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A publication of the Massachusetts Collectors and Treasurers Association

Volume 27 Spring 2014 No.1


Annual Cape

Conference at

Hyannis, June

8 to 11

MCTA’s 65th Annual

Conference on Local Taxation and Finance will be held at the Resort and Conference Center Hotel at Hyannis beginning on Sunday, June 8th. Reservations for the Hotel are ongoing till May 11. The Program and Conference Registration form are posted on the MCTA website, If you need a hotel registration form, you can call or email the MCTA Office.

The Education Committee has been very busy assembling a well-rounded conference agenda to meet the needs of our Association members. Credit for Re-Certification will again be offered, so please review the program agenda for the courses offered.

Our Program will begin on Monday morning with the Annual meeting of the Association, then the election of Officers followed by a Legislative Report and update from Atty. Steve Roche. David Smith and Jason Lilly, Senior Finance Officers of Rockland Trust will then address our members.

On Tuesday morning we will hear from Gerry Perry, Director of the Bureau of Accounts of the Department of Revenue and from the State Treasurer’s Office. The Program throughout the Conference

will offer courses featuring various panels on relative and timely subjects including “Working with your Assessor and “How to Prepare for Tax Possessions Auction” and more.

New Collectors and

New Treasurers School

on May 7


in Dudley

We have many newcomers entering the profession every year, and we know that the degree of expertise and knowledge demanded of the Treasurer and the Collector is increasing daily. For newcomers especially, MCTA’s New Collectors and New Treasurers School represents the first step in your formal learning as a Collector or Treasurer. You will find this day to be a good orientation for the Association’s Annual School at the University of Massachusetts in Amherst in August, and to our educational program that leads to designation as a Certified Municipal Collector or Certified Municipal Treasurer.

All new Collectors, Municipal Treasurers and District Treasurers are urged to attend. Collectors attending will receive Annual School credit for Course No. 160, Duties & Responsibilities of the Collector. Treasurers attending will receive Annual School credit for Course No. 101, Duties & Responsibilities of the Treasurer. Officially appointed assistants are welcome, but clerical staff are not permitted to attend. The Association conducts a separate School Program for Staff in September.

A copy of the Program can be accessed at MCTA’s web site,, with directions to

the Municipal Building in Dudley and a registration form. The registration fee of $25.00 includes a continental breakfast on arrival, all classroom material and lunch.


MCTA Spring Meeting in

Sterling…great turnout

The Association’s Spring Meeting was held at the Sterling National County Club in Sterling, MA. We had over 200 members attending. Dan Morgado, Town Manager of the Town of Shrewsbury opened the Spring Meeting with a informative outline on, “Surviving Municipal Government”. Dan was followed by a panel discussion on, “How Secure Are Your On-Line Payments”, which was lead by Brad Rand, Infomation Technology Manager at UniBank, Bob Bennett, CEO of Invoice Cloud and Doug Ross, Sr. VP of MCC. Concluding the program was Jack Sharry, VP, from Group Benefits Strategies, and Atty. Joe Bartulis who addressed the members on “Municipalities Health Benefits, Requirements, Notifications and Regulations” Thanks to UniBank and Justine DeNonrscia for hosting the breakfast and coffee break.

44th Annual School at

Umass in Amherst, August

12 – 15

Make your plans to attend the Annual School. Certifed Track Courses will be offered on Tuesday and Wednesday, August 12 & 13.

Collector and Treasurer Examinations will be held on Friday, August 15.



The President’s Page


Rich Carmignani

Collector & Treasurer Town of Dudley MCTA President’s Report

To every Collector in the Commonwealth who has been asked, “Could you tell me what I paid in taxes last year?” You may join me in a large sigh of relief and enjoy the fact that April 15th has come and gone. Bill reprints have gone away for now and you can focus on collecting the last bit of personal property and real estate taxes that you have due. I’d also pencil in a few dates for some important MCTA events.

