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Since 1965, the South’s Leading

Poultry House Insulation Company.

Since 1995, America’s Leader in the Distribution

of Poultry House Building Materials.

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Mailing Address: P.O. Box 561

Jefferson, GA 30549

Physical Address: 1047 Airport Road


In 1965, Dwight Porter founded Porter Insulation and started a family enterprise that today includes Keith Porter Home Insulation and Fireplace, Porter Truss, Double D Truss and Garage Door, and Oconee

Porter Insulation. In 1995, his son Brantley started the wholesale distribution division which is known today as Porter Insulation Products.

Throughout the years, Porter Insulation has prided itself on quality products, quality workmanship, and standing behind what we sell.

Left to Right:

Frank Bray—Former Owner

Bob Randolph—Lifelong Crew Foreman Junior Hopkins—Lifelong Crew Foreman Dwight Porter—Founder and Former Owner

Left to Right:

Brantley Porter—President and Owner Jan Elrod—Accounting

Willis Armstrong—Outside Sales Chuck Herbert—Inside Sales

Left to Right:

Tina Corbin—Customer Service Robert Bolton—Shipping and Receiving Mike Thurmond—Crew Foreman Ernie Pruett—Trucking

Customer Service Team:

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Poultry House Fiberglass Rolls

R-11 47” x 40’8” Partial Kraft 159.28 sq. ft. R-11 59” x 40’8” Partial Kraft 199.94 sq. ft. R-19 47” x 40’8” Partial Kraft 159.28 sq. ft. R-19 47” x 42’8” Partial Kraft 167.11 sq. ft. R-19 59” x 40’8” Partial Kraft 199.94 sq. ft. R-19 59” x 42’4” Partial Kraft 208.14 sq. ft. R-19 47” x 50’8” Partial Kraft 198.46 sq. ft.

Sidewall Fiberglass

R-11 15” x 70’6” Kraft Rolls 88.12 sq. ft. R-11 23” x 48” Kraft Batts 245.33 sq. ft R-11 23” x 70’6” Kraft Rolls 135.12 sq. ft. R-13 15” x 93” Kraft Batts 116.25 sq. ft. R-13 23” x 93” Kraft Batts 178.25 sq. ft. R-19 15” x 39’2” Kraft Rolls 48.96 sq. ft. R-19 23” x 48” Kraft Batts 122.67 sq. ft R-19 23” x 39’2” Kraft Rolls 75.07 sq. ft.

Blown Insulation

Cellulose Stabilized in 30 lb. bags

Coverage varies by manufacturer Fiberglass Ultra-Therm in Yellow formula

R-19 = 62 sq. ft. per bag Fiberglass Insulsafe in White formula

R-19 = 107 sq. ft. per bag


Ceiling Materials

Woven Polyethylene (Tri-Ply)

We carry Tri-Ply in three different widths and several lengths. Our on-site conversion machine makes it possible to custom roll whatever size you need. Our standard stock items are:

10’9” and 12’6” Wide 52” Wide

205’ 425’ 600’ 255’ 465’ 305’ 505’ 355’ 530’ 405’


We offer two different styles of strapping. The style we recommend is Green Polyester. We recommend this style because of the proven durability inside a poultry house environment. We have been installing polyester since 1975 and have never had a problem. We also carry White Polypropylene, but do not recommend it inside a poultry house because of the limited lifespan it has. The only place we recommend this strap is inside shops where cosmetics are important.

Green Polyester 1/2” x 12,000’ x 500 lb. break x .015” thick White Polypropylene 1/2” x 8,200’ x 500 lb. break x .020” thick

Woven Tape

Our Woven Tape is made from the same Polyethylene as our Tri-Ply ceiling material. This causes the tape to adhere better to the ceiling and look cosmetically superior to the competition.

We stock tape in both black and white.

White Woven Tape 3.77” wide x 165’ long - 15 / case Black Woven Tape 3.77” wide x 165’ long - 15 / case

Wood Strips

Our wood strips are used to adhere the Tri-Ply to the upper sidewall. These strips have 144’ running feet per bundle. 1.25” wide x 7/16” thick x 8’ long - 18 per bundle


Ceiling Accessories

Staples and /ails

1” Crown x 1” Leg Galvanized Staples 10,000 / box 7/16” Crown x 2” Leg Non-Galv. Staples 10,000 / box 10 d Nails x 3” Leg Non-Galv. Nails 3,200 / box 1/2” Crown x 3/4” Leg Non-Galv Romex Staples 500 / box 1” Crown x 1” Leg Stainless Steel Staples 5,000 / box

Strapping Tools

E. Dispenser Heavy Duty SD-15 F. Dispenser Light Duty DS-100 G. Tensioner Light Duty Acme H. Tensioner Heavy Duty Signode I. Seals Heavy Duty Signode

J. Sealer Light Duty Acme

K. Sealer Heavy Duty Signode

Staplers and Accessories

A. 1” Crown Stapler Senco PW Used B. 1” Crown Stapler Senco PW New C. Air Hose 3/8” x 300’ x 600 PSI HD D. Tool Oil 8 oz. Interchange


We carry Adjustable Stilts in 3 different sizes:

14” to 22” 18” to 30” 24” to 40” We also carry all Stilt parts. Please call for

details. A B C D E F G H I. J. K

Our Heavy Duty Strapping Tools are designed for professional insulation installers who use these tools daily. We also carry Light Duty tools designed for Growers who only need to use them in isolated cases. Our Seals come in boxes of 2,500. We can also separate these seals into individual pieces if needed.

