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RConsulting is a leader in the innovation technologies by realizing of project for IPTV platform for the needs of more than 20 000 subscribers

R Consulting Ltd.

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Company Overview

R Consulting is an IT company, established in 1993, which operates officially since 2003 under the trademark of R Consulting Ltd. It is specialized in the sphere of consultancy, system integration, software development and outsourcing services. R Consulting has strong experience in areas of Telecommunications, Customer Relations Management and software development.

R Consulting is focused on providing Reliable, Redundant, Rational, Resourceful, Resilient and Ravishing IT consultancy, solutions and products. Our main goal is to provide our customers with information technology that automates complex processes, such that reduces operational costs, and mainly, we provide information technology from highest class. The modern methodology, used by the company and combined with the rich experience of the company staff allows fast delivery of high quality values.

The Company vision is based on the concept of long term partnership with our customers. We provide full range of high quality IT services, starting from vision development and consultancy, through system design and development to training, support and customer care and processes optimization.

Main asset of the company are the people. The core staff of the company is built from Partners. Their expertise and experience form the stable know-how of the company. They are leading engineers in the field, with proven record for design and delivering IT solutions. They have more than 8 years of professional experience. The Partners direct the company vision, design and maintain the company culture and performance as project managers, system architects and senior consultants in customers’ projects. R Consulting uses a wide range of consultants, who are able to respond quickly and professionally to the demands of organizing various sizes and types of projects.

In 2003 R Consulting has been certified as Microsoft Registered Member, certification based on RC Billing System.

Customer care and support

R Consulting pays special attention in specifying and satisfying customer needs. This is one of the most important priorities of the company. We believe that the establishment of strong relations with our customers is a major factor for providing products and services with highest quality. By this way the communication between the two parties becomes much easier and the flow of processes is facilitated. Our customer support team is always at your disposal for all kinds of matters.


Main Business spheres coverage




development, deployment and support of multi-services, convergent Billing and Operation Support System including also proactive Monitoring Systems for large and mid-sized telecom operators. R Consulting expertise includes the areas of network resource management and monitoring, billing, warehouse management, trouble-ticketing and order processing, call center and customer self care. Currently R Consulting Billing and Operation Support System are in use for managing between 25%-30% of the Bulgarian Internet market.



R Consulting has over 8 years experience in building complex IT solutions in serving supply channel business processes in different areas, such as software license supply chain and newspaper and magazine distribution. R Consulting has own solution covering order processing, transportation, consignment, discounts, invoicing and payroll over multi-level distribution channels.


Software Products & Services


Telecom Products

R Consulting currently offers the following products:

IPTV Platform

R Consulting IPTV platform is especially developed for the needs of low cost IPTV systems including set top boxes which can provide simultaneously very fast response time for the end user interface. The system is designed to work with variety of transport streams, starting with Unicast, Multicast, and TCP/HTTP Streaming. This allows the system to work in all network designs. The entire system allows IPTV service implementation with minimum investments.

R Consulting IPTV application platform consist of: • Stream delivery platform (Restreamer) • STB middleware

• Provisioning Server • IPTV Monitoring

• CAS (Conditional Access System)

In combination with R Consulting Billing and Operation Support System the Telecom operator receives a complete software solution for immediate starting of commercial service which covers the complete production cycle.

RC Billing and Operation Support System


data in a single centralized database, managing and processing of Customer Service Requests and Complains, Call Center activities, Network Resource Management and Monitoring of active network devices. RC OSS integrated together with RC Billing System provides full information system for Customer Support and Customer classification and rating.

RC OSS combines both customer oriented approach and network oriented approach, serving with equal success, both to Customer support departments and Network Operation Centers.

RC Billing System

RC Billing is next generation multi-service, real time Billing System for VoIP, Cable Internet, LAN, PPPoE, WiFi, Dial-up, VPN, Web Hosting, Content Hosting, Digital TV, IPTV and Video on Demand services. RC Billing offers the following activities: combined support of pre-paid and post-paid services, prepaid cards support, service definition and packaging, provisioning of end user devices and NAS, credit control policies and notification submission, invoicing, payroll, Customer Self Care, Online service purchase and delivery.

RC Billing major advantages are:

 Multi service support allows servicing of multiple heterogeneous services for a subscriber with a single contract. This means:

 Issuing of a single invoice per subscriber for all service subscriptions

 Combined Credit Control per all service usages

 Simplified Subscriber support

 Definition and offering of combined services.

 Multi service support allows issuing of prepaid cards with single account per multiple heterogeneous services.

 Multi service support allows the Telco Operators to offer a single service and easily to expand the services offering a single system with all ready integrated AAA modules and know- how for services establishment.

 Built-in status and statistical reporting allows the technical staff to monitor network performance and quality.

 Built-in notifications processing and customer self care reduces total cost of subscriber support, allowing the huge subscriber data base to be served by limited number of staff.

 Built-in rating plans definition and usage simplifies the processes of rate assignment and control, promotions processing and rate changes.

