The Outsiders: Multiple Choice Questions Arranged by chapter. The first answer is correct for all questions

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The Outsiders: Multiple Choice Questions

Arranged by chapter. The first answer is correct for all questions Chapter One

1. The narrator of the story is

a. Ponyboy

b. Darry

c. Sodapop

d. Dally

2. At the beginning of the novel, Ponyboy wishes he looked like

a. Paul Newman

b. A Social

c. Sodapop

d. Johnny 3. Ponyboy’s parents

a. Were killed in an auto accident b. Were divorced

c. Placed all three brothers up for adoption

d. Gave up raising their children and moved away 4. The first time Ponyboy was jumped by the Socs

a. His older brother, Darry, saved him b. His younger brother, Sodapop, saved him c. His good friend, Johnny, saved him

d. He escaped harm by running away.

5. Two-Bit Mathews’ real name was

a. Keith b. Johnny

c. Matthew

d. Dallas

6. Dallas Winston’s gang nickname was a. Dally

b. Dalbert c. Dal d. Dalinquet

7. The greasers treated Johnny Cade like he was a. Everyone’s kid brother

b. A bad luck charm c. A spy for the Socs


8. In the greaser gang vocabulary the word tuff means a. Cool, sharp

b. Unfortunate c. Rough d. Uncaring

9. The novel that Ponyboy was reading for English class was a. Great Expectations

b. A Separate Peace c. Hard Times

d. To Kill a Mockingbird

10. Instead of using the razor to dissect a worm in biology class, Ponyboy a. Used his switchblade knife to cut it open

b. Slammed his book on the worm

c. Walked out of class and left school

d. Gently placed it on the shoulder of the girl sitting in front of him 11. While he was in school, Darry, Ponyboy’s brother, was

a. Captain of the football team

b. Expelled for a knife fight in the parking lot c. Recruiting younger kids to join the greasers d. Valedictorian

Chapter Two

12. The two drive-in movie theatres the Socs visited were a. The Way Out and Rusty’s

b. Cinema One and The Quad

c. The Dingo and Jay’s

d. The Nightly Double and Arnold’s

13. The Soc that Ponyboy and Sodapop meet at the drive-in is a. Cherry Valance

b. Shareese Smith c. Julianna Cade d. Alayna Grellner

14. Sodapop quit riding in the rodeos because

a. His dad made him quit after he tore a ligament b. He had to get a real job to support the family c. It interfered too much with school


15. The girls were without a car at the drive-in theatre because a. The boys they came with were drinking alcohol b. They were not old enough to drive

c. Their car broke down and they were looking for a ride d. Their parents dropped them off

16. In this novel another name for a cigarette is

a. A weed

b. A smoke

c. A cig

d. A white stick

17. The clue that helped the boys find Johnny after he was beaten up was his a. Blue-jeans jacket

b. Switch-blade knife c. Footprint on the path d. Yelling for help

18. The vehicle the Socs used when they jumped Johnny was a a. Blue Mustang

b. Yellow Corvair

c. Black Camaro

d. Red van Chapter Three

19. Cherry believes the difference between greasers and Socs is that a. Greasers are more emotional

b. Socs are smarter

c. Greasers have difficult family struggles d. Socs are richer

20. Mickey Mouse was

a. The name of the horse Sodapop was crazy about at the stable b. The nickname of the last greaser that was killed by a Soc c. The nickname of the last Soc that was killed by a greaser d. The nickname Ponyboy’s father called him

21. Before going their own ways the night Ponyboy met Cherry, he told her a. They both watch the sunset

b. He never wanted to see her again

c. To warn her brother of the upcoming gang fight d. She was too good for his brother Sodapop


