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Proven successful ERP implementation in the most

demanding enterprise environments



Build and enhance operational processes to engineer optimal growth of your business

Adapt IT has partnered with customers for over 15 years in the manufacturing, utilities, agriculture and mining sectors. This has enabled us to understand the challenges facing businesses in these industries and develop innovative solutions to tackle them. With over 40 customers, operating in 10 different countries, our solutions and service delivery have been verifi ed in a variety of operating environments, in both big and small enterprises.

Our areas of focus include the following:

Business Systems

• ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) – Our specialised ERP

system for the agro-processing sector (Tranquillity), proved to be so successful that we were able to use the experience and understanding we gained to offer superior solutions to manufacturing; including Oracle JD Edwards.

• SCM (Supply Chain Management) – Our partnership with leading software provider Infor, enables us to offer supply chain applications for forecasting, production scheduling and optimisation of complex supply chains.

• Business Intelligence – Our knowledge, skills and experience in a variety of Business Intelligence tools and technology platforms from Oracle, IBM and Microsoft makes it easy to recover, analyse and compile data to help you make intelligent business decisions.

Consultations, Training, Managed Services & Projects

• We partner with our customers, advising and working with them to develop and implement IT strategies, system selections, to develop software and software integration, implementation and support.

• We offer a complete managed services solution, with real-time observations and support.

• In order for us to offer customers the best industry leading solutions we have developed long-standing relationships with major technology suppliers such as Microsoft and Oracle. • Our proven approach to software development ensures

unbeaten delivery of projects.

• We continue to evolve and build, to strengthen our capabilities so that we can provide the best solutions in the world of cloud computing, mobile devices and data analysis.

ERP – Specialised Solutions



The ability to close a month, including all fi nancial statements, promotes effi ciency and cost savings in the back offi ce.

Collecting cash more quickly leads to a better ability to invest in order to grow the business.

Delivering to customers on-time is paramount to retaining customers.


For companies with ERP, the increase in profi tability for the Top 20% is more than twice that of Average companies, with Laggards

exhibiting no change in profi tability.


Solutions & Services for Manufacturing

• Tranquillity • SAP HCM • Infor SCM


Sugar producers world-wide trust Adapt IT to deliver business systems that align perfectly to their business needs.


Tranquillity ERP has been designed to meet the specific requirements of the sugar industry by providing the best tools to tackle the challenges faced by this environment. With systems perfectly aligned to your business processes, you can focus on efficiency and optimisation.

There are over 4000 users utilising Tranquillity ERP to effectively manage their business, across 9 countries from USA to the Middle East and Africa, in sugar mills, estates and refineries.

Adapt IT has over 15 years of experience in the Sugar Industry and through our expertise and our complete integrated ERP solutions we offer the following:

• General Ledger • Procurement • Materials Management • Accounts Payable • Cash Management • Sales & Distribution • Fixed Assets • Accounts Receivable • Payroll & HR

Our comprehensive portfolio of services also includes hardware installation, 24-hour helpdesk and remote support and training services – ensuring that you get the most consistent service even in the most out-of-the-way places.


Integrated Education Solutions that are in a class of their own. ITS Integrator

Are you in the business of education? Are the challenges you face on a day-to-day basis directed not only at registration, timetabling, examinations and graduations, but also on financial and human resource management, leaving you little time to focus on the management of your institution and providing excellent service to your internal and external stakeholders? What can you do to limit the time wasted on administrative duties, so that you refocus your priorities?

If the above questions describe your circumstances, then FRM Finance Resource Management ERP System SCM Supply Chain Management MRP Manufacturing Resource Planning HRM Human Resource Management CRM Customer Realtionship Management


Adapt IT and ITS Integrator have all the answers. We have vast experience spanning over 25 years, as a global provider of administrative ERP solutions for higher and further education institutions. We develop partnerships with our customers and are proud of the depth of these relationships and the exceptional service we deliver.

Our ITS Integrator portfolio of systems provides a comprehensive solution supporting the main business processes of higher and further education institutions, enabling back and front office operations. The solution is suitable for small, medium and large institutions. It also delivers a convenient self-service function and mobile capabilities, ideal for students and staff.

ITS Integrator portfolio of systems includes the following:

The educational environment is dynamic and rapidly changing, to this end, we at Adapt IT are steadfast in our commitment to consistent collaboration with our clients in this sector, thereby informing and updating our understanding and influencing the development of this suite of products.

What are the benefits of partnering with Adapt IT?

• Compliance with Unique Legislative Requirements - The functionality of our solutions provides for the

legislative and functional requirements that are unique to the Education Sector in the countries in which we operate.

• Complete Student Management

- Supports the full student life cycle, from prospective student enquiries to applications and admissions, student loans and bursaries, registration, study records and assessments, and graduation and alumni management.

• Varied Study and Course Management

- Flexible and supports part-time and full-time study, short courses and distance learning programmes.

