG program, website updates,

media clippings and monitoring, and provides chapter support.


What’s the purpose of social media?

- Connects us with our audience - Helps us grow our audience

- Allows us to engage with the community - Helps promote brand awareness

- Allows us to see the ‘big picture’

- Become aware of growth opportunities

- Call-to-action for events and fundraising opportunities - Awareness

- Lets us share our fantastic wish stories


How do we use social media?

Types of Posts

 Share relevant posts (news, quotes, etc.)

 Wish Stories

 Corporate Features

 Videos

 Variety

Formula for wish stories

 Name, Age, Medical Condition, Wish

Share Images & Videos

 Images retain a greater reach

but videos are interactive (use a blend)

Messaging Styles

 Don’t be Personal (I think…)

 Change it up


Different Social Media Platforms


Twitter is…

 A platform where you engage with your audience using messages of140 characters or less

 You can share anything you like in your 140 character messages, including:

- Tips - Facts - Photos - Links

- Mention other Twitter users

- Engage with other Make-A-Wish, donor, sponsor, event or volunteer accounts

 You can also:

- Retweet anything related to Make-A-Wish, your chapter or events that pertain to you - Use hashtags to curate messages, like #RopeForHope or #MakeAWish

- Follow other Twitter accounts and like (formerly favourite) other tweets!


MENTIONS – When you’re ‘talking’ to another Twitter account or mentioning them, use the

@ symbol at the front of their Twitter account name.

Ex. @MakeAWishAP or @MakeAWishCa Example:

Brenda is a Wish Kid who had her Parisian dream fulfilled! Check out her story via @MakeAWishAP:


You can mention an account name anywhere in your tweet, however, if you mention the account name at the start of the tweet, you have to add a period in front of it in order for everyone to see it.

Otherwise only the account you’re engaging with will see it as a reply.


.@MakeAWishAP Wish Kid, Brenda, just had her Parisian dream fulfilled. Check out her story here:

https://makeawish.ca/wish-story/parisian-trip-la-mode-brenda (everyone can see this tweet)

@MakeAWishAP Wish Kid, Brenda, just had her Parisian dream fulfilled. Check out her story here:

https://makeawish.ca/wish-story/parisian-trip-la-mode-brenda (only @makeawishap can see this)


RETWEETS – Share Tweets from other Twitter accounts simply by clicking on the retweet button under their Tweet. It looks like this:

You can also ‘quote retweet’ a tweet from another account if you want to add your own thoughts. It will look like this:



- A hashtag is a simple keyword or phrase that conversations (tweets) can gather around. Just add the # symbol in front of said keyword or phrase (without space) and include it in a tweet.

- It becomes a clickable link and you can use it to see what other people are sharing around that hashtag.

- Common hashtags used with Make-A-Wish Canada include but aren’t limited to:












Examples of well-crafted Tweets:



- … Interact with other accounts in a

manner that appropriately represents the brand.

- … Follow sponsors, donors, volunteers, affiliates and accounts that support MAW.

- … RT, comment on and add your ‘voice’

to your account.

- … Promote partner events and specials, especially if it benefits MAW.

- … Try to Tweet often (or RT) and keep your account alive.

- Follow the guidelines outlined in this presentation to help keep the MAW Canada brand consistent.


- … Promote yourself through your chapter account.

- … Promote your personal relationship with sponsors, donors or supporters. (WE not I)

- … Solicit support from vendors, donors, partners via Twitter. Save that for emails.

- … Overuse hashtags. Limit to 2 (max 3).

- … Tweet things that are nonsensical. You need to ensure your Tweets are understandable at a glance.

- … Tweet things from live events that aren’t relevant. Make sure you’re capturing

moments/images that will be of interest to your audience.

- …Overuse short forms – e.g., w/ instead of with, 2 instead of two, thx instead of thanks.

Dos and Don’ts




Facebook is…

 A platform used by people to connect with friends and family mostly, not necessarily companies, so voice is very important when working on


 90% of people who ‘like’ a page never go back to it, unless you give them a reason to.

 For Make-A-Wish, Facebook is a great space to show people how their support impacts our work and what we do. But have fun with your content!

Content should include: Wish stories, call-to-actions

for campaigns, photos, stats, graphics, relevant links

and videos. Engage, whenever possible!


Start by getting visual: Attaching a photo or video to your post, especially of your donors and community is a sure-fire way to drive engagement.

 You can get your statement, idea or point across by accompanying it with a relevant image, and include a link whenever possible.

 If you can, create graphics in house using brand-compliant colours and your chapter or the national logo

 Infographics are also another way to grab attention: Use stats and graphics to create charts that demonstrate growth of funds during campaigns.