Many thanks are due to the Education Committee and to Mike Hanlon for organizing a great spring meeting. The Sterling National Country Club hosted our Spring Meeting on April 9th. This venue has been most generous with their accommodations making the decision to return an easy one. 

The internet security topic was a potent of the week’s news of additional vendor breaches. Dan Morgado of Shrewsbury gave us all the 30 Rules of Professional Survival and advised to say yes whenever we can. Finally, Jack Sharry from Group Benefits Strategies gave us their best perspectives for the Affordable Care Act, aka Obama-Care. The meeting agenda had many varied topics which reinforces everyone’s thought that the job is not the same as it was 10 years ago.

Our meeting saw one other event. Steve Roche our Legislative Researcher made an appearance. It was the same day Governor Patrick released budget figures. Our email inbox had the latest Cherry Sheet figures. Days later, these amounts changed for some. Regardless of your state aid amount, Steve made a great observation…”your (MCTA) bills are up against some stiff competition!” He is correct in noting our Legislative Agenda is working against bills that reform unemployment, retiree healthcare and apothecaries (the drug mixing labs that had some fatalities associated with their products). This should serve as a call to arms and we should all be in contact with our legislators for their support. Tere DeSilva and her Legislative Committee will have their hands full with the litany of public hearings that no doubt are on the way.

The Education Committee is winding down their planning phase in anticipation of our busy period. New Collector and Treasurer Day will be held in Dudley on May 7th. Our 65th Annual Cape Conference will be held on June 8th through 11th Hyannis Convention Center. The finishing touches are being placed upon Annual School at Umass Amherst. These all promise to be enriching experiences that are well-worth your time.

In closing, I’d like to offer a few thoughts on the past twelve months. No doubt after the 2013 Boston Marathon people’s perspective on things changed. They had to. We all went to bed saying an extra prayer for others we had not met but knew

had suffered a loss. It also reinforced our own sense of patriotism. We are residents of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. We live in the birthplace of presidents. Our forefathers were revolutionaries. Plymouth Rock, Bunker Hill and Walden Woods are in our backyard. Clearly, the citizens of the Massachusetts Bay Colony were Boston Strong long before it was incorporated in 1630.

Boston Strong



Committee Report

By First V-P Tom Florence.

Collector & Treasurer, Town of East


Hopefully spring has sprung and is here to stay. This time of year is the busiest for our upcoming educational calendar. Before I summarize the upcoming Education events, I want to mention again about your State Senators and Representatives. Please stay in contact with them and ensure that you keep them up to date on all our legislation which can be found on MCTA’s website. They want to stay in touch with you. The MCTA Spring Meeting was held on Wednesday, April 9th at the Sterling National Country Club in Sterling. Dan Morgado, Town Manager from the Town of Shrewsbury gave a dynamic presentation on “30 Rules of Professional Survival”. He presented us with 30 points in which we can all incorporate into our daily schedules. Continued on Page 3.

The Collector-Treasurer

Published quarterly by the Massachusetts Collectors and Treasurers Association, 510 King Street, Littleton, Massachusetts 01460

President Rich Carmignani 1st

Vice President Tom Florence 2nd

Vice President Teresa DeSilva Treasurer Ellen Guerin Secretary Victor Garofalo Exec Director Mike Hanlon Editor Mike Hanlon Assoc. Editor Diane O’Donnell Tel (978) 952-6644 Fax (978) 952-6655


Web Site Association Calendar- 2014

May 7, 2014 New Coll/Treas Day Dudley Municipal Bld Dudley, MA

May 31, 2014 PACT Form Deadline Must be postmarked

by May 31

June 8 -11, 2014 65th Annual Cape Cod Conference Resort & Conference Center Hotel

Hyannis, MA

Aug 12-15, 2014 44th Annual School University of Mass. Amherst, MA

Sept.10 & 24, ‘14 Annual Staff School Town of Dudley Municipal Bld Dudley, MA Nov. 19, 2014 Fall/Holiday Meeting

