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We have the experience

Worldwide Generator, Electrical & Mechanical Installation Contractors




Aidan Strain has been in business since 1977, initially as commercial, industrial and domestic electrical contractors working throughout the UK and Ireland.

In 1993 an electrical wholesale outlet was established on the premises and remains a well known and established business serving local contractors, businesses and factories. In 1995 the range of contracting activities was broadened to include mechanical engineering as the business continued to expand in the UK and Europe.

These individual enterprises were amalgamated to form ASEE Ltd. in 2000 and since then that company has maintained a considerable presence in the UK and Europe, both as generator installers and in delivering Mechanical and Electrical contracts which include:- • Hospitals

• Telecommunications facilities • Data centres

• Factories

• Water treatment plants

• Office and residential complexes

• Maintenance and building management services • Minor building works


Worldwide Generator, Electrical and

Mechanical Installation Contractors


We have the experience


The company centres on a nucleus of 45 staff with additional resources employed as necessary to service particular project requirements many of which have peaked at around 160 personnel throughout the years.

The engineering company has satellite offices in London and Germany, whilst still maintaining its head office base outside Newry, Northern Ireland.

We recognise the importance of being adaptable to the needs of our clients. We are a privately owned company and our independent status means we are not part of a group or holding company that could restrict our participation.


New Change

St Pauls, Central London, UK

Scope: Installation of 2 x 2.0 MVA and 2 x 750 kVA generators on roof of building, installation of 4 bulk tanks in basement & associated fuel transfer pipe work. Installation of the associated generator control systems.

Surrey Data Centre

Surrey, UK

Scope: Full electrical installation of multiple large data halls from 1000msq to 3000msq. Our scope included the installation of all HV, LV, Busbar, Containment, Lighting, Small Power, Generators control cables and BMS installation.

Hyde Park Corner

Knightsbridge, Central London, UK

Scope: Installation of 2 x 1650 kVA back up power generators in basement complete with fuel transfer pipe work, attenuation, acoustic walls and associated electrical work.

Berkshire Data Centre

Berkshire, UK

Scope: Installation of 6 x 3.0 MVA generators complete with all associated fuel tanks and transfer pipe work.

2 x 80,000L double skinned above ground bulk storage tanks, manufactured to BS799 Part 5, with fuel polishing facilities and leak detection provided.

6 x 4000L double skinned generator day tanks, manufactured to BS799 Part 5, with leak detection provided.

2 x bunded pump kiosks with duty/standby pumps, fuel control panel and leak detection.

We installed a double skinned fully welded fuel transfer system with leak detection monitoring.

2 x roller shutter door fill points complete with fuel meters, high level alarm units and fuel capacity gauges.

We installed a fully welded water cooling system for 6 generators extending to flow/return/fill/vent lines for the engine jacket and flow/return/fill/vent lines for the after cooler from each generator to the remote radiators.

All welds were subject to 10% None Destructive Testing (NDT).

We also installed all associated generator control cables, attenuation and exhausts/flues.

Canary Wharf Data Centre

London, UK.

Scope: Installation of 3 x 2.0 MVA roof mounted containerised generators, including fuel transfer pipe work and installation of all associated generator control cables.

Skondal Data Centre

Stockholm, Sweden.

Scope: Installation of a fully welded fuel system with over spill line and 2 x 13,000L double skinned above ground bulk storage tanks with leak detection provided.

ASEE also provided and installed a dual pump system housed in a stand alone kiosk, suitable for external temperatures of -20 degC.

All interconnecting control cabling between the fuel system and the generators was also included in our scope.


ASEE has demonstrated competence in the delivery of a wide range of services, over many projects, in line with programmes and budgets to meet the various needs of our clients, as illustrated here.


Hertfordshire Data Centre

Welwyn Garden City

2 x 130,000 L double skinned below ground bulk storage tanks, manufactured to EN12285-1 with leak detection provided.

2 x pump skids comprising of a duty/standby system.

Installed a below ground plastic pipe in pipe fuel system with leak detection monitoring. 2 x fill points complete high level alarm units and fuel capacity gauges.


BBC Portland Place

Regent Street, London, UK

Scope: Installation of 3 x 3.75 MVA generators in basement over 2 phases. Site construct 103,000 L double skin fuel tank in basement. Installation of roof mounted cooling radiators. Installation of c500m cooling pipe work over 12 levels between the roof & basement.

Northern Data Centre

Wynyard, Stockton-on-Tees, UK

Scope: Installation of 10 x 2.3 MVA HV Generator sets, associated HV switchgear and 380,000 L bulk fuel storage tanks manufactured to EN12285. (All storage tanks underground)

Schipol Data Centre, Amsterdam

Schipol, Amsterdam, Netherlands

Scope: Full electrical installation of 1 large 3,000msq data hall. Our scope included installation of all HV, LV, busbar, containment, lighting, small power, generator control cables, BMS / EMS, fire alarm, leak detection, UPS cabling, earthing and lighting protection.

Amsterdam Data Centre

Overamstel, Amsterdam, Netherlands

Scope: Full electrical installation of 1 No. 1,000msq data hall. Installation of all HV, LV, busbar, containment, lighting, small power, generators control cables and BMS installation.