 Make sure you’re using images that you have rights to – stock images, photography that’s licensed or that you have permission to use. If you’re unsure about whether you can use an image, check your brand guidelines handbook or contact the national office team.

Remember: Some of our partners and sponsors have strict guidelines about how their images can be used – be very cognizant of what, how and when you’re posting.


Tag people/brands/pages whenever possible: This is an important practice that a.) informs the other pages they’ve been mentioned and b.) draws attention to the fact that those pages exist.

 Tagging other pages will also increase the likelihood that those pages will share or repost your post.

 How to tag people: When you’re crafting the copy for your post, simply type in the ‘@’ symbol and begin writing the page’s name. It should populate automatically in a drop down. Just select the right one.

 If you’re not sure what the name of the page is, do a search in the Facebook search box beforehand and visit their page. You’ll see their official page name in the url at the top.

Example: Make-A-Wish America = www.facebook.com/makeawish/

 In your copy, when you’re mentioning them, you’ll have to type in order for ‘Make-A-Wish America to populate and become a tag in your post. @makeawish


Facebook Insights: An easy way to tell if what you’re doing is working. A snapshot of performance

 Make it a point to check your Insight/Analytics at least once a week. If you’re in the red, your engagement is low and the content you’re posting isn’t working.

 Insights will also highlight your top-performing posts, so if something is doing well, consider adding more of that.


Great news - Facebook now has a DONATE button

It’s a great way to draw attention to the donation page on your site, and it’s easy to implement. Just click ‘EDIT CALL TO ACTION’ and then choose the ‘DONATE NOW’ button. You can link the button directly to your chapter’s donation page. 


Sharing is caring: When in doubt, or if you’re lacking content at the chapter level, visit the National page or affiliate pages and share stories from there. It’s an easy way to showcase international content, while driving engagement on your own page.

There’s nothing worse than a static social media page. People have ‘liked’ your page for a reason, so whenever possible, make sure there’s content for them to enjoy, like and share.

Examples of well-crafted Facebook posts:





 Is a perfect social media tool for engaging users between 18-29, using filters 

 Lets you post photos, regram photos (using an external app), or videos (15 secs)

 Lets you add captions. Links are not enabled, but you can add it to your bio for clicks

 Uses a larger number of hashtags than other social media sites to engage a variety of audiences who follow those streams

How to use Instagram for MAW purposes:

- Try to post Daily, or twice a week at minimum. Report live events through images, or a curated hashtag (#ropeforhope)

- Follow @MakeAWishCa and other chapters, affiliates around the world, sponsors, donors, partners and key volunteers/wish families

- Share snapshots of #WishLife, #WishInProgress, #HopeStrengthJoy, #WishGranted - Do call-to-actions: #FundraiseFriday #MotivationMonday, #Charity, #MakeAWish - Like and comment on photos posted by other accounts to draw awareness to yours


Examples of good Instagram posts:



- If your chapter does not have an Instagram account as yet, please consider getting one.

- Remember that if you do decide to get one you’ll have to fill out a social media request form and submit it to national office for approval.

- Please let us know if you don’t have the form.




LinkedIn is…

 The world’s largest professional network with over 380 million members in over 200 countries

 Many professionals prefer to use LinkedIn over other social media networks

 It’s the #1 site for professional networking so you want to be in this space to work with sponsors, donors, board members, staff and any one who connects with MAW in a professional capacity

 A great space to recruit new volunteers, staff and board members based on skills and strengths

 Non-profits can create free ‘company pages’ to draw visibility for their brands. Make-A-Wish Canada has a LinkedIn page, so please connect with us! 

Content should include: Status updates, job opportunities, news mentions, new hires, tweets, blog posts, current campaigns, etc.




Brand Guidelines

Reminder: Please pay attention to brand guidelines when creating graphics, posters, images, display copy or content affiliated with Make-A-Wish.

 Once you post it to social media, it becomes available to everyone, so you need to ensure you’re playing by the rules.

 Fonts, logos, colours and graphics all matter when presenting a uniform brand in the digital space.

 Take the time you need to ensure your graphic is brand compliant.

When in doubt, please contact the marketing team at national office for support.


