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What can we add

to your world today?



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About our company

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Biomaster antibacterial technology

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Verimaster security technology

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Scentmaster fragrance technology

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Masterpiece bespoke solutions


Add strength

Add value


Addmaster is the leading supplier of technically innovative additives for the plastics, paper, textile, paints and coatings industries.

We help brand owners, manufacturers and product designers create a unique point of difference, adding increased value to their products. Our additives can also help improve production processes or solve specific problems within the manufacturing process.

We offer a revolutionary resource centre for masterbatches, compounds and liquid or powder dispersions for any application.

Since the company was founded in 2000, the outstanding success of our business model and our ongoing commitment to research and development, has enabled us to expand into the global market and establish Addmaster as one of the world’s leading suppliers in our field.

Our famed Biomaster antimicrobial additive gives products fast, effective and long lasting antibacterial protection reducing the risk of

cross-contamination. It is incorporated into thousands of products worldwide, winning awards for its innovation.

Verimaster technology offers unique

anti-counterfeiting brand protection and product verification options that can be tailored to your security needs.

Scentmaster provides a wide choice

of effective long life fragrances, flavours and deodoriser technology for your product.

As well as our established specialised products, we also offer a bespoke service, Masterpiece. This service can adapt or create additive solutions specifically for your business.

For more information about our products and services please visit our website www.addmaster.co.uk.

Our philosophy is to

provide our clients with

exceptional added value

to support product

development and growth

Unrivalled expertise

in additive technology


Permanent antibacterial

protection for your product


Bacteria, both good and bad, are a fact of life and they are all around us. Most bacteria are rendered harmless by the protective effects of our immune systems and some are beneficial. But several species of pathogenic bacteria, such as Campylobacter, MRSA, E.coli, Legionella, Listeria and Salmonella can cause serious infectious diseases.

Independently tested in thousands of applications, Biomaster is proven to inhibit the growth of these harmful bacteria and many others.

Easily incorporated into any plastic, textile, paper, paint or coating, Biomaster becomes an integral part of the manufacturing process to provide effective and lasting antibacterial protection for the lifetime of the product.

Recognised globally as the leader in antibacterial technology, Biomaster is trusted by major brands and our

products are used in many

environments such as hospitals, care homes, schools, gyms and offices – in fact, anywhere where large numbers of people gather closely is a potential application for antibacterial technology. Biomaster is also used extensively in meat processing, consumer packaging and in the food service industry, to reduce the risk of food poisoning,

Our range of unique formulations can be blended to suit just about any application.

If you have an application that could benefit from antibacterial protection, Biomaster are the industry leaders in providing the technical and marketing support you need to ensure the launch of your product is successful.

Biomaster Antibacterial

Protection is a compelling

benefit that will add real

value and differentiate

your brand


Biomaster technology guarantees fast,

effective and long lasting antibacterial



Biomaster Antibacterial Protection is easily added into any plastic, coating, textile or paper product either during or post-manufacture.

It becomes an integral part of your product to provide effective and lasting antimicrobial protection.


When you are choosing an

antibacterial co-brand, it is important that you select one that adds the most value.

Biomaster pioneered the use of silver-based antibacterial additives and is now the recognised leader in antibacterial additive technology. Biomaster is incredibly durable, long lasting and highly active. When added, it is dispersed throughout the entire item and becomes an integral part of the product.

Silver is inorganic and non-leaching which means that, unlike organic antimicrobial technologies, it stays within the item to which it is added and doesn’t leach out. The active ingredient provides maximum antibacterial protection for the lifetime of the product.

In order to guarantee optimum performance, Biomaster takes a bespoke approach to every project.

Each formulation is uniquely blended to suit a specific end application, with its efficacy confirmed before it gets the Biomaster stamp of approval. All antimicrobial testing is carried out at an independent microbiology laboratory to the latest ISO standards. The Biomaster regulatory service will ensure your product complies with all the relevant legislation for biocidal products including:

l Biocidal Products Regulation


l Environmental Protection Agency


l Food and Drug Administration


Our in-depth experience of additive technology will make it easy for you to launch an antibacterial product. We won’t charge licence fees, we will just give you all the marketing and regulatory support needed to

ensure the launch and ongoing promotion of your product is easy and successful.

Customers using the Biomaster Protected logo can rest assured that all their claims are valid and regulatory requirements are fulfilled.

To find out how Biomaster antibacterial technology can help grow your business, call us today.

Biomaster can grow your business

by giving your product a genuine

competitive advantage


Anti-counterfeit additives

for brand protection


Counterfeiting is a growing problem, posing public health concerns and financial problems for legitimate brand owners and businesses alike.

Complex global supply chains create new opportunities for counterfeiting and companies find themselves in a constant struggle to defeat well-funded criminal organisations. Manufacturers need a proactive approach to protect their customers and their brand integrity from the dangers of counterfeit products. Verimaster is a respected and experienced provider of technology and solutions designed to protect global brands from counterfeiting. Similarly, Verimaster can monitor the use of specified materials in your product, revealing the presence of any fake components.

Available in masterbatch, liquid or powder forms, Verimaster is suitable

for all polymers, paper, textiles and coatings. It is cost-effective and easy to test.

Once an item has been produced with built-in Verimaster Technology, the anti-counterfeit protection never diminishes.

Verimaster is ideal for:

l Protection of authentic

branded consumer goods.

l Validation of manufacturing

processes – e.g. to check that external suppliers have

used the correct specification.

l Validation of guarantees by

easily determining the age of a product.

Our technology is used in a wide range of industries, protecting billions of dollars worth of goods and millions of documents every year.