Safety Items

L M L. Dust Mask Double Strap Heavy Duty 20 per box M. Safety Glasses 12 per box 5


Building Materials

Coated Wire

We stock PVC Coated 20 Gauge Galvanized Wire in both Domes-tic and Asian variety. We highly recommend using the DomesDomes-tic Wire because of its proven track record, whereas the Asian Wire is new to the market. While we guarantee the Domestic Wire, we do NOT stand behind the Asian Wire. While it is less expensive, it has no guarantees. All rolls are shrink wrapped and are 150’ long. The widths are:

N. Domestic Wire: 1’ - 2.5’ - 3’ - 4’ - 5’ - 6’ O. Asian Wire: 1’ - 4’ - 5’ - 6’


Our Poultry House Doors are the best on the market today. These doors are all aluminum constructed with .050 aluminum extruded frame, inner and outer, injected with a two-pound density

polyurethane foam core. We use an exclusive aluminum hinge made of 1/8" wall aluminum extrusion. Our stock door sizes are:

1’4” x 5’6” 3’0” x 5’3” 4’0” x 5’6” 3’0” x 5’9” 4’0” x 6’0” 3’0” x 6’0” 4’0” x 6’8” 3’0” x 6’8”

We also carry 4 different types of windows: P. 22” x 36” 9 Light Window

Q. 10” x 10” Diamond Shaped Window 20” x 24” Plain Window (not pictured) 18” x 27” Sliding Window (not pictured)

Roof Vents

We stock 48” Roof Vents that are pre-assembled and shipped directly to your jobsite. You don’t have to worry about taking 30 minutes to assemble a roof vent anymore. You simply take the vent off the truck and install it on your roof.



Building Materials

Sliding Door Accessories

Our 14 gauge Track is face mounted with slots for covers that can be added. R. 10’ or 12’ Track

S. 6½” or 9½” Adj. Offset Trolley T. 7” Adjustable Jamb Latch U. Stay Roller (adjustable) V. White Painted Door Handle W. 10’, 12’, or 14’ Male Side Trim X. 10’, 12’, or 14’ Female Side Trim

Not pictured: Track Cover Bracket Track End Plug Splice Collar

Reflective Foil Insulation

We now stock APA Certified #1 grade OSB in 4’ x 10’ sheets. This OSB is 7/16” thick and comes 70 sheets per bundle. We can break the bundles into any quantity you need. We can even rip the board into 2’ x 10’ sheets

for an extra 25¢ per 2’ sheet. We offer Reflective Foil Insulation in both Single

Bubble and Double Bubble. We offer it with Foil on both sides (Foil/Foil) and also with Foil on one

side and White Poly on the other (Foil/White).



X 7

At this time, we do NOT carry the Reflective Bubble Insulation at our Georgia Warehouse. All of these type orders have to be

drop shipped from the manufacturer and will have a freight charge. The amount of the purchase on this type insulation does


Cool Cell Tunnel Inlet Doors

Our doors are made of ALL—ALUMINUM extrusions and skins. Do NOT settle for doors that have Galvanized Steel or PVC ingredients. We have been selling

doors into the Poultry Industry since 1995. We know the industry and what it takes to make a long lasting door that will work for the long run. Insist on the highest quality Cool Cell Tunnel Inlet Door on the market@ INSIST ON PORTER. 4' High Cool Cells:

48.75" x 80" 48.75" x 60" 48.75" x 40" 48.75" x 20"

5' High Cool Cells: 59.5" x 80" 59.5" x 60" 59.5" x 40" 59.5" x 20" Accessories: 48.75” Meeting Rail 59.5” Meeting Rail

Steel Bracket Kit with Nut and Bolt (2 per door) Screw pack of 100 for Brackets (8 screws per door)

Door “P” Sealer 1-1/8” thick

1—1/8” “P” Seal Bracket Kit


On smaller orders, we can ship on UPS, Fed Ex Freight, Saia or any other common carrier that you desire. There are minimum charges for common carrier

shipments and a $20.00 pallet charge for orders that require extra protection.

At this time, we do NOT carry these doors at our Georgia Warehouse. All Cool Cell Inlet Door orders have to be drop shipped from the manufacturer and will have a freight charge. The amount of the purchase on these doors does NOT figure into our standard Freight Policy.

We consolidate most of our materials at our Georgia warehouse and can ship directly to your jobsite. In most areas of the Southeast, we can even drop full trailers on your jobsite, or at your warehouse, if we have an empty in the area. We have different Freight rates depending on the dollar amount of the order and the mileage to the area it is being delivered to. We can even deliver for free if the dollar amount of the order is large enough. Please call us at 800-999-0430 to discuss the shipping possibilities.

Please note that we do not carry the following materials at our Georgia warehouse and they are not covered in our standard freight policies:

Cool Cell Tunnel Inlet Doors Reflective Bubble Insulation

Folding Front Doors Insulated Fan Cover Panels





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