Pleasant Valley CC, Sutton, MA


Education Committee Con’t from page 2

Our next topic, “How Secure are your On-line Payments” was a panel discussion by Brad Band, IT Manger from UniBank, Bob Bennett, CEO of Invoice Cloud and Doug Ross, Senior Vice President of MCC. Their presentations and insight were very valuable on a topic we are all too familiar with. Most of us took back information from their discussion to our IT departments and office staff to make sure we have proper software and are taking the precautions necessary to secure are payments. Our final topic, “Municipal Health Benefits” led by Jack Sharry, Vice President of Group Benefit and attorney Joe Bartulis, was very informative and timely, especially with new legislative proposals being outlined.

The New Collectors and Treasurers Day will be held on May 7th at the Town of Dudley Administration Building in Dudley, MA. All of the newly appointed Treasurers and Collectors (there are at least 50) are invited to receive introductory courses for their new positions. It is our intent to begin everyone’s career in the right direction and to provide them with the necessary information to succeed.

The 65th Annual Conference on taxation is right around the corner and will be held from June 8th to June 11th at the Cape Cod Conference Center in Hyannis. This is our Association’s Annual Meeting. Newly appointed MCTA officers for next year will be voted in as well as any by-law changes. Reports of the various committees will be heard and a very informative agenda is being put in place. Attending the education classes and course 201 will count as one year towards your recertification. Information for this event will be mailed shortly to our members.

The Annual School for MCTA will be held from August 12th to the 15th at the University of Massachusetts at the Amherst campus. Our school demonstrates how well the association works. At a price of less

than $100, you have access to three days of education from Lawyers, Bankers and CPA professionals. This is complemented by select members of the Department of Revenue. No other Association will be able to provide you with relevant, timely and accurate knowledge about your job as Treasurer and Collector. It’s tough to beat this education bargain.

Staff School will be held at the Dudley Municipal Complex on September 10th and 24th. Both Treasurer and Collector sections had a record intendance this past session. The Staff school was created to educate members of the Treasurers/Collectors offices who would not normally be able to attend the annual school at UMass or the Cape Conference. A similar set of courses have been created to cover most aspects of the job.

I would like to thank the members of the Education Committee for their continued time and support they put into planning these educational programs and taking time out of their busy schedules. Please help us maintain our organization by letting Mike Hanlon, I or any Education Committee members know of presentations or speakers that you would think would be interesting to our fellow members. As I mentioned previous, the networking and camaraderie of the association has really benefited me and my town’s staff. One of the purposes of our association is to spread this knowledge the best we can. Again, our goal is to present timely topics that have emerged to the forefront on both the Collector and Treasurer sides. Happy Spring!



Comings - - -

And Goings - - -

Barbara Hancock is the new

Treasurer/Collector in the Town of

Deerfield, replacing Mary Stokarski, who has retired.

Peter Graczykowski is the new

Treasurer in the Town of Aquinnah, replacing Judith Jardiin.

Eileen White is the new Treasurer/Collector in the Town of Hull, replacing Michael Buckley.

John Dunn is the new Treasurer/Collector in the Town of Gloucester, replacing Jeffery Towne.

Bryant Ayles is the new Treasurer

in the City of Beverly, replacing John Dunn.

Susan L. Warriner is the new

Treasurer/Collector in the Town of Sunderland replacing Robert Kane.

Jacqueline Boudreau is the new

Treasurer/Collector in the Town of Mansfield, replacing Roxanne Donovan.

Marcia Bohinc is the new Treasurer/Collector in the Town of Marshfield, replacing Nancy Holt.

Catherine Vandyne is the Treasurer/Collector in the Town of Norton, replacing Jacqueline Boudreau.

Denise Dembkoski is the new

Treasurer/Collector/Finance Director in the Town of Groveland, replacing Greg Labrecque.

