We help you control your devices with your mind.

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ThynkWare Innovation, Inc. - 2015


ThynkWare Innovation, Inc. - 2015

Just thynk.

If you could control your devices with your mind, what would you

make it do?

Imagine if you could control your smartphone, TV, smart watch or

any other device with the power of your mind. You are about to

participate in an amazing journey to change the way we do



ThynkWare Innovation, Inc. - 2015

Genesis of ThynkWare Innovation

Duane Cash, the founder of ThynkWare Innovation, originally created

MindGear, a kickstarter project to produce mind-control for the

iPhone and Android devices.

Videos of the MindGear Project prototypes:


https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-ipZrWxOhA0 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fG0Q6Rdb5Uo

Duane Cash also has a patent pending for a

Mind-Controlled Virtual Assistant on a Smartphone Device

with the USPTO


ThynkWare Innovation, Inc. - 2015

In Development Now

ThynkWare Speech is currently being developed to help individuals with ALS, Locked-In Syndrome and other speech challenges find a way translate thought to speech in order to communicate basic needs and other sentences.

On the horizon

ThynkWare MindCall allows you to make phone calls from your iPhone with your mind. Just "thynk" the number or contact to initiate the call.

ThynkWare TV allows you to "thynk" of the channel you want on your TV equipped with a Thynk-Layer device. You can control your TV without trying to find the remote lost in the sofa cushion.

ThynkWare Assistant (Formerly known as MindGear) allows you to use your mind to control a custom assistant on your iPhone. "Thynk" to the ThynkWare Assistant to make phone calls, play music, search the web, open email, play videos, get weather or just talk.

ThynkWare Home will take advantage of Apple's new HomeKit framework so you can control your home with your mind.

ThynkWare Office allows you to use your mind to control your office software such as word processing and calendars

ThynkWare Outbound Telepathy is the highest form of communication between two or more people. Use your thoughts to to communicate with your friends, family or anyone else who has a Thynk-Layer device and iPhone.


ThynkWare Innovation, Inc. - 2015

Other Products by the Founder of ThynkWare Innovation

Dawn: A New Kind of Virtual Assistant

in the App Store

• Dawn is a new type of virtual assistant. Have conversation with Dawn to discover what she knows. Press the Listen button and ask Dawn anything. Dawn call tell you word definitions, identify history figures, tell jokes, and have a general conversation.

• Dawn also learns new words on-the-fly. Simply say the word, and Dawn will learn it and tell you the definition. Touch the Learn button and Dawn will learn a new random word.

• Dawn can also open a map, send a text message, send an email, play music from your music library, and take a photo at your request.

• Dawn also exhibits happy emotions when tickled (by swiping) and negative emotions when poked (tapped repeatedly).


ThynkWare Innovation, Inc. - 2015

ThynkWare Innovation, Inc. provides a thought-to-control layer for your everyday devices. Built upon a Patent Pending technology for a mind-controlled virtual assistant on a smartphone device, we have created a new BCI (brain-computer interface) that changes the way we will do


ThynkWare Innovation provides the interface layer between your brain and your devices. With ThynkWare, anyone can use their thoughts to control their smartphones, tablets, home, office, TV, robots, clothing and even plants. ThynkWare creates a new way of computing by allowing everyone to "thynk" to interact with devices, social networks, and other people. The ThynkWare interface is the next step in computing following the invention of the mouse and personal computer.

ThynkWare Innovation, Inc. Technology


ThynkWare Innovation, Inc. - 2015

Meet the Founder

Duane Cash

A researcher, innovator and inventor who has worked for Visa Labs, Honda R&D and Toyota. Duane has 15+ patents filing for the companies he has worked for and has a patent pending for a Mind-Controlled Virtual Assistant on a Smartphone Device. As a driven individual, Duane is

also the inventor of 6 Rubik’s puzzles (the Rubik’s Triamese Cube, Rubik’s Fusion, Rubik’s Fusion+, Rubik’s Speed Fusion, Rubiks 5x3 and Rubik’s 4x3 Cube). Duane is also the current NSD

Powerball Champion in the sport of Powerballing in the Official Powerball World Standings at www.powerballs.com. Duane has a Masters degree from Savannah College of Art & Design in Interactive Design & Game Development along with Bachelor degrees in Information Technology and English/Creative Writing.


ThynkWare Innovation, Inc. - 2015

ThynkWare Innovation, Inc. on the Web


ThynkWare LinkedIn




ThynkWare on Facebook

ThynkWare Channel



ThynkWare Innovation, Inc. - 2015

Investors in ThynkWare Innovation, Inc.

ThynkWare Innovation is actively seeking investors to engage in collaborate

efforts to bring these technologies to market quicker.

Investors should contact Duane Cash at dcash@thynkware.com or


Or by phone: 505-702-9901

ThynkWare Innovation is seeking $100 million to $250 million USD in

funding to hire engineering, design, and development resources to create

the first batch of our game-changing hardware and software. ThynkWare

is for everyone and can potentially change the fundamental way in which

we do computing.


ThynkWare Innovation, Inc. - 2015

Just thynk.




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