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Race Night



Garden Party!


Thank you for choosing to support Jessie May!

Jessica May Purrington was born with a condition called Muscular Atrophy. Whilst

Who we are

the Purrington’s were visiting relatives in Bristol, Jessica was admitted to the local hospital. It was here that the family learnt that the support they had received back at home in High Wycombe was not available to families caring for their child at home in the Bristol area. Jessica died peacefully at home surrounded by those who

loved her. She was just 4 ½ months old. Jessica’s parents founded Jessie May with the objective that every family with a terminally ill child should have the support they need within their own homes.

Today, Jessie May supports families who have children with life limiting illnesses. Children who will sadly not live to reach adulthood. Families with a terminally ill child often find juggling ‘round the clock care with everyday tasks an overwhelming struggle.

A Jessie May nurse visits a family in their own home, providing expert care for terminally ill children. Their visits allow parents to pop out to the shops, help their other children with their homework or simply to sit down and eat dinner.

In addition to respite care at home, Jessie May also provides nurse’s telephone support, bereavement support, holiday respite sessions and family fun days.

There are of course things we cannot do: we cannot cure, we cannot change a diagnosis, but we can make a real difference to struggling families and the precious lives of terminally

ill children.

Our service is so special because it enables parents to have a break, confident that their son or daughter is in the care of someone who understands the complexities of their medical needs, and crucially someone they trust. Jessie May is providing a vital service in the heart of the Bristol community – no other organisation in the Bristol area offers this type of care, including the NHS.


How You Can Help us, Help Them

Bath Half Marathon – 2nd March 2014

London Marathon – 13th April 2014

Bristol 10k – 11th May 2014

Bristol Half Marathon – 21st September 2014

New York Marathon - 2nd November 2014

Wyern Christmas Cracker(10K) – 7th December 2014

Open Mic Night –

Perform for Jessie May!

Whether you’re a keen singer or budding musician, why not host an Open Mic night at your local for Jessie May?

Simply get a group of local musicians / friends together to form a house band for the night and ask your local pub to host the evening. Advertise with flyers and charge a small entry fee.

Performing is a great way to raise money fast for Jessie May 

Dragon Boat Racing –

Get Your Oars Out!

Why not get a group of 13-17 friends together, throw fancy dress into the mix and take to Bristol’s finest waters in a Chinese style Dragon Boat for us!

In 2013 team Jessie May managed to raise over £9,000 by locking oars and going head to head with other teams from the Bristol community, in the Rotary Club’s annual Dragon Boat Festival.

Each team pledges to raise £1,750 per boat. That’s enough money to support a Jessie May family for an entire month!

There are thousands of ways you can raise

money. Whatever you’re up for, whatever

your ability level is, there is something YOU

can do to help us, help the families we


Run for Jessie May –

Get your Trainers On!

Maybe you’re a seasoned runner looking to beat your personal best or perhaps you’re a complete novice up for a new challenge. Whatever your ability, Bristol plays host to so many races, you can always find one suitable for your ability. Here are a few races that might take your fancy:

A great local race taking in all the sights Bristol has to offer!


Other Events….

Why walk for miles when you can raise money by just walking a few meters… OVER HOT EMBERS! Think of it as the shortest sponsored walk ever!

Auction of Promises

Persuade friends and colleagues to donate their skills, expertise & services for auction! Whether it’s lessons in sport, music, dancing or languages, home baked cakes or other household chores – everyone has something they’re good at!

Blooming Marvellous

Hold a flower show or sale. Camellia, clematis, delphinium or daffodil… plants sell like hot cakes (which is another good idea for a fundraiser)…

Golf Day for Jessie May

Golf enthusiasts! Perhaps you are a member of a Rotary or Lions Club and

would like to spend a day on the green in aid of Jessie May?! This year Bristol

Breakfast Rotary Club kindly hosted a golf day for us at Bristol & Clifton Golf

Course and raised a mammoth £5,000!


Dance Marathon

Put your dance skills to the test by hosting a dance marathon for Jessie May! Whether it be Zumba, Yoga or Ballroom, you will be getting fit in the process: what better way to raise money for Jessie May?!


Donation Station

Set up a donation station in your workplace for a week and encourage people to bring in old DVDs, clothes, handbags, jewellery and mobile phones which we can sell on our eBay shop. A Jessie May representative will then come and collect the items from you at the end of the week.

Hold an Event!

Why not put on an event for us?!

In July 2012 Bristol father Luke Elston-Bryan teamed up with local celebrities to organise “Briz on the Ball”, a charity football match and auction at his local football club in aid of Jessie May!

