RelocateAmerica's Top 25 Places to Live to go to School in 2007

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RelocateAmerica's Top 25 Places to Live to go to School in 2007

Welcome to RelocateAmerica's Top 25 Places to Live to go to School in 2007! We're excited to recognize 25 great communities from across the nation that offer families a great place to live considering the quality of schools and having choices in educational offerings for children.

Our list recognizes communities with strong support and spirit for their local schools, high parental involvement, strong academic achievement and performance, caring faculty and staff and successful extracurricular programs with opportunities for children to explore and excel in many areas of interest. We recognize a variety of school types, including public schools, private programs, Christian-based and specialized/vocational educational opportunities.

In order to make the list, these communities were first nominated by their own residents,

parents, students and teachers based on the community's benefits and educational offerings. Nominations were then compared with statistical data by the RelocateAmerica's editorial team to conclude the Top 25 based on the compelling reasons that makes the community "a stand out for schools." This is the only list that is determined by statistics and feedback of the people who live & go to school in these communities. We're proud to present our Top 25 Places to Live to go to School in 2007 and we hope that you enjoy learning about these communities.

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Mountain Brook, AL

Moutainbrook, AL offers exceptional learning opportunities for those who attend the area's schools, both in the classroom and in a wide variety of extracurricular activities... academic excellence and achievement is one of the community's greatest offerings to families considering a great place to live... proud home to several state champion athletic programs... emphasis on cultural programs in the arts... "The highest academic

expectations and curriculum"... "extracurricular activities are numerous and focused on sports, community, the arts, and academic"... "students are well prepared."

Little Rock, AR

The Little Rock, AR community has unique programs in the area's schools with an emphasis on teaching children responsibility... parent involvement is embraced and emphasized in the community... "well run schools"... teachers are "best of the best"... programs focused on an "economics emphasis" are well received by local parents.

Chandler, AZ

Chandler, AZ is a great place to live with it's wide array of choices and diversity for education, making it "a great backdrop to learn"... academic courses, including advanced placement, are wide in selection... local athletic teams are championship caliber... notable intellectual offerings in debate and forensics... community is home to some of the state's most active and competitive music programs... "the best thing about it is

opportunity... in academics, electives and the extracurricular activities kids want."

San Jose, CA

Living in and around San Jose, CA gives residents the opportunity to take advantage of the area's highly acclaimed private and Christian educational programs... academic programs recognized for being top-notch... personalized programs that embrace and enable students to achieve academically... students who have graduated from these programs are attending some of the country's most prestigious colleges and universities... families wanting strong Christian-based programs can find them in San Jose.

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Colorado Springs, CO

Colorado Springs, CO is known for its schools with high ranking academics and sport teams... teachers and administrators are noted as being "involved, caring and the best quality in educational standards"... a strong sense of community amongst the athletic and extracurricular programs including community theater programs, competitive athletics, art and cultural offerings... parent involvement and communication between schools and parents is a core focus of the community... students are held to high academic standards and the area schools are a great example of "public schools that work."

Wilmington, DE

Wilmington, DE is home to some of the state's most premiere academic programs... a community with historical recognition of having some of the state's most sought out specialized educational programs, with an emphasis on science, math and technology... a variety of educational opportunities through its highly acclaimed charter school, magnet programs, art school and educational curriculums... preparing children for higher learning is a core focus among the programs available in the Wilmington area.

Jupiter, FL

Living near Jupiter, FL gives students the opportunity to attend educational programs of all offerings... exceptional area Christian programs known for high level academics, strong parental involvement, vast extracurricular opportunities from arts to sports to music programs... state-of-the-art facilities... updated technology in new buildings... community with schools that are growing and advancing to offer unlimited opportunities for personal and academic growth.

Sarasota, FL

Sarasota, FL area parents are proud of the strong emphasis on character and social skills taught in their local schools... teachers and staff in their schools are known for "caring for your children as if they were their own"... curriculum focused on teaching skills for success in today's world, focused on "good morals and transfer of knowledge or sharing what you know"... exceptional support from the community for its schools, including required parent/family volunteering... a community that embraces "when parents volunteer at their kid's school, their kids do better"

Johns Creek, GA

Johns Creek, GA is a community that offers students the opportunity to attend

accomplished schools that are recognized for both their academic achievements, as well as, their strong extracurricular programs... a community with schools that consistently attain strong academic performances from its students... curriculums graduating students focused on higher learning opportunities... athletic programs that are competitive and bring home state titles... strong arts and music programs, including highly acclaimed

orchestra program... a community with public schools that cater to the individualized student with a variety of choices and opportunities built into the curriculums.

Naperville, IL

Naperville, IL is a community proud of its local schools... students attending the local high schools have an exceptional graduation rate and perform well on standardized testing... teachers are well-educated and hold high standards... one of the many notable attributes to these well-rounded programs is the area's academic extracurricular teams with strong representation in statewide competitions... athletic programs are strong and championship caliber in one of the most competitive conferences in the state... great schools with strong community spirit.

Winnetka, IL

Families living in Winnetka, IL take great pride in being home to public schools that truly invest in their students... recognized as spending well-above the national average in expenditure/student, the community is proud to graduate nearly all of their students with an exceptionally high rate of students enrolling in higher education college programs and universities... these area students are recognized as academically performing well above most other school districts in the state... beyond academics, the area has been awarded for its commitment to music education through various programs offered in its schools.