22. Later that night after meeting the two Soc girls, Two-Bit pulled out a piece of paper that contained

a. The phone number of one of the Socs b. The address of the one of the Socs

c. The time and place the next gang fight would occur d. The time and place the girls wanted to meet the boys 23. Ponyboy ran away from home because

a. Darry slapped him so hard he was knocked against the door b. Darry threatened to kick him out if he ever saw the soc girl again c. His dad threatened to harm him

d. Sodapop told the gang he was hanging out with a soc Chapter Four

24. To cool off before coming home Ponyboy and Johnny walked to the a. Park

b. Drug store

c. Vacant baseball field d. The drive-in theatre

25. The fight between the Socs and Ponyboy and Johnny started with a. A Soc shoving Ponyboy’s face into the fountain

b. Johnny cutting a Soc with his switch-blade knife c. A soc swinging a baseball bat at Johnny

d. Ponyboy swinging a chain at a Soc 26. In the fight at the water fountain, Johnny

a. Killed Bob with a knife b. Ran for help

c. Was the first to see the policeman d. Accidentally left his blue-jeans jacket

27. After the fight at the water fountain, Ponyboy and Johnny hid in

a. An abandoned church

b. Dally’s basement

c. An abandoned city building d. Two-Bit’s garage


28. What kind of transportation did Ponyboy and Johnny use to escape? a. Railroad car b. Johnny’s car c. Dally’s car d. Ponyboy’s car Chapter Five

29. While hiding out, what novel does Johnny bring back with the food supplies? a. Gone with the Wind

b. Great Expectations c. A Farewell to Arms d. The Scarlet Letter

30. In order conceal his identity Ponyboy a. Cut and bleached his hair

b. Grew a moustache and beard

c. Switched clothes with Johnny d. Dressed like a Soc

31. The poem that Ponyboy recited to Johnny was written by a. Robert Frost

b. William Shakespeare

c. Ernest Hemingway

d. Alice Walker

32. How long were Ponyboy and Johnny hiding out? a. Five days

b. Two weeks

c. One month

d. One year

33. When Dally visited Ponyboy and Johnny he brought a letter from

a. Sodapop

b. Cherry Valance c. Ponyboy’s mother d. Johnny’s father

34. The Soc spy that has been giving information to Darry concerning the upcoming gang fight was

a. Cherry Valance b. Johnny’s sister c. Marcia Sellepio d. Paul LaTergio


Chapter Six

35. While eating hot-fudge sundaes and barbecue sandwiches, Johnny a. Decided it was time to turn himself in

b. Asked Ponyboy to take the blame for the murder

c. Convinced the waitress they had no money and could not pay for the food d. Asked Dally to get him a gun

36. The reason Johnny and Ponyboy entered the burning church was because a. There were children trapped inside

b. It was the only place to hide from the police c. They left all their money inside

d. Johnny left his gang jacket inside

37. Dally hit Ponyboy across the back as he was leaving the burning church because a. Ponyboy’s back was on fire

b. Dally wanted the police to know he wasn’t a greaser

c. It was the only way he could get Ponyboy to turn himself in d. Ponyboy lost all of the money Dally loaned him

38. As a result of the fire

a. Johnny was unconscious

b. Two orphans were tragically killed c. Ponyboy would be disabled for life d. Dally would spend more time in jail 39. Darry was strict with Ponyboy because

a. He feared losing him like he lost his parents b. He knew Ponyboy could not make it on his own

c. After Ponyboy dropped out of high school he needed guidance d. He knew that loyalty was important in a gang member’s life Chapter Seven

40. The newspaper headline concerning what Ponyboy, Johnny and Darry did at the fire was a. Juvenile Delinquents Turn Heroes

b. Ponyboy Penalized After Saving Children c. Greasers vs. Socs: Triumph over Tragedy d. Local Hoods Arrested for Arson

41. Because of all the newspaper press concerning the fire a. Ponyboy and Sodapop might be sent to a boys’ home b. The Socs had a newfound respect for the greasers c. The police were able to identify and jail Johnny d. Ponyboy decided to quit being a greaser


42. When Randy, the Soc, talked with Ponyboy he told him a. He wasn’t going to fight in the upcoming rumble

b. He knew Cherry and Ponyboy were dating

c. He would not testify in court about the murder

d. The blue Mustang that was used when Johnny was beaten up

43. Randy told Ponyboy that Bob’s parents a. Spoiled Bob rotten

b. Didn’t know about the murder yet c. Were not going to press charges d. Forgave Johnny for the murder Chapter Eight

44. Before the big rumble Dally asked Two-Bit if he a. Still had his ten-inch switch-blade

b. Would consider being a Soc spy

c. Would have jumped into the flaming church to save children d. Still had his gun

