Haywood Community College Board of Trustees Board Meeting November 2, 2015

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  Haywood  Community  College  

Board  of  Trustees   Board  Meeting     November  2,  2015      

The  Haywood  Community  College  Board  of  Trustees  held  a  meeting  on  Monday,  November   2,  2015  at  1:45  p.m.  in  the  Board  Room  of  the  100  Building.  The  Following  persons  were   present:  


TRUSTEES:      Tony  Beaman,  Charles  Boyd,  Bill  Hollingsed,  Patsy  Dowling,  Mary  Ann  Enloe,   Richard  Lanning,  Tom  McNeel,  Susan  Sorrells,  Bill  Yarborough  


STAFF:      Mandy  Mills,  Tracy  Rapp,  Patricia  Smith,  Doug  Burchfield,  Wendy  Hines,  Laura   Leatherwood,  Karen  Denney,  Brek  Lanning,  Aaron  Mabry,  Marlowe  Mager,  Marsha  Stines,   George  Rolland  


Dr.  Barbara  Parker,  BOT  Secretary   Pat  Smathers,  Attorney  (in  @  2:37  pm)   Kelsi  Long,  SGA  President  

Caleb  Tate,  IT  

Tammy  Goodson,  Transcriber      


Call  to  Order,  Ethics  

Chair  Lanning  called  the  meeting  to  order  at  1:45  p.m.  and  welcomed  everyone.  He  then   followed  with  prayer.  Chair  Lanning  requested  a  roll  call  and  determined  that  a  quorum   was  present  followed  by  the  reading  of  the  Ethics  Statement.  No  conflicts  were  noted.     The  Ethics  Statement  can  be  found  on  electronic  page  2  of  today’s  packet.    


Chair  Lanning  asked  if  there  were  any  changes  to  today’s  agenda.  Having  no  changes  to  the   agenda,  he  called  for  a  vote  to  approve.  The  November  2,  2015  Board  Agenda  was  

approved  unanimously.  The  agenda  can  be  found  on  electronic  page  1  of  today’s  packet.    

Consent  Agenda  

Chair  Lanning  entertained  a  motion  to  approve  the  Consent  Agenda  which  included  the   October  5,  2015  Board  Minutes  –  Trustee  Sorrells  made  the  motion  to  approve  the,   October  5,  2015  Board  Minutes  as  presented.  Trustee  Beaman  seconded  the  motion.  The  


motion  duly  passed.  The  minutes  of  the  October  5,  2015  Board  Meeting  can  be  found  on   electronic  page  5  -­‐  10  of  today’s  packet.  


Report  by  Kelsi  Long,  SGA  President    

Ms.  Long  provided  highlights  from  the  SGA  Report.  She  noted:   • HCC  students,  faculty  and  staff  participated  in  Spirit  Week.  

• Fall  for  Haywood  was  held  on  October  7th.  Over  375  students,  faculty,  and  staff  were   served  lunch  which  was  catered  by  Apollo  Flame.  

• HCC  students,  faculty  and  staff  sent  a  banner  with  signatures  and  messages  of   support  to  students  and  employees  of  Umpqua  Community  College.  

• SGA  led  a  donation  drive  to  assist  South  Carolina  Flood  victims  and  delivered  the   donations  to  the  Harvest  Hope  Food  Bank  in  Columbia,  SC.  

• SGA  Officers  attended  the  N4CSGA  Conference  in  Hickory  and  participated  in   networking  with  delegates  from  Community  Colleges  across  the  state.  


The  SGA  report  can  be  found  on  electronic  page  12  –  13  of  today’s  packet.    

President’s  Report  

Dr.  Parker  welcomed  Board  members,  reported  on  the  college  events  of  the  previous   month,  and  presented  several  informational  items.    Some  of  the  noted  events  of  the  past   and  upcoming  month  were/are:      


• Dr.  Parker  presented  the  Organizational  Chart  to  the  Board  as  we  do  annually.  The   HCC  Organizational  Chart  can  be  located  on  electronic  page  15  –  28  of  today’s   packet.  

