Professional Tizen Application Development

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Professional Tizen Application Development

Description: Create powerful, marketable applications with Tizen for the smartphone and beyond

Tizen is the only platform designed for multiple device categories that is HTML5-centric and entirely open source. Written by experts in the field, this comprehensive guide includes chapters on both web and native application development, covering subjects such as location and social features, advanced UIs, animations, sensors and multimedia.

This book is a comprehensive resource for learning how to develop Tizen web and native applications that are polished, bug-free and ready to sell on a range of smart devices, beyond just smartphones. Tizen is an open source platform that is housed within the Linux Foundation and is fully supported by Intel, Samsung and the Tizen Association.

Professional Tizen Application Development:

- Explains how web applications can combine HTML5 features with Tizen device APIs to unleash the full potential of the Tizen platform

- Provides detailed, practical explanations of the most important Tizen native APIs

- Demonstrates best practices for adding key features like location, contacts and calendars to your apps - Shows you how to use advanced features such as animations, face recognition and sensors to help you create applications that stand out from the crowd

- Shares code on advanced topics including multi-threading and hybrid applications

- Includes numerous fully functional code examples, for both web and native applications, complete with hints and tips to get the most out of the Tizen APIs

Hojun Jaygarl, Yoonsoo Kim, Eunyoung Choi are Samsung engineers working on Tizen. Cheng Luo, Kevin Bradwick and Jon Lansdell are experienced professional developers.

Professional Tizen Application Development prepares you to start creating amazing apps for multiple devices with the Tizen platform.

Contents: Introduction xxiii Part I: Getting Started

Chapter 1: An Introduction to Tizen 3 Discovering Tizen 3

The Tizen Association and Tizen Project 4 The Tizen Ecosystem 4

Reasons for Programming in Tizen 5 Tizen Is Based on Standards 5 Tizen Is Open 5


Tizen Has Industry Support 6 Installing the Tizen SDK 6 Prerequisites 6

Installing the SDK 7

Creating the Tizen Hello World Web Application 9 Creating the Hello World Tizen Native Application 13 Signing the Hello World Application 17

Summary 19

Chapter 2: Tizen App lication Packages 21 Packaging a Web Application 21

Packaging a Native Application 25 Packaging a Hybrid Application 29 Using Optional Features 31 Using Privileged APIs 35 Signing a Package 38 Summary 40

Chapter 3: Tizen Development Tools 41 The Tizen IDE 41

Tizen Emulator 42

Enabling Hardware Acceleration 45 Using the Tizen Emulator 45 Tizen Web Simulator 48 Smart Development Bridge 50 Debugging and Testing 53

Designing the UI with the UI Builder 56 Summary 58

Part II: Tizen Web APIs

Chapter 4: Web Application Fundamentals 61 The Web Runtime 62

Tizen Device APIs 63 Tizen Web UI Framework 65


Overview of the Tizen Web UI Framework 66 The Basics of jQuery Mobile 68

Using the UI Builder 69 Choosing Your Widgets 70

Implementing Events in the UI Builder 71 Summary 75

Chapter 5: Location-Based Services 77 Displaying a Map 78

Detecting a User’s Location 80 Monitoring the User’s Position 83 A Word of Caution 84

Adding Markers to a Map 84

Geocoding and Reverse Geocoding 85 Summary 87

Chapter 6: Multimedia 89

Discovering Multimedia Content 89 Embedding HTML5 Audio and Video 95 Capturing Images 96

Creating a Simple Camera Application 97 Capturing an Image 99

Summary 102

Chapter 7: Sensors and Other Hardware 103 Device Orientation 103

A Working Example 105

Near Field Communication (NFC) 110 Using NFC in Your Web Applications 111 Peer-to-Peer Mode 114

Summary 116

Chapter 8: Messaging Services 117 Messaging Service 117

E-Mail Client Example 124 Summary 131


Chapter 9: Contacts and Calendars 133 Setting Privileges 133

The Contact API 134 Address Book 134 Contacts 136 Person Objects 144 The Calendar API 146 Calendar Events 149 Calendar Tasks 149 Adding Events 151 Getting Events 153 Updating Events 153