45. Cherry would not go to the hospital to see Johnny because a. He killed her boyfriend, Bob

b. Her parents told her she couldn’t

c. She was afraid Johnny wouldn’t forgive her d. Ponyboy said it would not be appropriate Chapter Nine

46. Darry was unsure that Ponyboy should be in the rumble because he a. Had not fully recovered and was still not healthy

b. Was afraid his parents might find out

c. Did not trust Ponyboy since he had been seen with Cherry d. Knew guns, knives and other weapons would be used

47. The main difference between Tim Shepard’s gang and the greasers was that a. Shepard’s gang was more organized and had one leader

b. The greasers only fought with weapons

c. Shepard’s gang wore different colors than the greasers d. Tim Shepard used to be a Soc

48. Another name for a gun amongst the greasers was a. Heater

b. Old colt c. Steeleye d. Shorty


49. One of the Socs that showed up to fight in the rumble was a. Paul Holden, the best halfback on Darry’s football team b. Johnny Cade’s cousin, Neil

c. Billy Leepart, the Socs’ leader d. Franky Valance, Cherry’s brother

50. The way the two leaders of the gangs were circling each other right before the rumble reminded Ponyboy of

a. Jack London’s books because of the way the wolf pack waits for one of two members to go down in a fight

b. Two boxers before the fight of their lives

c. Dogs looking for a weakness before deciding to strike

d. A chess match because of the way both fighters were analyzing each other 51. The winner of the rumble would be determined by which gang

a. Would not run away

b. Had inflicted the most damage c. Had fewer fatalities

d. Was not caught by the police

52. After the rumble Dally quickly grabbed Ponyboy a. And took him to the hospital to see Johnny b. To bandage his knife wound

c. And hid him from the police

d. To save him from getting shot by Paul 53. Dally got a police escort because

a. He told the police officer Ponyboy fell off his motorcycle

b. The police did not trust Dally when he said he would turn himself in c. His mother had been in a terrible accident

d. Johnny convinced the police to help out the greasers 54. Before Johnny died, he told Ponyboy to

a. “Stay gold.” b. “Keep fightin’” c. “Stay greaser true” d. Take care of Cherry Chapter Ten

55. The man who gave Ponyboy a ride home after the rumble noticed a. Ponyboy was bleeding on his car seats

b. Ponyboy’s gun

c. Ponyboy from his picture in the newspaper d. Ponyboy’s leather gang jacket


56. After Ponyboy got home from the hospital, Dally called and told them a. He just robbed a grocery store and was being chased by the police b. He had just been jumped by another gang of Socs

c. Cherry was running away from home

d. The blue Mustang was on its way toward Ponyboy’s house

57. Even though Dally was running from the police a. The gun he raised had no bullets

b. He did not want to be caught c. He wanted to quit being a greaser

d. The gun he used to rob the grocery store was Johnny’s 58. While Ponyboy was sick for several days he kept saying

a. He did not like baloney

b. He wanted to speak with Cherry

c. Sodapop was responsible for Johnny’s death d. The Socs were the same as greasers

Chapter 11

59. Ponyboy discovered Bob Sheldon’s picture

a. While looking through Sodapop’s old yearbook b. In the newspaper

c. On the television d. In a magazine

60. Who visited Ponyboy while he was recovering after the rumble? a. Randy

b. Roger

c. Bob’s parents d. Cherry’s parents 61. During his recovery Ponyboy

a. Would not accept that Johnny was really dead b. Had a reoccurrence of pneumonia

c. Quit being a greaser

d. Discovered a poem that Johnny wrote while in the hospital Chapter 12

62. At the hearing about Bob Sheldon’s death a. Ponyboy was found not guilty

b. Sodapop had a nervous breakdown

c. The courts decided split up the brothers d. Ponyboy was found guilty


63. When the socs threatened to fight Ponyboy for killing Bob Sheldon a. Ponyboy broke a bottle and threatened to hurt them

b. He explained that his fighting days were over c. Darry made sure no fight broke out

d. Sodapop diverted the Socs’ attention while Ponyboy escaped 64. Ponyboy’s theme for English class

a. Was this novel

b. Allowed him to graduate and attend college c. Was his punishment for missing so much school d. Was about his goal to become a painter




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