Holding a Jessie May event is a great opportunity

to bring friends and other members of your community together!

Fundraising Ideas

Sponsored Challenges

If you’re not particularly athletic and want to avoid the half marathons, there are still challenges you can take part in. Give up something you’re known for; chocolate, facebook, driving, shaving…. Whatever it is, do it for Jessie May – your friends will be proud!

Purple Hearts Day @ Work

Ask your friends & everyone at work to pay £2 to participate in a purple themed dress down day.

This event can be as big or as small as you want it to be – there are loads of ways to add to it, such as coinciding the day with a cake sale or raffle.

Coinciding this with a launch of your donation station is a great way to get your friends & colleagues engaged with Jessie May and your fundraising activities.

Don’t go to the pub…

…invite everyone over to your house instead.

What about the beer money? Donate it to Jessie May!

Luke, Josie Gibson & Jeff -“Briz on the Ball”


A – Z of Fundraising


A Close Shave (head shave)


Black tie ball


Cheese & wine evening


Donate your old stuff to our eBay shop


Easter egg hunt


Football tournament


Golf day


Halloween party


It's a knockout competition




Karaoke night




Office Olympics


Run a marathon


Nominate Jessie May for Charity of the Year (at work)


Pamper Party


Quiz night


Row along the harbour in a dragon boat race


Speed dating


Trek Mt Kilimanjaro


UK cycle ride


Valentine's day cake sale


Wear your clothes backwards


Xmas ball


Yummy treats coffee morning


Every £1 Helps…

Every pound raised by you is vital to Jessie May – so

once you have reached any minimum amount required

please don’t stop there!

Individual Sponsorship

Ask your friends, relatives and colleagues to sponsor you. People usually pledge an amount of money per mile / lap or as a total. Remember to use any links that you have to seek out opportunities for gaining sponsorship…companies, sports clubs or community organisations such as Rotary and Lions, religious groups, etc.

By using the Justgiving website at http://www.justgiving.com/jessiemay you can set up your own personalised fundraising website.

It’s very user friendly and will guide you through setting up your site step by step, but if you do need help with this please don’t hesitate to call our fundraising team on

0117 9582174 for assistance! This site allows friends, family or colleagues to sponsor

you online in just minutes. The benefits of using Justgiving means that you don’t have to chase or collect money from people– the sponsorship money is paid in advance and goes straight to the charity after the event.

Donating with Justgiving us extremely secure. The site has a BT Trustwise Global Server Digital Certificate and Justgiving will even reclaim the Gift Aid, saving the Charity valuable time.

Ask people to Gift Aid their donation!

Under the gift aid Scheme, if you are or have been a tax payer in any one financial year the Charity can reclaim 25p for every £1 that you give at no extra cost to you. In order for the Charity to gain this additional benefit from your donation, your sponsor just needs to tick the Gift Aid Box on the sponsorship form and give their name and full home address including postcode.


Sponsorship Forms

Sponsorship forms can be downloaded through our website at


Promotional Material

Holding an event for Jessie May and need promotional material? Jessie May posters and our logo are also downloadable at


Jessie May collection tins / buckets, t-shirts & banners can also be provided free of charge!

Please contact Emily Lynch at emily.lynch@jessiemay.org.uk Or 0117 9582174

Collected Money

Please send all the money you have raised along with any sponsorship forms to:

Fundraising Department

Jessie May

35 Old School House

Kingswood Foundation Estate

Britannia Road

Kingswood, Bristol.

BS15 8DB


How Your Money Helps

1 bag of specially adapted toys


The cost of 1 child to attend a teenage respite day is


Direct costs, providing one child with a 3 hour Jessie May

Nurse visit at home:


To support a family for a whole month will be


Our Christmas party costs


providing a safe environment

for children and families to have fun

Our Summer Fun Day Costs


Teenage Respite Day Costs


Child Respite Day


Supporting 1 family for a year


Support the salary of a Jessie May Core Team Nurse


Total cost of all our respite days for children and teenagers for

a year



We are here to support you in all your fundraising efforts. We frequently assist our community fundraisers with the following:

If you are interested in holding a community fundraising event, or would like to volunteer some of your time to help us, please contact Community & Events Officer, Emily Lynch, for more information.

Email: emily.lynch@jessiemay.org.uk Telephone: 0117 9582174

Jessie May information talks, presentations & speeches

Assistance with PR coverage

Jessie May branding including, collection buckets, t-shirts and Handy

the Mascot appearances • Cheque presentations

Jessie May representatives to attend fundraising events.

Getting Started




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