Gutersloh Data Centre

Gutersloh, Germany

Scope: Installation of 3 x 500 kVA containerised generators, associated fuel pipe work and generator control cables.

Gibraltar Data Centre

Gibraltar, UK

Scope: Installation of 2 x containerised 500kVA generators, a double skinned fully welded fuel balancing system with leak detection monitoring and 1 x fill cabinet with high level alarm unit. We also installed all associated generator control cables.

Hampshire Data Centre

Portsmouth, Hampshire, UK

Scope: Removal of existing services and replacement chiller installation. We also carried out the installation of new high level cable containment system and replaced chiller supply cables.


HV Installations

ASEE has been carrying out HV Installations since 1990's. Our personnel are competent and certified to install, gland, switch, test & commission up to 11 Kv. We provide the following HV services

:-• Appointed person for your installation, design, supply and installation, including feasibility studies.

• Control and operation of HV and LV networks. • Plant and apparatus refurbishment or replacement. • Cable jointing and underground distribution systems. • Fault location and fault level studies.

• Inspection, operation and maintenance. • Protection and earthing studies.

• Testing, certification and commissioning.

Cable Containment Systems

ASEE install all types and sizes of cable containment such as cable tray and cable ladder equipment. We offer a design and consultation service in order to specify the

right product for each project including standard galvanized finishes, PVC, GRP, basket and stainless steel cable ladders and trays.


ASEE has been installing lighting systems for over 30 years. From internal lighting tracks to external lighting we have the expertise.

We also has the capability to determine your lighting requirements during the design stage of a project.

Cable Installations

We are established cable installation contractors with a wealth of experience throughout the electrical industry. We carry out cable installations on a wide range of

projects. Whatever your requirements are we can assure you that the works will be delivered to the highest standards in full compliance with all current health and safety / environmental legislation. All our staff have proven competencies in the relevant fields. At Aidan Strain Electrical Engineering Ltd. we

provide a wide range of electrical services including: • HV installations

• LV installations • Generator installations • Cable containment systems • Lighting & small power

• IT, data, fibre & BMS installations • Testing

• Data centre fit-out & facility management

Electrical Installations

Electrical Projects

With our dedicated team of electrical engineers on hand to meet your needs, we have the experience to deliver any electrical project, from MV mains incomer to LV final

circuit, that both our client and ASEE can be proud of. Electrical features include specification and design / build for a range of electrical installation services.

Switch Gear & UPS Installations

ASEE carry out a full installation service on HV & LV Switch Gear as well as battery and UPS systems including control and intertrip signalling. For plant movement, final positioning & cable installation we have the experience.

Busbar Installations

We provide a full busbar installation service, offering input into the design phase, delivery & installation covering the full range from 25 Amp lighting busbar to 4000 Amp

distribution busbar. This is complemented with full system testing & commissioning ready for client hand over. Our installation teams are trained & certified in busbar installation and have installed thousands of metres of LV busbar over various data centre projects.


Small Power Installations

ASEE design, supply and install small power systems including distribution boards, submain and final circuit cabling, socket outlets, fused connection units, isolators and other small power accessories.

We have nearly 35 years experience in this sector & we have carried out installations on :-• Data Centres

• Hospitals

• Large Scale Commercial & Industrial Developments • Hotels

• Water & Sewage Treatment Plants • Waste to Energy Plants

IT, Data, Fibre & BMS / EMS Installations

We supply & install instrumentation in industrial plant and process contexts, with particular reference to intrinsically safe work in hazardous environments and programmable logic controller (PLC) computer interfaces.

ASEE provide data installation services including CAT 5E/6 cabling, patch panels, patch cabling, Data / Voice cabinets and active equipment such as switches, hubs, etc. We also offer full infrastructure cable testing. We supply and install fibre optic cabling with all splicing and termination options.

We also offer OTDR (Optical Time Domain Reflectometer) and power-loss measurement testing for optical networks.

We carry out full BMS / EMS installations and undertake all specialist cable containment requirements.


ASEE can provide electrical testing & certification on all works to the current standards as published, for example in the IEE wiring regulations, Irish ET101 and European

Harmonised Standards. All our testing equipment is maintained to the highest standard and our testing teams have a wealth of knowledge & expertise. We also offer periodic testing inspections to satisfy statutory requirements for entire electrical installations, including petrol forecourts.

Data Centre Fit-Out & Facility Management

We currently manage a number of data centre facilities in the Greater London area. Our Facilities Management teams work closely with client needs to effect day to day

alterations and additions to server cabinets and data racks as well as ongoing maintenance to existing equipment. Our data centre fit out teams draw from a wide base of experience amassed in developing data centres across the UK & Europe and are well placed to develop and adapt your data centre based on your client needs.