RC Monitoring

RC Monitoring is proactive monitoring system designed for monitoring CMTS and cable modems network, complying with DOCSIS standard. RC DOCSIS Monitoring offers:

SNMP data collection;

Performance - up to 80k modems with polling interval of 1 minute;

Built-in triggers and alerts for tracking and qualifying network nodes status; Graphical representation of monitored data for a period of 6 months

Quality statistic reports per marketing and per technical regions Searching for multiple parameters criteria values


RC DOCSIS Monitoring offers a rich web based user interface with functionality of a standard desktop applications. RC DOCSIS Monitoring can work as stand-alone module or as subsystem of RC bOSS, providing users with a single user interface.

RC TrackSys

RC TrackSys is a system for registration, assignment and control of network support incidents and service request orders. RC TrackSys supports multi level regional structure allowing definition of multiple regional offices and complex cases, like shared servicing between 2 regional offices. RC TrackSys Trouble Ticketing module is a system for:

- Registration of incidents/tickets or work tasks - Incidents can be registered per subscriber or globally

- Automatic ticket reassignment, depending on service, ticket processing stage, opening reason, subscriber regional position and defined workflow rules

- Calculation of working time

- Detailed reporting of each department performance

RC TrackSys is a web based extranet system with rich web based user interface that offers to system users functionality of standard desktop applications. RC TrackSys can work as stand-alone module or as subsystem of RC bOSS, so that system users can work in a single user interface environment.

RC Order Processing

RC Order Processing System, provides end-to-end orders organization from shopping via order configuration to post processing and finalization. Order Processing combines flexible workflow modeling, automatic customer documents generation, document management and extensive integration with external systems. Key features of RC Order processing are:

Multiple Operators Support Multiple Distributors Support Conditional Work Flow

Multi Level Regional Structure

Extensive reporting for analysis of order processing flows Support of direct and indirect sales channels

Automated routing to technical locations

Technical availability and duplicate orders checks Simplified switching between different service types


Order processing comes with pre-built workflow models: - Registration of customer orders for new services; - Adding new services for existing subscribers; - Conversion of one contract to another;

- Subscription contracts modifications (addresses; service parameters; owner); - Temporary suspension of services;

- Termination of services usage All this delivers:

- Unified customer experience during order purchasing

- Shifts focus from order transactions to customer relationships

- Gains in productivity through a streamlined set of order management processes across the organization

- Reduces order processing times

- Improves order accuracy, resulting in fewer returned orders and follow-up trouble tickets / service calls

- Establishes order processing metrics on each stage of the processes - Reduces training requirements for sales staff and reduces manual errors

RC Order Processing is a web based extranet system with rich web based user interface that offers to system users functionality of standard desktop applications. RC Order Processing can work as standalone module or as subsystem of RC bOSS, so that system users can work in a single user interface environment.


Other products

RC System for Medical Representatives Follow up

RC System for Medical Representatives Follow up (SMRF) is a Customer Relationship Management System, offering:

Contact management;

Activity management, planning and reporting;

Samples and adverts distribution management, planning and reporting; Representatives` activity management and tracking

Cost Tracking

Business trip reporting;

Extensive reporting with interactive graphical data representation; E-mail integration

Mass mailing generation engine Integration with MS Excel

Multi Language User interface (currently supported languages are English, Russian, Ukrainian, Bulgarian, Polish)

User Group Access Management, both on functionality and data Online Context Sensitive Help


SMRF is a web based extranet system with rich web based user interface that offers to system users a functionality of standard desktop applications. SMRF is optimized to work with large data bases offering multiple data mining options based on multiple criteria. SMRF supports regional structure data segmentation based on different area criteria.

SMRF is implemented in more than 15 countries including Bulgaria, Poland, Russia, Ukraine, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Kazakhstan and others.


Consultancy Services

Many consecutive years with experience on the IT market R Consulting has been providing the following IT consultancy services:

Collection of user requirements RFP preparation

Proposal preparation Specifications preparation Project management Process optimization System architecture design

The company consultancy expertise is focused on the Telecommunication sector, Finance, Pre-Press production and Distribution.


Outsourcing Services

R Consulting has more than 10 years experience providing outsourcing services on the international market for companies like Wörwag Pharma (Germany), Executive Health Resources, etc.

R Consulting provides full cycle of IT services: Consultancy, Design, Software Development, Testing and Performance Testing, Internationalization and Localization, System Integration and Deployment, Support, System Optimization and Software Application Outsourcing


R Consulting has a large set of IT experts. The table below presents available skills set:

Project / Program Management Business and Brand Strategy

Management of all aspects of solution delivery, including vendor selection

Business modeling, Business design, User intelligence

Management of a specific project

User Interfaces Business logic / knowledge

framework Graphic design and information

architecture across relevant devices - Web, mobile phone, PDA

Business logic, workflow, Personalization,

Internationalization Technology Strategy

Strategy, architecture and design, prototype and proof of concept

Program Language Competencies

Databases Web / Application Servers

Oracle Microsoft IIS

Microsoft SQL Server MySQL


Data Mining / Data Warehousing E-Commerce Engines

Microsoft OLAP Services for SQL Microsoft Commerce Server 2000

Platform/ Operating Systems Portal Solutions

Microsoft Windows XP / NT 4.0 / 200x Microsoft SharePoint Server Linux


Programming Languages Reporting Tools

MS .NET - C#, VB.NET Crystal Reports MS Visual Basic 6 Microsoft Access

MS Visual C++ 6 MS SQL Reporting


Java and Java Script PHP


Middleware Testing Tools

Microsoft COM and COM+ Microsoft Web Application Stress Tool





IPTV Platform

Megalan Ltd.

