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- 2 - CURRICULUM VITAE MICHELLE RIBOUD --- Office Address: Home Address: Nationality: Languages: World Bank – MC11-230 Phone: (202) 473-8743 4822 Tilden St. NW. Washington D.C. 20016 Phone: (202) 686-0717 French

French (native); Spanish & English (fluent); Russian (some knowledge) EDUCATION (B.A). M.A.

Licence ès-Sciences Economiques, University of Paris I, 1967

Economics, University of Chicago, 1971




Doctorate in Economics, University of Paris I, 1974

Economics, University of Chicago, 1977


World Bank Experience 2009- 2002- 2008 1999 - 2002 1997-98 1994-97 1992-94

Consultant, World Bank

Sector Manager, Education, South Asia Region

Manager, Human Development Group, World Bank Institute.

Principal Economist, ECA PREM/Program Team Leader for EU Accession Program (cross-country studies).

Principal Economist, ECA PREM/Program Team Leader for Hungary.

Senior Country Economist - Country Operations Division II, EC4. Led policy dialogue with Georgia. Task manager for three consecutive structural

adjustment credits.

Senior Economist - Human Resource Division, EC3/4 (FSU countries). Responsible for human resource program (labor market policies, social assistance and social insurance) for Belarus and Ukraine.

Economist and Senior Economist - Human Resource Division, LAC, Mexico and Central America Department. Task manager for Mexico Primary Education project and Labor Market and Productivity Enhancement project. Responsible


1989-92 Oct.88- April 89

for evaluation of economic impact of Mexico training program for unemployed (study subsequently published in World Bank Economic Review).

Long-term Consultant Technical Department, LAC. Responsible for, and main author of, Costa Rica Social Spending report. Team member for Venezuela Social Spending project.

Prior Work Experience

1983-88 1980-88 1985 1979-88

Director, Research Center on Labor Economics and Industrial Organization, University of Orleans, France

Professor of Economics, University of Orleans, France.

Visiting Professor, Department of Economics, University of Chicago (Spring quarter)

“Maitre de Conferences”, Institut d’Etudes Politiques, University of Paris


1977-80 1976-77 1974-75 1971-72 Other Experience:

Research Associate, Casa de Velazquez (research institute), Madrid, Spain

Professor of Economics, University of Abidjan, Ivory Coast (Cooperation agreement between French and Ivorian Governments)

Teaching Assistant and Associate Professor of Economics, University of Paris

Lecturer, University of Illinois

Consultant, United Nations (1981), OECD (1987).


(French & Spanish titles translated into English in parentheses)

Books & Monographs

The Knowledge Economy and Education and Training in South Asia (with Y. Savchenko and Hong Tan), Washington, World Bank, 2007

Offre de Travail et Salaires Feminins. (Female Labor Supply and Wages). (with G. Colletaz). Paris: PUF, 1988.

L’Accumulation du Capital Humain. (Human Capital Accumulation). Paris: Economica, 1978.


“An Analysis of Earnings Distribution in France” Ph. D. Dissertation, University of Chicago, 1977.



“Informing Rural Populations in India improves Service Delivery of Entitled Health and Social Services : a Randomized Controlled Trial”(with P. Pandey, A. Sehgal, D. Levine and M. Goyal), Journal of the American Medical Association, October 2007

Education in Pakistan and the World Bank Program” in Education Reform in Pakistan, Building the Future, ed. By R. Hathaway, the Woodrow Wilson International Center, 2005

“Does Eurosclerosis Matter? Institutional Reform and Labor Market Performance in Central and Eastern European Countries in the 1990s” (with C. Silva-Jauregui and C. Sanchez-Paramo), in Labor, Employment and Social Policies in the EU Enlargement Process, World Bank, 2002

“Les réformes du marché du travail » (Labor Market Reforms) in Politiques Sociales et Mondialisation, ed. by B. Palier and L.C. Viossat, Futuribles, Paris, 2001.

“Foreign Direct Investment and Restructuring: The Evidence from Hungary” (with B. Kaminski) -World Bank Technical Paper, No 453, March 2000.

“Pension Reform, Growth and the Labor Market in Ukraine”, (with Hoaquan Chu), World Bank Policy Research Paper, No. 1731, February 1997.