At ASEE we provide a wide range of mechanical services including:

• Plant Movement

• 2D & 3D CAD Design Drawings • Fuel Tank Fabrication & or Installation • Fuel Pipe Work Fabrication

• Steel Support and Bracketry Fabrication • Air Intake & Discharge Exhaust Silencers • Flues

• Ventilation & Ductwork • Attenuation & Acoustics • Air Start Systems • Cooling Systems • Mechanical Testing • Maintenance Response

Mechanical Installations

Mechanical Projects

With our dedicated team of mechanical engineers on hand to meet your needs, we have the experience to deliver a mechanical project that both you as the client and we can

be proud of. Mechanical features include specification, CAD design and on-site construction of bunker and day fuel storage tanks, twin wall leak monitored pipeline construction, exhaust silencer, flue and acoustic attenuation construction.

Plant Movement

Our organisation comprises of dedicated highly trained plant movement teams in place to ensure the safe delivery of any size of plant and equipment. We have been providing plant

movement services on our generator installation projects for over 20 years, from complex city centre lifts to stand alone simplistic lifts, we have the experience to look after your needs.

Fuel Tank Fabrication & Installation

ASEE supply & install bespoke tanks, primarily for the bulk storage of fuel. We design, manufacture, install and commission our own tanks. All tanks are constructed to the

appropriate BS or EN standard, for example BS 799 Type J or K for rectangular double skin tanks or cylindrical tanks generally to EN 12285-1 made from steel plate to BS EN 10025:2004:S275. Tanks can be built off site & lifted into final position, or where necessary we can carry out a safe compliant site build installation. With over 20 years in this sector we have the knowledge and experience to deliver a product that will meet all regulations, providing that peace of mind.

Fuel Pipe Work Fabrication

ASEE design, manufacture, install, test and commission bespoke fuel transfer pipe work to suit your needs. With the ability to manufacture bulk pipe deliveries off site and

carry out bespoke on site installations, we have the experience to deliver a sound and safe pipe transfer system. All fabrications and installations are carried out in line with all relevant standards and regulations. We also offer plastic pipe in pipe systems for underground fuel transfer with leak detection monitoring fitted as standard.

Steel Support and Bracketry Fabrication

From basic bracketry to complex structural steel systems, we have the experience. We have been manufacturing & installing steel frame support systems for over 15 years.

Flues &

Exhaust Systems

ASEE design, fabricate, install and commission bespoke and modular flue and exhaust systems to suit your needs. We provide all required certified performance data to EN

13384-1 and all installations are carried out in line with ISO 9001:2000. Our installations are tested and certified to BS EN 1836-1 and generally to BS EN 1443.


Ventilation & Attenuation

Ventilation and attenuation can be designed, installed and tested based on the clients needs. With noise pollution becoming a greater issue, we understand your needs to

maintain controlled noise levels. We work in conjunction with local authorities and industry specialists to ensure compliance is achieved for external dB readings.

Air Start Systems

Our typical air start system comprises of electric DC driven compressors, air starting motor, air receiver, safety pressure valves connected up with schedule

80 pipe & fittings. We have been installing air start systems for over 20 years.

Cooling Systems

ASEE install remote cooling systems complete with interconnecting pipework. We also install heat exchanger units, cooling pumps, secondary & primary cooling

circuits, all ancillary valves, gauging, testing and commissioning. This is followed up with dedicated test records and certificates including pneumatic and hydraulic water flushing samples.

Maintenance Response Team

Our Maintenance response teams are available throughout the UK to respond to your needs. We maintain a fleet and fully serviced vans to provide a rapid response throughout the UK

Mechanical Testing

Where required to carry out mechanical testing ASEE undertake to provide the following mechanical testing services prior to handing a project back to the client.

Hydraulic & pneumatic testing & certification of all fluid transfer pipe work, such as cooling circuits, fuel transfer pipe work and any other process pipe work.

Pneumatic testing & certification of bulk storage tanks, such as bulk fuel storage tanks. Pressure testing of flue and attenuation systems. Weld testing on mechanical transfer pipe work & storage tanks. Diesel quality testing. Fuel system integrity inspection.

Mechanical installation and testing is carried out in accordance with BS 5410-2 and in compliance with DEFRA. Painting and identification is carried out in accordance to BS 1710.





Aidan Strain Electrical Engineering has been carrying out generator installations throughout Europe since 1990. We offer a full bespoke installation package with a range of mechanical and electrical services which

include:-• Bulk fuel storage tanks and fuel systems (on site or off site build)

• Exhaust & silencer systems • Attenuation systems • Flue systems • Air start systems

• Radiator / coolant systems • Air handling & plant • UPS installation

• Transformer installations

• Neutral earthing and resistive earthing systems • Generator control systems

• Generator load testing

• Generator / mains synchronisation - G59 etc.



Multiple Generator HV Switchgear Installation

Generator Flue Installation

Plant Movement

Generator Attenuation


NORTHERN IRELAND OFFICE 40 Maphoner Road Mullaghbawn Newry Co. Down BT35 9TR Tel: +44 (0) 2830 888861 Fax: +44 (0) 2830 888862 Email: info@aseeltd.com ENGLISH OFFICE Norbury London SW16 4AB Tel: +44 (0) 20 77650060 Fax: +44 (0) 20 76365542 Email: englishoffice@aseeltd.com GERMAN OFFICE Wallerfanger Str. 24 66793 Saarwellingen Email: germanoffice@aseeltd.com



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