MegaLan is an Internet Service Provider with more than 10 years experience on the market. MegaLan possesses the biggest market share on the market in Sofia, with more than 20% of Internet subscribers. Now MegaLan offers as well high quality IPTV. R Consulting provides MegaLan with IPTV platform solution and Billing System together with consultancy services and support. MegaLan uses the RC Billing System for provisioning of LAN services and IPTV for more than 60,000 subscribers.

Net Surf Ltd.

Net Surf is an Internet Service provider, established in 1997. The company starts as Internet provider and later it expands its services as LAN, MAN, VoIP. In 2010 Net Surf starts offering IPTV covering the west territory of Bulgaria. Net Surf uses R Consulting IPTV platform solution together with consultancy and support services.

IntelVision Ltd., Seychelles

Intelvision is a Seychelles Telecom company, established in 2004. It offers supply of Cable TV, Internet services, VoIP. R Consulting provides Intelvision with the IPTV Platform and RC Billing and Operation Support System for their internal operations and CRM data base.


Software Development & Consultancy services

Bulgarian Companies

●Telecom operators

Blizoo Media and Broadband

Blizoo was founded in October 2009 by the consolidation of two cable operators – CableTel and Evrocom. Just before in April 2007 CableTel acquired the business of another Telecom operator called Evrotur Sat TV, which also had used the services offered by R Consulting. Now, the newly formed company Blizoo offers to its corporate and individual customers a variety of services including HDTV, LAN, PPPoE, VoIP, VLAN, Ethernet MAN. R Consulting had been providing to the companies of the Blizoo group since 2004 consultancy services and support. Eurocom has been using the RC bOSS system for its internal operations, CRM and customer care activities. Now Blizoo uses RC bOSS system for provisioning, billing, monitoring and operating cable TV and Internet, corporate Internet, LAN and VoIP services for more than 400,000 subscribers. By this way R Consulting provides coverage and integration of all internal business processes.


OnlineDirect Ltd.

OnlineDirect was established in 2003. It offers Internet services including LAN, VoIP, IPTV, IP based video surveillance, Web Hosting, Co-location, E-mail. R Consulting has been providing OnlineDirect since 2008 with consultancy services and support. OnlineDirect uses the RC bOSS system for its internal operations, CRM and customer care activities. OnlineDirect Cable uses RC bOSS system for provisioning, billing, monitoring and operating all services for more than 10,000 subscribers.

Texbridge Telecom Services Ltd.

TexBridge is a Bulgarian Provider of mobile services with Value-added service. It was established in 2005 and is entirely owned by the UK based companies Telecom Investment & Services Ltd. and Texbridge Ltd. Their customers are national TV media, Internet providers, Insurance companies, producer house, banks, etc. R Consulting provides to TexBridge software development, consultancy and support.

Bulgaria Telecom Net Ltd.

BT Net is a new generation Bulgarian operator offering VoIP telephone services. The company’s activities are directed towards the local access solutions fulfillment. R Consulting has been providing to BT Net, since its establishment, consultancy services and business model design; process design and establishment; network architecture, design and development. BT Net uses the RC Billing System for its internal operations, CRM and customer self care activities.

Global Phone Line Ltd.

GPL is a Bulgarian telecom operator from new generation. They offer VoIP telephone services, GSM gateways, Network building and web sites design. GPL provides VoIP services for retail and whole sale clients. R Consulting has been providing to GPL since 2004 consultancy services, network architecture and support. GPL uses the RC Billing System for its internal operations, CRM and customer self care activities.

● Other Companies


WebCrafts is a Bulgarian startup company, operating with national arts and crafts which exchanges on the international market using e-shop. R Consulting provides WebCrafts with consultancy, software development, web design and training services. R Consulting supplied WebCrafts with Content Management System, Online Shop and Billing Services.

Foreign Companies

IntelVision Ltd.

Intelvision is a Seychelles Telecom company, established in 2004. It offers supply of Cable TV, Internet services, VoIP. R Consulting provides Intelvision with the IPTV Platform and RC Billing and Operation Support System for their internal operations and CRM data base.

Wörwag Pharma GmbH & Co. KG

Wörwag Pharma is a Germany based Pharmacy company, established in 1965. It operates in more than 30 countries around Europe, Latin America and Asia. R Consulting provides for Wörwag


Pharma consultancy, software development and training services. R Consulting supplied Wörwag Pharma with a System for Medical Representative Follow up which includes Contact Management and Sales Force Management System. The System for Medical Representative Follow up has been deployed in more than 15 state regional offices, including Bulgaria, Ukraine, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Poland, Russia and Kazakhstan, etc.





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