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Olathe, KS

Living in Olathe, KS gives students the opportunity to take advantage of unique programs and specialized curriculums offered at local area schools... programs with the core focus of "study of choice" including its "nationally renowned 21st century programs" that offers career-based curriculums taught in state-of-the-art professional facilities... also a distinguished scholar program offering individualized lesson plans in political science, foreign language, science, language arts, and math... beyond the classroom, the community has a legacy of great sports programs that breed strong school spirit and community support.

Cape Elizabeth, ME

Cape Elizabeth, ME offers an exceptional range of opportunities and choices in the curriculums taught by the area's schools... high standards of requirement for basic subjects... offer an exceptional range of courses for schools of their size... numerous electives offered in technology and fine arts... strong athletic and music programs... reviews from former students rave "the teachers have always been willing to help and the administration makes an effort to know every student's name"... "the sports teams are exceptionally competitive, the faculty is excellent, the facilities are above average and the town itself is absolutely beautiful."

Birmingham, MI

Living in Birmingham, MI gives students the opportunity to choose from various educational opportunities from exceptional public schools to highly acclaimed private institutions... area schools consistently rank at the top of academic performance statewide and receive national recognition for graduating some of the country's top scholars... students have an array of honors programs to grow academically... community holds strong values in preparing children for higher learning... student participation is high in the many elective courses and extra-curriculum programs offered from music to athletics and specialty programs in journalism, media and other vocational training.

Troy, MI

Troy, MI is a community of proud parents with students achieving consistently high academic honors in the area's schools... focus on success in school is evident through its almost 100% graduation rate among area students... from kindergarten through

secondary schools, those living in Troy have a great value in strong schools that continue to outperform and offer plenty of opportunities for kids to succeed.

Eagan, MN

Eagen, MN is a community embracing the advantage of technology in education... local schools are known as being some of the most "connected" in the state... cutting-edge technology is being incorporated throughout the schools from inside the classroom to district administration... this technology-friendly environment consistently breeds academic success and high achievement in elective programs and athletic activities... "connected community" programs promote school spirit and focus on healthy transitions for students advancing through the community's school system.

Columbia, MO

Columbia, MO is home to some of the state's largest schools and community residents are proud to say that they are among the most academically honored schools as well... receiving prestigious awards for academic excellence... endless courses and electives are offered at all levels of schools, giving community residents choice to truly experience well-rounded academic offerings... strength in numbers is demonstrated through its highly acclaimed music programs and state championship athletic accomplishments... parents rave that local area schools give "wonderful growth opportunities" and "never cease to present academic challenges."

Asheville, NC

Asheville, NC boasts some of the state's most highly acclaimed schools... from elementary through high school, local schools are consistently recognized nationally as performing strong academically and offering outstanding opportunities for children to grow and learn... community with strong sense of family and support for the education of its children. Ads by Google Education Tips Teaching Jobs Teacher Job K 12 Education


Cary, NC

The Cary, NC community provides choices in its educational offerings... students attending private programs in the area are exposed to rigorous academic programs that give them an enriched educational experience... high acceptance rate into higher educational institutions... curriculums are taught with heavy use of

technology... foreign language is a particular emphasis... foreign exchange programs and other specialty projects are received with much enthusiasm by students in the area... preparing children for higher learning and academic excellence is embraced by the community.

Las Vegas, NV

Living near Las Vegas, NV gives students the opportunity to take advantage of specialized magnet programs that enhance traditional curriculum taught in most secondary schools... highly acclaimed program available for students with high aptitude for technology and business... academic standards are high... class sizes are small... faculty is specialized... committed to providing focused study, while providing the same broad opportunities experienced in traditional curriculums... opportunity to simultaneously participate in extracurricular and athletic programs available in area school students are zoned to while attending their specialized academic programs.

Spartanburg, SC

Spartanburg, SC is a community proud of its successful schools... recognized and rewarded for high levels of academic achievement and high rates of student academic improvement... the schools and community are committed to being "ever-changing and ever-improving in order to meet the needs of their diverse population"... excellence extends to the schools' faculty and staff who are proud to teach in a supportive learning environment... education beyond high school is an "expected" goal with graduates being highly desired in the state's higher institutions of learning.

Nashville, TN

Nashville, TN is a community with many choices when it comes to education... local magnet programs are applauded for offering a great education through "very diverse and talented student body, dedicated teachers, dynamic administrators"... recognized for strong science and math programs... achieving high graduation rates... area students have a reputation for succeeding in higher learning institutions because of the education gained through these academic programs.

Arlington, VA

Arlington, VA is a community investing in their students' education and the result is great schools geared towards preparing kids for the future... half of the county's revenue is invested in its schools... academic excellence is demonstrated at every level... school spirit and participation is strong in everything from athletics to the arts... focus on preparing students for careers is highlighted by its job experience program offered to seniors during their final 4 weeks of school prior to graduation.

Bellevue, WA

Bellevue, WA is home to schools that take great pride in providing a "positive environment for everyone, from the students up to the principals"... specialized programs cater to children with interests and talents in the fine arts... highly acclaimed curriculum for gifted students to create an enhanced learning experience from grades 1-12... parents from the community report "the teachers have the best interests of the children in mind and keep them challenged."

Shoreline, WA

Shoreline, WA is an area sought out by many parents as the place they want to live because of the high quality of education offered in the local schools... community has a strong sense of responsibility for participating and being involved in the education of their children... home to one of the most active Parent Teacher Associations in the state... honored technology and science achievements... academic performance consistently strong.

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