Approved Logo Colours (NEW PANTONE & CMYK COLOURS)

PANTONE 2935CP OR CMYK 100, 52,0,0 on white, off-white or any light-coloured background that provides sufficient contrast

White on solid PANTONE 2935CP OR CMYK 100, 52,0,0 background

• Black on white, off-white or any light-coloured background that provides sufficient contrast

• White on black or any dark background that provides sufficient contrast

Brand Guidelines


Brand Guidelines

Logo Usage


Primary Make-A-Wish logo should appear on all communications (with appropriate identifier when applicable):

Secondary logo should only be used when space is limited (i.e. promotional items):

All Make-A-Wish logos should be legible, placed on a clear and uncluttered background with sufficient ‘breathing’ room surrounding it

The logo must be away from any placement of words or other logos, and may not be stretched or distorted in any way

Do not use logo as a watermark

The logo may not be used in a sentence:

Incorrect: We are partnering with

Correct: We are partnering with Make-A-Wish®.

Correct: Benefitting


Brand Guidelines

Approved Brand Colours

The following colours are brand compliant, approved colours that should be used for Make- A-Wish creative (print and online). No other colours should be used.

PANTONE (for print): 2935CP (blue); Cool Grey 9 (grey)

CMYK (for print): 100, 52, 0, 0 (blue); 29, 23, 16, 51 (grey)

RGB (screen): 0, 107, 182 (blue); 116, 118, 120 (grey)

Hexachrome (web): #006BB6 (blue); #747678 (grey)



• Use photos to add more colour to graphic design materials


Brand Guidelines

Approved Brand Fonts

The following fonts are brand compliant, approved fonts that should be used for Make-A-Wish creative (print and online). No other font types should be used.

used for formal graphic design

used for formal graphic design

used on office computers




Disney Guidelines

Disney’s support of Make-A-Wish is in excess of $10 million annually worldwide, with a majority of this support coming from the complimentary admission of wish families at its theme parks.

*It is crucial that we acknowledge Disney whenever possible, including telling Disney’s support of wishes in stories for newsletters and websites and listing Disney as one of the contributors of the wish.

Suggested Language to Use in Text to Show Disney’s Involvement in Wishes:

• Through the generosity of the Walt Disney Company, (wish child’s name) experienced his fondest wish to visit Disneyland® Paris.

• (Wish child’s name)’s wish to meet Cinderella was spectacular due to support from the Walt Disney World® Resort and The Walt Disney Company.

• The Walt Disney Company provided theme park tickets and other perks for (wish child’s name) and her family as part of their overall relationship with Make-A-Wish.


Disney Guidelines


Annabelle’s wish to meet a princess was spectacular due to support from the Walt Disney World® Resort and The Walt Disney Company.


Disney Guidelines

If fundraising, DO NOT MENTION DISNEY - including name, images that identify Disney or its brand and character names (i.e. e-newsletter with ‘Donate’ button).

Can only use the Disney name if a call to action to donate is not present

• Use “theme park” and “Florida” OR “Orlando” instead (i.e. “Sarah wished to visit a theme park in Florida.”)

Walt Disney World® Resort - Include superscripted registered trademark ALWAYS; italicize first three words (This encompasses all Disney theme parks including Magic Kingdom®, Epcot®, etc.)

Corporate/Third Party Supporters - You can acknowledge a corporate partner that assisted with the Disney wish BUT Disney should be acknowledged as well

(i.e. "Thanks to Sony Canada and with help from Disney, John’s wish to visit Walt Disney World® was granted.”).

*Please see the Disney Standard Language & Use of Trademark document





Trademarked Characters


Superheroes & Trademarked Characters

Key Points:

• Superheroes and trademarked characters include but are not limited to: Iron Man, Captain America, Incredible Hulk (http://marvel.com/characters/browse), Superman, Batman,

Spider-Man (http://www.dccomics.com/characters), etc.

• Superheroes and trademarked characters can be requested for wish-granting purposes. You must submit your wish request through the MAWFA portal like you would a celebrity wish request.

• Superheroes and trademarked characters should not be used for:

• ANY fundraising purposes (no character images on event pages, in videos, e-newsletters, direct mail campaigns, etc.)

• IF a character is present at one of your events please ensure that you do not do any social media/publicity around them – these are NOT authentic characters.

• Generic, non-identifiable superheroes can be used. See Red Lightning example from Make- A-Wish®Alaska and Washington on next slide as inspiration.


Superheroes & Trademarked Characters

Red Lightning Saves Seattle!

Want to know what a

superhero's day looks like?

Wish kid Nick IS#RedLightning!

A day of great adventure ensued, including chasing down the villains at Four Seasons Hotel

Seattle,Zillow,Starbucks and the Underground Tour Seattle.

In the end, he captured the bad guys, got the keys to the City from Mayor Ed Murray and celebrated with his adoring public at his wish celebration at EMP Museum.