“The Impact of Mexico’s Retraining Program on Employment and Wages” (with A. Revenga and H. Tan), The World Bank Economic Review, Vol. 8, no.2, May 1994.

“Unemployment in Mexico” (with A. Revenga), World Bank Policy Research Working Paper, 1992.


“Le chômage des Jeunes: une analyse des facteurs déterminant la fréquence et la durée des périodes de chómage »[ Youth Unemployment : an analysis of determinants of frequency and duration of unemployment spells] Paris CEREQ, 1989

“Ïntergenerational Effects of Fertility Behavior and Earnings Mobility in Spain”( with F. Hernandez Iglesias, The Review of Economics and Statistics, May 1988

“Labor Market Response to Changes in Cohort Size: The case of France”, The European Journal of Population, March 1987.

“Altruisme au sein de la Famille, Croissance Economique et Démographie”[Altruism within the Family, Economic Growth and Demography] Revue Economique, Vol.39, no. 1, January 1988.

“The Ivory Coast: 1960-1985”, Country Studies, No 4, International Center for Economic Growth, ICS, San Francisco, California, 1987.

“Single Parent Families in France” Report to the OECD, January 1987.

“An Analysis of Women’s Labor Force Participation in France: Cross-Section Estimates and Time-Series Evidence”, The Journal of Labor Economics, Vol. 3, no.1, P. 2, Janvier 1985.

“Trends in Labor Force Participation of Spanish Women: An Interpretative Essay”, (avec F.Hernandez Iglesias), The Journal of Labor Economics, Vol. 3 no. 1, p. 2, Janvier 1985.


“Inversiones en Capital Humano de los Hombres y Equilibrio en el Mercado de Trabajo” [“Males’Investments in Human Capital and Equilibrium in the Labor Market ”] (with F. Hernandez Iglesias) in Formación y Utilización de Recursos Humanos en Andalucía. Sevilla, IDR 1983.

“Uso del tiempo, participación laboral y rentas del trabajo de las mujeres”[“Time Allocation, Labor Force Participation and Earnings of Women”], in Formación y Utilización de Recursos Humanos en Andalucía, Sevilla, IDR, 1983.

“Endogeneizacion de las Inversiones en Capital Humano: el Papel dela Familia” (“Family Background and Endogeneity of Human Capital Investments”) in Formación y Utilización de Recursos Humanos en Andalucía. Sevilla; IDR, 1983.

“Análisis Económico de la Fecundidad de las Mujeres Andaluzas” (“Economic Análisis of Fertility of Andalusian Women”), in Formación y Utilización de Recursos Humanos en Andalucía. Sevilla: IDR, 1983.

“Labor-Force Participation and Earnings of Women in Andalusia” in A. Hoiberg, ed., Women and the World of Work. New York: Plenum Press, 1982.

“A Study of Income Distribution in Ivory Coast” mimeo, United Nations, 1981.

“La Otra Cara de la Escuela de Chicago: un Ensayo en Honor de Theodore Schultz” [“The other Face of the Chicago School: An Essay in Honor of Theodore W. Schultz”] (with F. Hernandez Iglesias), in La Nueva Economia en Francia y Espana. Madrid: Forum Universidad-Empresa, 1980.

“Trabajo y Familia: un Enfoque Económico” (“Work and Family: An Economic Approach”). Informacion Comercial Espanola, No. 545, January 1979.


“La Theorie du Capital Humain, un retour aux classiques” [“Human Capital Theory, a Classical View of the Value of Labor”] (with F. Hernandez Iglesias), in J.J. Rosa and F. Aftalion, eds., l’Economique Retrouvee . Paris: Economica, 1977.

“Etude de l’Accumulation du Capital Humain en France” (“An Analysis of Human Capital Accumulation in France”). Revue Economique, March 1975.

World Bank Reports/Project documents

Hungary Country Economic Memorandum, Red Cover report, 1999.

Georgia Country Assistance Strategy, 1997.

Staff Appraisal/President’s reports for several projects/credits : Mexico Primary Education project; 1991

Mexico Labor Market and Productivity Enhancement project; 1993 Georgia Rehabilitation credit; 1995

Georgia Structural Adjustment credit; 1996

Georgia Second Structural Adjustment credit. 1997

Labor Market Policies in Belarus, Green Cover report, 1993.






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