Pamela Borgatti is the new Treasurer/Collector in the Town of Plymouth, replacing Edward J. Maccaferri, Jr.

Robert Marsh is the new Treasurer/Collector in the Town of Norwood, replacing Robert McGuire.

Lisa Troast is the new Treasurer/Collector in the Town of Sutton, replacing Catherine VanDyne.

Sarah Hunter is the new Treasurer in the

Town of Hardwick, replacing Kristen Noel.

Mary Ann Murphy is the new


4 Auburn, replacing Terry Lolax and

Deborah Terrien.

Deb Morin is the new

Treasurer/Collector in the Town of Avon, replacing V. Jean Kopke

New Collectors and

Treasurers School will be

held on May 7


For those Collectors and Treasurers and Assistants who have been elected or appointed since last August, we encourage you to attend these vital classes and meet and network with new colleagues. Registration for this educational program is available On-Line; please go to the MCTA web site for information and registration at


Committee Report

By Second V-P Teresa DeSilva Collector & Treasurer, Town of Easton

It would appear that finally, although I am afraid to say it out loud, SPRING is here. As I write, it is pouring outside however I will not complain as it is not that white stuff!

Things are also starting to warm up at the State House as we will quickly be approaching the end of the formal sessions. Yes, July will be here before you blink. I will not detail much of our activity as our Lobbyist does a great job in his report that follows.

I will say I have been to the State House for a few of the hearings and providing testimony and some of those bills have reported out favorably.

As I have mentioned in the past there is a summary on the MCTA website of all our bills.

Steve Roche, Lucia Blanchette and I also met last week with the Research Director for the Committee on Bills in 3rd

Reading. While it appeared to be productive, the consensus was that it would be good to meet directly with Chairman Rep. Ted Speliotis, to discuss the 3 bills we have pending before his committee. Hopefully that meeting will occur within the next two weeks. I have found that all the Legislators are very open and welcoming to our

committee members. They truly do love to hear from us! So when you see those emails asking you to reach out to your local Representative’s please do so. They value our input.

Once again, I need to reach out to all certified Treasurers and certified Collectors. We still have vacancies on the Legislative Committee. Please consider serving with us. It truly is interesting to see the inner workings of our Legislative process. This is a team effort and we could use your thoughts, input and help. Please consider joining us.

Respectfully Submitted,





The new Required Courses for Treasurers are: Course No.

107-Tax Title and Interest Calculation, Course No. 401-Tax Rate Re-Cap, Free Cash, Cherry Sheet. The New

Required Courses for Collectors are: Course No.102-Cash Control

Procedures, Course No 361-Assessing Procedures, Course No. 401-Tax Rate Re-Cap, Free Cash, Cherry Sheet, and Course No. 775-Land of Low Value.

If you are planning to take the Examination, you must send your PACT Application to MCTA, postmarked no later than May 31

Again, if you are planning to take the Examination in 2014, you must take these new required courses.

The Annual School will continue to offer New Student Orientation on Tuesday, along with a Preliminary Exam Review. On Wednesday the General Assembly and the Annual Legislative Program will be offered as well as the Review of New Legislation (Course 201).

News From Beacon Hill

By Atty. Steve Roche

MCTA Legislative Agent




It snowed last night and CNN is announcing record high bounties on groundhog hides.

It may be cold outside, but as I indicated at the MCTA Spring Conference last week, things are heating up at the State House as we head into the last few months of ‘formal’ sessions. Under House and Senate Rules, formal sessions will conclude at Midnight on July 31st. After that time, the Legislature will continue to meet in ‘informal’ sessions through the end of 2014.

This means that any major bills or budgets must be wrapped and sent to the Governor before August 1st.

As I was speaking in Sterling last





chairman, Rep. Brian Dempsey,





FY2015 budget proposal. House

budget amendments had to filed by 5 pm on April 11th; over 1000 were filed.

