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Architectural Inventory Form



Rev. 9/98 Official eligibility determination(OAHP use only)

Date ________________ Initials_______ Determined Eligible- NR

____ Determined Not Eligible- NR ____ Determined Eligible- SR ____ Determined Not Eligible- SR ____ Need Data

____ Contributes to eligible NR District ____ Noncontributing to eligible NR District


1. Resource number: 5JF1401 2. Temporary resource number:

3. County: Jefferson

4. City: Arvada

5. Historic building name: Newt Olson Residence 6. Current building name: Psychic Reader

7. Building address: 5723 Zephyr St. Arvada, CO 80002

8. Owner name and address: 7900 Ralston Road LLC - PO Box 1500 Arvada, CO 80001 II. GEOGRAPHIC INFORMATION

9. P.M. 6th Township: 3S Range: 69W of Section: 11 SE SW Zone: 13 4405767 mE 492701 mN 10. UTM reference ; Arvada, CO Year: 1994

12. Lot(s): 1-2 Block: N/A

Addition: Smith & Rick's Year of Addition: 1924

13. Boundary Description and Justification:

The resource boundary is defined by the limit of the current legal parcel as indicated by the Jefferson County Assessor.

11. USGS quad name:

Map scale: 7.5' ____ 15' ____ Attach photo copy of appropriate map section.


15. Dimensions in feet: Length 50 x Width: 30 16. Number of stories: 1

17. Primary external wall material(s): Horizontal Siding

18. Roof configuration: Hipped Roof

19. Primary external roof material : Shingle Roof



21. General architectural description:

1997 survey: One-story, hipped roof, frame dwelling with off-center, projecting, hipped roof, enclosed porch. Widely overhanging eaves, exposed rafters, wood shingle roofing, center brick chimney with metel cap. Walls clad with narrow lap siding; corner boards; wide frieze board; concrete foundation. Off-center, round arched entrance; door of vertical boards with glazing. Cottage style, 4/1- and 5/1-light windows with wood surrounds. Shed roofed bay windows on north and south have clapboard siding. Projecting porch has lap siding, square columns and band of 4/1-light windows; rounded concrete stairs. Paneled and glazed door on north. Parking area behind house.

2013 update: This building is located on the west side of Zephyr Street and was surveyed from the public right-of-way. A security door has been added to the secondary entrance on the north elevation, which opens onto a small wood deck with a wood base, stick railing, steps, and ramp. The shed roofed bay windows now have the same siding as the rest of the house. All of the windows on the building have architrave surrounds. A third entrance is located on the west elevation with a glazed and paneled door and a security door. A hipped roof projecting addition has also been built on the west elevation clad in the same narrow lap siding as the original building, with paired and triple 4/1-light double-hung windows that have architrave surrounds. The bay window on the south elevation projects off the addition. All of the windows on the foundation have been boarded up. 22. Architectural style/building type: Bungalow

23. Landscaping or special setting features:

On the east side, a concrete walkway leads from the sidewalk to the projecting stoop, a flagstone walkway leads from the stoop to the paved driveway located on the south side of the lot, and a stone path from the stoop to the porch on the north elevation. The yard space on the north, south, and east sides of the lot has small cobbles, hedges, and is walled on the east and north sides with a short stone wall. A large metal sign is located in the northeast corner of the lot. A concrete path leads from the parking area to the porch ramp and steps on the north side. The west side of the lot is a paved parking lot; the west elevation of the building is enclosed by a wood slat fence. Additionally, the area between this building and the building to the south is also enclosed by a wood slat fence.

24. Associated buildings, features, or objects:

The residence to the south, 5JF1400, is associated with this property. IV. ARCHITECTURAL HISTORY

25. Date of Construction: Estimate: Actual: 1929 Source of information: Jefferson County Assessor

26. Architect: Unknown

27. Builder/Contractor: Unknown

28. Original Owner: Newt & Bertha Olson Source of information: N/A

Source of information: N/A

Source of information: Harold Olson 20. Special features:

29. Construction History:





31. Original use(s): Domestic 32. Intermediate use(s): Domestic

33. Current use(s): Commerce/Trade

34. Site type(s): Commerce/Trade-Psychic Reader 35. Historical Background:

Harold Olson stated that his parents, Newt A. and Bertha Eastman Olson, built this house after moving to Arvada in 1922. Newt Olson operated an Arvada lumber company for many years and was a prominent civic leader. Newt Olson was born in Marshalltown, Iowa, in 1887. He married Bertha Elizabeth Eastman in 1916. They moved from Iowa to South Dakota, then to Thermopolis, Wyoming, where Mr. Olson started a lumber business. The Olsons, together with William T. and Ann Olson, moved to Arvada in 1922 to start a new lumber business at the corner of Wadsworth and 57th Avenue. Newt Olson was an organizer of the Arvada Retail Credit Association; was first president of the first Chamber of Commerce, an organization which he was active in for many years; master of the Masonic Lodge and president of the Lion’s Club; and served on the Jefferson County selective service committee during World War I. His son noted that Newt Olson created the idea of an annual Harvest Festival based on similar things he had done in Wyoming. He was also a founder of the Arvada Boy’s Band sponsored by the Chamber of Commerce. Harold Olson remembered that his father loved all children and kept a supply of candy in his office for them – the town children called him “Uncle Newt.” He described his father as a “very warm and friendly, outgoing and well liked, tall, heavy-set, bald, intelligent, but with little formal education." Mrs. Olson was active in the Methodist Church and the Women’s Christian Temperance Union. Newton Allen Olson passed away in 1950 and Bertha Eastman Olson died in 1947. City directories in 1946 and 1948 indicate that William T. and Ann Olson were living here. In 1946, Mr. Olson was employed as Jefferson County Clerk.

2013 update: The above research was conducted during the 1997 survey. In 2001, Daniel J. and Karen Ann Gardner purchased the home from Robert H. Sonheim. The current owner, 5721 Zephyr Street LLC, acquired the home in 2002. Further research using Jefferson County Assessor records, Arvada City Directories, Historic Sanborn maps, and City of Arvada documents did not yield any additional information about this property. 30. Original location Moved

36. Sources of Information:

Jefferson County Assessor records; Sanborn Map Co., Arvada Fire Insurance Maps; Arvada City Directories, 1932-1952; Arvada Historical Society, Arvada: Just Between You and Me (Boulder: Johnson Publishing Co., 1983), 93-174 passim; Arvada Historical Society Files, Harold Olson Interview.


37. Local landmark designation: Yes No Designating authority:

38. Applicable National Register Criteria VI. SIGNIFICANCE

Associated with events that have made a significant contribution to the broad pattern of out history; Associated with the lives of persons significant in our past;

Embodies the distinctive charactersitics of a type, period, or method of construction, or represents the work of a master, or that possess high artistic values, or represents a significant and

distiguishable entity whose components may lack individual distinction; or A.

B. C.


Has yielded, or may be likely to yield, information important in history or prehistory. Qualifies under Criteria Considerations A through G (see Manual)

Does not meet any of the above National Register Criteria D.

Property is unevaluate

Level of Significance

41. Local State National N/A

39. Area(s) of significance: Architecture; Commerce 40. Period of significance: 1922-1964

43. Assessment of historic physical integrity related to significance:

The small wood deck and ramp on the north elevation, enclosed front porch, the window alterations, and the addition on the west elevation compromise the integrity of design, feeling, workmanship, and materials. In this 2013 evaluation, we conclude that this property has retained integrity of workmanship, materials, location, setting, and association. SWCA agrees with the previous determination made by the Colorado SHPO that this property, while not individually eligible for listing on the NRHP, is contributing to the Reno Park Addition Historic District under Criterion C. The property cannot be contributing under Criterion B because the district is listed as significant under Criteria A and C.

42. Statement of significance:

This house is associated with prominent Arvada businessman Newton Allen Olson, who founded the Newt Olson Lumber Company, and was a community leader. The house, although altered by the enclosure of the porch, reflects the Bungalow style through its hipped roof with widely overhanging eaves and exposed rafters, very narrow lap siding, multi-/single-light windows, and prominent porch.

2013 update: 5JF1401 is located in the Reno Park Addition Historic District, which is listed on the NRHP as significant under Criteria A and C under the areas of community planning and development as well as architecture. This property is significant under Criterion C.


Eligible Not Eligible Needs Data 44. National Register eligibility field assessment:

Yes No

45. Is there National Register district potential?

Discuss: This property is located in a listed district.

If there is National Register district potential, is the building: Contributing Noncontributing

46. If the building is in an existing National Register District, is it: Contributing Noncontributing

47. Photograph Numbers: 703-707

49. Date(s): 9/26/13 50. Recorder(s): JLM VIII. RECORDING INFORMATION

Negatives filed at: SWCA Environmental Consultants, 295 Interlocken Blvd. Suite 300, Broomfield, CO 80021

48. Report Title:


52. Address: 295 Interlocken Blvd. Suite 300, Broomfield, CO 80021 53. Phone number(s): 303-487-1183

NOTE:Please include a sketch map, a photocopy of the USGS quad map indicating resource location, and photographs.

Colorado Historical Society - Office of Archaeology Historic Preservation 1200 Broadway, Denver, CO 80203 (303) 866-3395


East Elevation

Direction Facing: West

 North Elevation

Direction facing: Southeast


5723 Zephyr St. Arvada, CO 80002


West Elevation

Direction Facing: East

West and South Elevation

Direction facing: Northeast


5723 Zephyr St. Arvada, CO 80002


Direction Facing:

Direction facing:


5723 Zephyr St. Arvada, CO 80002


Direction Facing:

Direction facing:


5723 Zephyr St. Arvada, CO 80002





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