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College Credit for Heroes. Participation in Program April 2013


Academic year: 2021

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College Credit for Heroes

Participation in Program


Table of Contents

Establishment of College Credit for Heroes (CCH) Initiative

– Slide 5

Phase 1 Texas Partner Community Colleges’ Projects

– Slides 6-8

Central Texas College (CTC) Project and Purpose

– Slides 9-11

Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with Texas Colleges and Universities

– Slides 12-18


. . . table of contents

Sample MOU and CCH Transcript

– Slides 19-20

Advantages of MOU for Institutions of Higher Education, Veterans and

Servicemembers, State of Texas, and Federal Government

– Slides 21-26

Military Evaluation Methodology

– Slides 27-30


. . . table of contents

Overview of CCH Website/Portal – Slide 31 Contact Information – Slide 32 References – Slide 33 www.collegecreditforheroes.org 4


What is

College Credit for Heroes?

Established by Texas SB 1736, June 2011

– Purpose is to identify, develop, and support

methods to maximize award of college credits for military education experiences

• Accelerate degree/certificate completion • Expedite veterans entry into workforce

• 7 Texas Community Colleges Chosen, Phase 1

– Large percentage of veterans in service areas – First year emphasis in Allied Health Sciences


Projects of the 7 Texas Partner

Community Colleges, Phase 1

Alamo Community Colleges

– Accelerated AAS Nursing Mobility Track – AAS Health Professions in Specialty Fields

Central Texas College (CTC)

– Statewide Online Military Evaluation System

Houston Community College, Coleman College of Health Sciences

– Accelerated Surgical Nursing Certificate – AAS Health Sciences Concentrations


. . . projects of partner colleges

Lee College

– Individual Education Plan—maximize credit – Establish Veterans Education Center

Lone Star College

– Texas Inter-College Council of Veterans

• Partner Colleges, Texas Workforce Commission,

and Medical Education and Training Campus met regularly

– Host Veterans Excellence Conference • Report Best Practices


. . . projects of partner colleges

San Jacinto College

– Comprehensive Analysis of Allied Health

Programs across Texas; identify training gaps

– Barriers to Award of Military Credit and


– Host Allied Health Summit

• Temple College

– Accelerated Program in Emergency Medical

Services (EMS)


CTC’s Project, Phase 1

Statewide Online Military

Evaluation System

Evaluate Military Occupations to Texas

WECM/TCCNS Courses and Electives

– Includes Army, Marine Corps, and Navy

– Air Force (Community College of the Air Force)

• Primary Emphasis on Allied Health Programs Process Official Military Evaluations and

Transcript Credits to an official transcript


Veterans and Servicemembers Eligible

to Receive Evaluations through

College Credit for Heroes Portal

Texas Veterans

Servicemembers in Texas

Transitioning Servicemembers

– Relocating to Texas within 120 days

Veteran or Servicemember whose State of Residence is Texas

– Regardless of Location


Purpose of CTC’s Project

Standardize Award of College Credit for

Military Education Experiences Across the State of Texas

Establish Memorandum of Understanding with Texas Institutions of Higher Education to accept credits awarded through CCH Portal Provide Centralized Location for Veterans

and Servicemembers to Receive a Military Evaluation that can be used at Texas

Institutions of Higher Education


Memorandum of Understanding

All Texas Public Colleges and Universities

Eligible to Participate

Texas Workforce Commission (TWC) Grant is

not required to participate in CCH initiative

Decision pending if nonpublic colleges and

universities in Texas are eligible to participate

Sample MOU

Available for download on CCH Website

“Contact Us” webpage at Sample MOU


MOU Proposed Responsibilities of

Participating Institutions of Higher


Level of Participation can vary

Designate POC and decision makers

Accept credits awarded through CCH Portal where appropriate

– Provide hyperlink to college website for

placement on CCH Website

Track veterans and servicemembers who

receive a CCH evaluation and enroll in participating college


. . . proposed responsibilities of

participating institutions

• Promote CCH System to the target population

Identify and share applicable promotion and

outreach opportunities

• Participate in CCH Surveys

• Develop accelerated programs of study,

which maximize award of credits for related military occupations


. . . proposed responsibilities of

participating institutions

• Participate in feasibility study, in which institution refers its veterans and

servicemembers to CCH Portal for an official evaluation of military education experiences

– Report acceptance/nonacceptance of college

credits awarded through CCH Portal

• Designate one POC for reporting; if multiple

campuses, may designate one POC per campus


MOU Responsibilities of

Central Texas College

• Designate POC and decision makers

• Maintain CCH Portal through August 2017 • During Phase II (ends August 2013)

– Process official evaluations of military

education experiences for veterans and servicemembers

– Issue a CCH transcript that includes college

course credits and electives awarded for military occupations and service schools


