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Player Capture, in partnership with SundaySky, bring SmartVideo to the online gaming market – delivering a compelling, personalised, real-time video experience, designed to reach your clients in the most engaging and informative way possible.

The Player Capture SmartVideo solutions engage on a proactive and reactive basis, converting prospects to active customers, enhancing customer relationships, encouraging brand involvement and ultimately increasing revenue per user. This is achieved by evolving the traditional one-to-many video into a revolutionary one-to-one, highly personalised experience for the video consumer.

This document uses stills from the Player Capture demo-videos to illustrate just some of the ways that the Player Capture SmartVideo solution can be applied for powerful Account Conversion and Client Retention (Upsell & Cross-sell) initiatives in the online gaming market.

The videos are created in real-time and all visuals are complemented by a fully dynamic, seamless voiceover. The videos are easily be deployed through multiple channels to support your retention and conversion strategies, whether in the form of an embed in an email campaign, launched after an on-site trigger event or delivered to a mobile device.

With solid comercial experience in both online and offline markets and significant technical expertise in the development and implementation of integrated web-based, back office, CRM and video solutions, Player Capture is the ideal partner to work with you in developing and implementing this modern, innovative and dramatically fast moving technology into your digital marketing strategies. Online Gaming Conversion and Retention demo-videos along with examples of the technology being used in other markets by Disney, ebay and Lowes can be viewed at: www.PlayerCapture.com

This document accompanies and references two separate Player Capture videos which we have produced to demonstrate the specific initiatives of Account Conversion and Customer Retention.

Account Conversion

Whether your focus is on the Conversion of non-depositing accounts, the

Conversion of latent credit holding accounts to live accounts, the Conversion of an occasional customer into a regular, active brand advocate – or indeed all

of the above – the Player Capture SmartVideo platform offers the ideal solution. Typically delivered in the form of an email which contains a personalised video ‘still’, SmartVideo Conversion initiatives in other markets have demonstrated a

click through rate of up to 60% with unparalleled customer interaction

and stunning conversion rates against the embedded calls to action. Targeted SmartVideo Campaigns provide a hugely effective cutting edge medium through which to invigorate your Conversion strategies.

The Player Capture Account Conversion demo indicates just some of the ways in which the Player Capture SmartVideo solution can be deployed to drive your conversion campaigns. The following notes, accompanying selected stills from


Immediately engage customers by delivering clear personalisations in the opening scenes of the video - in this example we display the customer name [1]and also details of their sign up date [2]. These feeds are both taken directly from your CRM or other (inc. online) database.

Present your promotional offers, with the offer type [5] (Welcome Back Package, First Deposit Match etc.) dynamically populating video content depending on the customer and conversion type. Complement the offer and encourage customer engagement with immediate interactive calls to action: [6]

Using customer data ‘flags,’ automatically and dynamically populate video text and soundtrack [4](e.g. “Start Your...” or “Continue Your....”) based on the Account type (non-depositing or latent) and Conversion campaign.

Provide customers with details of upcoming promoted events and betting opportunities [3] (taken from your preferred data feeds) in a dynamic and engaging manner – and where available, draw on the previous activities of latent accounts (CRM) to inform the video logic and display only relevant information/sports that are known to be of interest to the customer.


Inform and educate your first time customers with details of multiple betting oportunties, game types and odds.

Incorporate your existing marketing campaigns or slogans [8] in the personalised SmartVideo, encouraging brand familiarity and a direct customer relationship.

Continue the new customer introduction by providing a step-by-step personalised video presentation to guide customers through the deposit or betting process [7]. It is even possible to address the issues most commonly given as the reason for non-deposit or those raised during calls to your customer service centre.

The inclusion of a Customer Service scene has proven hugely successful at reducing call centre traffic in a host of other markets (with some telecommunications customers witnessing a 10% reduction in call centre billing enquiries). This in turn directly drives down a significant cost centre and improves first time conversion rates.

To fully understand how the SmartVideo platform can revo- lutionise your Conversion Strategies, view the full Player Capture Conversion demo-videos at:


Retention - Upsell & Cross-sell

After successful account Conversion, the key to sustained growth is the continued retention and engagement of active accounts – and there is no better way to dynamically engage and inform customers than through SmartVideo. Active/Retained accounts already comprise history of customers’ preferences, activity and interests which allows SmartVideo to take your customer engagement strategies to a new level of personalisation.

Most commonly delivered to the customer after an event trigger whilst they are logged into their online account, SmartVideo Retention Initiatives have proven very successful at increasing customer activity and spend.

Users are looking for an engaging experience online and the more personal, the better. A personalised “wow” experience communicates the importance of the customer’s relationship with the company, showing that they are treated as an individual. The Player Capture SmartVideo solution gives the customer a “wow” experience which is intensely relevant to the customer at that moment in time. The Player Capture Retention demo indicates just some of the ways in which the Player Capture SmartVideo solution can be deployed to drive retention initiatives. The following notes, accompanying selected stills from the video, highlight some of the pertinent features.

Once again displaying information from your preferred customer data feed, videos are immediately relevant and engaging on a personal level with the ability to include not only customer names [1]but in the case of existing active accounts, also details of previous gaming successes [2].

With a generation time of well under 1 second, the SmartVideos are the perfect way to inform customers of current in play betting opportunities[3]– and by utilising collected CRM data of previous activity, bet types and sports of interests, the Player Capture Smart- Videos ensure that only relevant opportunities are presented to the customer, maximising the likelihood of follow up action.


With a theme dynamically generated and geared towards the sport or bet type being promoted (in support of your customer segmentation strategies) the interactive[4]videos highlight the live promoted odds [5] (taken directly from your data feed) in real time.

Combine multiple data feeds such as in-play betting opportunities [8], previous betting activity [9]and live odds for the same bet type [10], to provide a highly targeted and hugely relevant video experience.

With complete flexibility as to the event trigger used to generate the SmartVideo delivery, Player Capture can support your anniversary or event based promotional offers

[6]to existing customers,delivering these in an engaging and interactive format - even including a real-time countdown

[7]for limited time initiatives designed to encourage action from the customer.

Use the strength of video search engine optimisation to gain a competitive edge in the search engine rankings to complement your strategies for the promotion of future key events [11]all the while displaying multiple real time data feeds [12]and interactive calls to action[13]to ensure the information re- mains as relevant and engaging as possible.


The Player Capture SmartVideo solution offers so much more than just video. With the ability to harness events being output from the video presentation, we are able to trigger and populate surrounding page content to complement the SmartVideo in an informed and relevant manner. It is then possible to create a wholly personalised page environment, tailored and targeted to the viewing customer with surrounding content and events that are highly synchronised to the video and actual user interaction.

SmartVideo technology addresses the growing need for online personalisation to bridge the gap between live and virtual experiences. Videos deepen relationships, increase revenue from cross-sell and upsell opportunities and encourage retained customers to become brand advocates – in turn, this encourages potential prospects to begin their user journey.

Although the Player Capture demo videos demonstrate a context of online sportsbetting, the real-time, dynamic SmartVideo technology is equally suited to online casino, bingo or poker applications. The video theme and content is then typically informed through data feeds displaying live game opportunities, jackpots and special offers (as opposed to the streaming of live betting odds) in parallel with any personalised CRM data.

To discuss how Player Capture can support your online Bingo, Casino or Poker customer engagement strategies and how we are able to drive the strategic conversion of land-based customers to online gamers, please do not hesitate to contact us.

For further information or to arrange a follow up call or meeting, please do not hesitate to contact one of the Player Capture team.

Neale Sutton | Operations Director