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Unsold Banner Advertising for:,, and

Limited Availability


February 16, 2016

Outline Proposal

This is a proposal for unsold banner advertising on market leading premium websites. The inventory being offered is is heavily discounted is available on a first come, first served basis.

Unlike other forms of targeted banner advertising, by selecting specific sites to run a banner campaign advertisers know exactly where their ads will be apearing. This means that websites can be chosen which are precisely inline with your target audience and website's brand values.

Clever Digital is an independent advertising agency who specialize in seeking out late availability banner advertising. If you wish discuss your marketing plans we will make media and marketing recommendations which are unbiased and free from any commercial allegiances.

Clever Digital uses the latest media buying technology to purchase banner inventory on some of the largest and most reputable websites in the world. Our staff are industry-trained and know exactly how to purchase late availability banners at the best possible price, without the need to go directly to website owners. The process is fast and very efficient and clients love us for it.

If you have any further questions, your Account Manger will be more than happy to answer them for you.

Media Buying Department 1 (646) 757 1201 Clever Digital Inc.

Clever Digital Inc.

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If you already have a clear idea about the kinds of sites your target audience visit, then find

discounted late availabily ad inventory is the way to go. The banner inventory listed below has been compiled by our media buyers using a broad range of advertising platform and exchanges. We've based the prices on leaderboard format to make price comparisons easier, but in most cases a fully range of banner sizes are available.

We can also tighten the target further by gender, age, location or device.


DESCRIPTION PRICE / 42,000 banners

Leaderboard and MPU format over approximately a 28 day campaign


Time / 60,000 banners

Leaderboard format over approximately a 28 day campaign


Huffington Post / 55,000 banners

Leaderboard format over approximately a 28 day campaign


Forbes 65,000

Leaderboard format over approximately a 28 day campaign


Optional extras

• Re-target the traffic generated by the banner campaign +15% • Increase banner size from leaderboard to MPU (rectangle) +5% • Geo-target banners + 15%



More traditional leaderboard and MPU sizes are starting to give way to alternative and sometimes quite novel formats. It makes great media buying sense to have a full suite of banners created because it increases the opportunities to purchase late-availability inventory.

Clever Digital has a six-strong team of designers who can produce high quality creative, often without the need to a detailed brief.


• Leaderboard & MPU design cost included with media • Full suite of five formats available for $250



Like many ad agencies who specialize in digital media, Clever Digital has an Agency Trading Desk staffed by experienced Ad Operations Executives. It this through the Agency Trading Desk that most of the banners are purchased.

In our experience, the best targeting options and value is available through our real time bidding platform. In means that with the majority of campaigns, banners are purchased via auction-based systems without the need to contact publishers directly.

Clients benefit from our depth of knowledge and strategies for securing the most targeted banners at the best possible price. The marketplace is very complex and we have access to unsold banner inventory from over 100 different ad exchanges.

Listed below are just a select number of ad exchanges that Clever Digital uses on a regular basis:



ServiceMaster was first established in the United States in 1929. They are now market leaders in the field of carpet, upholstery and hardwood floor cleaning. The business is a franchising model that requires them to create a vast amount of leads to be generated for their franchisees.


In the middle of last year we approached ServiceMaster to begin some test marketing. Having never used any banner campaigns before and were naturally sceptical of its potential. However, the test was extremely successful and we managed to secure a contract for some increased activity this year.


We deployed a number of very high volume Run of Network campaigns in order to create some traction within the market. We combined this with some Retargeting in order to get the most out of their web traffic created from our campaigns, PPC, printed and other digital campaigns they were running. This allowed us to show ads to visitors who have already visited the site encouraging them to come back again.


• Heightened Brand Awareness • Increased web traffic

• Increased visitor engagement

Creative Examples




1.These conditions shall apply to orders and agreements with Clever Digital Inc. for online advertising services. Any other proposed condition shall be void unless incorporated clearly in writing, on a Sales Order and specifically accepted by Clever Digital Inc. 2.In exceptional circumstances a refund maybe granted at the discretion of Clever Digital Inc.'s management.

3.In cases of Force Majeure, Clever Digital Inc. shall not be liable for any delay or failure to perform any of its obligations if the delay or failure results from events or circumstances outside its reasonable control and the Clever Digital Inc. shall be entitled to a reasonable extension of its obligations after notifying the Client of the nature and extent of such events.

4.Clever Digital Inc. shall be under no liability whatsoever by reason of error, including any translation error, for which it may be responsible in any advertisement beyond liability to give the advertiser or advertising agency credit for as much of the space occupied by the

advertisement as is materially affected by the error.

5.All parties involved in the agreement will understand and follow the rules and regulations of the Data Protection US data protection laws. This includes codes of practice and the confidentiality of personal information. Calls to and from the Clever Digital Inc. may be recorded. 6.Clever Digital Inc. holds the rights to edit, cancel or suspend any services/agreements.

7.All advertising is subject to availability.

8.Advertisement rates are subject to revision at any time. In the event of a rate increase, the Advertiser will have the option to cancel the order without surcharge or continue the order at the revised advertisement rates.

9.A penalty charge of 30% of the total order value will be levied on all cancelled orders.

10.In the event of any disagreement regarding the number of impressions or visitors served, the Advertiser agrees that the figures provided by third part ad platforms are final and binding.

11.All online advertising is booked ‘run-of-site' or "run-of-network" unless otherwise stated. This means advertising will appear anywhere on a particular website. When possible Clever Digital Inc. will provide a screenshot of the booked advertisement but this is not a condition of payment.

12.Estimated advertising performance is based on historical data and is not intended as a guarantee for future advertising returns. 13.If a problem is identified with the campaign's performance the client must make this known at the earliest possible opportunity. Claims for errors must be madewithin 30 daysfollowing order date.

14.Your agreement is with Clever Digital Inc., an independent business which does not act as an authorised reseller for any publisher. 15.The advertiser and advertising agency assume liability for all content (including text representation and illustrations) of advertisements published and also assume responsibility for any claims arising therefrom made against Clever Digital Inc., including costs associated with defending against such a claim.

16.Clever Digital Inc. shall be under no liability for its failure for any cause to insert an advertisement. 17.Cancellations, changes of insertion dates and/or corrections must conform to deadlines.

18.Insertion orders are accepted by Clever Digital Inc. subject to the foregoing terms and conditions. Terms, conditions, rates or agreements not set forth herein or in then-current rate schedules are not binding on Clever Digital Inc.

*These terms and conditions apply to Clever Digital Inc. advertising services and its related subsidiaries.

For more information, please consult your Account Manager.




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