Creating Recurring Events 154 Setting Alarms 157

Converting Events to iCalendar Format 158 Summary 159

Part III: Tizen Native APIs

Chapter 10: Native UI Applications 163 UI Framework Architecture 163 Types of Native UI Applications 166 Native UI Application Life Cycle 167 State Transition Flow 168

Initialisation and Termination 169 Application and Frame States 170 Creating a Form and Handling Events 171 Handling UI Events 175

Handling Hardware Keys 177 Handling Gestures 179 Summary 182

Chapter 11: Native Application fundamentals 183 Basic Idioms and Styles 184


Error Handling 184

Debugging Macro Functions 189 Two-Phase Construction 192 The RAII Idiom 193

Transferring Object Ownership 199 Fundamental Data Types 200 Object 200

String 201 Collection 206 STLConverter 214

DateTime and TimeSpan 218 ByteBuffer 221

Summary 223

Chapter 12: Native UI Controls 225 An Overview of UI Controls 225 Using Containers 227 Popups 228 Panels 229 Layout 230 Coordinate System 231 Using UI Controls 232 Button 232

EditArea, EditField, Textbox, and ExpandableEditArea 232 Keypad 233

Gallery 234 SearchBar 234 CheckButton 235 Slider and Progress 236 EditTime and EditDate 237

ContextMenu and OptionMenu 238 TabBar 239


Header and Footer 240 ListViews 243

TableViews 244 Summary 247

Chapter 13: Multimedia and Content 249 Content and Content Information 250 Searching for Content 252

Managing Playlists 254 Playing Media Content 254 Playing Audio 256

Seeking in the Audio Player 257 Playing Video 258

Capturing Video in the Player 260 Playing Multiple Audio Sources 261 Recording Media Content 263 Recording Audio 263

Recording Video 265

Capturing Images from the Camera 268 Working with Images 269

Decoding Images 269 Editing Images 271 Encoding Images 271

Decoding Audio and Video 272 Decoding Audio Content 272 Decoding Video Content 272 Encoding Audio and Video 273 Encoding Audio Content 273 Encoding Video Content 273 Extracting Frames from Video 274 Media Application Controls 274 Music Player Application Control 275


Video Player Application Control 277 Camera Application Control 277 Image Viewer Application Control 279 Summary 281

Chapter 14: Telephony and Networking 283 Telephony 284

Phone and Call Application Controls 284 Getting the Current Call Information 286

Checking the Telephony Network and SIM State 289 Messages 291 SMS Messages 291 MMS Messages 298 E-mail 300 Push Messages 303 Networking 307

Network Connection Management 308 HTTP 312

Wi-Fi and Wi-Fi Direct 314 Bluetooth 320

NFC 325 Summary 331

Chapter 15: Location and Social Services 333 The Location Service 334

Location Settings 334 Location Criteria 336 Getting the Location 336 Monitoring Locations 337 Using a Map 343

The Social Service 343 Social Privacy Setting 344 Account Management 344 The Address Book 349


The Calendar Book 358 Summary 366

Chapter 16: Advanced UI and Graphics 367 Advanced UIs 367 Animations 368 Scene Management 377 Graphics 380 UI Extensions 382 Vision 383 Sensors 386 Speech 388 Summary 390

Chapter 17: I/O and Internationalisation 391 Predefined Directories 392

Handling File I/O 396 Basic File Operations 396 Getting File Attributes 399

Copying, Moving, and Deleting Files 401 Handling Directories 402

Locking Files 405

Observing File and Directory Changes 406 Building a Database 409 Creating a Table 409 Creating a Row 410 Updating a Row 412 Deleting a Row 413 Querying a Table 414

Monitoring Storage Events 415

Internationalising Your Applications 417 Handling Different Text Encodings 417 Handling Locale-Sensitive Information 425


Summary 430

Part IV: Advanced Tizen Chapter 18: Multithreading 433 Worker Threads 434

Making an Asynchronous Worker 437 Using Timers 443

Asynchronous Inter-thread Communication 445 Summary 455

Chapter 19: Inter-Application Communication and Hybrid Applications 457 Inter-Application Communication 458

Message Ports 458

Creating a LocalMessagePort in a Native Application 459 Sending a Message to Another Application 461

Receiving a Message Response 461 Defining a Message Protocol 463

Sending Requests to a Native Application from a Web Application 467 Using a Trusted Message Port 474

Making a Hybrid Package 475 Summary 477

Index 479

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