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About Magnolia Aquatic Club

Magnolia Aquatic Club (MAC) is a

liated with Gulf

swimming and USA swimming, the local and national

governing bodies of competitive swimming. We aspire to

create a safe, healthy, positive training environment where

athletes can pursue their dreams while upholding moral

integrity, family values, and community pride. Our vision is

“Building Champions Through Swimming for Life.” We value

Honesty, Dedication, Responsibility, Sportsmanship, Humility,

Accountability, Determination, Dependability, & Respect.

MAC Family and Community


has been serving the Magnolia and Montgomery

County communities since 2003. MAC is one of the top swim

clubs in the country recognized as a “Gold Medal Club” in

2018 & 2019. Only 20 clubs in the nation receive this

recognition each year. Many of our swimmers that have come

from these local summer leagues & lesson programs have

graduated from our program and had successful college

swimming careers.


believes swimming, like walking, hiking,

running, and cycling is a critical healthy activity

within our communities. Social distancing at practice

does not require direct contact between teammates

or coaches. As with all exercise and activity at this

time, swimming must comply with standards for

social distancing and safety within aquatic facilities.

With collaboration among USA Swimming coaches,

public health o

cials, & facility operators, we can

create safe plans for using aquatic facilities to

promote physical and mental health opportunities

compliant with public health directives. The CDC has

indicated that there is no evidence COVID-19

spreads through treated water. Proper operation and

maintenance (including disinfection with chlorine) of

these facilities should inactivate the virus in the

water. This PDF is a summary of





will implement posted-practice

procedures as we phase back into the water.


MAC Staff & Club Certifications

All coaches are currently USA Swimming Certified and current

with CPR, & First Aid. In addition each coach has undergone

background reports and continued education around Safe

Sport Policies with minor athletes.

Staying Current With Local & State Guidelines


has a COVID-19 Response Liaison within our

organization responsible for staying up to date on

local and state recommendations and any

associated changes as they come out.

Safe Practices for Athletes

• Initial Practices will be run with Coaches assigned to practice days with the same swimmers to prevent cross

contamination of groups. This also allows for clearer mitigation if an incident arises.

• Athletes showing symptoms consistent with COVID-19 or feeling unwell should not attend practice.

• Athletes must see a physician and be cleared for training after being diagnosed or suspected to have COVID-19.

• Athletes who begin to cough/sneeze for any reason, will be moved away from others until it dissipates.

• Athletes and families who travel(ed) during the State of Texas’s COVID-19 Response Phase 1 or 2, will need to

self-isolate for 14 days prior to returning to practice.

• Members who are at an increased risk for severe illness or come into contact with vulnerable family members,

should discuss with their health care provider whether they should attend practices.


carries insurance for its athletes/coaches that covers liability

claims for any incidents at our practices. See attached.


Safe Practices for Athletes Cont’d

• Athletes will swim two per lane, with one on each end of the pool. This will ensure a 7-8’ distance from each

other when stopped at each end of the pool. This would allow 30 swimmers per session.

• Swimmers will only be allowed to practice at designated times. Athletes will be assigned their swim time through

the team portal.

• Athletes will arrive at the pool in their swimsuits, minimizing time/space for changing pre & post swim.

• The use of equipment will be monitored to ensure the number of hard touch surfaces are manageable and within

our spacing requirements.

• Practices will be communicated prior to start times via the team website to limit down time on the deck.

Safe Practices for Staff

• Wear face covering while performing any task for the club during a practice.

• Maintain 6-ft spacing with swimmers and other staff members

• Stay home if they feel ill in any way, or have the following symptoms: fever, (greater than 100 F), cough, shortness

of breath or di

culty breathing, chills, sore throat, loss of taste or smell, diarrhea or known contact with a person

who is lab confirmed with COVID-19

• Staff members will, at minimum, follow work health protocols laid out by the Governor’s report to open Texas.

• Continue to reinforce and practice healthy hygiene and help facilitate providing necessary products at each pool


Swimming Safely

Preparing to Swim - Protect against infections.

• Wash your hands with a disinfectant soap and water (20

seconds or more) or use hand sanitizer at home before

going to the pool.

• Swimmers will arrive & depart the facility with suits on.

• Sanitize hands using lobby dispenser before entering

pool area.

• Use of equipment will be limited and not shared

• Bring a water bottle, as water fountains will be prohibited.

• If you need to sneeze or cough, do so with tissue or

upper sleeve/arm.

• Enter facility using main lobby & exit facility using

double doors at northwest corner of the building.

• Arrive within the given window of drop for their practice.

(At most 10 minutes prior)

• Avoid continued contact with hard surfaces if you can.

(benches, doors, handles, & windows)

• Bathrooms will be limited to one swimmer per time and

only used in emergency situations.

When Swimming

• Follow directions for spacing and stay at least six

feet apart from others.

• Do not make physical contact with others during

practice times.

• Avoid excessive touching of face once cap and

goggles are on.

• No sharing of water bottles, food or towels.

After Swimming

• Leave the facility as soon as practice is over

• Parents should arrive 5 minutes prior to practice


• Wash your hands thoroughly or use hand

sanitizer after leaving the pool.

• Do not use locker room or changing area.

• No extra-curricular or social activity should take



Facility and Practice Considerations

• All practice facilities will remain closed to spectators.

• Parents will remain in car for drop o

and pick up process to ensure minimal contact with community.

• Designated swimmer drop-off area at the front-circle sidewalk.

• This area will be managed by a coach or authority position to help screen athletes for practice.

• General wellness questions for swimmer prior to entry.

• Confirm the swimmer is attending the correct practice time prior to entry

• Practices will be limited in size, duration and frequency based on facility and recommendations from local o

cials and

the CDC.

• Markings on deck for clear determination of 6 ft social distancing while on deck.

• Dependent on Facilities Procedures MISD sponsored lifeguards can be provided.

• Staff members will at a minimum follow work health protocols laid out by the Governor’s report to open Texas.

Continue to reinforce and practice healthy hygiene and help facilitate by providing necessary products at the pool.

Facility Sample Documents

The following pages display sample programming layouts that promote “social distancing”.

Examples are set starting and ending places in the pool and maintaining spacing during intervals. These examples

are specific to lower participant counts in anticipated early phases of operations.






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