ITS Mobile

ITS Mobile enables universities and colleges to provide their students with mobile access to key student information as well as institution information via a variety of phones and tablets. ITS Mobile is designed to accommodate the needs of today’s busy students, faculty and staff by offering features directly to students via instant access to everything from results to campus maps using easy to navigate, icon-based menus.

Students will benefit by accessing real time student information anytime, anywhere. Information includes:

• Residence admission status • Academic admission status Inte grat ed Ma nagement Inform ation a nd B usin es s In te llige n c e In teg rate d M ana ge me nt In fo rm ati on a nd B us in es s In te lli g e nc e Core Functionality Facility and Resource Management Student Management Statutory

Reporting ManagementFinance

3rd Party Interfacing

Human Resources and Payroll


• Academic results

• Class and examination timetable • Financial statement

• Financial aid status

The following functionality is also available on smartphones: • campus maps • institution contact and emergency numbers • campus tour • facebook • twitter InfoSlips

InfoSlips are electronic documents with an engaging, interactive delivery interface, replacing your ‘flat’ paper documents. InfoSlips are ideally suited to reach a mass audience on a regular basis and replaces expensive paper-based communication. InfoSlips can deliver documents via email, online, mobile devices, and even traditional print (e.g. for employees with no access) in a single integrated solution. It offers institutions an extremely secure method to communicate cost-effectively with its clients, be it students, staff or other third party clients of the institution. Adapt IT has, in conjunction with InfoSlips, developed two customisable InfoSlip applications for use within the education environment. These include:

• Student information including statements, bursary information, examination timetables and results, outstanding library books and fines, all consolidated into one InfoSlip.

• Payslip and IRP5 distribution to staff of the institution.

CELCAT Timetabler

The Adapt IT Timetabling division within Adapt IT (Pty) Ltd is the authorized distributor and implementation partner of the CELCAT

Timetabler range of products in sub-Sahara Africa. The CELCAT Timetabler solution is fully integrates with the ITS Integrator ERP


Whatever your situation, Timetabler can help you save time and money creating your schedules. With robust multi-user operation and flexible web access Timetabler can be used across any sized institution - from a single college department to multi-site universities.

When you use Timetabler to create and publish class schedules you have access to a range of powerful and useful tools. From timetable advisors to clash checking these tools put you in control. You save time and it becomes easy to maximise room usage - saving money and allowing your institution to make efficient use of its resources.

HCM Spectrum

Uncover the benefits of a world class HCM solution HCM Spectrum

For your business to achieve its performance and growth objectives, your workforce needs to be skilful and highly motivated. Through all areas of the business – sales, finance, marketing, production or customer service the most valuable resource is most often a dedicated workforce.

Human Capital Management (HCM) Solutions add substantial value to your business by improving productivity, supporting skills development, optimisation of staff operation, management of


projects, and enabling effective career and succession planning through uncovering and managing the potential of your staff. For over 12 years, Adapt IT has been developing and fi ne-tuning Human Capital Management (HCM) tools and solutions that will add strategic value to your Human Resources team. Our approach and expertise integrated with advanced technologies will make a signifi cant change to the way your business tackles human resources.

Our services include:

• Human Capital Management Solutions – powered by SAP

• Fast, fl exible deployment – realise benefi ts quicker

• “On-site” or Software-as-a-Service options – manage upfront hardware and other costs

• Complete software and service offering – customisations that will ensure maximum return on investment

• SAP Certifi ed and Audited

What are the Benefi ts?

• Substantial value

- Lower the cost of keeping long term options open and reduce

total process expense to ensure cost effectiveness and substantial value.

• Improved risk management

- Reducing transition, operational, strategic and legal risks from

initial transformation to conclusion of your contract. • Enhanced quality

- Process and service quality is improved throughout the

transformation and operational phase. • More strategic value to HR

- Better manage human resources with better quality of


Durban Tel: +27 31 514 7300 | Fax: +27 31 514 7494 Johannesburg Tel: +27 11 460 5300 | Fax: +27 11 460 5301 Pretoria Tel: +27 12 425 5600 | Fax: +27 12 460 5337 Talk to us at Adapt IT about meeting the challenges of your environment.

Email: sales@adaptit.co.za End-user Service Delivery

Workforce Planning and Analytics Talent Management Workforce Process Management Workforce Deployment Workforce Planning and Analytics Talent Management - Recruiting - Career planning - Successful planning - Enterprise learning - Performance management - Compensation management - Employee administration - Organisational management - Expatriate management - Benefi ts management - Time and attendance - Payroll and legal reporting

Workforce Process Management

- Project resource planning - Resource and program

management - Call centre staffi ng

Workforce Deployment

- Strategic planning and alignment

- Personnel cost planning and simulation

- Employee turnover and retention analysis - Reporting and benchmarking - 300+ key fi gures - 200+ predefi ned queries - 30 HCM InfoCubes End-user Service Delivery - Manager self-service - Employee self-service - Interaction centre - Roles - Delivery channels Corporate Services - Travel management - Environment, health and


- Incentive and commission management


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