The House FY2015 proposal is $36.2 billion, a 5% increase over spending in FY2014. It’s actually $191 million less than the Governor’s budget proposal, House 2. The House plan rejects the Governor’s proposals to tax candy & soda and rejects the extension of the 5 cent deposit to water and soft drink bottles.

One highlight of the House budget was the inclusion of our language on tax collector powers in the printed bill; House 4000, Section 33 reads:

SECTION 33.Section 38A of chapter 41 of the General Laws, as so appearing, is hereby amended by striking


out the first sentence and inserting in place thereof the following sentence:-

Notwithstanding any general or special law to the contrary, a city or town may by ordinance, by-law or vote provide that the collector of taxes shall collect, under the title of city or town collector, any accounts due the city or town, and may in like manner define the collector of taxes powers and duties in relation to the collection of such accounts; provided, however, that no such ordinance, by-law or vote, heretofore or hereafter passed, shall limit such collector in the exercise of the remedies hereinafter conferred.

Unfortunately, the above-referenced language is not the exact language that we proposed in House 3994 but the House




Committee has indicated that





inserted without the need for a

floor amendment.


As you may recall from Annual School last year, we added another proposal to the MCTA’s 2013-2014 Legislative Agenda - House 3773, “An Act Relating to the Issuance of Temporary Notes by Cities, Towns and Districts.” The bill was heard in January and reported favorably and received it initial readings in the House.

More recently, we added another measure to the Agenda, House

3994, “An Act streamlining municipal

collection.” Our late file bill was assigned to the Revenue Committee and is being heard by the Committee on April 17th. Even though we are working on including the proposal in the FY2015 budget, we have to continue the traditional process and work with the Committee.

As you can see below, we have been rewarded for our efforts and we have

several bills in play as we head to July 31st, when we conclude formal sessions

We have had significant action on several MCTA bills to date:

House 3773 - An Act Relating to the

Issuance of Temporary Notes by Cities, Towns and Districts.” Our late file bill was reported favorably by the committee and now resides in the House Committee on Bills in 3rd Reading – one vote away from final passage in the House.

House 1822 - An Act relative to

municipal use of insurance proceeds – reported favorably from committee, read 2 times – awaiting final vote in the House.

House 1857 - An Act relative to

streamlining municipal finance - reported favorably from committee, read 2 times – awaiting final vote in the House.

House 1830 - An Act authorizing

municipal use of the prudent investor standards – our Prudent Investor bill – is also in House 3rd

Reading Committee.

House 3994 - An Act streamlining

municipal – part of House FY2015 budget proposal

Senate 934 - An Act establishing a

tax title collection r state evolving fund - reported favorably from committee – awaiting further action in the State Senate.

Our task now is to narrow our advocacy on these 5 bills; they are the ones with the greatest likelihood of passage this session. We are working on a meeting with the Chairman of the House 3rd Reading Committee to discuss our bills and push for release from committee for final votes in the House.

Then, we work on the Senate side.

Of course, MCTA Legislative Committee members, led by Chair Teresa DeSilva, are constantly reviewing bills and budgets as we

identify those of potential interest/concern to your association.

OTHER ISSUES OF CONCERN Two major bills are still in play, filed last year by Governor Patrick; they are

House 42 - An Act relative to

municipal unemployment insurance – the bill was recently reported favorably by the Public Service Committee and sent to the House Ways & Means Committee to study its fiscal impact.

House 59 - An Act providing retiree

healthcare – the Public Service Committee was granted an extension until June 30th to take action on the billi.


I look forward to seeing many of you at the MCTA Summer


We have a special guest and

great legislative friend of the

MCTA, Rep. Vinny deMacedo of

Plymouth, joining us on June 9



i Under Joint Rule 10, committees were required to act on bills by March 19th, unless the House and Senate agreed to an extension, as they did here on House 59.




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