Our innovative covert

technology secures the

integrity of your brand

through the recognition

of authentic products –

and the instant detection

of fake items

7-8% of all world trade is in counterfeit

goods. This year it will account for


Invisible to the naked eye and lasting the lifetime of


We are all used to seeing holograms, watermarks and other overt

anti-counterfeit protection measures. These methods are never effective for long because the anti-counterfeit measures themselves can be faked within a matter of weeks.

Verimaster technology is different because it allows you to build a secret identification system into your product during the manufacturing process. Invisible to the naked eye and lasting the lifetime of your product, our unique range of additives can only be identified by one of our proprietary detection units.

Our detectors can be programmed to locate a single additive, or hundreds of different combinations of additives. Each signature can be made unique to the client or to an application.

Verimaster additives are detected via three standard methods:

l Visual: a simple multi-visual

system that allows instant detection.

l Electronic signal: unique additive

blends to trigger sound, lights or can be connected directly to a computer.

l Laboratory testing: in-house

tests can detect individual additive combinations.

The detection devices are completely controlled by Verimaster, so it is virtually impossible to replicate a specific taggant signature to fool the device.

Testing has shown that our additives have a greater relative intensity compared to other products - so you need less material to achieve the same degree of detectability.

If you would like to know more about the next generation of anti-counterfeit technology, contact us today.

More than brand protection - Verimaster

is the

fail-safe solution to your product


Flavours, fragrances


With a seemingly endless choice of consumer goods, how do you make your product stand out from the crowd?

Scent can be highly effective in helping us distinguish one product from another. It can trigger a memory or desire that influences a purchase decision. It can also increase sales, improve customer satisfaction and boost brand loyalty.

Scentmaster is a range of highly concentrated fragrance, flavour and deodorising masterbatches. Scentmaster technology can help you open up new markets and increase your market share by making your products more appealing to customers with a wide range of flavours and fragrances. Scentmaster can be applied to a variety of product materials. It has been used in everything from special educational needs applications such

as multi-sensory environments to stimulate children with learning disabilities, to helping to keep washrooms smell pleasant and fresh, to perfumed packaging to entice consumers. It has even been used as a calming influence on stressed pigs to improve animal welfare!

Our unique manufacturing process means that Scentmaster can be supplied in high concentrations. Typical addition rates are 1% or lower, making it a cost-effective and valuable addition to your product. We can match almost any flavour or fragrance. Our most popular requests currently include chocolate, suntan lotion, green apple, cherry blossom and orange - but the possibilities are endless. We can also produce fragrances that block bad or unwanted odours.

The relationship between

our sense of smell and

our ability to retrieve

memories and evoke

emotions is a proven

fact and an established

marketing tool

Scent is one of the most powerful selling

tools. Getting the fragrance right can mean

the difference between the stench of failure

or the sweet smell of success


Smart packaging with the latest in additive technology is the way ahead for fast moving consumer goods. Scentmaster flavours and fragrances can be used in a variety of applications and are playing an important and growing role in the marketing of food and beverage packaging and in consumer products for the home.


Adding scent to a product is not a new technology, but standard production techniques can produce disappointing results.

Fragrances and flavours can be destroyed by the high temperatures required during polymer processing. Scentmaster is manufactured and supplied in a unique format that ensures all of the additives are protected, allowing it to deliver the subtle top notes of a high quality scent, making the sensory experience more stimulating.

Another mistake often made when using scent marketing is making the smell too overpowering, or simply getting the scent wrong – a sure way to drive customers away.

Our additives are designed to give an accurate, lasting scent in the final product. You can select from our standard range, or we can create a bespoke scent just for you.

We can also eradicate nasty smells with Scentmaster malodour eliminating technology. This is a unique fragrance combination, tailored so that the human nose identifies it in preference to the bad smell, so the offensive smells can’t be identified.

We also supply highly concentrated dispersions of odour absorbing materials in polymeric carriers. Whether it’s effective long life fragrances, flavours or deodorisers, we have the technology to give your product the sweet smell of success.

To find out more about how Scentmaster technology can add value for you, contact us today.

Scentmaster offers a cost-effective

and appealing addition to your product -

the possibilities are endless


Innovative tailored additives

for bespoke applications


Is the property you want to add to your product not currently available as an existing additive?

This simple question gave rise to the formation of Addmaster, our philosophy and in particular, our Masterpiece service.

If your product specification needs the creation of a bespoke additive solution, we will research, develop and implement the additive for you. We will even offer you ongoing technical support throughout product manufacture.

Unlike other companies, we will never recommend or supply off-the-shelf solutions that don’t exactly fit your requirements.

Think of us as your free consultancy. The normal route to solving a difficult problem your own team can’t solve might be to employ an external consultant.

We don’t believe that this approach encourages innovation because the consultant gets paid whether the problem is solved or not.

Masterpiece takes on customer technical requests free of charge. Our only stipulation is that you buy the successful solution from us. This business model means that we don’t waste your time because we both need the project to succeed. Projects arising from this philosophy are naturally diverse - here are just a few examples:

l An additive to digest oil spills

on roads for sustainable drainage systems.

l High performance additives for a

new generation of environmentally friendly PVC-free flooring.

l Salt-water repellent additives

for Palm Island in Dubai so that gardens can grow freshwater plants.

l Ultra high performance UV

protectors for military defence walls.

If you have a project requiring an innovative solution, call us for a free consultation.

If you have a project that requires

an innovative solution, think of us

as your free consultancy


Addmaster (UK) Ltd Darfin House Priestly Court

Staffordshire Technology Park Stafford ST18 0AR United Kingdom T: +44 (0)1785 225656 F: +44 (0)1785 225353 E: info@addmaster.co.uk W: addmaster.co.uk

This brochure is printed on paper protected by Biomaster antibacterial technology





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