Celebrity Wishes


Celebrity Wishes

• Submit all celebrity requests for media permissions as part of your wish-granting submission. This is for pre, during and post wish.

• Identify what media you wish to utilize and submit draft copy, along with a photo that you would use in your post.

• Note: The majority of celebrities will only approve media being shared after wish has been fulfilled.

• We need to respect that sometimes celebrities will not approve media around a wish for various reasons. This message needs to be relayed to wish-granting volunteers and wish families appropriately.

• It is up to the chapter to ensure that all volunteers working on celebrity and/or

media-sensitive wishes, are well trained and well versed on permissions to best

ensure that media doesn’t happen if permissions aren’t secured.


Celebrity Wishes

A celebrity wish should never be used or profiled for fundraising purposes, such as direct mail, chapter campaign or fundraising event online,

donate/call to action in an e-newsletter, third party promotions or communications, etc.

• Recommend that you not sponsor celebrity or sports related wishes as they most likely have existing sponsors or affiliations that may be in direct conflict.

• If you have a high-profile wish that you are seeking media permissions on, let the national office know so we can best assist you on this. e.g. Wimbledon, Superbowl, US Open, Olympics, Stanley Cup, World Cup, etc.

• Communicating with celebrity coordinators at MAWFA office.

*Please see the Celebrity Media Permissions Tip Sheet document


Dolphin Wishes


Dolphin Wishes

• Dolphin wishes are adorable, but there has been controversy around the

treatment of dolphins and whales at theme parks and aquatic centres.

MAWFI has asked that we avoid sharing these wishes on our websites and social media going forward.

• If you need to post something to social media sharing a dolphin-related wish because a sponsor needs to be

thanked, find an alternate way to talk

about the wish and thank the sponsor.


Dolphin wishes


Blake’s wish is to swim with dolphins and we need to thank the limo service that is taking him to the airport.


#WishKid Blake & his family head to

#Orlando this morning for his wish! Thanks Nite Lite Limousine for sending them to the airport in style!


Wish Kid Blake and his family are off to

Orlando this morning for his wish trip! Thanks to Nite Lite Limousine, Blake and his family will receive a complimentary limo ride to and from the airport in Sudbury, adding even more magic to the wish. Thank you, Nite Lite Limo!

Don’t share this!

Share this!

Sharing photos from a dolphin wish


How to plan and organize social media

• Planning

 Calendars

• Scheduling Posts

 Facebook

 Hootsuite/Tweetdeck

• Messaging Templates


Social Media: Creative

Try to ensure your creative (profile photos, cover photos, backgrounds, etc.) and messaging aligns with your

active campaigns.

Updating your page with new creative on a regular basis shows you’re invested in your brand and


Utilize your chapter’s assets (logos, wish child photos, etc.) to create graphics, or ask National for any active graphics that you can use.

National will typically provide working files of any

creative assets, which you can swap the Canada logo for your own.


Social Media: Engagement of Channels

Don’t panic! Social media growth is a long process; taking time to build an established presence. Here are some opportunities to start building your audience and growth:

Share wish photos and stories.

Facebook photos generate higher engagement than

those without

Keep your posts short and sweet!

Shorter posts get 23% more interaction

Post often!

You can’t expect to grow if you’re not actively nurturing the community

Bring your PR efforts with you!

Connect with journalists and reporters for future

news coverage

Don’t wait for the conversation to

come to you!

Follow, tweet and post to new people and brands

Acknowledge and engage with local partners Great for retention but also

to attract new sponsors

Encourage your supporters to fundraise online (e.g.,

Rope for Hope)

Determine who your digital influencers are (active wish families, supporters) and tweet/post with them, ask

for RTs

Keep donation “asks” to less than 20% (or 1/5 posts).

The mission will speak for itself but remember to link

to your website

Invest when you can.

Paid ads and promoting posts on social networks can assist with generating interactions until you have

an organic following

Drive people to your social networks through your offline marketing efforts

(printed publications, hashtag on t-shirts, etc.) Monitor your analytics.

What times, demographics, content, etc. are resonating with your community and optimize!



 What is trending? http://wthashtag.com/

 How multi-chapter nonprofits can create a consistent brand on social media: Click Here

 A strategic guide to non profits and social media: Click Here

 16 social media sites every non profit should use: Click Here

 High-impact tips for non profits on social media: Click Here

 Tips from Twitter for non profits using social media: https://media.twitter.com/nonprofits

 Tips from Facebook for non profits using social media: Click Here

 Tips from Instagram for non profits using social media: Click Here

 Tips from LinkedIn for non profits using social media: Click Here




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