• The  John  G.  Palmer  Woodsmen’s  meet  was  recently  held  at  the  Cradle  of  Forestry.   HCC’s  TimberSports  team  came  in  second  place.    

• HCC’s  Computer  Integrated  Machining  Program  received  NIMS  Accreditation.    NIMS   Accreditation  is  the  highest  benchmark  for  metalworking  training  programs  in  the   United  States  as  based  on  national,  industry-­‐driven  and  industry-­‐written  skills   standards.  We  are  one  of  the  only  schools,  if  not  the  only  school  in  the  State  to   receive  this  accreditation.  By  becoming  accredited  the  faculty  and  staff  have  to  have   met  the  NIMS  quality  requirements.  Ms.  Hines  noted  that  our  faculty  and  staff  came   through  the  onsite  inspection  with  one  of  the  highest  lab  scores  of  any  of  the  schools   that  the  onsite  team  has  seen.  

• HCC  held  a  Counselors  and  Agency  breakfast  on  Wednesday,  October  28th.  Schools   and  agencies  from  across  the  county  were  represented.  Dr.  Parker  noted  that  the   collaboration  and  dialogue  during  the  meeting  were  very  encouraging.    

• Dr.  Parker  introduced  Ms.  Mandy  Mills,  Director  of  the  RCAC.  Ms.  Mills  provided  a   brief  summary  of  her  background.  She  noted  that  an  additional  baby  room  has  been   opened  up  and  an  additional  1  year  old  classroom  will  be  opening  soon.  Ms.  Denney   noted  that  the  full  report  for  the  RCAC  will  be  presented  in  February.  Ms.  Mills  noted   that  the  facility  is  a  state-­‐of-­‐the-­‐art  facility.  

• Dr.  Parker  introduced  Ms.  Pam  Hardin,  Director  of  Institutional  Advancement.  Ms.   Hardin  will  begin  on  November  9th.  Ms.  Hardin  provided  a  summary  of  her  


• Dr.  Parker  noted  that  as  part  of  the  budget,  all  State  employees  which  meet  certain   criteria  will  be  receiving  a  one-­‐time  bonus  that  is  to  be  paid  out  in  December  per  the   General  Assembly’s  instructions.  The  same  bonus  will  be  provided  to  the  employees   at  the  college  who  are  paid  through  County  funds.  Dr.  Parker  also  provided  a  

summary  on  the  Compensation  Reserve  Funds.  HCC’s  portion  of  the  10  million   dollar  Compensation  Reserve  Funds  is  $88,440.  She  noted  that  there  are  

specifications  on  allowable  uses  of  these  funds  such  as  salary  increases,  (must  be   included  in  an  employee’s  base  pay),  merit  pay  increases,  across  the  board   increases,    retention,  and  market  rate  increases.  Dr.  Parker  will  forward  a  

recommendation,  via  e-­‐mail,  to  the  Board  prior  to  the  December  Board  meeting  for   review.  


Report  by  Dr.  Laura  Leatherwood,  Vice  President  of  Student   Services/Interim  Director  of  Institutional  Advancement    

Pending  Program  Audit  –  The  pending  Program  Audit  has  begun.  This  audit  confirms   that  we  have  documented  and  provided  the  instruction  we  say  we  have,  that  we  hired   instructors  who  are  providing  instruction  as  identified,  and  that  the  classes  have  met  for   the  dates  and  times  we  said  they  have  met.  The  final  report  will  be  presented  to  the  Board   when  it  is  received.    


Financial  Aid  Summary  2014  2015  –  The  Financial  Aid  Summary  is  provided  to  the   Board  on  an  annual  basis.  Dr.  Leatherwood  provided  summaries  on  the  loan  default  rate,   the  process  of  obtaining  a  loan,  the  payment  plan  now  being  offered  to  students,  financial   resources  offered  to  students,  etc.  Discussion  ensued  regarding  paid  internships.  Trustee   McNeel  suggested  the  Foundation  looking  into  a  “dollar  for  dollar”  match  with  businesses   as  an  incentive  to  offer  paid  internships  to  our  students.  Dr.  Parker  named  a  few  of  the  paid   internships  we  currently  have.  The  Board  discussed  at  length.  The  Financial  Aid  Summary   2014  –  2015  can  be  found  on  electronic  page  30  –  31  of  today’s  packet.  