. . . responsibilities of CTC

Maintain hyperlink to participating/partner

institution’s website

Assist in identifying relevant military

occupations and service schools that can be used to accelerate designated programs of study at participating/partner institutions Support projects of partner institutions with

Phase I and II grants


. . . responsibilities of CTC

Collaborate with participating and partner

institutions to improve the quality and efficiency for the evaluation of military education experiences

Conduct and participate in CCH surveys


Sample MOU

Available for download from the CCH website’s

“Contact Us’ webpage at Sample MOU OR

Request by email: johnelle.welsh@ctcd.edu or


Primary contact to coordinate memorandum of


– Johnelle Welsh, Ed.D., Dean of Student Services,

(254) 526-1298


Sample Transcript

Based on SACS-COC ruling, an official CTC transcript cannot be issued through CCH Portal

An official College Credit for Heroes transcript is planned

Available on or about May 31, 2013

Sample available for download on CCH

website’s “Contact Us” webpage at Sample CCH Transcript


Advantages of CCH Participation

by Texas Institutions of Higher


• Accelerates Degree/Certificate Completions • May Improve Retention Rates—Research


– the more college hours the student completes,

the student is more likely to persist1

– a student who has identified a program of study

is more likely to remain in college2

• Reduces Paperwork—Frees Resources


. . . advantages to institutions

• Facilitates Veteran’s and Servicemember’s


• Promotes Institution’s Programs on Dedicated Veteran’s Website

• Standardizes Credits awarded for Military Education Experiences


Advantages to Texas Veterans and


• Submits Military Documents for Evaluation only once

– Assures acceptance of credit where appropriate – Less likely to repeat a course for which credit

has already been earned

– Has more information to make decisions on

program of study to pursue and institution to attend

• Reduces tuition costs and related costs such as monies spent for textbooks, commuting, etc.


. . . advantages to veterans and


• Extends use of veteran’s education benefits • Accelerates degree/certificate completions

and licensures/certification

– Expedites entry into the workforce, reducing the

amount of income loss

• Servicemembers may be able to use college credits earned toward promotion in the



Advantages of CCH Initiative to

the State of Texas and Federal


• Standardizes credits awarded for military education experiences

• May attract more veterans and

servicemembers to attend a Texas

institution, culminating in a more educated workforce

– Has potential to attract jobs to Texas and

reduce unemployment3


. . . advantages to the state and

federal government

• Reduces state spending through contact hour reimbursement to Texas community colleges • Reduces federal financial assistance monies


• Reduces tuition assistance funds spent by U.S. military service branches


Military Evaluation Methodology

HB 269, 81



• Requires Texas Institutions to award

– course credit for all physical education courses

required for degree

– additional hours not to exceed 12 semester

hours, that may be applied to satisfy elective requirements in program

• Does not preclude award of additional course credits

• Veteran must meet eligibility requirements


Military Evaluation Methodology


Guide to Evaluation of Educational

Experiences in the Armed Services

American Council on Education (ACE) Military

Guides Online

Servicemembers Opportunity Colleges (SOC)

Degree Network System (DNS) Credit Evaluation Supplement

SOC DNS System-2 Handbooks


Example of Military Evaluation


ACE Military Guides Online recommends

– 4 semester hours web design/HTML editing

SOC DNS Credit Evaluation Supplement indicates course content equivalent to

– SOC Course Category ID CS401A

SOC Degree Network System-2 Handbook determines course equivalent is

– IMED 1416 Web Design I


Additional Military Evaluation


Subject Matter Experts

– Faculty

– Veterans and prior servicemembers such as

training officers

Persons from regional accrediting agencies, postsecondary institutions, and professional organizations

Review of military technical and training manuals, course syllabi, examinations, etc.

– Military to RN Crosswalk available on CCH

“Contact Us” webpage


Overview of

College Credit for



Searchable Databases

– Military Occupations

• Army, Marine Corps and Navy (Coast Guard Phase 2)

– Community College of the Air Force (CCAF)

• CCAF Transfer Course Equivalencies

– Credit by Examination

• CLEP, DSST and Excelsior One Stop Portal, Veterans

– Submit requests for evaluation of military

education experiences and receive results


Contact Information

Brigitte Flynt, Director, College Credit for


– (254) 501-3000


Johnelle Welsh, Ed.D., Dean of Student Services

(254) 526-1298




1Nora, A., Barlow, E., & Crisp, G. Student persistence and degree

attainment beyond the first year in college. In A. Seidman (Ed.),

College student retention formula for student success. Westport,

CT: Praeger, 2005.

2Bean, J. P., & Metzner, B. S. (1985). A conceptual model of

nontraditional undergraduate student attrition. Review of

Educational Research, 55(4), 485-540.

3Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board. Closing the Gaps,

The Texas Higher Education Plan, (Austin, Texas),

http://www.thecb.state.tx.us/reports/PDF/0379.PDF?CFID=35 830695&CFTOKEN=47896918. (Last visited November 26,




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