Holiday  Gathering  –  Dr.  Leatherwood  passed  out  a  “Save  the  Date”  card  to  Trustees  for   the  upcoming  Holiday  Gathering  which  will  be  held  at  the  Wells  Event  Center  on  December   10th.    Official  invitations  will  be  mailed  in  the  upcoming  weeks.  


Report  by  Ms.  Wendy  Hines,  VP  of  Instruction    

Proposed  Policy:  Workforce  Continuing  Education  Personnel  Service  

Agreement  (WCE  PSA)  –  Ms.  Hines  provided  a  summary  on  the  proposed  Workforce   Continuing  Education  Personnel  Service  Agreement  (WCE  PSA).    She  noted  that  a  number   of  the  instructors  which  work  through  the  Continuing  Education  Department  own  their   own  businesses  and  are  essentially  employed  as  vendors  who  provide  instruction.  She   noted,  after  discussion  with  Mr.  Burchfield,  Dean  of  Workforce  and  Continuing  Education   and  Ms.  Stines,  Director  of  Human  Resources,  we  feel  a  policy  and  procedure  should  be  in   place  which  holds  these  instructors  to  the  same  standard  as  all  of  our  other  employees.  For   this  reason,  a  new  policy  and  procedure  have  been  developed.  


Chair  Lanning  entertained  a  motion  to  table  proposed  policy:  Workforce  Continuing   Education  Personnel  Service  Agreement  (WCE  PSA)  for  a  30  day  review.  Trustee  Boyd   made  the  motion  to  table  proposed  policy:  Workforce  Continuing  Education  Personnel   Service  Agreement  (WCE  PSA)  for  a  30  day  review.  Trustee  Enloe  seconded  the  motion.   Having  no  discussion,  the  motion  duly  passed.  The  proposed  New  Policy  for  Workforce   Continuing  Education  Personnel  Service  Agreement  can  be  found  on  electronic  page  33  of   today’s  packet  


Report  by  Mr.  Brek  Lanning,  Director  of  Campus  Development    


• PSTF  –  We  anticipate  construction  to  begin  in  the  next  2  weeks.  Brantley   Construction  is  currently  reviewing  drawings  from  Padgett  Freeman.  They  will   begin  moving  equipment  on  site  to  begin  grading.    

• Final  Compliance  Review  –  ADA  Compliance  review  was  completed.  This  is  a   voluntary  compliance  review.  Buildings  are  held  to  standards  for  the  year  the  

building  was  constructed.  Currently,  all  buildings  meet  ADA  compliance  codes  based   on  year  the  building  was  constructed  

• Smoky  Mountain  Development  Building  –  Approval  from  the  NCCCS  office  to   receive  the  Smoky  Mountain  Development  Building/property  has  been  received.   • Campus  Lighting  –  Campus  lighting  upgrade/replacement  is  nearing  completion.   • Building  Names  -­‐  Discussion  arose  concerning  naming  buildings  based  on  

program  names.    Mr.  Brek  Lanning  noted  that  Administrative  Council  is  currently   reviewing  potential  avenues  to  consider  for  building  names.  Some  categories   include  plants,  trees,  and  wildlife.  He  noted  that  a  recommendation  for  potential   names  will  be  presented  at  a  future  meeting.  Dr.  Parker  noted  the  Natural  Resources   Department  generated  a  list  of  the  plants,  trees,  and  wildlife  to  consider.  Trustee   McNeel  discussed  potentially  placing  a  monetary  donation  on  building  naming.  Mr.   Brek  Lanning  noted  that  HCC  currently  has  a  detailed  policy  and  procedure  which   places  monetary  amounts  on  “Naming  Rights”  of  college  property.    

• Smathers  Property  –  The  Smathers’  property  closing  should  be  in  approximately   2  weeks.  


Report  by  Ms.  Karen  Denney,  Vice  President  of  Business  Operations    

FY  2015  –  2016  Institutional  Budget  –  Ms.  Denney  provided  a  detailed  summary  of   the  FY  2015  –  2016  Institutional  Budget.  She  provided  highlights  on  the  budgeted  FTE,   Formula  Allocation  numbers,  reserve  allocation,  legislative  compensation  bonus,  etc.  Ms.   Denney  also  noted  we  anticipate  at  least  a  1%  reversion  this  year.  We  annually  set  aside   2%  in  anticipation  of  the  reversion.  Ms.  Denney  also  presented  a  summary  of  the  County   Budget  for  FY  2015  –  2016.  Chair  Lanning  stated  that  the  administration  of  Haywood   Community  College  presents  the  FY  2015  –  2016  Institutional  Final  Budget  for  

consideration  and  approval  by  the  Board  of  Trustees  and  entertained  a  motion  to  approve   the  Haywood  Community  College  FY  2015  –  2016  Institutional  Final  Budget  as  presented.   Trustee  McNeel  made  the  motion  to  approve  the  Haywood  Community  College  FY  2015  –   2016  Institutional  Final  Budget  as  presented.  Trustee  Enloe  seconded  the  motion.  Having  


no  discussion.  The  motion  duly  passed.  The  FY  2015  –  2016  Institutional  Budget  can  be   found  on  electronic  page  37  –  41  of  today’s  packet.  


Report  by  Chair  Richard  Lanning    

 Chair  Lanning  reminded  Trustees  of  the  Holiday  Gathering  and  noted  that  there  is  no   meeting  in  January.  


Chair  Lanning  entertained  a  motion  for  the  Board  of  Trustees  to  go  into  closed  session  at  2:50   p.m.  pursuant  to  North  Carolina  General  Statute  Section  143-­‐318.11  for  the  following  purposes:  


1.   Under  subsection  (a)  (1)  to  prevent  the  disclosure  of  information  that  is  privileged  or   confidential.  

2.   Under  subsection  (a)  (3)  to  discuss  matters  protected  by  attorney  client  privilege.    

The  motion  to  go  into  Closed  Session  for  reasons  stated  above  was  made  by  Trustee   Hollingsed.  The  motion  was  seconded  by  Trustee  Yarborough.  The  Board  went  into   Closed  Session  [G.S.  §143-­‐318.11(a)(1)]  Legal  &  Personnel  at  2:50  p.m.  The   motion  duly  passed.  


The  Board  returned  to  open  session  at  3:19  p.m.    

Chair  Lanning  entertained  a  motion  to  approve  the  October  5,  2015  Closed  Session  Minutes   as  presented.  Trustee  Hollingsed  made  the  motion  to  approve  the  October  5,  2015  Closed   Session  Minutes  as  presented.  Trustee  Beaman  seconded  the  motion.  The  motion  duly   passed.  


Attorney  Smathers  provided  a  proposed  motion  upon  request  of  Trustee  Enloe  and  which   Trustee  Enloe  made  as  follows:  motion  that  in  addition  to  employing  SKA  to  examine  and   investigate  the  flooring  problems  in  the  Creative  Arts  Building,  that  they  also  be  employed   to  investigate  the  entire  building  envelope  including  the  structure  and  all  systems  there  in   for  the  purpose  of  identifying  problems  and  possible  resolutions.  Trustee  Boyd  seconded   the  motion.  Having  no  discussion,  the  motion  duly  passed.  


Chair  Lanning  adjourned  the  meeting  at  3:20  p.m.    

Respectfully  Submitted    


Tammy  R.  Goodson,  Transcriber    

Documents  Included  in  the  Packet   Agenda  

NCSEC  Ethics  Statement  

October  5,  2015  Board  Minutes   SGA  Report  

Organizational  Chart  


Proposed  Workforce  Continuing  Education  Personnel  Service  Agreement  (WCE  PSA)   FY  2015-­‐2016  Institutional  Budget  




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